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MattHHey Amy
Amy_Madisonjust watching angel (TBS)
Amy_Madisonoops TNT
MattHWhat ep?
Amy_Madisonopening ep of season 4 (wes just got in out of the lake of the few S4 episodes I really liked.
Amy_Madisonbeen getting touch with to see when the Season 5's are out
Amy_Madisonright now, just the vhs's
MattHI still haven't watched my Angel S2 DVDs...I wasn't into that show nearly as intensely as Buffy.
Amy_MadisonAnd Tru calling is gonig to be out soon as well.. finally
MattHI doubt I will get that ... while I like the show...once per ep is enough.
Amy_MadisonI was thinking of seeing if the TSC peoples would be interested in possibly a Kitty/Candy (TSC) con
MattHHmmm...think there would be enough interest? While it may seem like a lot, I doubt they have more than 3000 listeners worldwide.
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MattHHello Mr Blue
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MattHAh, Joel...what's up?
Joelnot much just thought id check in, despite being very tired
Joelhows things
MattHNot a whole lot happening, especially as TSC has been delayed a week.
Joelyeah i just noticed that
Joelwhat time is it where you are#
MattH5:55 PM
MattHHere in Sunny Los Angeles
Joelits 2am here in rainy northern england wonder you are tired.
Joelnow you know why i dont come to the chat room as often as id like
Joelive been watching my buffy DVDs again after not watching btvs for a couple of months now
MattHAnd...notice anything special?
Joelfunny to think that its all done
Joellike the end of an era
MattHYeah...I feel kind of empty.
Joelsomehow reality TV doesnt quite fill the gap
MattHI haven't turned on my TV in over a month and that was just to clear out stuff from my replay TV
Joeland they wonder why the youth of today play video games
MattHI just read fanfiction.
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Joelhi diya
MattHHiya DIYA, Suze
suze2000ah... hooray!!
DeathIsYourArtEverybody decided to show up and still NO SHOW *tear*
suze2000I've been trying for TWO HOURS to log on to FEF net
MattHReally? Your internet connection or problems
suze2000Bummber doesn't even begin to cover it! grrr
suze2000so how is everyone? :)
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MattHPretty good...bummed about the last show and the fact that it isn't tonight...but I understand the reasoning
MattHHiya CM
Elaislooks like Succubus club is postponed
Elaisglad I checked the site
DeathIsYourArtI had to be reminded of what a TV was the other day but other than that I can't complain.
suze2000bummed about the show too :(
Elaiswith Angel and Buffy gone
Elaisand kitty with the baby
suze2000DIYA: did you stop watching telly?
MattHCandy posted a notice to the mailing list.
DeathIsYourArtI have turned the TV on 6 times since the beginning of June
DeathIsYourArtIt just sits there
MattHSo much?
DeathIsYourArt3 movies, 2 times for the 24 hour rock music video channel and once for the opening of the games
suze2000and here's me, just got it on for background noise.
DeathIsYourArtPretty soon I think the amount of dust collecting on it will cause it to collapse in on itself
DeathIsYourArtThat was an awful sentence *shakes head at self*
MattHDunno...TV's can carry a lot of dust ;-)
DeathIsYourArtSo what has everyone been up to?
Elaisworking up the jealousy of those able to go to Oakland this weekend
MattHThe, work and more work.
DeathIsYourArtElais I completely understand. Half of LJ is going and rubbing it in whenever they can
Joelsame here
DeathIsYourArtAnd Harris, don't you think you could get a better picture of Michelle for your desktop?
Elaisi'm almost praying the con will suck ;-)
DeathIsYourArtDon't do that Elais, that is going too far
MattHIt is an excellent just doesn't look that good covered by icons.
suze2000I'm so jealous of everyone going to Oakland
Elaisnot to mention the people going to the dragoncon
suze2000But I AM going to Collectormania in the UK in Oct
DeathIsYourArtAs long as the fan girls behave themselves then I wish everyone well...I just would like to be there too. I have a friend doing research in the area too. I would have someone to party with :/
Amy_Madisondamn i m gonna miss that one
MattHI lived in Oakland for a real desire to visit ;-)
Amy_Madisonand so wanted to see my glory
ElaisAND the people going to the James/David Halloween con in the UK
DeathIsYourArtWay too expensive in my opinion
suze2000nah. that's going to suck. :P
suze2000and it's too too pricey by far
MattHCM - sounds like you have serious case of Con-Envy
Amy_Madisonso, any from the Uk hear anything about the Season 5 Angel DVD's yet???
Joelnope, i get my DVDs from the US
Elaisonly because I ran out of money to go to them
Joelcheaper, and better features
Amy_Madisonthe US ones???
DeathIsYourArtOut in Feburary
ElaisI'll have to save my pennies and see what cons will be up next year
DeathIsYourArtI will never have money for cons. I just have to accept it and move on
Amy_MadisonDIYA: Thanks
Joeli get them off
Amy_Madisonanyone have proder links yet
suze2000I thought all the DVDs were the same, mostly
Joel30 quid
Joelincluding postage
Amy_Madisonmostly, yes
DeathIsYourArtnot quite. The UK ones never have ALL fo the features that they finish in time for the US release
Joelyeah the uk ones often miss commentaries and stuff
DeathIsYourArtThat is why even if I was on PAL I would get the US ones and hack my DVD player
suze2000do the AUssie ones suffer from that too?
