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DeathIsYourArthello Harris
MattHHiya DIYA. Missed you last week
DeathIsYourArtawww that is nice. I had friends come in from Toronto for the Canada Day weekend
DeathIsYourArtHow was your fourth of July?
MattHPretty good. Went and visited my brothers family for a couple of hours.
DeathIsYourArtDid you do the fireworks thing?
MattHNah. Fireworks don't interest me much
DeathIsYourArtI like them! We get a nice display too. The internation fireworks competition goes through both June and July so in order not to get shown up, the Canada Day ones go on for about 30 minutes set to music.
DeathIsYourArtHow is the new blog format working out on your site?
DeathIsYourArtWhat do you have to do to get it integrated like that?
MattHTraffic has increased somewhat...I am getting about 25 unique visitors a day.
MattHBy integrated you mean?
DeathIsYourArtDid you write your own blogging code or is it from another site but posted on yours? I know you can get Livejournal to be intergrated into your site. Is that what you did or is it all just on your website?
MattHWordpress is Open Source blogging code...everything is on the server I use. I considered writing my own blogging software, but figured it would be too much effort, especially as Wordpress did everything I want it to.
MattHPlus Wordpress apparently now has a well-developed plug-in system if I want to write extensions (have to do a lot of boning up on my PHP if I want to do that, though).
DeathIsYourArtYa, that is one of those "when I have way too much time on my hands" type of things
DeathIsYourArtSo, what is new on your end of the continent?
MattHWordpress takes about 5' to set up.
DeathIsYourArtNo I meant writing the extensions
MattHNot a whole lot. I signed up for the local Buffy meetup which happens 1x per month.
MattHHow'd you like your elections?
DeathIsYourArtVery good. It will get you out of the house and you will get some face to face discussion time.
MattHYeah...knowing my luck I'll jinx it...I have been on the D&D meetup list for about 4-5 months now, and the one time they had enough people, I had to cancel.
DeathIsYourArtThey turned out okay. No majority government and the Conservatives and Liberals did worse than they thought they would. NDP picked up a few seats, and kind of hold the balance of power..but not clearly... it is hard to explain
DeathIsYourArtSo i won't
MattHI studied the results....I just wanted your take.
DeathIsYourArtoh sorry
DeathIsYourArtIt is a good thing in my opinion.
DeathIsYourArtAlthough I would really like it if the Bloc would stop winning so many seats. Stupid seperatists
MattHYeah...Canada is only being held together with duct tape and bailing wire I take it.
DeathIsYourArtnot exactly. The last time we had a referendum about seperating, the seperatists lost badly. However they see the world differently than the rest of us. They think that one vote majority s a yes to seperation but a 15% majority of no is not a F-off to your seperation. I think the French in this province feel that they are only represented by the Bloc and that anyone else who runs in this province is only out for t
DeathIsYourArtSo they keep voting bloc whether they want to seperate or not
DeathIsYourArtstupid stupid stupid
DeathIsYourArtWe Canadians just have to wait and see what happens once a really important issue gets put on the table. Right now nothing is happening
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LornsLadyhello :)
MattHHiya LLL. Long time, no see
* MattH gives LornsLady a hug.
LornsLady/me hugs MattH back
LornsLadyrats, I forgot it's /action hugs MattH back
LornsLadyanyway...I kept meaning to come, but some weeks I forgot, and others mike wanted to use the comptuer
MattHActually, it's /me
DeathIsYourArtHow is Mike? Did he enjoy the reunion?
MattHAt least that is what I use.
LornsLadyboth worked before...and I typed /me, so why didn't it work?
MattHDid you put a space before the /me? Made sure you had a space after?
LornsLadyI don't usualy put a space before it
MattHYou shouldn't put a space before least I don't
* MattH checks
LornsLadyi don't think i typed a space...oh for pete's sake, lemme try again
LornsLady/me checks too
LornsLadywell that's just weird
* LornsLady test
LornsLady/action works
* DeathIsYourArt might as well try too
LornsLady/me tries again
LornsLadywhat the hell, /me doesn't work for me
* DeathIsYourArt works for me
* MattH works?
LornsLadymatt, are you using trillian?
DeathIsYourArtI'm not
LornsLadythen, WHAT THE F***?????
DeathIsYourArtLLL, how is the horror website coming along?
LornsLadyVery well...we expected to have it ready for June, but it's in July now...we're waiting for some graphics to be's first horror site for women, by women (and the men who love them)!
DeathIsYourArtha ha ha
LornsLadyI miss Andy!!!!!!
LornsLadyand Lorne!! is he doing? His website hasn't been updated in a month.
DeathIsYourArtawwww poor LL :(
DeathIsYourArtHe was at a convention last week I think, so he must be better
LornsLadyhe's at home in Massachusetts with his mom taking care of him
LornsLadyHe was at a couple of cons in UK, but apparently collapsed and went home
DeathIsYourArtYa I heard about that. I really hope they get a handle on thsi virus
LornsLadyI'd read that his doctors said he'd be ok, but Andy now says he went against his doctor's wishes
LornsLadywell, it has to do with him getting the flu last year, and it settled in his heart
LornsLadyAnd still in the back of my mind is if it ever was Andy who had sent me those emails or what
DeathIsYourArtYou never did get a satisfying answer to that did you?
