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MattHHiya DIYA, sorry I'm late....
DeathIsYourArtNot a problem. Considering you are usually the first one here, I think you are allowed to be late once in a while
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MattHHiya CM
Elaisheyas Matt
Elaishi DIYA
DeathIsYourArtI haven't read it yet but I noticed the Kitty torture rec on your site Harris.
MattHYeah ...every time I read that fic, I think of Kitty....even though it is only related via the title....;-)
DeathIsYourArtBTW I'm just reading a small interview with Joss done in the last few days. It was them asking if he would be interested in directing X3 since the online vote was so strong in his favor. And he mentioned that both SMG and DB were not interested in doing feature films for the buffyverse. Which is contrary to what they have both been telling fans
Elaisguess Joss doesn't talk to them much
ElaisDunno about Joss directing X3
DeathIsYourArtOr someone is talking out of their butts
Elaishe's never done just directing?
DeathIsYourArtHe says that he would love to direct X3 if given the chance
MattHOr they might be willing if the $ are right...and aren't for what Joss et. al. are offering.
ElaisI think he's always directed what he's written
MattHNot filmwise he hasn't
MattHMy bad...I read your answer backwards...
MattHHas he directed any film?
DeathIsYourArtWell since the X3 script isn't anywhere near done, they could just give him it
MattHThat'd work...
DeathIsYourArtAnd no Serenity is the first full length feature film for him
MattHSo he might get X3 depending on Serenity then...
Elaisokay, he directed one ep of Buffy
Elaisbut someone else wrote that ep
DeathIsYourArtHe directed many episodes of Buffy
Elaisyes he has directed many eps of buffy
MattHI think what Elais meant is that he wrote all but one of the eps that he directed
Elaisall of them written by him i think
Elaiswhat Matt said:-P
ElaisJoss is a bit of a control freak
MattHDIYA - do you have a link to the inteview
DeathIsYourArtone is only like a paragraph
MattHForunately, he is a talented control freak
ElaisI really do think the word 'genius' applies
MattHThat too.
Elaisoh boy, American Pie 4?
MattHSame Cast?
MattHI couldn't get through American Pie 1...
Elaisnot sure
ElaisI haven seen any of American Pie
DeathIsYourArtI saw 10 minutes... it was a waste of those 10 minutes
ElaisI think I did try watching Harvard Man
MattHI never tried watching Harvard Man
DeathIsYourArtI actually tried.... I wish I hadn't
DeathIsYourArtIt was on TV, it was 3 was that or infomercials
MattHWhat about sleep?
MattHSo have any of the Buffy alums made good movies after they were in Buffy or Angel?
ElaisSeth Green might have made one or two
DeathIsYourArtummmmm *shakes head sadly*
ElaisMarc Blucas may have the best movie resume
DeathIsYourArtYes Seth did make Italian Job
MattHAustin Powers...ok..
MattHNow that I think of it, Bring It On was pretty good....especially for a cheerleading film
Elaiseliza dushku and clare kramer, right?
MattHBTW looks like there won't be a Scooby Doo 3
MattHYeah...though that was before Clare Kramer was in Buffy, IIRC.
Elaisno scooby doo threee
Elaispraise the lord!
MattHI'll add an "Amen" to that
DeathIsYourArtDo you guys have teh season 2 DVDs?
MattHFor Buffy or Angel?
MattHI have the Region 2 DVDs
DeathIsYourArtwatch Lie To me and tell me if the following 2 lines are missing: Drusilla:(scared) Spike? / Spike: It's going to be alright babay.
DeathIsYourArtAt the end when buffy has a stake on Drusilla
MattHThat sounds familiar...
Elaisdon't recall those
DeathIsYourArtI KNOW the lines were there. I LOVED that moment and they are not on my DVDs or my friends DVDs
DeathIsYourArtWhy would they take them out?
Elaisbut I haven't watched the dvds recently
MattHI'm looking at a doesn't show it.
DeathIsYourArtYa but is the transcript made from the tv show or from the dvd's
MattHActually, on second does... the transcribe just spelled "all right " as one word
DeathIsYourArtsee! And they are not on the DVD. It makes me sad
MattHI'll double check mine...I doubt I would remember them from the original airing...
* DeathIsYourArt sniffle
DeathIsYourArtI LOVED that moment
DeathIsYourArtstupid FOX
Elaisthat kind of goes without saying DIYA
DeathIsYourArtI just don't get why they would take that out....why?
DeathIsYourArtIt makes me wonder what else they took out that I just didn't notice
MattHGiles hotwiring a car...
ElaisI've never really thought about it
MattHIn "Dead Man's Party"
Elaisanyone been to any concerts lately?
MattHNot I...last concert I went to was about 20 years ago.
MattHWent to last Thursday's Buffy Meetup here in LA, though.