ElaisI wanna see the season 7 extra's Candy is on
Amy_Madisonit was cool
suze2000I'm waiting for my S7s to arrive ATM
DeathIsYourArtHold I ... I may have it on my HD and I can put it up somewhere..let me check
Amy_Madisonits on the "always about the fans' thing
DeathIsYourArtAnd ti is Kitty not Candy
Amy_Madisonboth US,UK and AUS ones
Amy_MadisonKitty and ME Rayne
Joeli didnt think the S7 dvd was out yet
Amy_MadisonR2/R4 ones are
Amy_Madisonhad mine for a 1/2 year
DeathIsYourArtThe extras went up on
Amy_Madisonall i'm missing are the Angel 5's
suze2000ohh.. really? argh
ElaisI knew either Kitty or Candy were on
suze2000oh no, that's bittorrent isn't it? I don't use that.
DeathIsYourArtI don't have ti on my computer anymore, I must have burned it off already.
suze2000if someone could put it on a server, I'd love them forever. :)
Joelim waiting for s6 dvd, in the post at the mo
DeathIsYourArtI'll see what I can do but I can't do anything tonight, sorry!
DeathIsYourArtAnd it is kind of big to put up as a normal file. It is about 45MB
DeathIsYourArtAre you on cable?
Amy_Madisonoh, did n't see that
suze2000eek! can't convert it to AVI? don't worry about it, I'm buying them.
suze2000I'm on a stupid dialup at the moment
DeathIsYourArtAnd that is as an avi
Amy_Madisonthat's okie
MattH45MB on dialup - ouch....
suze2000yeah, it takes a (few) hours... well more than a few
suze2000if I want to do anything else at the time as well
DeathIsYourArtsee on cable that would take me about a minute
suze2000shhhh... I'm on a tropical island, for consolation
DeathIsYourArtI'm a red-head. I don't do tropical anything
DeathIsYourArtFall in Canada is my thing
ElaisI love fall
MattHWeather is something you experience when you leave the computer and go outdoors.... I try and avoid that
suze2000I was supposed to visit a friend in CT this Oct
DeathIsYourArtLOL so true
suze2000take the computer with you.... just need a long cord!
suze2000that's what I do.
DeathIsYourArtOr a laptop with battery
MattHYeah...but I have cable internet connection would be too slow.
DeathIsYourArtSo why are you no longer going to CT Suze?
suze2000well, I might if I'm still not working. but of course, if I'm still not working, I will not have enough money for it
Joelim real tired, goodnight people - have a good week!
MattHCYA next week Joel...get plenty of rest.
Amy_Madisonsee you next week Joel
DeathIsYourArtbye Joel
*** Signoff: Joel ((null))
Amy_Madisonget readt to MP3 the final show
suze2000hang on, what time is it over there?
MattHThe old conundrum...if you have time you don't have money and vice versa.
DeathIsYourArtEST it is 9:24
MattHabout 2:30 AM
Amy_Madisondamn.. missed joel
Amy_Madison6:25 PSST
suze2000Matt, you in Europe?
DeathIsYourArtno Joel is
suze2000okay, I just need to make sure that I arrive in time next week.
MattHNo...I was referring to Joel...he is in England.
DeathIsYourArtLucky sod that he is
MattHYou were in time this week...
suze2000I have less trouble than most with time zones, but I've crossed so many recently iv'e gotten confused
suze2000Why is Joel lucky?
DeathIsYourArtBecause I want to go to Britain
Amy_Madisonthere a con close to him
Amy_Madisonthat too
DeathIsYourArtAnyone else hear the news that DB is doing Jurassic Park 4? I mean, it is good for him, doing a big budget movie and all, but do we really need a Jurassic Park 4?
Elaisjurassic park 4?
Elaiswhat's the point?
ElaisI stopped watching after the first Jurassic Park
Amy_Madisonggod man
DeathIsYourArtThe dinos need more food or something, so they are sending more people...I don't know
MattHI saw JP offended the Molecular Biologist in me.
DeathIsYourArtI liked the first one because I loved Dino's as a kid, but after that I didn't bother
DeathIsYourArtI saw abotu 20 minutes of the sequels
Elaispfft, Molecular Biology
Amy_Madisonwell, Charisma ruled out doin Angel again
ElaisI wanted to see the Rex chomp people
Amy_Madisonsort of
DeathIsYourArtThat is really easy to do Amy when Joss tells you that you are dead and already had your one comeback
MattHDB has said he would do Angel, but only on the big screen ,IIRC
DeathIsYourArtI like Charisma but the comment was strange
Amy_Madisonjust got it my email
Amy_MadisonAnd I hope the Sky1 does go for 'HEX'
DeathIsYourArtI do wish everyone luck but I wonder how often these comments are taken out of context, or are serious "you're beneath me " comments to Joss
suze2000back... sorry
DeathIsYourArtSky1 is making their own version of uffy because they are loosing too much money without it
Amy_Madisondont know anything but what the article said
suze2000Matt? you are a molecular biologist?
DeathIsYourArtlosing* is what I studies in college and graduate school, though.
Amy_MadisonSupposed to be a Bitish Like BTVS
MattHHmmm...I'll have to check it out....thank god for the internet.
suze2000hey, I did that at uni too!
suze2000that and biochem
MattHScience was fun...but I sucked in the lab.
suze2000in what way?
* suze2000 is a whizz in lab
Elaisisn't that the name of the show?
Elaissounds like cross between Charmed and Buffy
DeathIsYourArtPeople have said that yes
MattHA year and a half in grad school, four lab rotations...not a single experiment really panned out.
MattHI didn't like working with radioactive materials either.
suze2000bah.. I haven't touched an isotope since I graduated.
suze2000oh actually that's not true... in 1992 I did some RIA work
suze2000so what did you do instead... ?
DeathIsYourArtha ha ha My friend Julie (physics Major) had the same problem. She proved over the course of her last year that every physical law was wrong. We lovingly created the "Julie Paradox" which stated "Everythign is wrong!" in her honor
suze2000Charmed is just Buffy with less clothes and worse writing anyway
suze2000lol DIYA
MattHA little of this ... a little of that....right now I am doing Word Processing and other computer stuff for an insurance brokerage.
