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MattH'lo all
Amy_Madisonjust came on for me
Amy_Madisonnow it's working
JustJoan_waitinhi MAtt
JustJoan_waitinoh phew, it's working again
MattHHaving streaming problems?
Amy_Madisoni tink cuase the college might hav ebeen on break or something
JustJoan_waitinI was. first time I connected, it was REAL quiet, and I thought I might have to get out my other PC, because I'm on my laptop now
JustJoan_waitinthen the server went down
JustJoan_waitinthen came back up
JustJoan_waitinthen it was wierd "the server actively refused the connection"
JustJoan_waitinbut now all it good
Amy_Madisonfor now
*** JustJoan_waitin is now known as JustJoan
JustJoanwell, I guess so, but I'm optimistic
Amy_Madisonremember. It's not TSC without a glitch
MattHWe had our glitch...last week's cancellation.
Amy_MadisonSo Sayeth CANDY
Amy_MadisonI hope we're still gonig to keep the chatroom going
MattHI planned on it...
MattHWhether or not people keep showing up is up to them ;-)
Amy_Madisoneveryone's gotta keep in touch
Amy_Madisonspecailly with teh Tru Calling DVD's coming out soon
JustJoanI'm gonna rearrange the lounge room so I'm comfy on the couch. :)
JustJoanugh. baseball scores
MattHYeah....almost like *real* radio.
Amy_Madisonat least there not talking about the Rep. convention
MattHYeah - I listened to that all day on the radio.
JustJoanI'm assuming he's kidding about that... Is Arnie a Dem or Rep
Amy_Madisonhow can it be a convention with no dealers romms or autograpgh lines
JustJoanI love this song.
JustJoanlol amy
MattHHe just gave a bang up speech to the RNC - he is a Republican
MattHReagan used to call him "Conan The Republican"
Amy_Madisontoday at the Rep. convention. George Bush was caught selling fake autographed picture of himself for $20
MattHUm ... he doesn't arrive at the Convention until tomorrow...;-)
JustJoanwhat, that can't be true. in what way was it fake
Amy_Madisonit's not
Amy_Madisonjust playing around
JustJoanI was gonna say, I didn't think... oh hang on, I don't want to argue about Dubya again
MattHNeither do I - I *really* don't come to this room to discuss politics...
Amy_Madisonthey were picture of him as an extra on 'Conan:The Librarian'
Amy_MadisonOK, i'll stop
JustJoanI like Rice Crackers
JustJoanI always thought Jet was an Aussie band
JustJoanmaybe because the first time I heard them was a TAC ad
JustJoanTAC = Traffic Accidents Commision or soemthing... they do these really gory ads to try to stop ppl drink driving and speeding and such like
Amy_MadisonTOLD YOU
MattHHmmm...must be lagged...nothing new there.
JustJoantold us what
Amy_Madisonhe's with Arnoald impersonator
Amy_MadisonAt least he mentioned a movie that had Eliza in it
JustJoanmaybe I'm lagged. the arnie guy has just started
JustJoanwouldn't surprise me. am on dial up
Amy_Madisonme to
MattHI have cable - but I think Winamp buffers more than WiMP
JustJoanWell, I'm using WiMP
JustJoanI uninstalled iTunes in disgust a couple of weeks ago
MattHI didn't even know they had iTunes for Windows
JustJoanoh yeah. it's a good useful bit of software, but it wrecks your Musicmatch installation and for some reason it won't let you list your songs in the order I like
JustJoanie, artist, album, track no, song name
JustJoanfor some reason, song name has to come first on it, no matter what you do. dumb
JustJoanoh hey look at that Jet ARE from Melbourne.
JustJoanthat's so cool
JustJoanJames Marsters was saying at Oakland that he was into Jet and Powderfinger (also Aussie, from Brisbane), and some other band haha
*** FiatLux (~fiatlux@ has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHHiya Fiat
FiatLuxHi all. I have a question about getting Windows Media to play.
FiatLuxUh, the question is how do I get it to play? :) I can do WinAmp but there's always a big delay for me.
Amy_Madisonthat's normal for some i think
MattHI have a delay using WiMP as well....though I think Winamp is a little more laggy
FiatLuxI click on the link for WMP and it say to open or save livelow.asf
MattHSave it and open it in WiMP.
MattHMust have at least WiMP 7.1 installed, IIRC.
FiatLuxMaybe that is it. It says it can't open it
MattHWhat version of WiMP?
