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MattH'Lo all
DeathIsYourArthey Harris
Elaishey matt
MattHSo how is everyone doing tonight?
DeathIsYourArtI'm okay. Very tired though. Had guys come and change 4 windows in my house today. They were suppose to arrive at 3:30pm, they showed at 7:30 am
Elaisthe replaced the windows?
MattHHeh-you are lucky they even gave an actual time. Around here, workmen will say either the morning or afternoon...give you a 4 hour block in which they will theoretically show
DeathIsYourArtThe windows are replaced YAY and I got a power nap this afternoon but it wasn't enough
ElaisI wait half a day and they show up at the last minute
*** redeem147 ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHMy suggestion - Red Bull...lots of caffeine
MattHHiya Colleen
redeem147Hey. Just dropped in (supposed to be writing)
redeem147My body clock's all screwed up now anyway.
MattHYou are writing...into a chat box... ;-)
redeem147Hey diya - followed you here :)
redeem147That's not getting my ficathon entry any further, matt.
MattHSo what are you supposed to be writing?
redeem147A crossover story. I have it started, but I'm a procrastinator.
redeem147You were talking bout red bull?
DeathIsYourArthey colleeen
MattHI'd procrastinate, but I keep putting it off
MattHDIYA was talking about how tired she is...I suggested Red Bull...
ElaisI've never had Red Bull
redeem147They don't sell it here, and I'm not supposed to have caffeine anyway
MattHTastes so-so, but it wakes me up.
MattHWhy not?
redeem147Why they don't sell it?
DeathIsYourArtI've never had red bull either...must get some
DeathIsYourArtI hope they sell it here
redeem147Not sold in Canada
Elaisseems like everyone has tried it or recommending it
redeem147Well, sorry to drink red bull and run. Gotta go again.
*** Signoff: redeem147 (Client Quit)
DeathIsYourArtawwww I wonder if I can find an import store here in Mtl that has it
DeathIsYourArtWell that was quick of her... the ficathon entry must really be stressing her
MattHWhat ficathon?
Elaiswhat the subject of the ficathon?
Elaisis it on livejournal?
DeathIsYourArtI don't know. When she first mentioned it I thought she was in the Spuffy ficathon on LJ, hosted by exchanged. But I don't believe that involves crossovers. I will ask her on her LJ
DeathIsYourArtThere are a lot of community events going on this summer on LJ. There are scavenger hunts, design challenges, ficathons, media celebrations, soundtracks... it is hard to keep up with them all. I signed up for 4 in one day
DeathIsYourArtOh, and believe it or not there are multi-fandom Rollplaying communities too... kinda weird
MattHI can see the multi-fandom thing easily..doesn't seem weird at all to me
MattHShipper sites for real people, that's weird ;-)
DeathIsYourArtyes that is going too far
Elaisreal people fic is a bit icky for me
Elaisand it is very frowned upon in a lot of circles
DeathIsYourArtI can see why
MattHThe DanEmma site is kind of cute, though ;-)
DeathIsYourArtI don't mind people noticing that they kind of are crushing on one another but the fic for someone real and under age creeps me out
DeathIsYourArtCan you imagie what it would do to them if they came across it?
ElaisI saw a shipper site on lj about Kerry and Edwards
DeathIsYourArtHA HA HA HA
MattHThat was sick....
Elaisthe possible libel issue on real people fic
DeathIsYourArtI think shipping and ficathon has become an obsession for some people they have to write it for everything and everyone
Elaishey, better than a shipper site for Bush and Cheney
DeathIsYourArtewwwwww my eyes my eyes
MattHI understand there is some Bush/Cheney fic out there...
