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MattHHiya CM
Elaishiya Matt
Elaisone week left until the last show
MattHYeah...I am sailing the river Denial
Elaiswatching the olympics tonight
MattHI caught a little of it Saturday at my brother's house - I am not really into it.
ElaisI'm trying to watch the more obsure events, like fencing or equestrian
Elaisjust for the entertainment value of it
Elaisdon't really care if an american wins or now
MattHI took some fencing lessons in HS and college...seemed more painful than entertaining to me.
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redeem147Hey guys.
MattHHiya Colleen
Elaishi colleen
Elaisthe athletes in fencing seem pretty well protected
ElaisI was pretty wowed by the people playing badminton
redeem147Is this Olympic talk?
MattHAt the moment - it changes
ElaisI can easily talk about something else
redeem147Gee, I came in here to avoid them :)
redeem147True, but teasing.
MattHFYI - The padding really doesn't protect that much. It prevents cuts, but it still hurts (and leaves lots of bruises)
MattHI am not into the Olympics at all
Elaisit comes only once every two years, so I don't mind them all that much
ElaisI don't normally watch sports at all
Elaiswell, I do watch Celebrity Poker Showdown
redeem147I occassionally watch Beat the Geeks. Does that count?
MattHDid they get poker as Olympic sport yet?
MattHNever heard of "Beat The Geeks"
redeem147Ah, delightful show. Contestants answer trivia against three obnoxious couch potatoes.
redeem147Dressed like bargain basement Iron Chefs.
redeem147Is Iron Chef a sport? Cause I like it too.
Elaisokay, I've watched Iron Chef
ElaisIron Chef Sakai rules!
MattHHaven't watched that either....;-)
ElaisI'm looking forward to the start of the next season
ElaisI'm spoiled for a couple different shows
redeem147I hear Lost looks good.
redeem147I'm bummed that The Jury got cancelled. Maybe I'll watch nothin'
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MattHHmmm...I've read spoilers for Smallvile and Stargate...not watching much else.
Elaisyeah, David Fury did an Q&A that talks about Lost a little bit
MattHHiya Fiat
FiatLuxHi guys.
FiatLuxThis may be another quickie stop. Not sure.
redeem147I should just go write my C/A smut.
FiatLuxOooh, smut?
redeem147Too early to go to bed, to tired to concentrate.
FiatLuxThere's smut?
redeem147There will be, if I get them to stop talking.
MattHNot yet......
Elaisthat better be Cordy/Angel smut and not Connor/Angel smut
redeem147The former.
FiatLuxWell, let me know. I hate missing out.
MattHDarn...I thought it was Connor/Andrew ... ;-)
FiatLuxThere's Connor/Angel smut? Eww
redeem147I have other smut. Some is at
ElaisI haven't seen any Connor/Angel smut
redeem147There is, actually. Not my thing.
Elaisbut I'm sure there is stuff out there
FiatLuxHeh, I can see Connor/Andrew. That might be cute. NewConnor though.
Elaisyou name, someone has done it
redeem147Like the Dawn/Buffy/Joyce smut. I mean, similar to, not that I like it.
MattHI haven't seen any...I seen one Dawn/Buffy fic.
Elaisnow there's a thought
redeem147I've seen Connor/Dawn.
redeem147I've written Andrew/Xander
MattHThere is tons of Connor/Dawn...
FiatLuxI've read Buffy/Buffybot smut. Just for research, ya know...
MattHI've read a couple of good Buffybot stories...not really into smut at all.
redeem147And where might you have been reading that?
Elaiswhoops, wrong chat room
redeem147I have to mark my calendar for next Wednesday.
ElaisBuffybot fic would be interesting
redeem147I've seen Buffybot, but not with Buffy.
MattHYeah...the last...sob... Succubus Club
redeem147Except for the roundrobin smut fic some of us wrote in a chatroom one night - Buffy/Spike and the Buffybot's head.
FiatLuxOh yeah, can't miss that. I bet they'll be lots of MP3's of it. Either that or no one will get it, knowing our luck.
FiatLuxJust the Buffybot head? That's wrong somehow.
redeem147It was a very silly roundrobin.
redeem147anyway, I think I'll toddle off.
redeem147See you guys later.
FiatLuxSee ya.