JustJoanhiya Fiat. Sorry Matt, I just realised that was directed at FL
JustJoancopy the URL from KLBC site and then go to file-open URL-and paste
JustJoanshould work
*** redeem147 ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
FiatLuxok, thanks. Sorry had to go feed the cats
JustJoanI'm enjoying the music he's playing. last time I tuned in early, the music was... erm... shite
Amy_Madisonwonder if Joel is around
JustJoanhi redeem147
MattHHiya Colleen
JustJoanor Colleen *slaps foreead*
redeem147Hi guys.
redeem147I answer to either ;)
FiatLuxWinAmp is still trying to play that file. I'll just use the Winamp feed.
MattHDrag the file onto WiMP
FiatLuxIt's version 9.0
FiatLuxKeeps saying the file is either corrupted or can't play that file type.
redeem147And I have music.
JustJoanhmm... *pats laptop* I'm glad the only problems I had today were at KLBCs end
*** Elais ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHHiya CM
Amy_Madisonthe stations still there Just the lst TSC
Elaishiya matt
FiatLuxWinamp works great, I didn't want to be too behind the rest of you, but I suppose that is a Succubus Club tradition for me anyway.
MattHHey - I am always lagged...
JustJoanhi Elias :)
FiatLuxA new song started about 10 sec. ago
Elaishi joan
JustJoanhey at least you aren't in Australia. And on a dialup. God knows how far behind I am going ot be
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*** impalergeneral ( has joined channel #theSuccubusClub
JustJoan_aka_Suthat's not going to work
MattHHi Impaler
*** JustJoan_aka_Su is now known as JustJoan
JustJoanHI IG
impalergeneralHi there!
MattH15 character limit on nicks
*** JustJoan is now known as JustJoanAKASueS
FiatLuxBesides, JustJoan with extra words would kinda defeat the "just" part.
*** JustJoanAKASueS is now known as you
*** you is now known as JustJoan
FiatLuxWow, I had an identity crisis there for a minute with you being me ;)
Elaisdo you have your con report up?
JustJoanI never thought about that.
*** DeathIsYourArt ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
MattHHiya DIYA
JustJoanI had trouble with your site IG
DeathIsYourArtHello Harris!, Hello everyone
JustJoanHi DIYA
impalergeneralwhat was wrong, JJ?
FiatLuxWell, we are getting a regular full house tonight.
JustJoandunno I ought to give it another go, huh? :)
Elaismost we've had in the room in a long time
FiatLuxHee, they're cheering.
Amy_MadisonBe back .....
impalergeneralI always check to see if the links I add actually work. I also proofread some of the stuff
JustJoanoh no, it's okay I was thinking about someone else
impalergeneralStill, I just hope anyone else who wants to take a look at the Vulkon report may be interested
JustJoanI've read a LOT of con reports in the last few days
impalergeneralonly one regret...couldn't make it to Saturday's show with Alexis and Nick (sob)
DeathIsYourArtawww poor IG
JustJoanhey, I heard Tony called Aria out right there about cancelling him for MR
impalergeneralwell, it was work commitments
*** Chennie ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
Elaisnot really
MattHHiya Chennie
redeem147Hey chen
ChennieHello there
DeathIsYourArtHello Chennie
MattHYay - opening music.
Elaisit think it really was the money
JustJoanhey Chennie
DeathIsYourArtYAY kitty, it is like they never left
*** jerrymcl89 ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
impalergeneralhere we are fot the Last Waltz, Last Picture Show, and whatever finality we must face
JustJoanwhat, I must be so lagged.
redeem147And jerry.
MattHHiya Jerry
JustJoanOh here we go!!!!!!
FiatLuxEverybody got their tissues ready?
redeem147I'm all misty
ChennieOh, yeah.
ChennieI forgot how to change colors
ElaisI think Tony is a pretty expensive guest Impaler
ChennieDoes anybody remember?
JustJoanoh it's so exciting
Elaisremember what Chennie?
impalergeneralreally? I didn't mention the specifics about some of the contract problems he faced in the past about cons
ChennieHow to change the text colors
impalergeneralI stuck to what he said..because that's more interesting
DeathIsYourArtThey almost didn't have the show again...jeez
impalergeneralBy the way, I got a photo op with him, and as soon as I frame the picture, I will take a picture of it'
redeem147Yes, and Julie Benz was filming a movie during Vulkon - not.
MattHDon't know the IRC commands....Trillian has its own method of doing it.
jerrymcl89I'm trying to figure out the colors.
ChennieI think I give up
Elaiscongrats on the photo op with Tony, impaler
Elaiswas that the only photo op you got?
JustJoanwish me luck, I'm going to try to reconnect so I'm less lagged.
impalergeneralI was guilty of asking him a dumb question: if he was a sports fan
redeem147Logan is getting so big already, according to the photos
impalergeneralbut these things happen.
MattHShoutout to the chat room...
DeathIsYourArtYou are lagged Harris
redeem147Wow. I'm not lagged?
redeem147That's a change.
