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Elaisheyas Matt
MattHHiya CM
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MattHHiya DIYA
Elaishi DIYA
DeathIsYourArthi hi!
MattHSo what does everyone think is the possibility of the BTVS animated series actually happening?
DeathIsYourArtCandy's e-mail worked. I am up to 600 votes. Not a bad turn out.
DeathIsYourArtI think the series will happen, the question is how long it will last
MattHYeah...I am worried they will dumb it down because it is a "cartoon"
ElaisI voted yesterday on the Golden Fangs
ElaisI don't think so
ElaisI thought they already had a bunch of scripts from when they originally tried to get the animated series off the ground
DeathIsYourArtya but they can only go so far with it. It is a cartoon aimed at teenagers
MattHHave either of you heard the actress they will be using to replace SMG?
Elaisat least it is something!
Elaisall I know is that she did Buffy's voice on the video games
MattHSomething...the fact that this is happening reminds me more and more of Star Trek.
MattHIt had an animated series (short-lived) after the end of The Original Series too.
Elaiswell, that Trek animated series was some time ago Matt
Elaisand not exactly high quality stuff
MattHThe animation was poor - the scripts weren't bad.
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MattHI am just think that this is a good sign for the longevity of the Buffyverse.
MattHHiya OutOfMud
OutOfMudwatcha all talking about?
MattHBuffy, The Animated Series
MattHIts chances, et. al.
OutOfMudoh, cool.
OutOfMudI'm keeping my fingers well crossed...
Elaisso am I
MattHHi was just comparing BTVS to the Original Star Trek, which also had an animated series for a while.
Elaispretty desperate for any buffy-related series at this point
MattHI am definitely praying for the show.
OutOfMudHow's this chick from the buffy video game? Any good?
MattHDon't know...haven't heard her voice.
DeathIsYourArtI'm pissed that TV guide made me think that there actually was some new news.... damn them!
DeathIsYourArtThe cartoon stuff has been floating around for a month
MattHHearing TV Guide say it though....
MattHIsn't the same as hearing it on a fan site.
OutOfMudThat kinda has me worried, not having SMG on. It's not like she's not an integral part
DeathIsYourArtI'm not worried about her not being around. Especially since she apparently is not good with voice overs for cartoons. They had problems with ehr on the simpsons
OutOfMudWhat kind of problems?
DeathIsYourArtNot sure, but it took 3 days longer to finish her parts or something... they just said unspecified problems
OutOfMudSounds odd. 'Cause I can't imagine what problems an actress could have on voice-overs, since acting itself is very much a voice-work as well.
MattHI have just been reading some reviews of "Chaos Bleeds" - the game in question. Says Giselle Loren sounds a great deal like SMG.
ElaisGiselle said she did study SMG's voice
MattHThat doesn't surpise me.
OutOfMudI assume Broeanaz isn't doing Angel too...
MattHI just hope the series goes through this time.
Elaistoo bad Spike isn't in the series
MattHHmm...if it is still set in Season 1, that would be interesting.
MattHThinking about it...I would prefer an animated series to a movie. One of the things I liked best about Buffy were the season(s) long plot arcs.
DeathIsYourArtMaybe they will add Spiek and Dru eventually. However, i think Joss will wan tto keep them out. I think he is going to try to return it to the idea that all unsouled demons have no good qualities. I don't think he wants grey in a cartoon
Elaisyeah, I would think they want to keep the cartoon fairly black and white
Elaisreplacing Flutie with Snyder is a good idea
OutOfMudI disagree. Joss said he didn't want a kiddie show, he wanted an adult cartoon, and adult world is all grey
MattHI know the original cartoon was going to have Dawn....despite her not really existing in S1. Any idea/knowledge of whether or not that is still true?
OutOfMudI'd think he would want to keep it as complex as Buffy, but different
DeathIsYourArtya Dawn is suppose to be included
MattHProbably it is good news for the state of BTVS fanfiction, too.
DeathIsYourArtwhy do you say that?
MattHStirs up the fan base. Plus a lot of fanfiction is inspired by what is currently being shown.
Elaislucky that they introduced Dawn
Elaisso they had another avenue of stories will be interesting to see how they integrate her into stuff we know happened differently in the past.
DeathIsYourArtWell if they stick in season one they only have 12 stories to navigate around
MattHIn the comic book, they showed some scenes from the original eps with her in them.
MattHI am sure more happened than we saw in those 12 episodes.
MattHQuestion is, will the show progress through HS, or will it stay in 1st season always.