MattHCharmed is a lot worse than Buffy (IMHO)...I saw about three eps in the first couple of season.
DeathIsYourArtCharmed is not in the same league as Buffy. Charmed is Melrose Place with magic
MattHI liked the first season of Melrose Place.
Amy_MadisonI'll just watch the epis with cordy guesting that's about it
DeathIsYourArtI really wish Charism wasn't going to be on that show
Amy_Madisonhey, they need jobs too
DeathIsYourArtI know..... *pout*
Amy_Madisoncant all be pregnant like Fred
MattHIt isn't like there are a lot of *good* shows they could be on.
DeathIsYourArtBut didn't she get a bonus for being Playmate of the year? That should allow her to be picky for a few months
suze2000well at least Tori Spelling's not in it
Amy_Madisonnot yet, I think
MattHWas she Playmate of the Year? I know she did a spread, for them but thought that was it.
DeathIsYourArtnope she got the big title too
suze2000Matt: how did I know it would be IS instead? That's what everyone does when they give up lab work! :)
MattHHeh....everyone in HS thought I was going to be a CS major in college... should have too...
ElaisI'm looking forward to Charisma on Charmed
Elaisbut not as a permanent character
Amy_MadisonNothing bakes a couch potato more than getting emotionally invested in a TV show only to have a bunch of short-sighted network suits pull the plug on it before it really gets rolling.
Elaisif Charisma does the snark, I'm there
Amy_Madisonshe's only slated for 2 epis
suze2000I'm not sure if I like Charisma enough to make me want to watch the show regularly
Amy_MadisonI did for awhile when Rose came on. didn't care to much for Shannen D.
MattHI figured Shanne D would leave the show in a snit...just like 90210
MattHRose McGowan is beautiful...but she has left no impression on me as an actress.
Amy_Madisonand now she's stuck on Scare tactics....
suze2000I thoguth it was because she and AM didn't get on and AM said it's either me or her
ElaisI never cared much for Shannon either
suze2000and won
DeathIsYourArtI like Rose and I like Holly, but that isn't enough to make me watch the show
ElaisI started watching pretty much the time Rose Mcgowen came on the show
MattHYeah...but I *knew* she was going to have friction with someone.
Amy_Madisoni like some of Rose' other movies too.
ElaisI like Holly way more than the others
Amy_MadisonI like Alyssa better when the was on 'Whos the Boss'
DeathIsYourArtRandom off topic: I'm doing a soundtrack of a LJ friend. What songs remind you of Doyle?
Amy_Madisonher charaters got all bitchy this year (from what I did see)
Amy_Madisonthe RoseAnne theme song
MattHHmmmm...."Margaritaville" comes to mind.
suze2000perhaps that's because she has?
DeathIsYourArtI have enough Irish drinking songs. I was thinking something a little more meaningful
MattHI liked Alyssa Milano before she cut her hair...I just don't think short hair looks good on her.
Amy_Madisonthe Cordy/doyle love theme from 'Heros'!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amy_Madisongotta have that
suze2000most blokes seem to prefer long hair though
DeathIsYourArtIt isn't a hipper CD, but a singular character one. Which is hard considering how many episodes he had
MattHWell...I can't speak for other guys, but I do...
DeathIsYourArtI know, I'm being picky here
MattHGreensleeves, maybe...
suze2000what is GOP in terms of politics?
MattHGrand Ole Party
MattHaka Republican
suze2000oh. I knre there was a reason why I might have wiped that from my mind
DeathIsYourArtEconomists are predicting a Bush win. I am Canadian and that makes me shudder with discust. They say Kerry isn't getting enough exposure
Amy_Madisonnot suprise about Frddie though
suze2000Kerry Scmerry. vote for Adams! :)
Elaismaybe Kerry should flash a camera?
MattHKerry's problem is that he is getting too much exposure....the more people see of him, the less they like him.
Amy_Madisonbetter than flashing something lst
Elaishow can Kerry work around that problem Matt?
Elaisif people don't see him, how can Kerry win them over?
MattHGo on worked earlier this year.
suze2000the thought of another four years with Bush scares me badly.
MattHRealistically though, he doesn't have much control of events until the debates.
MattHHate to tell you this...but I am a Bush supporter.
suze2000doesn't change my opinion of you or him
Elaisthe thought scares me too suze
ElaisEnemy combatants, anti-gay amendment
Elaisfaith-based initiatives
suze2000and it's not because of Bush, per se, it's because of what I see as the likely reaction to a Bush re-election
MattHBy whom?
suze2000well there's those things too
DeathIsYourArtI kow I don't have a say (being Canadian) but I have a problem with how big a target Bush is painting on the US when I live real close to it
ElaisI expect Bush to set up a Department of Homeland Religion pretty soon
suze2000the Islamic world
Amy_MadisonIf only the INITIATIVE would have been Faith-Based......
ElaisI fear Bush more than terrorists to be honest
MattHThey didn't destroy the Two Towers because Bush was president...
suze2000changes Bush makes to US laws can be undone.
suze2000Changes made to the US because of Bush cannot
suze2000Matt: no they did not, I agree
DeathIsYourArtI never said that Matt. However look how fast he destroyed the sympathy the world had for the states after that
Amy_MadisonI thought the US was trying to get AWAY from a KING GEORGE!!!!!!!!!!!
suze2000but what I think now is that they are all sitting back hoping for a change in government
MattHThe world sympathized with us because we were victims. Once we began fighting back, they ceased to do so.