Chenniebelieve it or not Colleen
jerrymcl89I don't think I am lagged.
DeathIsYourArtThey will open their presents on the air
ChennieI can't believe I'm so emotional.
DeathIsYourArtShe got my gift :>
impalergeneralman, why aren't Kitty and Candy a famous nationally known radio talk show duo?
ChennieYay Death
redeem147You've been listening for years, chen
jerrymcl89Chen, are you using Mirc ?
impalergeneralthat way, we don't lose them
ChennieYes, I'm using Irc
ChennieTrue Colleen, but it's been so long since I've had any Jossverse emotions
Elaisgolden fang!
DeathIsYourArtProducer Ethan is going to talk!!!!
jerrymcl89Well, Mirc, which I think is just one Irc client, has a crayon icon to change colors.
MattHProducer Ethan - Talk? Wow...
ChennieI already did
impalergenerala confession? Hmmmmmmmmm.......
ChennieI changed my colors
ChennieThanks Jerry
DeathIsYourArtWe BETTER get kitty torture
impalergeneralbut with all easy questions
jerrymcl89I haven't heard most of the songs in a while.
redeem147It should be SC trivia
DeathIsYourArtDance song!
impalergeneralor how about Candy torture. Fair is fair
FiatLuxChinese Burn?
DeathIsYourArtof course
ChennieCandy torture... That's a good idea.
MattHCandy torture is just not as fun.
MattHShe doesn't suffer...therefore it isn't torture.
FiatLuxYay! I'm dancing
FiatLuxWell wiggling.
impalergeneralshe can fake it, for friendship
DeathIsYourArtI really needed this! This week has been seven levels of HELL
ChennieI'm so miserable. Kick me if I get too whimpy
* DeathIsYourArt kicks Chennie to make them dance
*** suze2003z ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
MattHHiya Suze
FiatLuxHi suze
suze2003zsomeone kick JustJoan for me
* DeathIsYourArt kicks JJ
*** suze2003z is now known as JustJoan2
DeathIsYourArtWhy did I do that?
JustJoan2Some IDIOT phoned me!!!
ChennieCindy wants to the link for the irc thing online
jerrymcl89Lot of kicking going on.
Chennieanybody has it?:
JustJoan2lol DIYA
MattHBecause you are easily suggestible
redeem147I thought she had trillian, chen
redeem147Or the other cindy
DeathIsYourArtNo Harris, I am just in love with kicking these days
JustJoan2I unplugged the phone, but I got d/ced
redeem147Too many cindy's :)
JustJoan2what did I miss? What came from MA?
redeem147A box, jj
impalergeneralsome presents for K and C
DeathIsYourArtthe one from Adam I think
Chennieck cindy
Chenniecan anybody help?
* JustJoan2 buys DIYA a big pair of Doc Marten's
redeem147Right. The web interface?
DeathIsYourArtI have some but I can always use more JJ2
jerrymcl89I don't know the link.
JustJoan2they're for kicking :)
DeathIsYourArtMake sure they are steel toed
JustJoan2okay :)
redeem147I use Mirc
ChennieSame here.
*** Signoff: JustJoan (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
ChennieThey are so not going to Angel talk
JustJoan2oh hooray!
*** JustJoan2 is now known as JustJoan
jerrymcl89They've never AngelTalked before, basically :)
JustJoanoh it's the Succubus Surprise!!!
impalergeneralOh, this was from the secret depths of Yahoo Groups
FiatLuxOoh bubble wrap too. That's a plus.
ElaisI love bubble wrap
MattHThey need to post pictures later.
jerrymcl89You don't hear the word "unverklempt" every day.
JustJoanPics would be great
JustJoandon't cry yet!!!
JustJoanif they cry, I'll cry
DeathIsYourArtThis is GOOD radio, what are they talking about?
Elaisthere is no crying in radio!
impalergenerala lot better radio than the usual places
JustJoanI'm going to cry
Amy_Madisonnot yet
* MattH pats JustJoan on the back...
DeathIsYourArtpoor JJ
JustJoanthanks Matt :)
* JustJoan has a wobbly lip
ElaisKitty and Candy are so worth it
* MattH sniffles
DeathIsYourArtI wonder where fantasma is
impalergeneraland more
MattHKitty interuppted Candy
MattHJust like always
JustJoanokay, shoulda thought to get tissues with the Coke and crackers
DeathIsYourArtcoke and crackers? Do they actually go together?
impalergeneralgraham crackers, maybe
JustJoannot really :)
JustJoanrice crackers
DeathIsYourArtCandy is going to cry
JustJoanI'm already crying
*** Signoff: jerrymcl89 ((null))
ChennieI'm all ready with tissues
redeem147Pass me one
JustJoanargh! my sound cut out
JustJoanyeah! reunion shows!