DeathIsYourArtHopefully Andy will be better in time, and you can meet him and get it all settled
LornsLadyI'm trying to find a job that I can somehow handle and work out with my boyfriend's work schedule (he'd be my transportation), but I can't find anything
LornsLadyI don't know that I'll be able to go to any more cons...we don't have the money
LornsLadyMoonlight Rising was just luck
LornsLadyand I might be at Horrorfind coming up, but only because a friend will let me stay with her for free
LornsLadyMike's credit card company just took away some of his privileges for late payments
*** Elais ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
@MattHHiya CM
Elaisalmost forgot
Elaishi matt, DIYA, LL
DeathIsYourArtIn the mean time, since you are going through Lorne withdrawl, you should start a contest or LJ community to have people submit Lorne related media. It is working for those of us going through Spike withdrawl.
DeathIsYourArtHi Elais
LornsLadyI asked him to deposit $5 for me (my money) about three weeks ago, and he didn't, so I overdrew on my account $1.98--I didn't find out he didn't deposit the money till two weeks after
DeathIsYourArtouch! Not good.
LornsLadyI've tried submitting fanfic challenges...but I don't have the time to read anyway, right now
DeathIsYourArtya the banks are real pains about that. even for such a small amount
DeathIsYourArtOh well!
LornsLadyyeah, considering I only have about $18 after I pay Mike his money (rent, bills, and money I owe him) and my Internet account, and my bank charges like $15-30 for overdraws
DeathIsYourArtI'm looking for new work again too ...bleh!
LornsLadyAnd hi Elais!! *Hugs*
LornsLadyI thought I'd found the perfect job, a webmastering job for the skills I have...then I found out it was a volunteer job!!!
DeathIsYourArtWell I would say that that is a withdrawl fee that Mike owes you
MattHYou could always try the various temp agencies
DeathIsYourArtThat always ahppens
LornsLadyMike would get upset if I complained...I told him about it, he said nothing
LornsLadyI have no way to get to jobs on a regular basis that don't have regular hours
MattHNo public transportation in your area?
Elais{{job bives}}}
DeathIsYourArtThanks Elais
LornsLadyno, and even if there was, I quit taking the bus years ago...too hard on my OCD, too much harassment (sexual, religious, and otherwise), too many problems (a bus driver once shut the door ON me)
LornsLadythanks E :) only other suggestion would be to see if you could get a used bicycle or some such, unless you are way out in the boonies...
LornsLadyAnother problem with my OCD...I am really uncomfortable touching used items...OCD is such a bitch
DeathIsYourArtJust keep looking. Something will come along eventually
LornsLadyBut, again it wouldn't matter...I hav eno money
LornsLadyI am
LornsLadyA job will be hard as hell on my OCD, but I gotta get some money
LornsLadyOn the bright side, a new issue of Dreamwatch has an Andy/Alexis Denisof interview in it
DeathIsYourArtDepending on the job it might actually help you manage it. Won't know untilt he time comes I guess
DeathIsYourArtohhh YAY
LornsLadyI'll be better if I could just get on with my talk shrink (who suggested we quit seeing each other because I have trouble making appts, because their office is dirty to me and I have to go through so much washing afterwards)...
LornsLady...doesn't believe it will help me get better, because he thinks I should "just touch" stuff and not wash, that it'll go away, but I've told him over and over this works for me...and I've improved tremendously by my method, but still he doesn't believe me...
LornsLadyso I only have a med-shrink now, and in fact see her Friday...which I dread...I just need to find a local shrink to give me my meds, but can't afford any of the ones around here
LornsLadyI've told him I've been "dirty" for days and don't get better, I get worse
DeathIsYourArtWell it is nice to know that your shrink isn't sympathetic
DeathIsYourArtGreat shrink you got there
LornsLadythat's what you get when you can't afford a real one...i paid $10 when I saw him, and I pay $6 for my med-shrink
DeathIsYourArtHas this guy even been able to help you figure out what brought on your OCD.
LornsLadyOh, my OCD came on when I was about 14 (before that, really, but that's when I was diagnosed)...I figure I was a victim of PANDAS (I forget what the letters stand for), which basically means it was brought on through strep throat when I was young
LornsLadyI had several VERY BAD sore throats when I was young
LornsLadyand I believe they were strep throat...I was once diagnosed with strep, but don't even remember seeing a doctor the other times
LornsLadyPanic disorder came first, when I was 10
LornsLadyI want to get on with my life and live it, pursue my goals, no crazy as they may seem
MattHI had strep a lot when I was doctor once pointed out to me during a visit (for strep) that I had strep on the exact day during the previous year
LornsLadyif I had the money, I'd be gone
LornsLadystrep can bring on OCD if you have a predilection (spelling?) towards it
MattHAt the time, I was more worried about rheumatic fever...which my sister had had
DeathIsYourArtya, mooney would sure help me get on with my life too. I keep having to put off going back to school and it is killing any positive outlook I once had
LornsLadythe frustrating thing is, money is getting tighter and tighter, and it's not giving me much hope...I'm not suicidal or anything, but I do get very depressed at times, you know? I'm sorry to come here and just all keeps coming to a head, then I explode in tears, then it cycles all over again, and nothing ever gets better
MattHI do is much easier to be an optimist when you have money to pay the bills.