* MattH quaffs some Maalox
DeathIsYourArtDIRTY people *spits* let us never speak of it again
ElaisI was reading people magazine today
Elaisthey had a page in which a number of celebs were asked the question 'have you googled yourself'
Elaissean said he did and was amused by the homoerotic stuff that popped up
Elaissean austin
DeathIsYourArtHe is lucky he is such a secure individual. A very grounded and nice man that Sean Astin. Even if it were straight fic I would be creeped out if it were me
DeathIsYourArtOne site would be funny, and more than 2 and I would have trouble being on the internet knowing they were out there
DeathIsYourArtNo wonder most celebs say that they don't spend any time ont he internet
ElaisI don't blame them
MattHWon't be long until some actor/actress writes fic about themselves under a pseudonym
DeathIsYourArtHow much you want to make a bet those reality show people already have
DeathIsYourArtthe girls at writercon were trying to convince Jane Epenson to write fic under a pseudonym
ElaisI heard Jane was fantastic at the writer con
Elaissaw a transcript up somewhere
DeathIsYourArtyep that is what everyone has said
MattHThat would make no would take time away from her paying writing
DeathIsYourArtShe will be trying to save Tru Calling this fall
*** Ubbelubbe ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
MattHHiya Ubbelubbe
UbbelubbeHey! This chatroom actually lives
Ubbelubbedidn't think it would :)
DeathIsYourArtyes, yes it does
MattHYep, every Wednesday at this time
Ubbelubbehello everyone
DeathIsYourArtWhere you from Ubbelubbe
Ubbelubbeoh, it's wednesday today, didn't think of that :)
Elaisnot too many people in chat these days
UbbelubbeI'm a Swede
Elaisit has been pretty much us three for a while
MattHThough we don't do *much* talking about Buffy/Angel anymore...
Elaisa swede? Cool
Ubbelubbeis it really gonna be just one more show?
DeathIsYourArtWe will try on the 25th though
* MattH sobbs quietly
Ubbelubbecause I just accidently found about this like 2 days ago
Elaisthe last Succubus Club show ever *sigh*
* DeathIsYourArt pats Matt on the back
DeathIsYourArtDownloaded all the Mp3's yet?
Ubbelubbebut... I mean... Buffy Animated... and Angel TV movies... and maybe even Serenity
Ubbelubbethere's still stuff happening
DeathIsYourArtIf you are limited for time just grab the ones where the writers guest stared
ElaisI've got some of the VIP mp3s downloaded
Ubbelubbenot all of them, but I'm going through them one by one
DeathIsYourArtYa but not regularly, plus on of the DJ's just had a baby
Elaisand Kitty has a baby now
DeathIsYourArtAThey don't get paid to do this either
Ubbelubbeyeah, I know...
Elaisat least we might see Candy on the season 7 dvd
DeathIsYourArtQuick question Ubbelube. Where is Lunds University located in Sweden?
UbbelubbeI'm just sad that I've just found out about this great thing
Ubbelubbeand then it going down
MattHYeah...I can understand that
UbbelubbeLunds University is in the far south in Sweden in a part of the country called Skåne...
ElaisI stumbled on Succubus club a couple years ago
Ubbelubbeit's maybe 60-80 kilometers from Copenhagen
Elaiskicking myself that I didn't discover it earlier
DeathIsYourArtThank you! My friend will be studying her Masters there in a month
UbbelubbeI myself lives closer to Stockholm
Elaisbuffy and angel still airing in your country?
UbbelubbeThat's great. I've personaly never been to Lund but I've heard that the University is great
UbbelubbeBuffy is... but when it comes to Angel it's this funny thing...
Ubbelubbeor actually not
Ubbelubbecause it hasn't aired
UbbelubbeI've downloaded everything myself
DeathIsYourArtYa, my friend is a brain. She will be taking Astrophysics.
DeathIsYourArtWOW that is a lot of downloading
Ubbelubbeand then bought DVDs when they comes out in the US
Elaiswhoa, Astrophysics?
DeathIsYourArtPlus trying to match it up in the time line too
Ubbelubbeyep, alot of downloading... but I was out of options
DeathIsYourArtya. We met at York University for our BSc. i started in that and by year 3 I was miserable. I started with passion and it left me somewhere in year 2
MattHHmmm...any reason why it has never aired? Not enough demand?
Ubbelubbewell, could be
UbbelubbeI mean, among fans it's certainly a big demand
Ubbelubbebut Buffy is viewed as a child (?!?!?!) show really here
DeathIsYourArtYa alot of people have that misconception about the show
* MattH splutters....
DeathIsYourArtsilly people
MattHA child show?
Ubbelubbeit was basically pitch as "a cool show with a blond girl kicking vampire booty" and that the common view of the show among none fans
DeathIsYourArtthink about when it started Matt. how many arguments did you have with people telling htme that it wasn't a silly kids show?