DeathIsYourArtCandy is going to put up old episodes YAY!!!
DeathIsYourArtGood she is NOT ready the card
JustJoanyay! I would love to hear the really old stuff! :)
ElaisI'll be a downloading fool
MattHSame here
ElaisI should get a cd burner
redeem147Cool, death
MattHI'd like to hear the 2nd show.
JustJoanaww DIYA, that sounds so cute
impalergeneralIf there's ever a reason to get a big stack of CD-R's, this is it
Elaismy mom got a cd burner with her new computer
JustJoanI really *wish* they had a webcam
MattHThey are cheap ... probably get a USB based one for $75 or so
impalergeneralI have one, too. Created my fantasy Buffy soundtrack, with "possible themes" for spinoffs
DeathIsYourArttoo late now
Amy_MadisonI hope we get an MP3 of this show speccially
JustJoanthey don't take up much space on my (80G) hard drive :)
FiatLuxYes, I'm sure Joel will pull through for us.
MattHI am recording this as well.
JustJoanI was wondering if they could come back for the TV movies if they happen
FiatLuxAnd the other recorders as well.
JustJoango Joel!
MattHJust in case ;-)
FiatLuxOh, Kitty said something dirty. It wouldn't be TSC without that.
* MattH chuckles
DeathIsYourArtThere goes Candy again
DeathIsYourArtKitty got LOUD
JustJoanyeah, Kitty's all scratchy now... what happenned?
MattHSounds about the same to me...
JustJoanmaybe it's just WiMP... I do find the mp3s I download are always a lot clearer than live
Amy_MadisonI'll call during a break. if they have one
JustJoansomeone email ethan and tell him about it
JustJoanor phone, that would be better
Amy_Madisonso on Ethan's mug. his saying would be. MMMMRRHHHH!!!!
DeathIsYourArtThey are amking Ethan work a lot
FiatLux"I liked it." "It was OK" Those are quotes I remember
MattHYeah...that is about all he has said.
DeathIsYourArtHe did say that Get It Done was his "favorite shwo so far this season"
redeem147I wrote SC on my hand after work, just to be sure I wouldn't forget the show is on.
DeathIsYourArtback i S7
JustJoanawww, don't cry again
impalergeneralEthan's the strong, silent type in radio
JustJoanamy, call now!
MattHProducers generally are.
FiatLuxWhen you call, tell Ethan that we're not bored. We're right there with 'em.
JustJoandidn't he have his own show at one point?
Amy_MadisonHe's lookin into it now
Amy_MadisonEthan say's HI! to the people in the chatroom
impalergeneralwe say HI back
MattHHi Ethan!
Elaishi Ethan!
Amy_Madisonand promises that the'll work on piccies
JustJoanHI ETHAN! :)
Amy_MadisonI just called in
JustJoanyeah, piccies.... please!!
Elaisthanks a bunch, Amy
Amy_Madisonor everyone
Amy_Madisonno problem
JustJoando they not monitor here during the show?
JustJoanKitty still sounds distorted
JustJoanit's really bad.
DeathIsYourArtAt least she isn't as loud as she was
JustJoanGM Mike
DeathIsYourArtBAD GM Mike
Amy_MadisonThey're not stopping the TSC, They're going to 'SpinOff' into thy're on seperate radio shows
Amy_Madisonno really
impalergeneralThe Kitty Show and the Candy Show? Nah
DeathIsYourArtHe has the phone sex voice going on
JustJoanwoo hoo!
JustJoantalk dirty to us Mike!
JustJoan*eep* I said that out loud!... or typed it anyway
Amy_Madisonwatch it JJ, remember , that's you Chatroom voice.......
*** Guest11069 ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
JustJoanand it's not at all sexy :)
MattHHiya Guest11069
Guest11069is anyone else having sound problems? like it sounds very very muffled?
*** Guest11069 is now known as MariAnn
redeem147Yes, very distorted.
MariAnnwell glad it's not just me
JustJoanhi MariAnn
Elaishi MariAnn
MattHI think it is the WiMP stream.. Winamp sounds fine.
Amy_Madisonbeen for awile
MariAnnHi guys
ElaisI'm on Winamp and it sounds fine
ElaisWinamp is usually better for me
Amy_MadisonEathan said he's working on it, BUT............
MariAnni couldn't get winamp to connect
* JustJoan wonders if it's worth installing winamp to hear the rest of the show properly
Amy_Madisongo for it
MattHYou should be dl the show and listen to it later...