DeathIsYourArtHey this is why online friends were invented. To just bitch to
LornsLadyalthough my con report was published at, and I have couple of articles being published at in the future, and an article in's buffy money for any of them, though
LornsLadyyeah, but bitching isn't getting me anywhere. I need solutions
LornsLadyit would be better if I had the computer anytime I wanted it, but my boyfriend owns it, so he has this ridiculous idea that he should be able to use it sometimes
DeathIsYourArtHappy interjection:JM says that Joss is trying to put together 4 tv movies for the buffyverse. Each on a different character. We now return to our regularly scheduled bitch-fest
DeathIsYourArtWhat is that about? Silly boyfriend
LornsLadyYou know which character I want a movie about, right?
DeathIsYourArtHow is KissmeJanes book coming along?
MattHDoes he say which four characters?
DeathIsYourArtof course I do LL
MattHAndrew, right?
DeathIsYourArtNo JM didn't give too much away becasue so far he is the only one to give an out right yes to the idea
LornsLadyWell, I saw her at Moonlight Rising (she's *very* pretty and just a great person), and I've spoken to her through email a couple of times, so all's I know is, it's coming along
DeathIsYourArtI was going to submit something but when I e-mailed her about submission length and stuff, I never got a reply :(
DeathIsYourArtHow come there were no pics of YOU on your website with the con report?
LornsLadymaybe you should try again
DeathIsYourArtI think the submit date is long past for her book though
LornsLadyBecause Inever thought to ask someone to take pics of me
DeathIsYourArtawwww :<
LornsLadymost of mine didn't come out too first digital camera...apparently, they don't do so well in distance shots
Elaisdigtial cameras are so expensive
LornsLadymike bought it for me...on sale...the last anywhere-near-expensive thing he's going to buy me for a loooong time
ElaisI didn't bring any kind of camera myself
Elaisa friend did take a few photos of me with other people and some of the VIPs, but she's emailed only one to me so far
LornsLadyYou were at Moonlight Rising?
LornsLadydid we meet? I don't remember meeting up with you
Elaisme neither
LornsLadyI was a volunteer
ElaisI volunteered a little bit
Elaisemphasis on little
LornsLadyif Andy'd been there, I'd have volunteered to be his teddy bear, sleeping close and snuggly :)
MattHHeh...I learned long ago...never volunteer for anything.
ElaisI was at registration for an hour or two before the friday cocktail thing
LornsLadyI only did a couple of volunteer things, managing the autograph lines
LornsLadyI was at the cocktail party and VIP dance
LornsLadyThanks to a friend :)
Elaiswe might have seen each other without realizing it
LornsLadypossibly...did you meet Jo and Cally?
Elaisdon't recognize those names
LornsLadyCally's from the UK
Elaisare those real names or posting board names?
LornsLadyno, real names
LornsLadyat least as far as I know
LornsLadyI got a hug from James Leary
LornsLadyI participated in the Improv
ElaisI never got to the improve :-(
LornsLadyJames L is so sweet
ElaisI heard it was great
DeathIsYourArtha ha ha I love the BTVS/ATS community. You can know someone for years and not know their real name
ElaisI met Leary a couple of times
LornsLadyIt was HOT!
DeathIsYourArtohhh tell us about it
LornsLadyThey moved it to a smaller room because of safety issues for the performers, but they didn't anticipate how many ppl would come
ElaisLeary is the most outgoing guy I've ever met
LornsLadyHe is so sweet! He is VERY fan-friendly
LornsLadyand a great hugger :)
Elaiskind of wish he would be MC at these events
LornsLadyhe was fun in the Improv
DeathIsYourArtnaughty naughty!
LornsLadyI FINALLY got my James M. autograph...he was apologizing to me that Andy wasn't there
* DeathIsYourArt sniffle
LornsLadyI couldn't really hear him over the noise, but I could have just stood there all day, staring into those sexy blue eyes!
* DeathIsYourArt cries
LornsLadyOOOHHH! And I got to listen and watch the concerts
LornsLady/me hugs Death
DeathIsYourArtI think I have somethign in my eye
* LornsLady hugs Death
LornsLadyI tried
MattHSure you do....
Elaiscommon ro was great
DeathIsYourArtI DO !
LornsLadyThere were windows on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and I just watched the concerts from there, which was fine by crowds, and free
MattHI believe you...really I do...
LornsLadyJames was drunk and didn't exactly hit all his notes, started one song they'd already sang and he was supposed to sing another, but I still enjoyed them
DeathIsYourArtIt would be nice to meet hmi one day. Nicer if it wan't in an artificial environment like a con, but how often does THAT happen to anyone
Elaisvery rare, I think
LornsLadyI believe Adam was in a room very near mine, Jo's and Cally's, because I saw him coming out of it, and someone said it was his room...but someone else said she saw him coming out of another room
ElaisJames M is very very very popular
DeathIsYourArtThat is more than obvious
Elaiswell, I think Adam, Danny and Tom hung out together a lot
LornsLadyHe licked lollipops and handed them to some kids, maybe to older girls, too, but I couldn't see where I was
LornsLadyTom is so cute and shy...and so freakin' RUDE!!!