Amy_Madisonyet last time they votes another one into office. With the help of Daddy and his brother
suze2000someone a little less sympathetic with Isreal, and who won't invade thier countries at the drop of a hat
Elaisgood point Matt
ElaisI wonder if We'll invade Cuba, Iran or North Korea next
suze2000there's fighting back and there's fighting back
Amy_MadisonTurkey invaded by Canada country renamed 'Chicken"
MattHThey are holding back because much of their infrastructure and support network has been destroyed.
MattHPlus it is easier to attack in Iraq than here.
DeathIsYourArtI just don't believe that Bush has control over the situation in the way that he thinks he does.
suze2000anyway, what I am afraid will happen is Islamic reprisals in the US and its allies (notably UK and Australia) if Bush is re-elected
MattHHopefully, Iran is many ways I would have preferred to invade them as opposed to Iraq.
Amy_Madisonthe other cant do as much to them as No korea. the US would be gone then
DeathIsYourArtThe last I am going to say on the subject is taht I don't agree with Republican policy in any way shape or form. And at this point I think Bushs actions are costing American lives not saving them
MattHGone - hardly...NK's ability to directly threaten the US is limited.
suze2000see what I'm talking about? The problems in Iraq are continuing and you want to go into Iran??!!!
MattHWhat problems in Iraq? They are attacking our soldiers in a place convenient for us to kill them, as opposed to attacking defenseless civilians on our soil.
suze2000Not to mention the fact that we never hear anything about Afghanistan anymore, despite the fact that the country is still in chaos
MattHIraq is getting much, much better.
Elaisbut they are not yet free
Elaisthey are free from Saddam's rule
MattHAfghanistan is much better off than before we invaded.
Elaisbut they have yet to choose their own goverment
Amy_Madisonand they wont be as long as US is there
suze2000there have been continual rebel uprising in Iraq.
ElaisI think Afgans just voted, didn't they>
suze2000okay, no Saddam, but has the lot of the average Iraqi improved?
Amy_Madisonthey keep getting attacked from their own peoples
MattHMost of the rebellions in Iraq are not due to Iraquis. Iraqui webblogs.
Elaishow expensive was it to overthrow the Taliban and maintain order in Afganistan until they could set up their own government>
ElaisIraq will take just as long and perhaps be way more expensive
suze2000And just where is Osama hiding in all this?
MattHCheaper than letting get the Taliban blow up our buildings and murder our citiizens.
MattHPakistan, most likely.
Amy_MadisonThe international Space Station
suze2000Matt: nobody ever said the WTC was okay
MattHISS is a piece of crap, as is the Space Shuttle.
Amy_Madisonput there for save keeping By the Bush fam.
MattHNot saying anyone did....but it was the proximate cause why we invaded Afghanistan....successfully I might add.
* suze2000 likes the space shuttle :(
MattHThe space shuttle and NASA have nearly ruined American space exploration.
suze2000and we went in with the US. I just don't like the thought of marching accross the middle east looking for oil
Amy_Madisonand when did Afganistan change its name to Iroq
MattHWe are not fighting a country, but a culture....
suze2000Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran... and you know where is the nest of them all? The allies, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan
MattHWahabbist/Fundamentalist Islam for the most part.
MattHSaudia Arabia should be on the list as well...
suze2000it's impossible for real change to happen in those countries unless the people are willing to create an uprising from within as well.
MattHSuze - re: the space shuttle - check out
MattHNo revolution (including ours) has exceeding without outside support.
suze2000A co-worker of mine, an Iraqi, said that he didn't think the Americans could remove Saddam because the Iraqis wouldn't let them invade without a fight. Okay the Americans removed Saddam, which is great, but now the Iraqis are fighting them because they want them out.
MattHAmy - thank you...I don't really come here for the politics.
MattHMost Iraquis don't want us to leave (at least yet)....chaos is no ones friend.
ElaisI thought the Taliban were just a group of extremists that took over Afganistan
suze2000the big problem is now: if they leave, the country's fragile infrastructure (what there is of it) is likely to collapse. So at this point, the US is damned if they stay and damned if they go
ElaisI didn't think they were terrorists
MattHThe infrastructure was already near collapse under Saddam and the sanctions.
suze2000you're right. we don't need to argue about this. we cannot solve the world's problems amoungst the 5 of us!
MattHThe Taliban aided and abbetted Al Quaeda.
suze2000Is there a Paris, MA?
DeathIsYourArt4 I stopped a while back. Though I agree that it is important to debate I don't think this is an effective way to do it. But wow were there some comemnts in there I wanted to counter
suze2000and the world is better off without the taliban in power in Afghanistan
suze2000okay, stopping now.
suze2000Is there a Paris, MA?
Amy_Madisonif not them. there would most likely be someone/something else
Elaisyes, they did assist Al Queda
suze2000because it's hard for a Boston guy to be attacked in France with his dog?
Elaiswe invaded because they refused to turn over Osama Bid Laden
suze2000la la la
Elaiswe didn't invade to free the people of Afganistan
suze2000tra la la la
Amy_Madisonor Iraq
* MattH pats suze on the back
suze2000this is BTW not an admission of being wrong. just that I think we've discussed enough politics
ElaisI think so Matt
MattHI'm trying to get back on topic, I really am ;)
Elaispolitics gets pretty heated these days
DeathIsYourArtIt is about time you all caught up with me
suze2000believe me, it's tempting to jump into it again too
Elaishow about something safer, like who Buffy should be with Angel or Spike?
DeathIsYourArtLOL SPIKE!!!
DeathIsYourArtONLY if Spike still want sher
Amy_Madisonunless TSC has something to do with politics. Lets move on the the next something......
suze2000do you think Kitty and Candy are GOP sympathisers?
DeathIsYourArtAs Dru would say "ENOUGH"
Amy_Madisonat least hes getting a new Spacey Award. the onther one was stolen I think
MattHThey aren't ....
suze2000'twas a joke
MattHHeh....Neither Spike or Angel....