MariAnnoh well that's what the mp3 is for
redeem147Takes me hours to download
* JustJoan wonders if she's got the installer on her HDD already. just waiting for these moments
Amy_Madison'Kitty and Candy' the video game
JustJoanhey look at that!
MariAnnlol where did he find this at?
JustJoanOMG that's SO much better!!!!!!!
JustJoaneveryone, run and instal winamp NOW
MattHGod this is great....
JustJoanand it only took a couple of minutes.
* JustJoan sadly missed it all installing winamp
FiatLuxEarlier I was trying to get WMP to work instead of Winamp
MariAnnah well joan that's what the mp3 is for :)
JustJoanwll have to listen to the mp3 later
FiatLuxJust keep repeating, MP3, MP3
MattHDon't forget to tap your heels together.
MariAnnthat IS much better
JustJoanthere's no place like WinAMP
DeathIsYourArtGM is IN the market
MattHYep - WinAMP really whips the Llama's ass.
FiatLuxIt's like a WinAmp commercial. Let's contact their marketing.
DeathIsYourArtKitty & Candy need to put his pic up on the website
JustJoanlol maybe we should...
JustJoanis he cute?
JustJoanwhere's that webcam?
impalergeneraldoes he have a Hummer?
DeathIsYourArtKitty says yes, but we NEED a pic
MattHAccording to K&C
FiatLuxI'm single...
MariAnnbye gm mike
MattHYeah...but you live in Texas
* JustJoan is in Australia
MattHBye GM Mike
FiatLuxMe? Kentucky
DeathIsYourArtSing along YAY!
* MariAnn Mariann is in Ohio
MariAnnhey fiat my boyfriend is in ky
ElaisI'm in South Dakota
* DeathIsYourArt in montreal
MattHClose enough for a Californian.... ;-)
Chenniethanks for the tip
ChennieI was using WMP and it was horrid
JustJoanman, I am so lagged.
FiatLuxWhat's he doing here? There's not many options... Army?
* MariAnn wonders if fiat is talking to me
FiatLuxYep, about your boyfriend.
MattHHere this song and I can just visualize Xander walking down the hall in Sunndydale H.S.
MariAnnjust checking
DeathIsYourArtI miss Xander *sniffle*
JustJoansomeone say when it finishes, so I know how bad my lag is.
Amy_Madisonactually, that's where its from
MariAnnno he lives there lol he's a electronic repairman
FiatLuxYeah Matt, the John Travolta walk in X's loafers.
DeathIsYourArtHarris knows, he is just visualizing
DeathIsYourArtending now JJ
MattHYup...with everyone looking at him....
JustJoanoh wow... I'm so far behind
FiatLuxCo-inky-dink. (I just realized I hadn't used that word since high school) anyway, MariAnn, I was an electronic repair(wo)man for about 5 min.
DeathIsYourArtow much you want to amke a bet GM Mike will not get on until there is only 5 mins left
Amy_MadisonGM's heading here
FiatLuxI didn't like it.
MariAnnlol he loves to take things apart and figure out how they work
redeem147Oh, no GM Mike
Amy_MadisonI think
JustJoanyay Mike!
FiatLuxThey are going to play Fatboy Slim, right?
MariAnnwoohoo mike
Chenniesomeone's in here?
FiatLuxI'd like to hear Love Shack too.
JustJoanwe're all in here!
Elaislove shack, baby
MariAnnlol someone's in the room where the internet is?
*** Joel ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHNews to me....
MattHHiya Joel
Joello people
Amy_Madisonhiya Joel
Elaishey Joel
JustJoanhi Joel ;)
DeathIsYourArt581 once the illegal ones were taken out
JustJoanoops that was not supposed to be a winky, but a :)
FiatLuxDon't you hate it when one person clogs up the internet?
MariAnnHi joel :)
MattHRepeat votes et. al...
ChennieHello Joel
DeathIsYourArtLeaving out person info to stuff ballot or repeat submitting
impalergeneralSarah got third?
Joelgo amy acker
DeathIsYourArtwith 0.2 %
MattHSarah Thompson - Eve
FiatLuxI think I voted for AA. She was good.
Elaissome actually voted for Sarah?
FiatLuxI can't remember.
JustJoanAmy *bleh*
DeathIsYourArtyes people did vote for Sarah
Amy_MadisonGo Harmony
DeathIsYourArtI can tell Kitty exactly what she voted for
MariAnnyes that shocked the hell outa me
MariAnnlorne i mean
FiatLuxI think with Cordy dying. I was spoiled though...
redeem147I wasn't. I started crying.
JustJoanI thought Cordy was already dead :P
FiatLuxI cried too, even knowing it was coming.
Joelpuppets rocked
FiatLuxWell, I think I teared up anyway.