ElaisI think in Danny's room most of the time
DeathIsYourArtYa the lollipop guild thing kind of wigs me
MattHYeah...let me just say "ewwww"
LornsLadyI saw all of the Troika outside my room
LornsLadyat different times, and together...almost rode the elevator w/them, but it was too crowded
DeathIsYourArtYa! think if James doesn't watch it, he is going to over indulge the wrong people eventually
LornsLadyI saw Tom walking down the hall with a pizza...and he didn't offer me ANY!!! :P
DeathIsYourArtNOW THAT is rude
LornsLadyhehe...some ppl thought he was stuck-up, but he's just shy
LornsLadyIyari thought I was wearing pajamas
Elaisyeah, Tom is shy around crowds
LornsLadybut I had on a brand-new Garfield shirt and (not brand-new) cheap jeans
DeathIsYourArtWell of course you were! But they were sexy pajamas
Elaisbut he's okay on the stage
LornsLadyNo, I wasn't :)
LornsLadyI looked at myself in the mirror on the wall in my room after she said
LornsLadyShe had the cutest haircut!
DeathIsYourArtWe all know about the REAL story LL, we know you were seducing everyone!
ElaisIyari is definitely a cutie
LornsLadyI could have if I had the chance...including Iyari and Stephanie...they're all gorgeous
Elaisdidn't get around to meeting her though
LornsLadythey got a big card for everyone to sign to Andy...I'd already bought him a card as well, so he got two from me
LornsLadyI didn't get to really meet her, but got her autograph and told her she was beautiful
LornsLadyShe thanked me
LornsLadyan on the lollipop thing...I get why it makes you wiggy (I hope he didn't catch any colds --or worse--after that), but if Andy licked a lolly then gave it to me, I'd have it glued to the inside of my mouth!
DeathIsYourArtha ha ha!
DeathIsYourArtI can see why people would get carried away and do that sort of thing, but at the same time. It seem disrespectful to me. There are things you do with significant others and friends, and then there are things you do with aquaintences (spelled wrong)
DeathIsYourArtTO me it is the same as putting a sign around his neck reading "piece of meat, grab a fork"
DeathIsYourArtI joke around on the boards sure, but I think there is a line you don't cross with people you don't know that well
LornsLadyWell, I'd like to be a significant other to Andy :)
Elaishmm, people are getting their MR pics
ElaisI hope I get mine soon
DeathIsYourArtAnd once you are you can lick his lolli all you want !
LornsLadyyou should have seen some ppl...Spicywings, the head of the volunteers, said there were a couple of women acting like sluts (her word) around James
DeathIsYourArtYou have to post it somewhere for all of us to see
LornsLadyYeah, my friend Steph got hers yesterday or the other day, I believe
DeathIsYourArtI can imagine! And I am sure some of the mobsters were in on the lollipop thing too. That is why I stayed away from the board for a while. I knew I would say something to upset someone and I didn't want to
LornsLadyI was scheduled for Andy, but when that didn't happen, i was going to schedule one for James M, but they'd sold out...the thing was, ppl weren't supposed to be able to get more than one, so the extras they eventually allowed got sold out to ppl who already had one
DeathIsYourArtThey could have just asked you when you got your refund if you wanted it transfered
*** Amy_Madison ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
DeathIsYourArtHI AMY
LornsLadyPeople pushed their way to the stage for the concerts...I realize ppl do that in concerts, but it's rude, because handicapped ppl couldn't get in front, and ppl who paid for front-row tickets couldn't get what they paid for
LornsLadyHi Amy!
MattHHiya Amy
LornsLadyWell, I didn't get my refund until Sunday...just hadn't gotten around to it
DeathIsYourArtSeats on the floor don't make sense to me anyways. No one will stay in them
Elaishi amy
Elaishandling concerts is tough
LornsLadyJames is a ham
DeathIsYourArtMost actors are
LornsLadyBefore the concert, they were soundchecking, and he saw there were a bunch of us watching from the windows on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and he started jumping around and laid down and stuck his legs and arms in the air, cracking everyone up
MattHWell, the ones who attend conventions, anyway....