DeathIsYourArtyes the Space station is sending hima new one
suze2000I'm out of food
suze2000will have to go to the shop soon
DeathIsYourArtNo, not Xander
suze2000what's wrong with Xander?
DeathIsYourArtI am proud of Joss for showing an opposite sex friendship
suze2000I had a Canadian BF who reminded me of Xander a LOT
DeathIsYourArtI don't want thatt to be ruined with the old cliche that boys and girls can't just be friends
suze2000I have male friends who are just that
suze2000(I've slept iwht a couple fo them though!!!!)
DeathIsYourArt*shakes head at you*
MattHXander has always wanted to be more the Buffy's platonic male friend.
DeathIsYourArtXander wants to egt in every girl he sees, he was hot for Dawn for crying out loud and all the potentials
MattHAdmittedly, the converse is not the case.
suze2000and the other ones are all in relationships so no temptation there :)
Amy_MadisonI'll stick with Amber or Mrs. Denisof myself
suze2000Amy: ??
DeathIsYourArtBad Suze *wags finger at you*
Amy_Madisonbut never Sarah
MattHSince when does someone being in a relationship remove the temptation
suze2000what can I say? I've always been bad
suze2000what do you mean: I'll stick with...
Amy_MadisonSo... Suze are you going to put on leather and be naughty
suze2000as crush material, do you mean?
suze2000leather... I love leather... on car seats. It's a bugger to wear
suze2000except as shoes
DeathIsYourArtThat is why you go PVC
* suze2000 has sudden vision of Britney in that red pantsuit and the camel toe it induced.
DeathIsYourArtLets never speak of Britney
suze2000you mentioned the PVC, I just fleshed it out a bit
MattHWhy not...I don't care for her singing, but have no particular dislike of her.
suze2000matt: I never hurt my friends.
DeathIsYourArtPVC doesn't equal Britney
suze2000well, it was the first PVC image that came to mind. followed by that unfortunate outfit Sarah wore for Rolling Stone a few years back
DeathIsYourArtYes that was an unfortunate outfit. Though I must admit I would love to look that good in something similar
suze2000again with the camel too
Amy_MadisonNow that she (Alyson) is merried. I wonder if she still very seldom naughty
DeathIsYourArtI haven't looked the a VERY VERY long time. Nt my thing, me being straight and all
suze2000I'm straight too, but it came up on a board I post on recently
Amy_Madisonat least britney didnt pull a 'super bowl' Janet.. YET!!!
DeathIsYourArtJust cut the pic off at the waist
suze2000then I got reminded of that lovely website and it's all there
DeathIsYourArtAmy: I think she has done quite enough as it is
suze2000I admit I don't think I was ever thin enough to wear either outfit
DeathIsYourArtOkay, now I kow that there is a website for everything
suze2000DIYA: you betcha
MattHYou had doubts?
suze2000there's a place for everyone on the net!
Elaisand some of them should be in rubber rooms!
DeathIsYourArtMore like I was avoiding the temptation to find out
suze2000what about that one for people who like to cut bits off themselves?
suze2000that's gotta be the worst one I've ever seen
suze2000DIYA: good idea. I should take a leaf outta that book
Amy_Madisondependin on what BITS where from
DeathIsYourArtSpeaking of that, I am suprised they still haven't made a drug commercial about the guy who while on crack had voices tell him to cut off his penis and eat it.
suze2000you're all looking at now aren't you?
suze2000eww... did he do it?
DeathIsYourArtnope, avoiding temptation again
MattHI was ... I have moved to searching google for kitten origami
DeathIsYourArtyes he did
suze2000lol matt
Amy_Madisontell me if you find one from Miss Kitty Fantastico????
DeathIsYourArtThen there was the guy on acid that walked into a hospital in 94 told the staff he had a demon on him, grabbed a scalple and removed said demon
suze2000oh dear.. where was the nasty blighter?
DeathIsYourArtBoth of those incidents would make the BEST anti-drug commercials ever
Amy_Madisonor the guy who shot dugs onto his penis and it fell off in the shower
DeathIsYourArtWhere do you think Suze?
suze2000FELL OFF???!!! why did it fall off?
DeathIsYourArtgangreen I think
suze2000(you know why they use their willy? it gets to the point where that big vein up the back is the only one that's not collapsed)
DeathIsYourArtHey Matt how is that kitten oragami?
Amy_Madisonthe drugs ate through the tissue and it fell off
ElaisI bet you are looking for kitten orgasms
Amy_Madisonbeen a long time ago,
suze2000my god what drug was he injecting?
suze2000a common typo I'm sure
MattHHad the site is bonsai kittens (I get all those Japanese names mixed up)
Amy_Madisonwouldn't that be Pussy-gasms
MattHSite seems to be down though....
DeathIsYourArtthe cops found the guy runnign it
MattHHere it is - or a mirror
suze2000that's just some clever photoshopping, don't worry about it
DeathIsYourArtDo I have to?
suze2000no, don't look
suze2000it's like those pics that are going around with kittens with human eyes
MattHNo you don't have too....if you are ... ahem... scaredykat ;-)
suze2000hyuk hyuk matt!
DeathIsYourArtNice try there Matt... this isn't highschool
MattHI was more interested in the pun, actually...
Amy_Madisonsays who
suze2000I got it
suze2000did anyone see that show about the people who were in love with their animals?
suze2000I mean REALLY in love
suze2000one guy married his horse!! (it's not illegal in some states, apparently)
suze2000a documentary, not Springer, that is
MattHUmmm ... how can the horse say "I do"....
suze2000only if it's Mr Ed
suze2000no, I had the same issues: how does an animal consent to being loved that way?
suze2000but by the end of the show, I just felt sorry for these people
DeathIsYourArtWhat happened to animal abuse laws?