Elaispuppets rolled
Amy_Madisonno Cordy was sort of in a Coma thing.
MariAnni cried the entire last episode
Amy_Madisonthen Diead latere
MariAnni thought cordy was just in a coma
JustJoanyeah, but I never expected her to come back.
MariAnni figured out that she died right as he picked up the phone
MariAnni'm a little slow lol
redeem147Me too, mariann
FiatLuxPeople actually voted for Angel/Eve kiss?
DeathIsYourArta couple people did
DeathIsYourArtI think 2 people did (I don't have it in front of me)
redeem147The sex was funny.
FiatLuxI guess I'm bias, it might have been a good kiss, but I didn't like Eve
impalergeneraldoes a wig count as hair?
MattHIt was indeed.
MattHI liked Eve.
MariAnnokay was nice talking to you...really sad about the end of the show :(
MariAnnglad to be part of this whole thing :)
Elaisthanks for being here MariAnn
impalergeneralso long, MariAnn
DeathIsYourArtbye bye Mariann
MattHCYA MariAnn
MariAnnsee ya on the list!
redeem147night mariann
MariAnnbye :)
FiatLuxBye, glad you came.
*** MariAnn has left #TheSuccubusClub
JustJoanis that Kitty sniffling? is she sick AGAIN?
FiatLuxPoor Lorne, he had so much potential.
FiatLuxSpeaking of which... Where is LLL
DeathIsYourArtGood question
Amy_Madisonthat would be interestin... Lorne as a Potential
FiatLuxHee! I'm picturing that Amy.
Amy_MadisonJane's working on GG I think
Amy_Madisonthat's why she's busy i think
Elaisyeah, Jane's on Gilmore Girls now
MattHNow I am picturing Lorne in a dress....ehhhh....
DeathIsYourArtNo she is on Tru this season not GG
redeem147Jane's really busy. She was in her hotel room most of the weekend at writercon, fixing an ep.
redeem147But not GG - Tru Calling
ElaisI thought someone was on Gilmore Girls
ChennieShe's such a sweetie
redeem147Last season GG
ChennieShe was
FiatLuxThanks for doing the GFs DIYA.
MattHThanks DIYA for handling the Golden Fangs
Joeli think JE has moved to tru calling
Joelyeah thanks DIYA
ChennieYep, she did Joel
redeem147yeah. We NEEDED the golden fangs.
DeathIsYourArtThat is because you are all strange people Colleen
Amy_MadisonI though those belonged to Spike
impalergeneralDid you guys know Four Star Mary was actually part of the All-Star baseball game a couple of months ago?
DeathIsYourArtNo SPike doesn't wear gold, just metal and Silver
Elaisreally, impaker?
FiatLuxReally? How did they do?
JustJoanI can't believe they are already into the last hour :(
impalergeneralyep. ESPN actually had them play, I think, before a celebrity softball game
ElaisI heard Jane was a big hit at the writercon
redeem147Jane was great!
MattHYeah - just 45 minutes until the end of the Succubus Club....
redeem147She told us how Buffy loved Spike.
redeem147And how they always intended that he was going to Africa for the soul, the chip was misdirection
impalergeneralor maybe preparation?
redeem147And she signed autographs like the Superstar she is.
DeathIsYourArtYa, I am suprised people still ask about Africa
redeem147And asked why there isn't more Jonathan slash.
JustJoanYou know, I really need clarification onthe Spuffy issue
DeathIsYourArtAsk Joss only
DeathIsYourArtEveryone else brings bias to the issue
JustJoanJoss is evil.. he never tells the truth
impalergeneralwell, I could consider the Spuffy issue just one way...but I won't right now
MattHExcept when he does ... just to throw you off.
Amy_Madisonyes i do
Joeljoss likes the misdirection
Elaishe misdirected a little too well
impalergeneralbecause spoiler sites just blunt the excitement of the big plot twist
Amy_Madisonhe never tells the truth. I am Lying.
impalergeneraland the WTF moment
Amy_Madisonsorry, star trek flashback
MattHSad - I got that. Kirk to Landru
Elaisthe Changeling ep?
impalergeneralI know whcih one....when Mudd tried to get a bunch of robots to do his bidding
Amy_MadisonMudd's Women...
JustJoanI don't read spoiler sites. but I would like to know the truth.. what Joss REALLY intended now that the show's finished
ElaisMudds Planet?
ElaisI think they did two or three Mudd eps
impalergeneralno, the one after that....I think it included a robot named Norman
Amy_Madisonthere were 2
MattHTwo Mudd eps and a Mudd clone in Trouble With Tribbles
impalergeneralyou know, when he had a robot that looked like his nagging wife, and he told it to shut up
MattHHe shows up in the books a lot.
