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MattHHiya CM
Elaishiyas Matt
Elaistv seems to suck tonight
MattHHeh - I haven't watched TV in over a month.
MattHDid you know today was Joss Whedon's 40th birthday?
MattHJust found out on
ElaisI would like to comment that he looks good for his age
Elaisbut I never found Joss to be all that good-looking
MattHHe looks good for Joss at his age
Elaishe needs to get out in the sun more!
MattHMaybe - he looks like he'd burn as opposed to tan
Elaisthat's tru
MattHEnterprise had its budget cut in half...along with the move to Fridays I am betting that this is its last season
MattHHmmm....looks like ASH will be doing Giles' voice in the animated series.
Elaisknew that
Elaisnice to have a lot of the original cast doing the voices
ElaisI think this is enterprises last season too
MattHSo is the only one not reprising her role is SMG?
ElaisI never watched it myself, but the Friday Night Slot O' Doom
ElaisI know ASH, Alyson and Nick are coming back
Elaisnot sure about the other characters
MattHI is better than Voyager, but that is not saying anything.
ElaisSMG is definitely not doing the animated series
ElaisI kind of stopped watching Star Trek after Deep Space Nine
MattHI skipped most of DS9 and Voyager....
MattHI kept comparing DS9 to Babylon 5
Elaiswhich is not a bad comparison
Elaisnever really watched B5, but caught eps here and there
MattHIt really established the seasons long plot arcs on SF shows...
MattHFirst 4 seasons were excellent...5th was just ok
ElaisI've been thinking of signing up for Netflix
Elaisthat might be a good way to get the Babylon 5 dvds
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MattHA good to watch them in order
MattHHiya DIYA...wasn't sure you were gonna make it.
DeathIsYourArtYou and me both.
DeathIsYourArtSo, what are we talking about?
MattHHmmm Babylon 5 and the impending death of Enterprise
DeathIsYourArtahhh... did you hear the rumor that they want to make another spinoff though very different from the typical Star Trek show... takl about beating a dead horse
Elaislike we need another star trek
MattHJ. Michael Strazynski (sp) could pull it off.
Elaiskind of wish they take a breather from the ST universe for a while
MattHRick Berman has to go, though.
DeathIsYourArtI think it would be wise of them to walk away for a while
DeathIsYourArtlet people miss it for a while.
MattHI don't know that is needed....but they would definitely need a new creative staff.
MattHHeh...I don't miss Voyager or DS9 at all... the only Star Trek I miss is the original
MattHBut time off wouldn't hurt
MattHJust reading right now on that Angel was the only one of the WB's top 7 shows that had a ratings increase...
* MattH sighs
MattHSo what was the final Golden Fang tally?
DeathIsYourArtyep, Everwood and Smallville (the so-called corner stones) went down over 20% each
MattHWasn't one of the better seasons for Smallville, no.
DeathIsYourArtou mean number of votes? That is all you get, the results Kitty and Candy will announce. I sent them the hard copy today in the mail with all the proof that I didn't make them up.
DeathIsYourArtThe final number after teh illegal ones were taken out was 582 votes
MattHThat is what I meant...
MattHIllegal ones? Dupes you mean? How many of those did you have?
DeathIsYourArtaround 40
MattHThat isn't too bad
DeathIsYourArtmissing both names and e-mail addresses or people just hitting submit with nothing filled out etc...
MattHHeh...some people just can't follow written instructions
DeathIsYourArtI know... Thank the fates I am from Quebec. I had one person wirte me a paragraph in the quotes section in French
DeathIsYourArtAnd I ask you...Since when does quote mean 3 monologues and a description of why you liked it?
MattHA French quote? Now that is funny...
MattHAre they going to just put the GF up on the website or discuss it on the final (whenever that is) Succubus Club?
DeathIsYourArtUnfortunately there were more than one quote that had to be ignored since they were not from this season.
DeathIsYourArtThat depends on the amount of time they have I think. Candy never said really. They do have 3 episodes to cover on the last show though
Elaisvoting next week, DIYA?
DeathIsYourArtyep...for who I have NO idea it election time up North?
Elaislucky buggers
Elaiswe still have another five months
DeathIsYourArtWell I have an idea but at the same time I will do whatever I have to to help keep the conservatives out of power
DeathIsYourArtI would like another 5 nominees
DeathIsYourArtanyone other than who is running
DeathIsYourArtI'll vote in Celine Dion at this point, just to keep these a**holes out of power
MattHDoes Canada use a parlimentary system like Britain, or is the PM elected seperately?