OutOfMudI don't think they need to make it "real time" like the show. Cartoon characters don't get old.
OutOfMudThey can be in highschool forever and ever.
Elaisthe simpsons have been running for like 11 seasons now?
OutOfMudThat way they won't have issues with major things that happened - like B/A, Buffy leaving, blowing up the school and such.
MattHI understand that...I just think that after a certain point and time you run out of stories.
MattH15 season I think for the Simpsons
MattHI have trouble buying that all of the stuff that happened on the Simpsons has happened in the course of 1-2 years....but the characters never get any older.
Elaisdon't think the animated series would be on for more than a couple years
OutOfMudDoesn't have to be. It just needs to be a little buffy-fix until Ripper or FtVS comes along.
OutOfMudOr they could all be at once, whatever.
MattHOr Tales of the Key.... ;-)
OutOfMudOh, *shudder*....
MattHRipper is only going to be 6 to 8 eps...not enough for me.
DeathIsYourArtMatt she will never go back to it. She ahs this weird idea that Dawn didn't evolve. And considering that my opinion of Dawn changed about 6 times in her run, i would say taht she did. Lets see how much evolution she feels when she is doing Eurotrip 7
Elaisdont' think ripper will hapeen
Elaisthink the ripper idea has been around longer than the animated idea
OutOfMudyeah, Ripper seems the least likely of all.
Elaisbut would have been the coolest
OutOfMudAnd FtVS is sliding away as well, what with Tru Sucking being picked up for some ungodly reason.
DeathIsYourArtFOX is evil
MattHPeople have been known to change their minds...especially if they move from a supporting role to the main role.
MattHTru Calling has grown on me....
Elaisdidn't watch it much, but it apparently improved when they introduced Jason Priestly's character
OutOfMudI refused to watch it after the pilot. I figured if I ignore it, maybe it'll go away.
MattHDIYA - I definitely agree with you about Fox...I think CBS, NBC and ABC are also evil.
MattHJury is still out on UPN...they did pick up BTVS after all.
DeathIsYourArtAnd never forget the WB
MattHHisss....The Great Satan!
DeathIsYourArtDon't insult Satan that way...he did nothing to you!
MattHTru Calling improved somewhat with the addition of Priestly, but the plots are still repetitive.
MattHI am sure Satan had something to do with Angel getting booted from the airwaves....
DeathIsYourArtI just wish that they would actually give Eliza a make-up and hair person with 20/20 vision
DeathIsYourArtIt will not make me watch the show, but it would be better for her
MattHEh...I think she looks more like a morgue attendant this way.
DeathIsYourArtBut is it so far fetched to think that if she joined a beauty contest that she might actually go to a salon?
MattHTo be honest...I never really noticed...I don't think she is someone that needs much makeup.
Elaisyeah..she doesn't need a lot
DeathIsYourArtI agree, but what they are putting on her is not doing anything for her
DeathIsYourArtIt doesn't matter anyways. I have seen a total of 2 hours of the show sperad out over 5 episodes and I was bored and kept wondering if the supporting cast knew how bad they were acting
MattHThe supporting cast has gotten much better.
DeathIsYourArtMaybe I'll check out what they do with it in the Fall
MattHI like Tru's boss and her brother. Her sister bites, though.
Elaisi might try one or two eps
MattHI still think they are going to run out of plot lines Real Soon Now
Elaisso do I, Matt
MattHUnless they do a crossover with Dead Like Me
DeathIsYourArtThey need to stop beating a dead horse and let the series go
MattHOr change it.
MattHI would prefer to see Faith myself...but I'll take what I can get.
DeathIsYourArtI'll take any JOSS stuff I can get, I just don't want to wait too long for it.
Elaislooking forward to the Serenity movie?
MattHYeah I know...I just think how long it took before ST: TOS an ST:NG
DeathIsYourArtActually yes. I wasn't a fan of the show the first time around. however, i have watched it repeat on Space and now I like it
MattHNot I ....I didn't care for Firefly...although I will probably watch unless it gets really bad reviews.
OutOfMudMmm.... "Serenity" daydreaming....
OutOfMudwell, nightdreaming.
ElaisI was reading some report by a guy who got to be an extra on the set for one day on 'Serenity'
OutOfMudDon't spoil!
Elaisspoiler-free report
OutOfMudAlrighty then. Carry on. :)
Elaislemme find the link
MattHYeah....50 pictures from the previous weeks shooting.