Elaisa childs show?
Elaisguess they haven't seen season six
DeathIsYourArtOr really watched it at all
MattHNone, really....I didn't start discussing it with people until S3 or 4
Ubbelubbeso since Angel is even more adult, harsh and greyscale then buffy... I don't know, I think they're scared for a failure
DeathIsYourArtAgain, I say "silly people"
UbbelubbeI don't this that because who think that it's childish actually have seen it
MattHThough technically it is a "cool show with blond girl kick vampire booty"... just not a child's show... ;-)
Ubbelubbeoh, do you know what it's called in Sweden?
Elaisyeah, buffy not only kicked vampire booty, she was knocking boots with vampires
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Ubbelubbedirect translation is "Buffy & The Vampires"... sound like they're having a freaking tea party!!!
MattHWell, Giles does drink tea...
MattHAnd Drusilla loves tea parties... (with dolls, anyway)
Ubbelubbewell yeah...
DeathIsYourArt"cup o' tea, cup o' tea, almost got shagged, cup o' tea
DeathIsYourArtActually it sound like one of those 80's cartoons like Genm and the misfits
Ubbelubbeand then most of the fans is like "why do you like Buffy then?" and they're like "Spike is so hot!"...
DeathIsYourArtOkay, so it isn't the only reason I watch Buffy but still he is HOT
MattHWish you hadn't said we have to hose DIYA down again ;-)
* MattH goes to fetch the hose
Ubbelubbeso being a Buffy fan here in Sweden (with actually interest in the show, and not only good looking characters) is pretty lonesome
* DeathIsYourArt picks up a knife to stab Matt if he hoses her
* MattH points out that it is a plastic knife
DeathIsYourArtAs much as I love Spike, he shouldn't be the only reason anyone watches the show. It is just too good not to watch
Ubbelubbewell, that's the thing... it's like the only reason they watch is because they like Spike...
MattHI understand...I don't know anyone in real life that is a fan of the show.
* DeathIsYourArt looks at plastic knife and realizes it will take longer to kill Matt than a real kife...smiles
Ubbelubbeactually, there this girl on a message board I know, there was a topic that was like "Who is your favorite character?" and she was like "Spike, he's cool, hot and sexy."
Elaisgod, I hear that so often
Ubbelubbeand there was also another topic where it's like "What the worst character?" and she almost mentioned the entire main cast!
DeathIsYourArtIf you are into philosophy and a real intense discussion of the show, you should try the "all thing philosophical" message board. There is very little character bias, just deconstruction of plot lines and their possible connections to myth, poems, songs, philosophical view points etc...
Ubbelubbebut back to Succubus Club... is there any chance that the earlier shows might appear on the site?
DeathIsYourArtIf you'll notice, the girls/guys who watch for one so-called hot character are usually the same ones who watch really bad prime time soaps and very rarely crack a book
DeathIsYourArtI think the ones in the archive are the only ones they have digitally. They have a few really early ones on tape but they have never put them up
Ubbelubbedo you think they might?
DeathIsYourArte-mail Candy she might be able to fix something up. We were suppose to get soundtrack mp3's all summer and that didn't happen
MattHI think Candy has most of the shows on tape...
Ubbelubbewell, there's still time
MattHThat will probably be something they discuss on the last show
UbbelubbeI mean, they won't just dissappear into thin air
DeathIsYourArtNo, Kitty and Ethan are on the season 7 DvD so they will always be with us * insert ehtereal music here*
Ubbelubbeis anything known besides what's said on the site about that show?
DeathIsYourArtNo, not really they are just fans doing this
UbbelubbeI mean, is anything known about their last show... have they told you anything that isn't posted?
Elaisare you on the mailing list?
DeathIsYourArtI know who won the Golden Fangs but I am not telling
Elaisthat's the only place there might be news other than the site itself
Elaisyou are such a meanie, DIYA
DeathIsYourArtAnd 99% of what is ont he mailing list is fan discussion
MattHMore likely on the mailing list than on the website, for that matter
DeathIsYourArtYes I AM!