Amy_Madisonthat's the one
Elaisyeah, I remember that ep
impalergeneraland wound up with 20 of them
MattH500 of them...
MattHWell, we saw one numbered 500.
impalergeneralwell, too many to listen to him
impalergeneralin the end, they fianlly got Connor right. That guy should get a movie or two
ElaisI loved Connor this year
ElaisI hated him before
FiatLuxI like to believe the "real" memories was he grew up in the family all along.
MattHI always liked Connor - just much more until the ned.
Joelconnor was good in the couple of eps he had this year
FiatLuxYeah Harris I liked the ned too.
MattHSigh...can't type - "end"
DeathIsYourArtCandy didn't like the dragon!
Amy_Madisonthere was a dragon in 'The Gift
Amy_Madisonactually , same one
DeathIsYourArtIt is the same Dragon
MattHI have the final couple of eps as Mpegs and haven't watched them....I am in the same boat as Candy.
Joeli loved the end
DeathIsYourArtSpike lived!!!
JustJoanOh no, I've rewatched a few S7 eps, and they don't really stand up to a second viewing
MattHThe final ep was wonderful.
ChennieSpike and Illyria would be the only survivors
Amy_Madisonhow did Candy get a boat
DeathIsYourArtActualyl I liked S7 more the second time around
DeathIsYourArtI watched it during a boxindg day marathon all at once
JustJoansorry not S7, I meant Angel S5
Amy_Madisondamn it, I still waiting for the R2's
JustJoanwhat about Angel
FiatLuxI would have liked something different probably, like Wes not dying but it's The End, so I choose to just look on the bright side.
Amy_Madisonthere the only ones I need
DeathIsYourArtIt depends on the episodes. The end of A5 stands up, the first half doesn't until Lineage
ElaisI can understand the ending, but I didn't really like it
Joelthere is not guarante they died
redeem147I was okay with Wes dying.
redeem147Even made me sad.
ChennieYou hated him since he took Connor.
redeem147Too true.
ElaisWes got me with his 'there is no perfect day'
redeem147Maybe not hate. Just not like.
Joelin fact the end in my mind had visions of a dozens of slayers coming to stem the tide
DeathIsYourArtThat is your babynapping issues showing Colleen
redeem147He's an interesting character, deeply flawed.
impalergeneralClearly Angel, Fredlyria, and Spike were left, then they went out to find Buffy's minions to join with them. THAT is what we should see next
MattHI don't think they are dead...
Joelthat was the good thing about it, you could imagine what happened to them
FiatLuxI think Gunn bit it. He didn't look too good.
DeathIsYourArtJoss said that Gunn died
impalergeneraland let's not forget there's Gwen, Connor, and Bethany Chalke out there somewhere
MattHWanting to hurt somebody is the cool part - that is an excellent quote.
MattHI am sure Gunn died.
Amy_MadisonI AM LYING....
FiatLuxI don't care what Joss says anymore. If I don't see on screen it hasn't happened yet. Maybe Gunn will pull through.
MattHThat was the Landru ep.... getting that right this time.
FiatLuxThey're kinda in Limbo as far as I'm concerned.
redeem147There's lots of room for fanfic.
redeem147Works for me.
Joelgunn was wounded, characters in the bufyverse get over that sort of thing all the time
JustJoanJoel: maybe the dozens of slayers arriving could happen at the start of the Angel movie
Chenniethey are all dead according to more than one writer and/or actor
DeathIsYourArtya but that is just what they think happened. Nothing is set in stone until Joss writes it
MattHSpike and Angel have been dead for ages.
impalergeneraland it's on the scren
impalergeneralscreen, that is
DeathIsYourArttoo true IG
ChennieMatt - *sigh*
Joeli really dont feel that they died
redeem147And if there should be a tv or theatrical movie, watch how not dead they are
MattHKitty Torture!!
Amy_Madison1. Faith is so hot..
FiatLuxYeah Matt don't bring in reality, I don't want to think about Buffy's rampant necrophilia.
DeathIsYourArtI want an Ethan / Where is Drunow movie
ChennieI pretty much can be happy with Illyria and Spike making out of it alive.
DeathIsYourArtDru now*
MattHIs it really necrophilia if the corpse moves?
redeem147I could get with a little A/S necrophilia. Just saying.
JustJoanlol Matt.
DeathIsYourArtKitty is being dirty
FiatLuxKid has good taste.
Amy_Madisonin 5 years... TSC - Where are They Now special
JustJoanI'm reading a Spander fic at the moment
Elaiswhere at JJ?
DeathIsYourArtkittyis too fast
redeem147I wrote a teeny little one.
impalergeneralThis is a family program?
MattHYeah - since when?