DeathIsYourArtI went to see a friends band about 2 months ago
ElaisI saw Journey about a week ago
DeathIsYourArtI'm nto a fan..sorry. Did you have a nice time?
Elaisvery nice time
Elaisfelt like a fangirlie all over again
ElaisI get to see Weird Al on the 16th
MattHNow I'd love to see Weird Al in concert...
Elaisthis will be my first time
Elaismy sister saw him a couple months ago
Elaisreally looking forward to it
Elaishopefully I can score an autograph
ElaisI've got a dvd of his videos
MattHI didn't realize he had released a DVD... I have an album or two, but that is about it.
Elaisyeah, there are a few weird al dvds out there
Elaishis UHF movie, a dvd of one of his concerts
Elaisand the weird al video collection
MattHI knew about UHF...not about the video collection...what songs does he have videos of?
Elaishan on a sec
Elaisamish paradise
Elaisall about the pentiums
Elaissmells like nirvana
Elaiseat it, like a surgeon, living with a hernia, I lost on jeopardy, I love Rocky Road
Elaisand a bunch more
MattHOk..not just the new stuff...what about his Star Wars video, "The Saga Begins" or something like that.
Elaisyah, that's on there
Elaismy favorite
Elaissecond only to eat it favorite Weird Al song is "I Want A New Duck"....I don't think he made a video of it, though.
Elaisoddly enough, I have no weird al cds
MattHMy sister nearly died laughing when I played it for her.
ElaisI would have loved to have seen him to the Eminem parody
MattHI have a couple of audio tapes but no CDs...
ElaisI might be able to get a relative of mine to burn a few Weird Al cds
Elaisyou're awfully quiet DIYA
DeathIsYourArtsorry. Watching Phone Booth, reading colleen comparison between the Girl in Question and the M&M film she saw in Vegas, plsu, I listen to much harder music than you two
Elaisooo, how is phone booth?
MattHHeh...I do listen to harder stuff than Weird Al and Journey...
Elaishow hard do you go, DIYA?
Elaisthe hardest stuff I have is the original Guns 'n Roses
DeathIsYourArtMy favorite band is Nine Inch Nails, I don't listen to death metal but I listen to some hard-core industrial.
DeathIsYourArtBasically anything hard and original is for me
DeathIsYourArtI'll listen to soft music too but I'm picky
Elaishow would you classify Metallica?
MattHJust checking through my music directory - Some Sabbath, Iron Maide, Queensryche, Blind Guardian, Dio, Twisted Swister, Metallica and Warlock jump out
DeathIsYourArtPhone Booth is different. I am enjoying it.
DeathIsYourArtMetallica is mainstream rock
DeathIsYourArtThey used to be metal
MattHSometimes...Metallica's early stuff is the best... Master of Puppets et. al.
DeathIsYourArtEarly Metallica is very good
Elaismy nephew likes some band called lostprophets
DeathIsYourArtheard of them, I haven't hear their stuff though
Elaisany current band/cd you can rec?
MattHDefine current?
DeathIsYourArtDepends on what does it for you.
ElaisI guess I mean new band
DeathIsYourArtunfortunately most new bands have a few good songs and that is it. It is really very depressing
ElaisI like classic rock
Elaisbut I think I'm open to any kind of rock
MattHI recommend Blind Guardian ... heavy metal, but very good... lots of excellent works based upon fantasy novels and mythology.
DeathIsYourArtWell they are not new, but I have yet to find someone who doesn't enjoy their first album. So I would say Big Wreck - In the loving memory of. They made 2 albums and are unfortunately no more, but the guitar work on it is wonderful
DeathIsYourArtThe second album is an aquired taste.... they went in all directions on it
DeathIsYourArtThey were a university band. They are not heavy but not weak either
ElaisBlind Guardian....Big Wreck
Elaissounds good
Elaistotal change of topic
MattHBlind Guardian used to have some mp3 samples on their website, but they look like they have redone it. Their album "Nightfall in Middle-Earth" is particularly good
Elaishow many people are in that Buffy meetup of yours, Matt?
DeathIsYourArtYep I enjoyed Phone Booth. Kiefer is always good at being scary.
MattHAbout 10-11.
DeathIsYourArtHow was it? good food , good conversation?
ElaisI know a number of people from another board that are based in LA
MattHFood was so-so...conversation was good, although the only person whose name I remember was Marisia(sp), who I believe is on the SC mailing list.
*** FiatLux ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
DeathIsYourArtbetter late than never
FiatLuxA little late, yeah
MattHLots of talking about favorite eps and Buffy theories...I expounded on my "The Key" refere to cryptography as opposed to doors theory
FiatLuxHow is everyone?
MattHHiya Fiat
Elaisheyas Fiat
Elaiswe're talking rock, Fait
MattHFair to 'middlin...