MattHShe is violent, too
UbbelubbeI just listen to the Grave/Tomorrow/Jane show and they talked about it... didn't really know about it before
UbbelubbeI didn't get to vote for the Golden Fangs either *sulks*
DeathIsYourArtsorry :<
Ubbelubbeoh well...
UbbelubbeI just hope that Fred and A Hole In The Worlld gets a bunch of awards
Elaisperhaps you can send Ubb the questions?
DeathIsYourArtNot telling
Elaisthe categories of the golden fangs
Ubbelubbeoh! :)
DeathIsYourArtSure I can. The results are already with Candy and none of the catergories were close enough to have one vote change them, btu at least you will get to see what it was all about this year
UbbelubbeI'd love that :)
DeathIsYourArtAt least they should be with candy. I ahev to write her and ask if they have arrived at the studio yet
DeathIsYourArtWhere can I send them?
Ubbelubbeyou wanna take it through email or through IRC
Ubbelubbeeither way is fine by me
DeathIsYourArte-mail, IRC and I are NOT friends
UbbelubbeOK, my mail is
MattHHave you checked out the chat archive?
Elaisi was just thinking that, matt
DeathIsYourArtokay. Give me a couple minutes and you will have them
Ubbelubbeno... it's in the yahoo group right?
Ubbelubbeok, thanks DeathIsYourArt
DeathIsYourArtyes, but be warned that itf you read the chats, we are scary people
MattHNo - it is on my website
MattHAnd we definitely wander off-topic
Elaisaren't you glad you came in here, ubb?
Ubbelubbeok, you might be a little scary
Ubbelubbebut I'm downright frightening :)
Elaisthe kitty torture one was hilarious
Ubbelubbeyeah, I really am :)
Ubbelubbeoh, I so rule at Kitty Torture
Elaismatt ruled
Elaisthe rest of us drooled
UbbelubbeI try to compete with her when I listen and I always win big... It's so much fun :)
*** FiatLux (~fiatlux@ has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHThat is 'cause Kitty sucks at Buffy trivia...which makes it so much fun.
Elaishave you been to any conventions, ubb?
MattHHiya Fiat!
Ubbelubbebut when Drew Goddard was there aswell... I thought he knew stuff... but he was just as bad as Kitty :)
DeathIsYourArtI think ti was because he was on the spot
Ubbelubbenope, no conventions for me
DeathIsYourArtHI FAIT
FiatLuxI need some entertainment. I'm bored/
UbbelubbeI've only been a buffy fan for about 16 months and since I'm in sweden... it's not really an easy task for me to go to one... but I would love it...
Elaisthe closest con I can think of is the Halloween con in England
DeathIsYourArtwould LOVE to go to Hallowe'en. Spike and Dru at the same Con :dies:
Ubbelubbewell, I think I might try to get to one some time soon... maybe not as soon as halloween but some time next I'd love it
Elaisthis is THE place for buffy/angel cons
UbbelubbeI think I've been on that site some time in the past :)
Ubbelubbethanks Elais, you like a bottomless well of information :)
FiatLuxI briefly thought about going on the Vulkon cruise.
Elaiswon't be able to afford to go to any more cons until next year
ElaisI'm thinking of going to that Serenity get together in April
UbbelubbeI'm actually thinking of doing something similiar
MattHI am not really into cons...though I may go to a Buffy meetup tomorrow.
ElaisI've been to several, but they are fairly expensive for me
DeathIsYourArthey Ubbelube. I just reloaded the Golden fang page so you can actually fill out the ballot and it will send it to me once it is done. I'll take it down again once you have played around with it. It is at
UbbelubbeI'm so scared that it won't be released in Sweden in April and that I will be so tempted that I download a crappy recorded from the theater copy... cause I don't wanna do that
UbbelubbeI want the whole cinematic experience the first time I watch it
UbbelubbeYEAH! thanks :)
Ubbelubbegoing over there now :)
Ubbelubbeoh know... all I'm getting is and Error message from Angelfire :(
Ubbelubbeoh no... (not oh know)
DeathIsYourArtI have yet to go to a con. I need to go with someone who has been before and has a positive attitude. And who can hold me back from stepping in when the fan girls get out of line. I have a sore spot for people who don't treat others with a certain level of respect....grrrr
ElaisI get the same error, DIYA
DeathIsYourArthold on let me check
DeathIsYourArtI'm getting the page.... hmmm
DeathIsYourArtfound the problem . Change the G to lowercase
Ubbelubbethat shouldn't be a problem... stupid Angelfire...