DeathIsYourArtI just want another project for him locked down with a date. So i know how long I am waiting
LornsLadyWell, he said he got $50 million and will be involved with his MacBeth project for like three years
DeathIsYourArtGreenwalt is shopping a series for him , but no luck so far
LornsLadythat's presumably why Ghost of the Robot split up, but no one expected it so fast
ElaisI thought he mentioned he was getting offers
DeathIsYourArtya, but there is no official filming date yet for MacBeth, and I want one. There is still too much to do before those dates gets set
LornsLadyWell, fuck!!! I'd pay him to be on my network...just sit there and say funny things, even
DeathIsYourArtapparently no good offers
Elaiswe'll get an update no doubt at the Oakland con
LornsLadyOh, god, the Oakland con...I wanna go to that, if Andy's still going to be there
Elaishard to say
LornsLadybut it's too far and no money
DeathIsYourArtThere should be a 1 800 number with constant 24 hour updates
LornsLadyI just don't want him to push himself too hard
ElaisI was very surprised he went to the UK con against his docs advice
LornsLadyI get their newsletter, and he's still scheduled
MattHI think websites are better than 1-800-Numbers
LornsLadyWell, I'd heard his doctors said he'd be ok, then he said the doctors said not to go
Elaisguess what he has is tricky
LornsLadyhe's also scheduled for SlayerCruise, but I ain't got the money, and I have a phobia about being on a boat away from safe land
DeathIsYourArtLL will you fit in a box? You could ship yourself to Oakland
LornsLadywell he's supposed to make a full recovery, but he's got to take care of himself
LornsLadythere's an idea
LornsLadypostage costs though...and they might peek in and see me through the airholes
LornsLadyI could bark and pretend to be a puppy, I guess
LornsLadybut then the postal workers would be like, Who's shipping a puppy through the mail???
DeathIsYourArtPut "wax figure" on the box. Thye will think you are one of those museum statues
MattHYou'd probably get lost in the mail...end up in Tibet somewhere...
DeathIsYourArtAnd Mike can repay thank bank charge by paying for the postage
LornsLadyI don't know much about heart problems despite having them run in my dad's side of the family, but as I understand, alcohol won't be something Andy can have
Elaisthat will be tough on Andy
LornsLadyHe was smoking at the UK cons, which may be what caused his collapse
DeathIsYourArtYes LL getting lost in the mail will be really tough on Andy
MattHRed Wine is supposed to be good for the heart.
LornsLadyI also heard he attended the Summer Party
LornsLady*sputter* Funny, DiyA
DeathIsYourArtWell, think about how much more relaxed he would be with you around LL
LornsLadyoh, did you see the pics at from Hyperion and Prometheus? You can see that Andy's tired, but those are some of the best pics I've seen of him, nice and up-close and clear
DeathIsYourArtI haven't seen them yet. Where can I?
LornsLadyHe's got a bunch of con galleries, too, in fact
DeathIsYourArtgotcha...I suck
LornsLadyLOL, some guys like that
*** Signoff: Amy_Madison ((null))
DeathIsYourArtOkay you got me back
DeathIsYourArtVincent looks awful...oh my god *shudder*
LornsLadyI have one of those pics as my newest desktop background, btw
LornsLadyAre you looking at the pic with the torn jeans? I think that was an older con, but I was thinking that when I saw him in those clothes
DeathIsYourArtYa, he is in jeans and a black coat
DeathIsYourArtdress jacket I mean
ElaisConnor is cute, Vincent usually looks terrible to me
DeathIsYourArtAndy has pretty teeth! And Julie Benz should be beaten for being so naturally stunning! That just is not fair for the rest of us
LornsLadyI was thinking, damn, boy, you make more money than that, surely! Did you wear out the jeans you bought during your stint on the show?
LornsLadyOr did you spend all the money on something else?
LornsLadyI have no money and my jeans look better than that!
DeathIsYourArtSomeone should ask him
LornsLadyNo holes or nothing...I have three pairs of jeans and two other kinds of pants
DeathIsYourArtYa, Vincent needs a shave, a hair cut and some crest whitening gell
LornsLadyfor sure
DeathIsYourArtDoes he not realize that pictures like this get around and could affect his future project possibilities Hollywood it might improve them
LornsLadyhe doesn't look like a bad boy, he looks like a po' boy
DeathIsYourArtlike a bum!
DeathIsYourArtAnd the pic of Andy with the video camera is a cutie
LornsLadyall pics of Andy are cute :)
MattHYou're biased
DeathIsYourArtYes of course, I forgot who I was talking about for a second. Forgive me
LornsLadyalthough there's one that I love that also makes me laugh...Andy's showing his tattoo, and there's this lady on the right side of the pic with the funniest expression on her face, like a big surprise caught her off-guard
LornsLadyI am NOT biased. Facts is facts!
LornsLadyI am NOT bi-assed. I only have one ass. It's just chunky, that's all.
DeathIsYourArtWhat is Andy's tattoo of again?
LornsLadywell, he has is a nautical symbol for the letter "A" but he got the colors wrong, and the other is his "Boo" tattoo, for an ex-girlfriend
LornsLadyI think both are on his hips
MattHWhat? You don't know?!? :-)
LornsLadyI don't think I've seen the Boo tattoo, and neither up-close
DeathIsYourArtShe hasn't seen them yet! All thir sex games have been in the dark. All feeling, no seeing
MattHOh...I thought it was due to the blindfold...
DeathIsYourArtI think they only use that when they are out I right LL?
LornsLadyOh, believe me, if there was sex, I'm watchin', feelin', smellin', hearin', and especially TASTIN'!
LornsLadyBy the way, also has a Hyperion report up
LornsLadywith some pics
DeathIsYourArtI haven't been to cotyof is so long
DeathIsYourArtcityof* Ya my typing is great tonight
Elaisoh good
Elaiscityofangel usually does very detailed reports
LornsLadyyeah, it's 5 pages long!
