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MattHHiya DIYA
DeathIsYourArtHi Matt! How are you?
MattHPretty good...wondering if anyone was going to show.
DeathIsYourArtI think most people are running out of chit chat these days
MattHDoes not surprise...they used it all up in the mailing list.
DeathIsYourArtya, lets not go there. I'm okay with a discussion, no matter how far apart the opinions. However, when people start hiding insults with happy faces and sarcasm, I've had enough. Too many people just can't take that everyone doesn't rush to agree with them
MattHHeh...I saw the topic of the discussion and deleted about 35 messages unread.
DeathIsYourArtI just hope everyone gets over the need to have the last word and lets it go
MattHWhat? Someone in a flame war just letting it go...I can't believe that will happen
DeathIsYourArtA friend of mine is putting together a little project and needs a picture of me by tonight. I don't think I haev taken a decent pic since I was 5 and those that are pretty good, either don't scan well, or I am clad in some kind of revealing hallowe'en costume
DeathIsYourArtya I know, flamming doesn't go away easy, however, I was hoping that people would use a little more common sense on this list
DeathIsYourArtIn the beginning the discussion was just people stating how they saw season 6, then it mutated from there and I stopped reading
MattHYeah..I liked Season 6...doesn't mean other people should or shouldn't.
DeathIsYourArtRandom grumble: My scanner sucks
DeathIsYourArtSo what are you up to?
MattHHeh...I don't have a definition that sucks worse ;-)
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redeem147Hey guys. Thought I'd do a quick drop in before bed. change there?
MattHWe were just discussing flame wars, season 6 and scanners.
MattHI gathered that from the login, but wasn't sure...
redeem147I used it in writercon chat, cause it's my lj name, and didn't change back
MattHSo what is happening on your end of the world?
redeem147I'm getting ready to leave for writercon tomorrow morning. Can't really concentrate on anything else
DeathIsYourArtOhhh you have an LJ...found YOU
redeem147Fics and everything
redeem147Spike related, mostly, oddly enough
redeem147Fun couple of days on the list, eh?
MattHLot of traffic, which I just deleted unread.
redeem147Ah, but my posts are funny
redeem147At least, I think so :)
MattHYeah...I just don't have a dog in this fight...I am over BTVS flamewars just as BTVS is over
DeathIsYourArtthink the sarcasm and humor was lost on some. Which is fine. I just didn't appreciate where it ended up going and I left
redeem147I wouldn't call it a flame war, really
redeem147Mostly just a silly discussion.
redeem147Of course, I'm right ;)
redeem147You're post was excellent, btw death
MattHOf course you're right
DeathIsYourArtThank you
* MattH humors Colleen
redeem147I'm Canadian. You have to humour me
DeathIsYourArtI don't mind real discussion, just don't ignore facts, and if you still see it differently, fine! You have that right. Just don't get mad when I don't come over to your side is all
MattHThe problem with facts is that people often disagree what the facts are....
DeathIsYourArtThey interpret them differently
MattHAnd I'm American...since when do we pay attention to Canada ;-)
DeathIsYourArtSince we are your number one trading partner
DeathIsYourArtmoney talks
MattHTo most Americans that is meaningless...
MattHJust as the fact that Mexico is #2.
redeem147'colour' me surprised ;)
DeathIsYourArtYou are so lucky going to Vegas Colleen. To the DRY heat. the humidity is killing me. The rain we got today was so very welcome
redeem147It's been less than summery here.
redeem147And you're right. I'm SO lucky. Gonna see so many of my friends, and we get to pick Jane Espenson's brain...
redeem147What's not to love?
MattHBeen hot here in SoCal...scorcher for the last couple of weeks.
redeem147Oooh, you get to see palm trees allll the time (I love palm trees)
MattHSo what did you find out picking Jane's Brain?
redeem147haven't done it yet.
redeem147Con starts Friday, with a get together tomorrow night.
DeathIsYourArtOne bit of advice: Avoid the Luxor. Shitty casino and hotel
MattHOh..ok...we'll expect a full report afterwards ;-)
DeathIsYourArtIf you like rollercoasters, drive out to stateline. Buffalo Bills has a great one!
redeem147We're in the Imperial Palace. I have a friend who calls it the Imperial Poo, because of a nasty digestive upset the buffet gave her whole family
redeem147But I'm really there for the con.