DeathIsYourArtyes they are anal
Ubbelubbeyay!!! Golden Fang awards!
DeathIsYourArtI only used them becasue Sympatico keeps forgetting that I own webspace
DeathIsYourArtI would actually love it if I had the money to go to the con in Toronto this month. There is a horror expo in the same place at the same time
MattHMost Linux/Unix boxes use case sensitve file names.
Ubbelubbeoh, I so wanna say that best death was fred, but since I'm still in constant denial that she's dead and can't really bare myself to vote for her... and the Time Bomb kills was awesome
DeathIsYourArtI appreciate Time Bomb but I could have gone my whole life not knowing what it looked like to see Spike dusted... I would have been perfectly happy to NOT know
MattHHeh..we got to see both dusty Angel and Spike...second time for Angel
DeathIsYourArtWhenever anything happens to Spike or Wesley it just devastates me
ElaisWesley's death was tough
MattHYeah...I would have preferred Gunn to die..
Elaismore so that seeing Spike dusted at the end of Buffy
ElaisI had heard that originally Gunn was going to die
DeathIsYourArtExactly, I already knew what it looked like to see Angel dusted. And I like him but I was okay with it in The Wish. And I actually had a little girl power moment when Illyria threw the Axe in Angel's ashes.
ElaisI guess with the end of Angel, Wesley was the more gut-wrenching death
DeathIsYourArtWell the WB already saved me from a heart attack at the end of Buffy
MattHThey could have killed them both...
DeathIsYourArtGunn wasn't expectd to live too long though
MattHYeah...but they left it open that he would live...
MattHThe original script, IIRC, had him dying on the way back to meet up with the rest of the group. That would have been more powerful, IMNHO
Ubbelubbethere... I'm done :)
DeathIsYourArtI knew it would be Wesley. The moment the cancellation came in, I thought to myself who would hurt the most right now and the answer was Wesley. I had a little shock moment where I said out loud in the middle of a conversation with my mom "Oh my god, he is going to kill Wesley."
MattHNot that I dislike Gunn...I just think the ending had too few fatalities.
DeathIsYourArtPerhaps they thought theywould spare us considering the year we had
Elaisthat moment that Wesley was with Illyria
Elaistalking about that there is no perfect day for him
Elaisthat practically killed me
DeathIsYourArtI KNOW!
MattHIt was poignant death
Ubbelubbeyeah, that whole scene... it was magic...
DeathIsYourArtYou want a non-perfect day, how about the fact that my birthday was on Friday the 13th wich has always brought me luck and this year it brought me the cancellation of my show
DeathIsYourArtSpeaking of which there is 8 days until friday the 13th
MattHSo you're responsible...and all this time I was blaming the WB....
DeathIsYourArtlets hope this one is the good one
Ubbelubbethere's gonna be another one this year?
DeathIsYourArtyep two this year
DeathIsYourArtleap year
Ubbelubbeyeah, maybe they'll announce Angel TV movies :)
DeathIsYourArtI'll take any good news
MattHIt'd be nice...I prefer to see some of the Buffy cast in them...
Ubbelubbeyou know that the new WB boss is a big Angel supporter (or so they say) and that he will try to make TV movies come true
DeathIsYourArtWell rumor has it that 2 of the movies are for Willow and Giles
MattHBoreanz might be difficult...
Ubbelubbebut personally it fells like WB are ready to say anything to make peace with the Angel fans right know
DeathIsYourArtJoss is still too busy with serenity right now to confirm anything :<
Elaisit would definitely have to happen after serenity
Elaisjoss likes to have multiple projects going, though
Ubbelubbewell, yeah... but since his main work on Serenity probably will be done before the end of this year, maybe something might happen next season
DeathIsYourArtI also hope that one day we will get the Fray movie. He has 2 right now, he isn't done with X-Men yet.
Ubbelubbeand don't forget about Buffy Animated
Ubbelubbeit's still happening
DeathIsYourArtya the news has dried up on that one. I'm getting worried.