DeathIsYourArtWhere do these people get the money to go to all these things?
LornsLadyI think CityofAngel probably gets a discount, or at least it's put out by ppl with quite a bit of money...
LornsLadyMoonlight Rising came about because CreepCon sucked, and Aria and her friends said, "We can put together a better con than *this*!" and somehow they had the money to do it
DeathIsYourArtI'm sure they do. However, there are people with entire websites dedicated to their con-travels. It amazes me
MattHYeah...I am not into cons at all...
LornsLadyI don't know how much the celeb guests get paid, but I know David Boreanaz ain't cheap, because someone requested him on the MR boards and Aria responded that they couldn't afford him
DeathIsYourArtI don't know, I have never been to any
DeathIsYourArtHave you seen the pics of DB in his new movie? He is blond. It looks okay, but kind of geeky
ElaisI heard 25,000
Elaisgoing into the con business takes balls
LornsLadyyeah, blond is kinda weird on him
LornsLadyI don't know for sure, but I heard Andy got $5,000 for CreepCon
DeathIsYourArtSee Andy is reasonable
Elaisnot sure how much James gets
DeathIsYourArtWell we know it is less than $25 000
LornsLadyDammit, what is this virus ppl keep trying to send me, so that I can't even download my email? It just times out
LornsLadyI'd pay 25,000 for James if I had it...then I'd ship him to DIYAs
DeathIsYourArtI knew there was a reason why I LOVED you
MattHHe'd probably end up with Andy in Outer Mongolia... ;-)
LornsLadywell, i'd go to Outer Mongolia to be with Andy
DeathIsYourArtI hear mongolia is nice around this time of year.
ElaisI would be happy to go around the block for James
LornsLadythank god I like exotic food
DeathIsYourArtWho will have time for food
LornsLadyI will incorporate the food
LornsLadyso we don't die
DeathIsYourArtwhip cream *licks lips*
DeathIsYourArtI could live off of that and ice cream
LornsLadyohhh gooood don't mention Ice cream
DeathIsYourArtnotice the word cream being mentioned?
LornsLadyI've been not asking mike to buy this new kind that drives me insane with ice cream lust!
DeathIsYourArtThrow in an ice cube for torture (happy torture) and I am all set.
DeathIsYourArtWhat flavor is this?
LornsLadyIt's by Dove, and it's got brownies and chocolate chips (the perfect crunch of a Dove bar)
Elaisgotta jet guys
LornsLadyit's called "Chocolate & Brownie Affair"
DeathIsYourArtbye bye Elais
MattHBye CM
LornsLadybye Elais, talk to u soon
Elaischocolate and brownie affair
DeathIsYourArtaffair...what an appropriate title
LornsLadyI literally can eat it everyday
*** Elais has left #thesuccubusclub
MattHHmmm...I don't really care for chocolate ice cream....French Vanilla though
DeathIsYourArtcookie dough or mint chocolate chip for me
LornsLadyWHYYYYY does food have to be bad for you in excess? Why does ice cream of any amount above a scoop have to be excessive???
LornsLadyNo, it's not chcoolate ice cream
LornsLadyIt's vanilla
DeathIsYourArtI wonder if I have ice cream in the house???
LornsLadyWhich is one of the big reasons I like it...I don't generally go for those ice creams or whatever with chocolate covered in chocolate sprinkled with chcoolate
DeathIsYourArtya the triple chocolate is a bit much
LornsLadyOhhh...and it has chocolate ganache on top (all their ice creams do, I believe), a crispy cover just like ice cream on a stick
DeathIsYourArtokay when an ice cream becomes orgasmic you just have to have it available at all times
LornsLadyI am seriously craving it, but I promised my bf I wouldn't ask for it any more, and I *do* want to lose the weight
DeathIsYourArtya, we all say that
LornsLadyI have a love/hate relationship with chocolate...and sweets...and food
DeathIsYourArtCongratulations you are female!
LornsLadyI hate it when they come out with "lite" flavors, because I'm like, what's the point? If you're gonna eat it, go for the gold!
DeathIsYourArtDid we lose you Harris? Or are you having naughty thought about ice cream and MT?
LornsLadyIt's a girl! (#)
MattHYou simply end up eating more of the 'lite stuff anyway
MattHDidn't lose me...Guys have weight problems too....
MattHGod knows I do.
LornsLadyExactly matt...I might as well ENJOY the hardening of my arteries
LornsLadynew version of mirc is out, if you're using it diya
MattHNo problem with my arteries or blood pressure, thankfully.
DeathIsYourArtI would be good if I could just build some muscle... the height thing I can't do anything about :<
DeathIsYourArtThank you LL
LornsLadywell, i don't know that my arteries are hardening, i just assume it
LornsLadymy blood pressure was a little high before, but my dr said it could have been due to nervousness...but that's never happened at the dr's before
LornsLadyI really need to lose weight before I end up with serious problems
MattHShort is ok...SMG is short, Alyson Hannigan is short.