ElaisCeline Dion would probably do a better job
MattHMore than 2 parties I see....
DeathIsYourArtyep. The fact remains that it comes down to Liberals and Conservatives anyways...which sucks. The head of the Liberals is former Bloc Quebecoius (french gimmie gimmies) and an idiot, but the conservative leader is a scary bible thumper who wants to make Canada in The "Bush" image. The NDP leader is the one that is saying what I want to hear but they will never get in power
Elaisdid you watch the debates?
DeathIsYourArtYes... They just talked over each other and said what the other guy did wrong, not what they wanted to do to improve the situation. It was a waste of time.
MattHSounds like a typical debate
Elaissounds way too familiar
DeathIsYourArtOn to happier subjects....Anyone see anything good on tv? Is there anything good on tv? My computer has taken over my life, so I don't know...
DeathIsYourArtDid either of you watch Salem's lot?
ElaisCelebrity Poker Showdown
ElaisI tried to watch Salem's lot
MattHThe movie? One of my favorites....
MattHDidn't care for the book, though.
Elaisbut just couldn't stay with it
ElaisSalem's Lot was just made into a tv mini-series
DeathIsYourArtHarris , the one with Rob lowe that was on the other day?
DeathIsYourArtYes Elias that one
MattHOh....never heard about that one.
MattHMan, I am so out of it....
DeathIsYourArtdarn... I heard mixed things, I wanted an opinion I could trust
MattHOn cable?
Elaisseems like my attention span regarding tv is shorter these days
DeathIsYourArtI'll just check if suprnova has it...not that my computer can take it right now but hey..
Elaishave you tried
MattHThey'll have a ways to go to beat the original movie.
ElaisI don't think I saw the original movie
Elaisnot sure if I even read the book
DeathIsYourArtnot yet...but thanks Elias. Multiple places to look is always a good thing
ElaisStephen King novels....
Elaisthey can also take a break from adapting his stuff as well
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Elaislooking forward to TAR next month
ElaisThe Amazing Race
DeathIsYourArtI think I will just give up on tv for now
MattHI practically have...
Elaisyou're not missing much, actually
DeathIsYourArtThe only time I turn it on is to watch a DVD. I have no idea what is on
MattHI think the last time I watched was for the Enterprise season finale.
MattHI spend most of my free time reading fanfiction.
DeathIsYourArtI'm spending my time counting votes and learning a new video editing program.
MattHWhat program?
DeathIsYourArtMacromedia Studio MX. I signed up to submit a video to a LJ community. We are having trouble letting go of Spike, so we are all submiting a piece of fanfiction, art, video etc... for one day in July and August.
DeathIsYourArtMy day isn't until the end of August YAY! So I have plenty of time to make something good
MattHHeh...I should have realized the bleached one had something to do with it... ;-)
MattHSo what are you planning to do?
DeathIsYourArtI need something to tide me over until James makes MacBeth.
DeathIsYourArtI have a few ideas for what type of video I will do.
Elaisgot a song in mind?
MattHHe is doing the Scottish play? I didn't know he was into Shakespeare.
DeathIsYourArtVery funny Harris
MattHUmmm...that wasn't a joke....
DeathIsYourArtI might make more than one video if I turn out to be any good at this. I know that at the very least I am going to make a vid of his story in chronological order.
Elaisthat's a good way to go
ElaisI haven't seen many vids, but I've liked them
DeathIsYourArtI have a list of songs that are being narrowed down now. I'll post a link once I finish them...actualyl once I have my day. The rule of the community is it has to be work that was not posted anywhere before your day. All new work, nothing old
Elaishow many on your list?
DeathIsYourArtOh Elias, I could recommend some good ones. There are some great ones out there!
DeathIsYourArtthere are 10 songs on the list now. I'm not telling though
ElaisI was half-tempted to go to the vividcon
DeathIsYourArtIt is all a surprise and some of the girls in the group read this transcript for some unkknown reason
DeathIsYourArtIf you have any suggestions for songs I am all ears...well eyes
DeathIsYourArtThere is a vividcon? I did not know that
Elaishang on a sec
MattHFor some reason "Man on the Silver Mountain" popped into my head.
MattH"One Tin Solder" also...
DeathIsYourArtAnd case you didn't actually knwo and were not pulling my leg there. James has done years of Shakespeare and MacBeth was actually the last play he did before he moved to L.A. He just got the money to make a movie version
DeathIsYourArtHe will be writing the screen play, producing and staring. No word on the director yet. However, it may take upwards of three years before we see the final product
Elaisthat JM is into Shakespeare is extremely well-known
MattHI didn't know...