MattHI'd only be interested in Fray if we learn more about what happened in the early 21st century.
DeathIsYourArtJane Espensen spoke about one of her scripts for it where Buffy gets smaller and smaller and joyce almost sits on her
Ubbelubbeyeah, but I think that was for the first try
DeathIsYourArtThey are still using those scripts
Ubbelubbebut maybe they'll re-use it, I don't know...
Ubbelubbenever actually read Fray... not really a comic kinda person
DeathIsYourArtAnyone hear any news on Andy? The last I heard was 3 weeks ago abotu him being back on Oxygen
Ubbelubbeyou think it's worth it?
DeathIsYourArtI am a comic person (X-men since I was 13) and I would say yes... you might want more opinions though
MattHIt is a good comic...don't know that I want Joss to invest more energy in that end of the Buffyverse
DeathIsYourArtwhy not?
Ubbelubbedidn't Andy get all better earlier? I thought he was fine by now
MattHJust don't care that much about Melaka Fray
ElaisI'm not sure what's up with Andy now
MattHNothing new on Andy's website
DeathIsYourArtAndy was better and then he pushed himself too far and had a relapse
DeathIsYourArtAlso he turned 29 the other day
Ubbelubbeoh damn...
Ubbelubbepoor guy :)
Ubbelubbenice birthday gift he got from himself then...
Ubbelubbehow are they supposed to make Angel movies really... I mean, Fred, Wesley, Cordy, Lindsey... they're all dead
Elaisfinish voting yet, ubb?
Ubbelubbeyep, a while back :)
Ubbelubbethanks for the opportunity :)
DeathIsYourArtHopefully now that he has pulled out of doing con appearances I think he will have the time to get betetr
UbbelubbeLorne, Nina and Harmony left
DeathIsYourArtnot a problem
MattHPlease...Death in the Buffyverse for just means you get more screen time
Ubbelubbeand Illyria, Angel, Gunn and Spike didn't look like they had much to look forward to
Elaisvery true
UbbelubbeFred didn't...
UbbelubbeI miss Fred!!!
DeathIsYourArtApparently what Joss wants to do (all rumor) is have a 4 part story with each part focusing on a different character. Anegl, Spike, Willow and Giles
Ubbelubbeand I still want Illyria...
MattHShe was supposed to be back in S6...some weird stuff re: parallel universes and stuff
DeathIsYourArtSo do I
DeathIsYourArtAnd more Faith
UbbelubbeFred and Illyria at the same time... that might be tricky
Elaisactually, i thought some kind of apocolyptic scenario
DeathIsYourArtbut not so quiet Faith
MattHWhat, another one?
ElaisLa in real bad shape because Angel won
Elaiscity in chaos...etc
UbbelubbeI actually have this really lame ass idea how Angel & Co are gonna win that fight...
MattHKind of like LA is now...;-)
MattHYeah...Slayer cavalry to the rescue
Elaismy first thought, a slayer cavalry
Elaissimplest solution
Ubbelubbeyou know the dragon? that's actually the dragon from The Gift. and it's been tamed by Willow who's now learn about their revolt on W&H and coming to aid them
Ubbelubbeshe'll burn the entire army to crisps using her dragon are then she's saves the gang :)
Elaisnot a bad idea
DeathIsYourArtThat is a different approach. And ya we noticed which Dragon it was
Ubbelubbehey, don't steal my thunder :)
Elaisno lamer than any other idea
MattHHmmm...I always thought of that as Dawn's dragon, though.
Ubbelubbeperhaps :)
DeathIsYourArtYou think everything belongs to Dawn...or perhaps you are kitty pride projecting
MattHHeh...she was the one who summoned it...
DeathIsYourArtshe didn't summon it
Ubbelubbeit's just that since Dawn is located in Rome all the time my thought is that dragon taming, not really a possibilty
MattHNo...I don't associate Dawn with Kitty at all...and the dragon is too large for Lockheed
DeathIsYourArtShe bleed and presented it with a doorway
UbbelubbeWillow on the other hand was in the amazonas last we heard, right?
MattHNot intenionally....but it was her power that brought it to Sunnydale.