DeathIsYourArtI'm actually shorter than SMG
LornsLadyI'm only 5'0"
DeathIsYourArtI am 5'1 1/2"
DeathIsYourArtreally? I'm taller than someone YAY
LornsLadyWell, you can stand on my shoulders and kiss James M
DeathIsYourArtJust get em a good pair of heels
LornsLadyAndy's 6 feet but I'll climb him
DeathIsYourArtOhhh want a kinky visual
LornsLadyYessirree, I made it to the top to mount Andy
LornsLadyOops, I mean, I made it to the top OF Mt. Andy
* MattH chuckles
LornsLadyFreudian slip
MattHYeah, right!
LornsLady*blushes shyly*
DeathIsYourArtwe can just go get a pair of platform Industrial boots. They are like 8" now
DeathIsYourArtHey it was a slip! I totally believe her
LornsLadyI saw Margaret Show on one of her comedy shows a while back, and she had on these freakin' HIGH boots
MattHIf you say so...
LornsLadyI'd fall down and break my neck!
LornsLadyI think Matt's right on this one, DIYA...I'm lying about that slip
DeathIsYourArtYou only have to stay standing until you get Andy horizontal
LornsLadyoh shoot! did i say that out loud?
LornsLady*happy dreams*
LornsLadyhey, there's something about James M in the newsletter!
DeathIsYourArtDo you think you would be able to be out going if you met Andy? I think I would lose the power of speech with James
DeathIsYourArtAnd I usualyl am not affected , but I somehow know that I would be with him
LornsLadyyeah, I can vouch for that...looking into James' eyes, you can't speak
MattHDIYA - I'm sure you would find other ways to communicate
DeathIsYourArtI appreciate your confidence in me Harris!
DeathIsYourArtIf I ever meet him I will make you proud
LornsLadyOh, James was on an Australian Talk show recently
DeathIsYourArtyes he was. I just downloaded it.
LornsLady for the article
LornsLadyoh, shoot, ya beat me to it :)
DeathIsYourArtI haven't watched it yet though
LornsLadyhis hair's growing :)
DeathIsYourArtThat is the one where he mentioned the 4 tv movies
DeathIsYourArtI want MacBeth NOW!!!!
DeathIsYourArtHarris did you see MT on Six Feet Under?
LornsLadyI thought you wanted James?
DeathIsYourArtyes James AS MacBeth! I want to hear James doing Shakespeare SO BADLY
DeathIsYourArtI'm sure I wil;l be making a scene int he theater
DeathIsYourArtMT played the snob a little too well.
LornsLadythey also have a transcript of the Role Live interview, an article about the 4 tv movies, James at Buffydownunder (picture THAT!) con, and SFX Magazine august interview w/James
MattHThat is because she is an *excellent* actress
LornsLadydid u get all that?
LornsLadyyeah, she's actually 40 but does she do a great teen or what???
DeathIsYourArtI think MT is very good. I just think that whenever the episode was Dawn based in Season 6 and 7 she phoned it in. When she only had small parts she did great, and she was amazing in season 5
DeathIsYourArtNow she is just ungrateful though
MattHI think that was more the writing....especially season 6. I loved her in the S7 opener
LornsLadywhy do u say she's ungrateful? I haven't seen her lately, and don't keep up with the news on her
MattHI just think she doesn't like the grind of series tv...that is what she has said
DeathIsYourArtThe epy that really put me off her was All The Way. I thought she was horrible in it
DeathIsYourArtShe is all over the news. She would go to the opening of an envelope if there was cameras
DeathIsYourArtHer manager has her going to everything
LornsLadycan you two sign up for my local comcast cable company and request the Horror Channel? They only accept requests from customers, but you can cancel right after
MattHShe is just an up and coming actress...
LornsLadyWell, maybe it's her manager's idea, then, and not hers...she's just following what she hopes is good advice
DeathIsYourArtit is a bit much though
MattHIt probably is good advice...
DeathIsYourArtIn good news, I believe she dumped that no talent singer
LornsLadyYou gotta keep your face out there
MattHAhem...the more MT I see is the better
LornsLadywhat singer?
* MattH does the dance of joy!
LornsLadyMatt u pev!
LornsLadyjailbait lover!
MattHWhy ... she is over 18
LornsLadyNo she's not...she just says that to get more adult roles
LornsLadyOn the day before her 18th birthday, you're a perv to be hot for her...on her 18th bday, parrrrty!!! :D
DeathIsYourArtya, I believe she is with Shawn Ashmore now (Canadian)
LornsLadyOnly till she meets Matt
DeathIsYourArtWell of course
LornsLadyhas she changed her hair yet?
DeathIsYourArtOr her makeup, still with the pinks
LornsLadyshe's got pretty hair, but she needs to try something new
MattHShe does use too much eye makeup...
DeathIsYourArtAlyson cut her hair real short. It makes her look old.
LornsLadyOHHhhh...did you know this pretty lesbian girl named Michelle was at MR, and during Iyari Limon's Q&A, she stood right up in front of everyone and asked Iyari out!
MattHI am a hair guy...long and brunette is what does it for me.
LornsLadyCuz someone had asked earlier if Alyson was the first girl she'd kissed, and Iyari says no
LornsLadyWhatcha got against redheads????? (giggle)
DeathIsYourArtYa, redheads here
LornsLadyLet's gang up on him!