DeathIsYourArtAnd if you have the time. Go see the show outside the Treasure Island casino. they had a really great battle once upon a time. It now is some show girl thingy and I need a first hand account of it
DeathIsYourArtThe con is not 24 hours
DeathIsYourArtVegas IS
redeem147A bunch of us want to go to the Star Trek experience
redeem147The con is pretty close to it ;)
DeathIsYourArtI didn't do that, so i can't say how it is
redeem147Fanfic writers par-tay!
MattHHeh...I live about 5-6 hrs from Vegas and have never been there....
DeathIsYourArtAnd if you like heights. Do the Big Shot at the top of the stratosphere at night
DeathIsYourArtI went for a wedding
redeem147No. No heights :)
redeem147And isn't that always the way, Matt?
redeem147I"m heading out. Just dropped in to say hi and bye. Early morning tomorrow.
DeathIsYourArtI wanted to go again when they had convergence but I had no money
MattHYeah...grew up in Monterey and never went to the Aquarium
MattHCYA Colleen
DeathIsYourArtBye bye Colleen, have a great time
redeem147If Lisa drops in, say hi for me ;)
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DeathIsYourArtOkay I am really getting mad at this picture now. I'm trying to fix it and it is resisting. grrrr!
MattHMy sympathies...I have photos like that
DeathIsYourArtSpeaking of pictures; I went to see the Bourne Supremacy on Friday. And Oliver Wood should not be allowed to be a DP ever again. I have never taken a film course and even I knew that almost every shot was framed incorrectly.
DeathIsYourArtSeen any good movies lately?
MattHLast one was POA...I will probably see Spiderman 2 this weekend.
MattHDoubt if I will see the Bourne Supremacy
DeathIsYourArtI enjoyed it, not as much as the first though. think I am getting too picky though
MattHI am not really into dramas/thrillers/etc....
DeathIsYourArtSo what is your thing?
MattHSF&F mostly. Not really much of a film goer. Too much effort and money for too little return, generally.
DeathIsYourArtI completely agree with you. However, I just foudn out that there is a theater opening here that as long as you are willing to wait a month to see a movie, you can see it for $1. Basically the theater buys reels that are leaving other theaters.
MattHDollar movies...such fun...I think there used to be one or two around here, but I never really looked in to it.
DeathIsYourArtNow all I need is for some actual good movies to come out.
MattHThat is the hard part...of course people have been complaining that there are no good movies any more since before Talkies came out.
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MattHHiya CM
Elaisgeez, nearly forgot about tonight
DeathIsYourArtHi Elais
MattHBetter late than never.
DeathIsYourArtWhat are you up to?
Elaisnot much
Elaiswatching Smallville
Elaistomorrow I'm going to a concert
DeathIsYourArtwhich one?
Elaisfor Journey
Elaisnext month I get to go see Weird Al
DeathIsYourArtLOL neat
MattHYeah ... Weird Al is awesome...met him once when I was working at Universal.
ElaisI'm hoping there will be a autograph session
Elaisseason premiere of Smallville is sept 22nd, goody
MattHI was just reading some spoilers on Kryptonsite...only a month and half away
DeathIsYourArtGot to go. Have a nice night both of two!
Elaisyeah, I go to kryptonsite too
MattHCYA DIYA...hope the picture turns out ok
Elaisnight DIYA
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Elaisnot sure io
Elaisnot sure I'm liking the spoilers
MattHIt is the only Smallville site I go to.
MattHYeah...Kind of hard to say at this moment. I really didn't care for last seasons ending.
MattHBig question is whether Chloe is alive. Allison Mack has been resigned, so I would think so...but it could be a big fake-out
ElaisI'm sure she is alive, but in what form she'll be in is questionable
Elaiswill she be 'chloe' or someone else
MattHI am wondering if we will see Clark fly...I know that was initially verboten, but with the drop in ratings...
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MattHHiya Fiat
Elaishi Fiat
MattHHows your mom doing?
Elaishi _sexy_
Elaisactually, I think I saw mentioned that Kal-El will fly, but Clark will not
FiatLuxShe's better. Has an appointment next week. Thanks for asking.
FiatLuxAre they going to have him split into two different entities?
Elaissorry to hear about your mom, but glad she is better
Elaisnot sure
MattHKal-El? But not that is just plain silly...unless they give him split personalities....
Elaismaybe that red kryptonite thing again
FiatLuxI can't stay too long tonight, but I wanted to check in. Anyone know if the last Succubus Club will be longer than 2 hours?
MattHCandy's last post I think said 2 hrs...the same as usual.
FiatLuxThat's not much time to get everything in.