MattHYeah...mostly horses just say "neigh"
suze2000not illegal in some US states
MattHIt may not technically be considered abuse...
Elaisjudging from my spam
Elaisthere are a lot of women willing to do it with a horse
DeathIsYourArtLets not even go there
MattHHey ... if it is good enough for Catherine the Great....
suze2000DIYA: this is what we're talking about
suze2000what what what??
ElaisI rapidly run in the other direction, DIYA
suze2000what about Catherine the Great?
DeathIsYourArtSome people should not be allowed to consume alcohol and should be genetically instilled with self respect.
MattHUrban legend that she died due to a broken back...caused by a horse she was "gettin' it on with"
suze2000oh dear. don't play horsey with a real horse being the moral of that story?
Amy_Madisonbut leap frog is still ok
DeathIsYourArtYou can play horsey on top of a horse with a guy in between but not WITH the horsey
suze2000sounds trickey though
Amy_Madisonactually, that yest another fetish site i've head about
DeathIsYourArtnah you just post
suze2000so stirrups are needed for this?
DeathIsYourArtThey make it easier
MattHSnopes debunks the Catherine the Great story -
DeathIsYourArtLOL, I kinda wish I was talking from experience, but sadly I am not
* suze2000 writes that on the list of things to do before she dies
MattHI think I'll leave that off my list.
suze2000not shagging the horse, shagging on the horse!
DeathIsYourArtJust need a strong man and a strong horse
MattHI was referring to both...I don't really like horses...
suze2000awwww... how can you not love a horse
MattHBy being around them ;-)
suze2000with those big brown eyes soft muzzle? they are so sweet
suze2000been bitten?
* suze2000 loves animals
MattHNever ridden one....
suze2000though I don't LOVE them
MattHThey just smell bad.
DeathIsYourArtI think the horse hti on him and now he all uncomfortable
Amy_Madisonlove animals or LOVE animals
suze2000he's a horseophobic?
MattHOk...that comment actually did make me "LOL"
ElaisIf I have to see one more 'Joey' promo....
DeathIsYourArtI'm so not going to watch that
Amy_Madisonyou mean 'Friends' Part 2
Elaisthey had to do a show around the dumbest friend
suze2000hands up those who think Joey is going to suck?
* suze2000 raises hand
* DeathIsYourArt put hand high in the air
Elaisjoey will suck, but friends fanatics will love it
suze2000hands up those who will probably watch it anyway
* suze2000 raises hand again
MattHI though Friends sucked....
Amy_MadisonGood thing we have Dark Sha... oh wait, no we dont
ElaisI didn't like joey then, and I won't now
DeathIsYourArtThe only thing I am checking out this season is "Lost"
suze2000I would have watched a Chandler show. I thought he was the funniest character of the lot
ElaisI suppose I should be grateful they didn't do a Rachel and Ross show
ElaisI like Chandler
Amy_MadisonI waiting for them to get desperate enogh to make 'Survivor ISS'
MattHThe only character I liked was the Monkey
Elaisdidn't go for the geese?
Amy_Madisonalso liked her on Mad About You
Elaisjoey's and chandlers pets for a while
Amy_Madisonhe means Ducks
MattHI only saw a few eps
ElaisI thought one was a goose, but ducks is probalby right
Amy_Madisonbeen so long ago ....
suze2000eww a Rachel and Ross show? I'm SO not there
DeathIsYourArtTV sucks, my computer rules *pets computer*
Amy_Madisoni'd rather see a Cordy spinoff like the one in 'Birthday'
ElaisRachel and Ross are nails on blackboard
suze2000yeah, you can get TV without the ads if you download it
suze2000when you have something better than dialup that is
Amy_Madisondont you me should be 'NAILED' To the chalkboard
* suze2000 can't wait to have a proper connection again
DeathIsYourArtWhen will that be Suze?
MattHComputers are nice....I remember when there was no PC or internet and 3 channels was all we had (I only had 2 - no aerial).
DeathIsYourArtShhh never speak ofthe dark ages
suze2000I think not until I get back to london and have a permanent home
suze2000lol the Dark Ages
suze2000or when I got my first Vic-20
DeathIsYourArtcommadore 64
Amy_Madisoncompared to 'The Lite Ages'......
suze2000followed by the COmmodore-64 with A TAPE DRIVE!
Amy_MadisonATARI 5200
MattHWhy, when we added numbers we used pencil and the snow....20 miles both ways....uphill
suze2000oh man! that was so sophistamackated
DeathIsYourArtwith no light
MattHI had a C64 with a tape drive...taught myself 6502 machine language.
suze2000lol.... on a horse
Amy_Madisonthe old AppleII EZ'z
suze2000oh you forgot barefoot in the snow
Amy_MadisonFROM a horse
MattHNah...I wore shoes...
Amy_Madisontaught By a horse
DeathIsYourArton the horse or off it?
MattHThey had holes in them, but I wore them
DeathIsYourArtthe horse?
suze2000what the AppleII EZ? from the horse?
suze2000ah well, you didn't have it as bad as when I were a lass
Amy_Madisonthe Apple II EZ lauguage (BASIC) taught By a horse
DeathIsYourArtYou didn't have a horse Suze?
MattHFirst computer I really used (at school, prior to my C64) was an Apple II....before they came out with the IIe.
suze2000Mr Ed?
suze2000noo.. I had to crawl barefoot thru' t'snow pulling t'horse be'ind me
DeathIsYourArtPulling the horse, is that slag for........