DeathIsYourArtokay! long as they have long, gorgeous hair
MattHNot really into blonds, though.
LornsLadyI got mine cut before MR, but not too much
DeathIsYourArtAnd i have kissed a girl too, and it doesn't make me gay. I just wanted Mardi Gras beads and it was the only way to get them. Plus my friend is very pretty and a good kisser
MattHDIYA - I believe you. Really, I do.
LornsLadyI haven't had my hair shorter than my shoulders since I was a mom always wanted it cut short...I like it long!
LornsLadyI'd kiss a girl and I'm not gay either, but I would like to see what it's like being with a girl
DeathIsYourArtYou can believe what you want Harris, it doesn't bother me. I just will never be sexually attracted to a vagina
LornsLadySome men are afraid of vaginas
LornsLadySpeaking of vaginas...did you see the last Nip/Tuck?
MattHYeah...I prefer people, myself... ;-)
LornsLadyThat show ROCKS
DeathIsYourArtnope missed it. I have to download it from suprnova
LornsLadyIt, as always, was good
LornsLadyLast week there was a Nip/Tuck chat with John Helmsley (whatever his name is) who plays Matt, the son...
LornsLadyI was hoping it would be Julian McMahon, because I didn't see a definite name (they were saying Dylan Walsh some places, JM others)
LornsLadyBut I called in and they told me it was him, and I got to be the second caller!
LornsLadyI thought I was just calling to leave questions, but it turns out they were live
LornsLadyI asked him if he's dating anyone (what I was going to ask Julian)...I pretended it was for my niece, because John doesn't do it for me, really
LornsLadyHe said it depends on what day you ask him...then I asked him if he could fix me up with Dr. Troy!
LornsLadyHe said no :(
DeathIsYourArtawww that sucks
DeathIsYourArthe is a meany
DeathIsYourArta blue meany
LornsLadyBad boy Dr. Troy! I can't stop saying that!
DeathIsYourArtThat can be your new motto
LornsLadyOOoooOOOooOOOOhhhhh...*pictures an Andy/me/Julian sandwich*!!!
DeathIsYourArtYou should get that on a t-shirt
LornsLadyyeah I should :)
DeathIsYourArtthe motto not the sandwich
LornsLadyand Dr. Troy's pic
LornsLadythat woman he had the baby with is such a bitch!!!!!
DeathIsYourArtI'm not greedy, I'll just take James
DeathIsYourArtI think we hit a passionate never with LL
LornsLadyShe's been on NYPD Blue though her in that
DeathIsYourArtnerve not never
DeathIsYourArtSo Matt, who would be in your sandwich?
LornsLadyI'll take Andy over Julian, but Julian will do when Andy's busy
MattHI really am not into threesomes....I like to concentrate on one thing at a time...and get it right.
DeathIsYourArtback to previous subject. What did Iyari say to the date request?
DeathIsYourArtYou go Harris
LornsLadyoh god, Matt, you really *are* a perv...what is it about you and pretty girls? Young and sexy and long-haired! That's just sick!!!
LornsLadyShe stuttered and didn't really answer
LornsLadyYou need help!
MattHYeah....maybe some aversion therapy...lots and lots of it.
DeathIsYourArtwhat would that actually entail? dating ugly, super fat chicks or something?
LornsLadyI'd have kissed Michelle (the lesbian)...I was talking to her at the VIP dance, and I was actually feeling attraction for her...*very* pretty eyes...and I usually prefer my women more feminine, but she wasn't butch, either
DeathIsYourArtShould ahve gone for it. WOuld have added that extra something to your con report
MattHNo....overexposure to the lots of young, pretty women....
LornsLadyYeah, I doubt she'd have gone for me...i'm 36 and fat
LornsLadyBut she was also at my sexuality panel...which *I* was the only one who showed up to run!
DeathIsYourArtSee she was stalking you. She totally wanted you
LornsLadywe were locked out until we got a guy to come up and let us in
DeathIsYourArtThat could be taken SO MANY ways
LornsLadyOH man!
LornsLadya person who was supposed to be at another panel I did and didn't show up (as well as the sexuality panel) said to me later that she was too tired to be there...Why volunteer if you're not going to be there?
LornsLadyI was tired too, but people attended and were waiting
DeathIsYourArtNo sense of responsibility. they look at the con as opne big party whether they are suppose to work it or not
LornsLadyyeah, she and another girl she hung out with spent most of their time drunk
LornsLadybut they were otherwise nice
DeathIsYourArtmonumentally self involved
LornsLadywell, it's almost a quarter till twelve...I need to get off here
DeathIsYourArtYa so do I.... whoops
LornsLadysee ya next week I hope :)
MattHSame here...
MattHI'll be here.
DeathIsYourArtTake care of yourselves
DeathIsYourArttalk to yuo both soon
LornsLadyLots of James and Michelle dreams to you
*** LornsLady has left #thesuccubusclub
DeathIsYourArtand many happy Andy dreams to you
DeathIsYourArtbye Harris!
*** Signoff: DeathIsYourArt ((null))
Session Close (#thesuccubusclub): Wed Jul 07 20:43:40 2004