Elaisround robins are usually silly
MattHBye Colleen
ElaisI've only been in on myself
Elaisby colleen
redeem147We also did Spike/Kendra one night.
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ElaisSpike/Kendra would really be hot stuff
MattHMeh...never really warmed up to Kendra...
FiatLuxNow Spike and Faith could have had potential.
FiatLuxBack in the day, at least.
MattHDefinitely ....but they weren't around at the same time for most of the series...
MattHI did like what little interaction they had.
Elaisooo, whitewater kayaking
MattHI guess so... there are too many events in the Olympics...
FiatLuxI'm trying to get the game Quarters in the Olympics.
Elaisnaturally they are focusing on the American athlete
FiatLuxI could get a gold!
FiatLuxMaybe darts, they probably do have Olympic dart tournaments.
MattHI heard there was going to be over 1400 hours of programming.. way too much.
FiatLuxYeah and they have like 8 channels of different types of coverage.
MattHI personally think any event which requires a "judge" should be tossed out.
Elaisthat would eliminate the gymnastics
Elaiswhich is probably the most watched sport
MattHWell...I suppose the gymnastics could be kept in (grumble, grumble)
MattHI'd like to get rid of most team sports, also.
Elaisthat would be the baseball, basketball, softball too
Elaissoccer will never be gotten rid of
Elaistoo many countries are fanatical about it
MattHI know...but I still think it should go.
MattHI would keep the original track and field events and that would be about it. The Olympics are just too long and commercial.
Elaisthe wouldn't need the olympics then
MattHI'd also reinstate the "amateurs only" rule.
ElaisI think then it would be just a world track/field event
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ElaisI do agree somewhat on the amateur part
MattHThe Olympics lasted about 1000 years in Ancient Greece...I am a big one for tradition.. ;-)
ElaisI do wish they would cut back on some of the swimming
MattHDo they still have synchronized swimming?
Elaisi don't really like it
Elaisthe women creep me out]
MattHSilly, silly event...
ElaisI still don't get synchronized diving
MattHSynchronized diving? You're joking...
Elaisit's just like regular diving, but with two people
MattHI wonder why people watch at all.
MattHI thought regular diving was bad...another "judge" thing.
Elaisno way to do it other than by judging
MattHWhich means don't do it.
ElaisI don't mind judging
ElaisI'm more optimistic than you ;-)
MattHI just want to whittle the Olympics down to a manageable number of events.
Elaisbut it's kind of like trying to whittle down the budget
Elaisyou make excuses to keep something in
MattHMore like every country has their own pet events
Elaisi can do without curling
MattHWeightlifting I like as it is easily measured but it can be boring to watch.
Elaishave yet to see weightlifting
Elaisdon't care for the guys, but the women are interesting
MattHInteresting is one word for it....
ElaisI'm watching the horsies now on the Olympics
MattHI like horse racing and trick riding...but again...don't think it should be an Olympic sport. Beast of any kind should be kept out of the Olympics.
Elaisthis is pretty much the only time I get to see the equestrian stuff
Elaisit's very pretty
MattHI just checked Slashdot ... their poll today is "Olympic Sports Needed in 2008"
MattHChoices: Shotgunning Beer, Landmine Hurdles, 3-Legged Sack Race, Synchronized Table Tennis
MattH& King of the Pommel Horse, Hot Dog Eating, Underwater Curling, GoogleWhacking
ElaisHot Dog Eating!!!!
Elais3-legged sack race would be great
MattHI'd watch Landmine Hurdles ....
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MattHHokey internet connection...
MattHJust hope it doesn't screw up next week
Elaisit better not
ElaisI wonder if Kitty and Candy will get a lot of goodbye stuff on the show?
MattHDunno...I am wondering how many times they each start crying... ;-)
MattHSigh...I may do a little sniffling myself...
ElaisI might too
ElaisI'm definitely gonna save the mp3 of the show
MattHI have saved the mps of all of the show's I have dl'ed...
MattHAbout 60 or so
MattHSo I am definitely keeping this one.
Elaisequestrian races are over,
Elaisback to the men's gymnastics
ElaisI can use some human eye candy now
MattHYeah...well, I will leave you to your eye candy... I am heading out...
MattHCYA next week.
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