MattHOr more likely, I forgot....
DeathIsYourArtI just looked at the vividcon site...why oh why do I not have my license???
DeathIsYourArtthat would have been kind of interesting
MattHLicense? Driver's license?
DeathIsYourArtyep... I never got around to getting it. I either didn't ahve the money or the time. Always one or the other
MattHI understand...I didn't get my license until I was 33
Elaisgot my license around 15 or 16
Elaisalways seems odd to meet someone who doesn't have a license or has never driven a car
DeathIsYourArtI've driven a Zambonie....
MattHI got that a lot...people asked me how I survived in LA without a car
DeathIsYourArtIn Montreal it is really easy to get around without a car, sometimes easier than if you had one. And my mother refuses to teach me, and my father never got a Canadian drivers license when he immigrated from Scotland
DeathIsYourArthmmmm I just got a happy thought *JM with a Scottish accent* ...stupid 3 year wait
Elaisnot easy at all to get around without a car around here gives time for his hair to grow back
Elaishis hair has already grown back
ElaisJM is keeping it short
DeathIsYourArtjoss just better hurry up with Ripper and the Spike movie. 3 years is far too long to wait for ME related stuff
MattHSpike movie? What Spike movie?
DeathIsYourArtJames and joss have been talking about it. The money hasn't been locked down yet though
MattHThe Firefly film is set for April 05...doubt we will see another film before then.
DeathIsYourArtJust for the fun of it (I stumped a couple of people with this one today): How many slayers has Spike faught - either briefly or to the death? (my version of Harris/Elias torture)
DeathIsYourArtTake a guess :>
DeathIsYourArtElias, what do you say?
MattHNot counting the ones in that silly book
DeathIsYourArtJust on the show
DeathIsYourArtAnd which silly book?
MattHBuffy, Faith, the two he killed and the nutso slayer
MattHPretty Maids All In A Row
DeathIsYourArtoh, I haven't read that yet
DeathIsYourArtI am talking about the show anyways
Elaisoops, sorry
MattHI disliked most of the Buffy novels... they are like the Star Trek novels...too constrained
DeathIsYourArtAnd that would be wrong anyways since Giles said that he only faught 2 slayers since he was turned in School hard
MattHGiles thought he was over 200 also...
DeathIsYourArtCome on Elias...answer please!!
Elaisdo we count the potentials?
DeathIsYourArtNo barely 200 is what Giles said
DeathIsYourArtno, they ar not full slayers
DeathIsYourArtCorrect Elias
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DeathIsYourArtHarris you forgot Kendra in "what's my line"
FiatLuxHey y'all
MattHSince Spike is about 126, Giles' info about him is clearly lacking
MattHHiya Fiat
DeathIsYourArtHi Fait
MattHDIYA - so I did
FiatLuxThought I'd stop by, I saw part of The Harvest on FX tonight and got a little nostalgic
FiatLuxAh, the good old days
Elaisyup, back to the beginning
Elaisit was nice seeing Chosen followed by Welcome to the Hellmouth
DeathIsYourArtI broke out the first season the other day too... boy was that weird. I got all giddy too
FiatLuxdorky Xander, nerdy Willow, evil vampires, good times
DeathIsYourArtYa... I don't think the show started to be more in depth than that until "Lie to me"
* MattH sniffs...
DeathIsYourArt*Hugs matt
MattHDon't know about that .... "Prophecy Girl" comes to mind or "Never Kill A Boy On The First Date"
DeathIsYourArtya Prophecy Girl was Wonderful, but I didn't feel the underlining momentum until Lie to me...that is just me though
MattHBoth seemed pretty deep to me.
MattHNightmares also...the real monster being an ordinary person.
FiatLuxI didn't really start watching till the end of Season 2 so I was little lost at first but it made me want to keep watching
MattHI saw the original episode and was hooked from when Darla turned around and bit the guy ...I so wasn't expecting that
MattHSo for me it was (ducks)...."Love At First Bite"
DeathIsYourArtI coincidentally started watching when School Hard aired. I was baby sitting and saw it. When the parents got home they asked what we did and told me that they had all the others up until then on tape. So I then went back and watched. I had wanted to see it, since the movie was so bad I figured the show would be something campy and at the very least worth a laugh. I just kept forgetting.
FiatLuxI think Halloween was the first episode I saw. It was during reruns so they showed some out of order. It took me forever to figure out why Angel was bad.
DeathIsYourArtawww poor Fait
FiatLuxI think I looked it up on the internet before season 3 started and I was kicking myself reading all the great lines that I missed.