* suze2000 fakes a wee scottish accent for effect
Amy_Madisonyou think that's bad. My original phone # used to be '6'
* DeathIsYourArt snicker
Elaisgotta run guys
Elaissee you next week
*** Elais has left #TheSuccubusClub
DeathIsYourArtbye Elais
suze2000I remember calling my auntie you had to phoen the operatore and ask for "Cobborah 1-2-6"
Amy_MadisonC U all next week then
suze2000and it was a party line, so you really had to shout down the line because all the neighbours would listen in too
MattHCYA Amy
DeathIsYourArtbye Amy
MattHWe used homing pigeons where I came from.
suze2000homing puffins?
DeathIsYourArtI'm from Montreal, The first all electric city in the world. We had phones
MattHWell, my brother used to race them ....
*** Signoff: Amy_Madison ((null))
DeathIsYourArtI was spoiled
MattHThere may have been a message or two in there.
suze2000you had to catch them, train them, but they would never come back?
MattHDo tell....
DeathIsYourArtwell there is this device called a phone...
MattHThey came back....they were "homing" pigeons.
DeathIsYourArthomo pigeons?
suze2000whaddya mean: first all electric city in the world?
DeathIsYourArtThe first totally electric city in the world was Montreal brother was into things like that.
suze2000"Dear Matt: don't forget to brush your teeth. Yours, Matt"
MattHHe got out of it after a while. Sold the good birds...
MattHI think we ate the rest.
DeathIsYourArtcooked the bad ones?
suze2000whaddaya mean? it's a nebulous claim: did everyone have their lights on at once
MattHPigeon, dare I say it, tastes a lot like chicken, IIRC correctly, but that was almost 30 years ago.
suze2000the homo ones or the straight ones too?
MattHWe didn't discriminate based upon sexual orientation...we were very progressive.
* suze2000 wonders how to sex a homo pigeon
DeathIsYourArtAll houses businesses etc? that were considered part of the city of Montreal were wired for electricity. Other big cities with electricity (London, New York) only had it in the richer districts at the time
suze2000even 30 years ago? well, it was after Stonewall I guess wasn't it?
DeathIsYourArt? Lost me
suze2000those pigeons out there on those Pride Marches
suze2000that's why they didn't come home
suze2000Stonewall: notorious gay bashing that occurred in the 70s IIRC. CLosely followed by a kind of gay uprising
suze2000mass bashing
suze2000was very bad
DeathIsYourArtI'm bad with names but remember events
MattHThis was mid-70s....
DeathIsYourArtbefore I was born
suze2000well, I was a kid, but learnt about it in high school I think. Or on the net. Or my Mum told me about it or something
suze2000hey, I went to Woodstock a couple of months ago
suze2000cute town. not much there though. strange to think of it as Hippy Central
DeathIsYourArtWell it wasn't really. The residents had no idea what the hell was going on
MattHI went to college in Berkeley....the last refuge of the 60s....
suze2000well, the thing wasn't actually IN the town
suze2000when was that?
suze2000so did you inhale?
MattHNope...never did any kind of drug... got drunk once.
suze2000just once?
DeathIsYourArtWell I drink but have never been drunk
suze2000oh hang on, it's 21 there isn't it?
MattHOnce in college, twice in high school. Decided I didn't care for it.
MattHQuit drinking when I became 21
suze2000*rolls eyes* I drank a fair bit at uni
MattHAnd yes, 21 is the legal drinking age in CA...which is like the speed one pays any attention to it.
DeathIsYourArtI enjoy a good drink. I'm fortunate to have a high tolerance and I stop tasting the drink after #3 so I stop. And the drinking age in Quebec is 18
suze2000I still drink a fair bit. not half as much as some people I know but a bit
MattHAlcohol is too fattening for my taste...
suze2000makes it hard to keep your wieght down though
suze2000lol matt. we were thinking the same thing
MattHPlus it is too expensive, and makes it really hard to program...
suze2000in the UK, a pint of beer in a pub is cheaper than a pint of Coke
MattHAlcohol taxes are rather high in the states
DeathIsYourArtDo you have beer stores too in the states?
DeathIsYourArtOntario has beer stores
suze2000actually, now that I think about it, booze was pretty pricey there.
DeathIsYourArtQuebec has beer at the grocery store, the corner store, etc....
suze2000of course, I wasn't much with the caring. I wanted to have a few drinks and I did
MattHBeer only? No. Most 7-11s and stuff carry beer and wine.
DeathIsYourArtYa wine too
suze2000Australia has beer stores. we call them bottle shops. they carry all alcohol
DeathIsYourArtOkay so it is only Ontario as far as I can find
suze2000you can't buy it at the supermarket like in the UK
DeathIsYourArtHard alcohol is sold at Liquer stores
DeathIsYourArtHow do you spell that in English Matt my French (very bad french) is taking over
DeathIsYourArtthe L word I mean
suze2000no. here you can't get it at all at the supermarket.
MattHCanada is pretty much like the states regarding liquor then.
suze2000has to be a bottle shop
DeathIsYourArttahnk you. That happens some times when you are used to talking in 2 languages to people without any speration
suze2000spelling in English can be tricky
DeathIsYourArtmy spelling has always sucked. And the English classes in Quebec are not the best
MattHThats cause we still so many words from other languages
suze2000though the French can offend in that regard as well... witness most c'est que sentences IMO
suze2000though my French sucks generally so it may just be me
DeathIsYourArtFrench sucks teh big one
suze2000didn't you say you were in Montreal?
DeathIsYourArtExactly, being English in Montreal means you are born with a genetic imprint to hate the French language
DeathIsYourArtLike the genetic imprint to hate the Toronto Maple Leafs
suze2000are you English? Or do you mean English-Canadian?
suze2000I had a BF last year who was from Winnipeg.
