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MattHHiya CM
Elaishi Matt
Elaisthe best thing on tv for me is Pink Lady and Jeff
MattHNever heard of it
Elaisvery short lived variety show
MattHI just checked Google....I can see why it was short lived
Elaisweird show
MattH6 weeks....Sounds like shows nowadays
MattHI don't even know if my TV is still working....
MattHexcept as a dust magnet
ElaisI turn it on, but most of the time it is background noise
MattHSince my computer is in my living room and my TV is the bedroom I don't even bother
ElaisI have a pretty small apartment
Elaisliving room/computer room/tv room are all the same room
Elaismy tv is about a foot or two next to me
MattHThat makes it more practical
MattHHmmm....just reading on that SMG won't be in Scooby Doo 3
Elaisno surprise there
ElaisI heard she didnt' want her and Freddie working on the same pic
MattHThe comment was that she "no longer wants to work with her husband"
Elaisbut I guess she has no problem being married to her husband?
MattHYeah...the too much of a good thing rule may be applying
ElaisI would be happy not too see Freddie in a movie again
MattHI kind of liked him in "Shes All That"
ElaisIt could be that the only movie I've seen Freddie in is the Scooby Doo ones
MattHI'm not saying "Shes All That" was very good, but it was ok...much better than Scooby Doo
MattHWhich isn't saying much
Elaisany plans for july 4th?
MattHNot yet.
MattHSleeping in comes to mind
Elaisthat's not a bad plan
Elaisthere is a big music/arts festival held july 4th weekend here
ElaisI'll being seeing that with my mom
Elaisthere should be fireworks Friday night
MattHI might watch fireworks...or maybe not....The 4th has gotten so commerical lately ;-)
MattHI it used to be about killing the British...and now it is all about pretty firework shows
MattHSo...have you heard the title for the 6th Harry Potter book?
Elaishalf something
MattHHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Elaisthat's it
Elaismight be a couple years though
MattHMy guess/wishful thinking....late 2005
Elaisthat might be when they show the next harry potter movie would be the first time the releases have coincided....strange to have new Harry Potter films 2 years in a row
Elaisthe next movie is the order of the phoenix right?
MattHNope...Goblet of Fire (Book 4)
Elaisgoblet, then phoenix
ElaisI think I'll pass ont he spiderman 2 movie this weekend
MattHI may or may not see it this weekend...but I will see it. I liked the first one
MattHThough I noticed that Kirsten Dunst needs some dental work in the 1st one
ElaisI just remember her nipples
MattHI remember commenting on it to the person I saw it with
MattHHer teeth were discolored
MattHAt least in some of the close ups
Elaisperhaps she made enough to have them fixed now
*** Amy_Madison ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
MattHIt is also possible that it was part of the cosmetic work for the movie
MattHHiya Amy
Elaistechnology is wonderful these days
Elaisthey could airbrush her teeth or something
Elaishi Amy
MattHI wonder where DIYA is?
Elaishave no idea...don't think I know her outside of the mailing list and this chat
MattHI spoken to her a couple of times via doesn't show here as being online.
MattHSo Amy, what have you been upto?
Elaisup to no good, I bet!
Amy_Madisonnot much really
Elaisany plans for this weekend?
Amy_Madisonspending time with my cast maybe
Elaiswhat kind of cast?
Elaisyou might need to talk down to me!
MattHRocky Horror?
Elaisi just ordered my season six box set of buffy yesterday
* MattH sighs
MattHI still haven't finished watching mine...watching Buffy right now reminds me that there are no new episodes coming...that it's all over
Elaisyeah, it depressing to know that the end to the box sets is coming
MattHYeah...S7 is out in R2....I thought about ordering it...but if I can't even finish 6 right now...
Amy_Madisoni just finish season 7
MattHHow were the extras
Amy_Madisoneven 4 Angel as wel
Amy_Madisonnot bad
Amy_MadisonKitty looks adorabl!!!!
MattHI have up t o S2 Angel....I watched the first episode
MattHTo quote Cordelia...."Well, Duh!"
MattHKitty always looks adorable.
Elaisthat's the fan section, right?
Amy_Madisonand ME Rayne looks good too , though I can't remember if he says anything
ElaisI think they said they showed footage of one of the PBPs in LA
Amy_Madisonhavent seen it in awhile . though that was the first thing I went to
ElaisI was at the last two and the W&H Annual Revue
MattHThink there will be another Revue or PBP succesor, even now that both series are toast?
Amy_Madisonwas going to go to the last PBP but family plans changed at the last mimute
Amy_Madisonwe need to have another one... also a tribute type thing to K,C, and E for all done
Elaisdon't know
ElaisI know that the gal who organized the Revue is having a Firefly-type viewing thing next year
Elaiscoinciding with the release date of the movie
MattHReally...not to the same scale I assume?
Elaisdon't think so
Elaisit's Allyson
Elaisthe webmistress of the board
Elaisnot sure how detailed the plans are at this point, since it is nearly a year away
MattHHmmm...the News piece on that link needs to be updated
Elaisshe kinda sucks on the updating
Elaismight be easiest just to email her at her addy
MattHI can understand that....that is one of the reasons I switched to a weblog format... easier to update.
Elaisyou got a site?
MattHLots of Harry Potter posts at the moment...not sure how that happened.
MattHExcept, of course, for all of the chat transcripts posted there.
ElaisI had forgotten you put up the chat transcripts there
MattHHmmm... the reality tv craze may be over soon....
ElaisUltimate Love Test?
Elaisnever heard of it
MattHI hadn't heard of a lot of the shows
MattHAnd I used to be a TV Junkie...
MattHHeh....that means I'm cured! Yippe! No more TV Addiction!
MattHOf courese...I didn't want to be cured...
Elaisoh, bummer
Elaismaybe you'll relapse soon? *looks up hopefully*
MattHOne hopes....but it needs a really good show to do that.
Amy_MadisonDead Like ME
MattHDead Like Me is ok....but it is lacking something...I'm not sure what.
Elaisis that showtime or hbo?
MattHWell...I'm going to have to call it quits. Hope to see you both next week.
Elaiswill be here Matt
Amy_MadisonI cant get Sho anymore cause everything went ofer to theat damn Digital cable
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