FiatLuxWhoops, I was right. I've got to be going now.
FiatLuxIt was nice saying two sentences to you all :)
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Elaisthey'll probably just talk about the final episode
Elaiskind of share final thoughts
MattHI hope we don't see red kryptonite again.
MattHYeah...but they might not have enough time to get everything in, what with all the crying and stuff....
Elaisi was just reading
Elaisapparently the Kal-El flying bit is some kind of symbolic battle between Jor-El and Kal-El
MattHEh...doesn't really count then.
Elaisthe writers are a tricky bunch
MattHI'd rather they be good, as opposed to tricky....;-)
Elaisso do I matt
ElaisI sincerely hope that Smallville will be well-written this season'
MattHJust looking at the actress they cast to play Lois Lane (Erica Durance)...just doesn't look the part too me.
ElaisI'll have to look her up
Elaishmm, she hasn't been in much
MattHGoogle image search didn't show up anything, which was a surprise, but the standard search showed a couple of pages with pics. Kind of reminds me of Eliza Dushku, although the resemblance isn't strong.\
ElaisI guess she'll do
Elaisnot sure who could have been better to play Lois
MattHHeh...since I have never liked *any* version of Lois Lane in the comics, TV, or movies I doubt I would care much for whoever they picked.
Elaisgood point
Elaisi guess the Lois I liked the best was the one in the old black and white superman tv show
MattHWhen I read the comics - I liked Lana Lang and Lori Lemaris, but Lois irritated me. The character just seems to snide, in whatever incarnation.
Elaisjohn edwards on tv
MattHI never saw the old bw show.
Elaisa litte bit of eye candy on the DNC
MattHYeah...that was why he was picked...
MattHI am avoiding watching the convention....I really don't want to have to buy a new TV set.
ElaisI stumbled across an lj community that was writing Edwards/Kerry slash
MattHYeah...that link was shown on some blogs I frequent
MattHPeople are weird...
MattHHave you seen
Elaishell yeah
ElaisI once ran across a tiny slash story on Bush/Cheney *shudder*
MattHSick...Sick...I saw one with Adlai Stevenson and Eisenhower, IIRC
Elaiseven my mom saw that
Elaisand she's not much of a computer person
Elaiseisenhower? like triple ewwww
MattHNot a computer person...should see this
Elaisodd. when I played that 'this land' clip, i got no sound
MattHReally? That is strange.
Elaisanything new and exciting happening in your life?
MattHNot really...I am trying to get my D&D game running again (on hiatus due to lack of players) and of course the interminable tinkering with my website.
MattHI am working on a small post comparing Start Trek and Harry Potter
Elaisnever thought about that before
MattHYeah...I had a realization today that the Trio in HP have the same interpersonal dynamics that the crew of ST:TOS did.
MattHThink of Harry as Kirk, Hermione as Spock, and Ron as McCoy....
Elaisnow that's interesting
ElaisI can definitely see the similar dynamics
MattHSpock and McCoy used to argue a lot, for example, over the correct thing to do
MattHJust like Hermione and Ron.
ElaisHermoine is the 'knowledge'
MattHExactly - I had catergorized her as Intellect and Ron as Emotion
MattHEach vying for dominance in the Leader figure.
MattHHarry and Kirk are a lot alike too...impulsive, intuitive and with forceful personalities.
Elaisvery true
Elaiscan you give me a link to your site?
Elaisthe same site with the succubus club chat transcripts.
MattHYeah...I sort of stick everything together...will be adding a blogroll this weekend as soon as I debug some Access code.
Elaisreading your comments on both Stargates
Elaisnot quite impressed with Atlantis yet
MattHSo far it is the same old thing, set in a different galaxy.
MattHI am definitely not impressed with the wraiths...
ElaisI like SG-! better
Elaisbut it is kind of like an old shoe
MattHThe characters are better....
MattHSG-1 turned me into a big Michael Shanks & Richard Dean Anderson fan.
ElaisI still remember RDA from his Macguyver days
Elaisi don't think I've seen shanks in anything other than SG1
MattHCan't say I have either...but I might watch a film or TV show just because he was in it...which I don't do for most actors.
Elaischecking imdb
Elaisthe only movie I recognize is 'Door to Door'
MattHYeah...he doesn't appear to have had many parts other than on SG-1
ElaisSumuru looks like an interesting one to check out
ElaisI'll have to track that one down
ElaisI better get going
MattHSame here... 'tis that time
MattHCYA Next week
Elaissame time, next week? :-)
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