DeathIsYourArtEnglish Canadian with a father from Glasgow
DeathIsYourArtWinterpeg? Don't date those guys
suze2000*rolls eyes* exciting city, that one
DeathIsYourArtI want to see Gasgow so badly though
suze2000why not? :)
DeathIsYourArtI'm kidding
suze2000pretty cold in Glasgow too ;)
DeathIsYourArtNot compared to Montreal or Fort McMurray (Alberta). Lived in both and survived
suze2000well, he was okay, but... I better stop since this gets posted on a public board
MattHFound the quote I was looking for:
MattHThe problem with defending the purity of the English language is that English is about as pure as a cribhouse whore. We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.
MattH-- James Nicoll, rasseff
DeathIsYourArtThat is a good one
suze2000thought you'd fallen asleep Matt
MattHNope, but I'm getting there....
suze2000I'm reading "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" at the moment
suze2000it's a book for grammar sticklers such as myself
suze2000apostrophe defenders unite!
DeathIsYourArtYou would hate my writing then
MattHHe...I love that joke
DeathIsYourArtI'm partial to the semi-colon, but I use it incorrectly more than half the time
suze2000I try to be tolerant but sometimes I just want to get a really huge red marker and scribble all over some people's spelling and grammar
DeathIsYourArtIf it is any consolation we don't mean to murder the English language, we were never taught how not to
suze2000me, I abuse full-stops... <--see?
MattHI feel that way reading fanfic sometimes...I want to scream at the author - its "they're" not "their"... or similar stuff
suze2000lol. that's what the author of the book said. it's the fault of the edumacation systems in the 70s and 80s
suze2000they decided we didn't need to learn grammar
DeathIsYourArtI think it also has to do with the Edufuckingcation of the 90's
suze2000yeah, I hate that one too Matt
suze2000but the worst of all is its and it's
MattHThat stupid "whole language" stuff...fortunately I was taught to read phonetically.
MattHGot this off an Iraqi (IIRC) website - the Rules of English:
suze2000i learnt to read from books and picked it all up from there, mostly
MattH1. Verbs has to agree with their subjects.
MattH2. Prepositions are not words to end sentences with.
DeathIsYourArtI kid you not. My grade 11 English teacher did not give us one book to read all year and when I asked for one I was told "i don't think the other students would be interested"
MattH3. And don't start a sentence with a conjunction.
MattH4. It is wrong to ever split an infinitive.
MattH5. Avoid cliches like the plague. (They're old hat).
MattH6. Always avoid annoying alliteration.
MattH7. Be more or less specific.
DeathIsYourArtSee, I could tell you what an infinitive was in French but not English
MattH6. Always avoid annoying alliteration.
MattH7. Be more or less specific.
MattH8. Parenthetical remarks (however relevant) are (usually) unnecessary.
MattH9. Also, too, never, ever use repetitive redundancies.
MattH10. No sentence fragments. No comma splices, run-ons are bad too.
MattH11. Contractions aren't helpful and shouldn't be used.
MattH12. Foreign words and phrases are not apropos.
MattH13. Do not be redundant; do not use more words than necessary; it's highly superfluous.
MattH14. One should never generalize.
MattH15. Comparisons are as bad as cliches.
MattH16. Don't use no double negatives.
MattH17. Eschew ampersands & abbreviations, etc.
MattH18. One-word sentences? Eliminate.
MattH19. Analogies in writing are like feathers on a snake.
MattH20. The passive voice is to be ignored.
MattH21. Eliminate commas, that are, not necessary. Parenthetical words however should be enclosed in commas.
MattH22. Never use a big word when a diminutive one would suffice.
MattH23. Kill all exclamation points!!!!
MattH24. Use words correctly, irregardless of how others use them.
MattH25. Understatement is probably not the best way to propose earth shattering ideas.
MattH26. Use the apostrophe in it's proper place and omit it when its not needed.
MattH27. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "I hate quotations. Tell me what you know."
MattH28. If you've heard it once, you've heard it a thousand times: resist hyperbole; not one writer in a million can use it correctly.
MattH29. Puns are for children, not groan readers.
MattH30. Go around the barn at high noon to avoid colloquialisms.
MattH31. Even if a mixed metaphor sings, it should be derailed.
MattH32. Who needs rhetorical questions?
MattH33. Exaggeration is a million times worse than understatement.
MattH34. Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.
DeathIsYourArtMatt Enough already
MattHAnd that's it....
suze2000oh crap I think someone's here
suze2000phew it's across the road
suze2000oh that no 29 is bad
MattHYep...I like puns...
suze2000well I enjoyed it
suze2000nothing like a good pun to keep you on your toes
suze2000oh and I overuse exclamation marks too!!
MattHOh, that's nothing!!!!
DeathIsYourArtOkay, well I have to call it a night now. This was strange...let's do it again next week :P
DeathIsYourArtBye Matt
DeathIsYourArtBye Suze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
suze2000really I thought it was really something!!!
*** Signoff: DeathIsYourArt ((null))
suze2000politics, animal sex, grammar
suze2000what more could you want?
suze2000oh rats
MattHI notice that exlamation point was used much more frequently in comic books than any other form of punctuatin.
suze2000really??? I must check that out!!!
MattHI would have preferred to skip the polics actually.
suze2000I crack myself up sometimes
suze2000(I have to amuse someone I guess)
MattHI noticed it when I read "Secret Wars II"... practically every sentence ended with "!"
MattHTime for me to take off as well
suze2000ah. keeps everyone honest to talk about it occasionally. otherwise you keep all your ignorance and misconceptions and they breed and before you know it your a right-wing nutter and I'm a hard-line commie!
suze2000okay. seeya next week. sleep well.
MattHHope to see you next week.
Session Close (#thesuccubusclub): Wed Aug 25 20:45:18 2004