Elaisyeah, the man is a fangeek
Elaismakes me wish I was an extra and I'm not that much of a Firefly fan
OutOfMudWhere do you see the pictures?
MattHHe didn't show them...just said he had them
MattHI admit that I have become a Nathon Fillion (sp?) fan after watching him play Caleb on BTVS
ElaisI think Nathan posted on that board I just linked to
DeathIsYourArtI have to go guys. I have approximately 90 votes still to enter into a spreadshet, and then some serious tabulating to do. Have a nice week. TTYS
ElaisI've heard raves from fans who have met Nathan in person
MattHCYA DIYA...don't work too hard.
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MattHHmmmm....I wonder how the tally is is the last day IIRC.
Elaisgood thing I voted yesterday
Elais600 is a pretty good number
MattHI understand the last Golden Fangs got about 2000 entries.
MattHDefinitely a good number now that the SC is no longer on the air.
Elaisyeah, that's what I was thinking
MattHI think DIYA said something like that last week.
OutOfMudOh man, it's light out. I better get to sleep. See ya.
MattHHope to see you next week.
Elaissee ya later, OutofMud
Elaisglad you could join us today
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MattHIt is always nice to get new people. :)
Elaisnew people are hard to come by these days
MattHEspecially since the SC is off the air.
Elaistough to get new fans to something that is off the air/network
MattHIt is still in syndication on FX isn't it?
Elaisthe best fight category was a tough one
MattHI haven't even checked broadcast TV for it in a long time.
Elaisit is still on FX
ElaisI think they repeating the last eps of season 7 now
MattHBest fight was difficult. I was split between Angels fight with Spike and his fight with Hamilton.
ElaisI was torn between Smile Time and Angel vs Lindsey
MattHSmile Time was funny....I just didn't like the idea of super-powered Lindsey...I liked him better as a super lawyer.
MattHWatching Puppet Angel vamp out was neat.
ElaisI picked 'wee little puppet man' as best quote
Elaiseverything about Smile Time was neat
* MattH sighs
MattHThe last Golden Fang awards....
Elaishad to happen
MattHYeah...still kind of sad about it, though.
Elaisunless there is a mega golden fan thing
MattHThat might be nice...a Golden Fang for all 7 seasons of Buffy and all 5 of Angel.
Elaisthe choices would be from each year the golden fang was awarded
Elaisit was fun voting in the golden fang
MattHFrom the winners you mean?
MattHHmmm...that wouldn't be too difficult...are all the previous years on the SC website?
MattHDid they do Golden Fangs for season 3?
Elaisnot sure
MattHI looked at the website...looks like they didn't...
MattHExcluding season 1-3 of BTVS seems kind of wrong for some reason.
Elaismight be a little too late to include them
MattHYeah...probably not a whole lot of people remember that far back.
MattHI was just think what my fav line would be - "You have fruit punch mouth" just popped up.
MattHOr "Let me show you my Gandhi impersonation" "Gandhi" "Yeah, you know if he were really pissed off" from Season 3
Elaisthat 'I'm dead, but I'm pretty line'
MattHAnother one of my favorites... or "Nice dress"
MattHI wonder if the animated series refer to any of the old episodes
Elaisdont' think so
MattHOr what happened over the various summer breaks...
ElaisI think they can come up with a lot of stories without actually having to refer to any season 1 eps
MattHIt would be some nice for some followup, like a mention of Principal Fluties death in the paper, for instance.
MattHAny idea if we get Snyder back?
Elaisas far as I know, Snyder is the principal
Elaisnot sure if they will bother with referring to Flutie other than in the pilot ep
Elaisit could kind of start with Snyder's first day at the school
MattHWhat about the minor characters - Cordelia? Harmony - etc.
MattHIt'd be kind of sad too watch Cordy again...knowing the fate in store for her.
Elaisbut we get snarky cordy again
Elaisnot sure about harmony
MattHDid we see Jonathan is S1 or was he introduced in S2?
Elaisum...think he was in season 1
Elaistiny scenes though
MattHThe earliest I recall him is from Reptile Boy....where Snarky Cordy is ordering him around.
Elaischecking imdb
Elaishe was in the unaired pilot
Elaisfirst Buffy ep listed is 'Inca Mummy Girl'
MattHHmmm...I have that...somewhere.
Elaisalmost time for me to head on out, Matt
ElaisI hope the animated series makes it...
MattHYep...same here.
Elaisit will give us something to talk about again
MattHFor you lips to God's ears or something like that.
Elaislaters Matt
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