ElaisI was really late to the party
MattHI hated the previews for S2...they gave away that Angel was going to go bad...
Elaismy first ep was Earshot
MattHI was spoiler free at that time
DeathIsYourArtahhh the controvercial episode excellent episode...that got delayed due to Columbine.
DeathIsYourArtI spelled that wrong didn't I?
MattHYeah...but we don't care
Elaiswe know what you meant
DeathIsYourArtAs long as I know it is wrong
MattHThat...and you promise to never do it again ;-)
DeathIsYourArtNEVER.... promise that it
DeathIsYourArtnow I am jinxed
* MattH hands DIYA a bottle of his patented anti-jinx formula
MattHGuaranteed to repel bad luckons 99% of the time.
DeathIsYourArtThat's strong stuff *cough*
MattHYou were supposed to drink it!
MattHAhemm... "weren't" not "were"
FiatLux my friend just emailed me this and wrote "Am I wrong to think this is funny?"
DeathIsYourArtNow you are jixed
FiatLuxHe's a sick puppy. are very wrong to think it is funny...
* MattH chuckles over the story
FiatLuxYeah, it's one of those, "Ew, hehe, ew, ha"
MattHSuffice it to say there are a lot of weird people out there.
DeathIsYourArth my god that is so very wrong and unhygienic
DeathIsYourArtI really hope he didn't "have" anything
FiatLuxI figure he had to work at the hotel, how else could he have gotten in? Don't these people do background checks?
DeathIsYourArtFor hotel staff? Of course not
MattHBackground checks won't necessarily find that stuff
MattHEspecially if he hadn't been caught before.
DeathIsYourArtHe might be a first time offender. he could be someone who thought that it was funny.
FiatLuxWell what about a box to check on the application-- Are you a perv?
FiatLuxThat could help, right?
DeathIsYourArtIf he is honest
MattHI worked at a place that instituted background checks on employees and we still had some nutters slip through
MattHIt is also possible that he wouldn't think that he is a pervert...just "different"
DeathIsYourArtOr "special"
FiatLuxRemember, it's only kinky the first time ;)
ElaisI'm not clicking that link
FiatLuxHee, we scared you.
MattHGo ahead CM....I dare you!
Elaisnot clicking
MattHCome on....every else did it...
MattHI double-dare you!
ElaisI'm getting very good at saying 'just say no'
FiatLuxDon't you want to be cool?
FiatLuxCome on, we'll be your friends...
DeathIsYourArtdo it do it do it!!!
FiatLuxI love peer pressure
ElaisI mock you with my monkey pants!
DeathIsYourArt* I pull down your monkey pants*
DeathIsYourArtwait...that only works with guys
DeathIsYourArtdarn it
* MattH mutters..."Damn...she has been empowered by watching Buffy..."
FiatLuxNaked monkey, naked monkey!
* MattH pulls out a box of Animal Crackers, pulls out a monkey...
* MattH and bites its head off!
DeathIsYourArtI totally read that action wrong, and ti was a lot funnier. he he he
DeathIsYourArtEveryone stopped talking...did we make Elias cry or something? Poor little monkey!
ElaisI've got a couple windows open
FiatLuxI don't, I have air conditioning.
FiatLuxOh, you mean "computer" windows
DeathIsYourArt*death squeal*
MattHI was just trying to figure out how to top the last comments
FiatLuxReally, no one should try to go there Matt.
MattHI must be out of it....I saw that comment and didn't think Computer Windows at all....
DeathIsYourArtHow much sleep have you been getting Harris?
FiatLuxIt's telephone catch up time for me, so I'm gonna get.
Elaisapparently not enough
DeathIsYourArtokay bye bye Fait *tear*
MattHI didn't sleep well last night at all
ElaisI gotta go myself
MattHCYA Fiat
FiatLuxI'll try to catch you all next week.
*** Signoff: FiatLux ((null))
DeathIsYourArtbye Elias....
Elais*sprinkles Sandman Dust on Matt*
MattHAnd had weird dreams...which I don't remember
DeathIsYourArtguess that is the end of the night
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DeathIsYourArtdarn can't say that you had weird dreams and then not remember them
DeathIsYourArtIt isn't fair
MattHYeah ...pretty much.
MattHSome dreams I remember...most of them I don't
DeathIsYourArt*grumble* Well remember them by next week okay?
MattHI am considering posting them on my weblog.
DeathIsYourArtokay then!
DeathIsYourArtI'll keep checking for the update
DeathIsYourArtSee you next week Matt.
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