DeathIsYourArtWillow is in Brazil and astroplaining to Tibet
DeathIsYourArtAnd yes I know I spelled that wrong
Ubbelubbewell, Brazil is Amazonas
MattHI was going to say anything
* MattH looks innocent...
MattHwas = wasn't....
DeathIsYourArtI caught that
DeathIsYourArtWho else thinks she was seeing Oz in Tibet?
Ubbelubbeanyway, amazonas means a lot of free space to train a dragon
MattHDoubt Oz went back to tibet....
UbbelubbeI don't think he's in Tibet
UbbelubbeI think he's back in the states...
MattHHmm...The dragon probably went to China...what with the being worshipped as divine sort of thing.
DeathIsYourArtHe said he was there when he came back in S4, and he went away again to finish with his training not to be a danger to people
DeathIsYourArtSo I think he is still in Tibet
Ubbelubbejust not in the sunnydale area... cause even if it's not really there anymore, still kinda emotional prolly
MattHYeah..I read the comic that covered his training...
Ubbelubbethere's a comic for everything?
UbbelubbeOH MY GOSH!!!
ElaisI think there is a Buffy book series that deals with Dark Willow
Ubbelubbeit's 4:44 Am and I didn't even notice!
Ubbelubbethis is bad :)
DeathIsYourArtDo you have school or work in a few hours?
MattHGot to get up soon?
Ubbelubbeno, nothing like that... but plans :)
Ubbelubbesort of like 10ish would be good... but I'm so a late sleeper
DeathIsYourArtThen you should sleep. we are 10 minutes away from saynig good bye for the night too
Ubbelubbeyour only here on wednesday then?
Ubbelubbelike if I come in tomorrow or something it's empty?
MattHYep. When the show used to air.
Ubbelubbeok, good to know :)
Ubbelubbeenjoyed talking to ya...
DeathIsYourArtgood morning and sleep well Ubbelubbe
MattHYeah...pleasant dreams
UbbelubbeI'll be seeing you later
Ubbelubbethanks :)
*** Signoff: Ubbelubbe ((null))
Elaisubb is a nice fellow...or gal
DeathIsYourArtI think Fait forgot about us
DeathIsYourArtFrom his e-mail name I would guess guy, but I am better at figuring Icelandic names than Swedish
MattHMeans 'nuttin to me...
Elaisthought that sounded out 'dj jungle urban'
DeathIsYourArtno not that one, the one that came with the golden fang results
DeathIsYourArtDid either of you read the report on why the actress who plays Jenny Calendar has been de-invited to Vulkon?
MattHAmazing thing is that we spent most of the chat actually talking about Buffy and Angel.
DeathIsYourArtyes we did...
MattHNo, but let me has to do with the fact that she is very religious...
DeathIsYourArtyes! She has a comment on her website refering to anyone stopping her from spreading the word of God as the "enemy" and that this is a holy war
DeathIsYourArtShe is becoming down right scary
MattHHeh...normally I hear cries of censorship from the left, not the right... ;-)
ElaisI knew that Robin's faith was pretty strong
Elaisbut didn't realize it went that far
DeathIsYourArtI know... And if I was really religious I would take offence to her comments. Holy war is the term the bible uses for the battle between god and satan, which means she has appointed herself the saviour of all of our souls
MattHHoly was is used for a lot of different things...sometimes meaning actually war.
DeathIsYourArtAnd if you are going to a con where people want to see you for who you played, you might not want to say you regret playing a witch becasue it is the devil work
DeathIsYourArtShe might at least read up on the fact that witch craft doesn't have a devil
MattHWhere on her site did you read this.
Elaiswiccan's would set her straight
MattHMost of most people consider Wicca was invented recently anyways (in the 1950s IIRC)...
DeathIsYourArtIf her religion brings her comfort them I am all for it. However if she is going to try and convert others.... I have a problem
DeathIsYourArtwicca yes, witch craft is much older
Elaisoops, gotta run guys
DeathIsYourArtokay bye bye
Elaissee you next week!
*** Elais has left #Thesuccubusclub
MattHThat is pretty much it for me, also.
DeathIsYourArtme too. Have a good week Harris
MattHYep...same VampTime, Same VampChannel....
Session Close (#thesuccubusclub): Wed Aug 04 19:59:44 2004