DeathIsYourArtfine and dandy
MattHAmong other things...
Elaisfine and dandy, cotton candy world
FiatLuxSo just your usual Wed. chat then, huh?
DeathIsYourArtPretty much.
Elaiswhat kidn of music you into Fiat?
DeathIsYourArtOur Swedish friend has not returned
MattHYeah...DIYA was bummed cause Spike was snipped on a DVD ep...
FiatLuxOh, Harris, I wanted to tell you that I linked to your page on my blog.
* DeathIsYourArt sniffle
MattHI saw.... Just one thing...LaunchPad Zero is two words.... ;-)
MattHThanks, btw.
MattHI finally put up a blogroll on mine...your site is there, though I am not sure how to categorize it.
FiatLuxOk :) I'll fix it soon. And you're welcome. I think it's cool.
Elaisspike was snipped?
ElaisI kind thought he was still uncircumsized
DeathIsYourArtHey Elais I just thought of something...If you are loking for something completely different I would recommend Collide. Goth/EBM band. Very melodic, and good to dance to
Elaisoh good
MattHHis line about "It'll be allright"....
FiatLuxMy window froze up.
DeathIsYourArtLine in Lie To me, plus one word from Drusilla is missing
FiatLuxI'm back
Elaisthanks DIYA!
DeathIsYourArtnot a problem
DeathIsYourArtI rec that you start with the song Frozen or Crush . They were the first ones I downloaded and got me completely addicted.
DeathIsYourArtThey also so a great version of White Rabbit
DeathIsYourArtLOL, I'm reading a "what is your kink" quiz and the 2nd question is : What is your favorite sex toy and answer a) is Everyone in the phone bokk LOL. I love these things
MattHDepends on the quiz...some seem kind of silly to me...
FiatLuxWell, hopefully no one is going to take an internet quiz too seriously.
DeathIsYourArtexactly, they are all in good fun
MattHDepends...I took a "geek quotient" quiz once and only got a 60 out of a I looked at the source code before taking it again...much better result that time.
DeathIsYourArtha ha ha nice joke
MattHUmmm...true story...turns out that was the *only* way to get a really high score.
DeathIsYourArtThen it is a good geek quiz
MattHKind of ... lot of old style unix/punch card questions, though....
FiatLuxI would have flunked and been none-the-wiser
FiatLuxBut everyone loves an inside joke.
MattHWell...the people on the inside do...
Elaisi think I would flunk a geek quiz
ElaisI don't know if that is good or bad, though
FiatLuxLots of people are proud geeks
FiatLuxBut then some people are cool.
MattHYep...the computer made many geeks rich, and $ always enhance popularity.
FiatLuxBill Gates is sooooo hot!
FiatLuxI'd do him.
DeathIsYourArtI find the geeks are the people who become the most interesting later in life
MattHHeh...I was pretty interesting early on...can't say about now, though.
DeathIsYourArtALL of my friends are geeks and we have so much fun when we get together. We have the best stories
FiatLuxYeah it's pretty sad when someone peaks at 19.
FiatLuxOr 28, 29, whatever ;)
Elaisgeez, I'm 35
Elaistotally over the geek hill be 29 again...young, and full of life.
DeathIsYourArtI think it also depends on what kind of a geek you are. I know skater geeks, but some people wouldn't classify them as geeks.
DeathIsYourArtI haven't hit 29 yet
FiatLuxI have another month or two
MattHIn college, I talked with some of the people in my physics class about how if you didn't get the Noble Prize (in physics) by the time you were 30, it was too late.
* MattH sighs
DeathIsYourArtThat is NOT true at all
MattHLooks like I am the oldest one here.
DeathIsYourArtOne of my physics professors was up for the obel prize and he was the youngest in the catergory (about 5 years ago)
DeathIsYourArtHe lost though
MattHI know, but most successful phyisicists(sp)/famous did their best work young...
MattHA lot of them leave the field for other sciences after 30s or so...kind of strange.
FiatLuxWhat's that maxim? Burn hot and fast?
Elaisstephen hawking is no spring chicken
MattHNo...but he was famous 25+ years ago...I recall reading some of his stuff in 1980...
DeathIsYourArtYa his bookos have been around for quite some time
MattHNot that I understood all of it, mind you....;-)
DeathIsYourArtThe point is you try
DeathIsYourArtIn any event. I must be off. Have wonderful evenings all of you! Don't forget to check your DVD's it is a conspiracy by FOX - those rat bastards! BYe bye
*** Signoff: DeathIsYourArt ((null))
FiatLuxI suppose I should be off too.
MattHYeah...getting to be that time....
FiatLuxG'night Harris, CM
MattHBye Fiat
MattHI'm headed out too, CM. See you all next week.
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