Amy_Madisonthat Rosewell dude
DeathIsYourArtgirl in School hard
FiatLuxI read a Xander/Giles one and it really creeped me out. I felt so dirty.
redeem147Oh, right.
DeathIsYourArther name escapes me
JustJoanIt's called Repossession... by Lazuli
redeem147The girl who won't do her homework.
DeathIsYourArtya her
Joelwhat was her nane again
FiatLuxOh, I loved the growling sound effect (I'm lagged)
JustJoanoh god, I'm so far lagged now. must be at least 2 minutes
DeathIsYourArtAnswer is wrong
MattHYeah - I am really lagged.
JustJoanthey are just starting on my feed
FiatLuxI'm right there with you JJ and Matt
DeathIsYourArtdinner and a movie
JustJoanKitty, naughty girl
FiatLuxI have #2 question starting.
JustJoanwith the squeaky springs
Joelbut he vamps the girl in school hard
MattHSpike wants to take it slow -- he has been hurt before.
FiatLuxAfter he fed her to Dru. I don't think she vamped her Joel.
DeathIsYourArt5) man U, people and dog racing
redeem147He vamped her, unless it was Dru. Actually, it was probably Dru
MattHNot a flashback ep.
JustJoanokay, this is painful. answers coming before questions
redeem147Except she was weak.
Joelman utd
FiatLuxDIYA I'm not even up to Question 5 yet, but I know what the question is just by your answer :)
impalergeneralMan U
Amy_Madisonsorry that's me
Joelhappy meals with legs
redeem147Dru may have been too weak to vamp her.
DeathIsYourArtwe never saw thought colleen
redeem147Nope. Ambiguous question.
ChennieManchester United
MattHDo we know Dru vamped Sheila?
MattHWe know we she drained her.
FiatLuxNow they are discussing the vamp order.
DeathIsYourArt7) kiss the librarian
redeem147But she would have to feed her her blood to vamp her.
DeathIsYourArt8) Pangs
Joelstarve to death
FiatLux#8 wow, you are so far ahead of me
DeathIsYourArt9) Giles as Fyarl demon???ummmm
DeathIsYourArtwhoops wrong
JustJoanI'm at 8 now
JustJoanI disconnected and reconnected
DeathIsYourArt11) hammer of the troll
Joeltony robbins
JustJoanRiley was my answer! :)
redeem147LOL JJ
DeathIsYourArt12) family Tara
DeathIsYourArt13) Dawntells, Anya saw
FiatLuxI'm going to have to pull out the DVDs after this and just have a Buffyfest/Kitty, Candy, Ethan going away party.
DeathIsYourArtDru saw not anya
JustJoanI'm goin to go and put some chips/fries in the over
FiatLuxThank goodness I can sleep in tomorrow.
impalergeneralDru was the first
DeathIsYourArt14) Spicy buffalo wings
redeem147Ummm. Spicey Buffalo wings.
DeathIsYourArt15) Trio
DeathIsYourArt15) ummmm wrong...the knights who say key
Elaisbuffalo wings
ElaisI'm lagging
FiatLux"I am in Season Five, I am in Season Five, I am in Season Five..."
FiatLuxOhm, ohm, oooohhmmm
JustJoanRiley, spicey Buffalo wings
DeathIsYourArt17) kittens siamese 6
Joelknights of byzantium
FiatLuxCandy is reading Kitty's mind.
JustJoanoh the knights
DeathIsYourArt18) Willow
DeathIsYourArtdamn it
DeathIsYourArtI am getting them wrong
DeathIsYourArt19) His mom
DeathIsYourArt20) Holden Webster
redeem147Who is coming to the sunndydale central con here next month :)
*** LornsLady ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHHiya LLL
JustJoanLLL! HI!
DeathIsYourArtLLL nice timing
redeem147Hey LLL
JustJoanwe were worried about you
LornsLadyHi! I completely forgot until just now :(
FiatLuxHee hee, the question about what Spike promised the loan Shark was just asked and then immediately read DIYA answer to #19. Hee, hee
JustJoanoh no :(
LornsLadyHi e3veryobdy
DeathIsYourArtfait: ROFL
Elaisthey mp3 will be up, LLL
FiatLuxI thought you were saying he offered his mom to the loan shark.
LornsLadyyeah, but it's not the same
FiatLuxDon't worry, you were here in spirit.
impalergeneraland those who came before us
Amy_Madisonit's worth it , just for the laugh
ChennieHey Lady
JustJoanI won a copy of The Watcher's Guide at the Nos Night I went to at Pages' Bar
DeathIsYourArtswings in Xanders, Posing for pics in Giles
FiatLuxHarris will post the transcript. Right Matt?
LornsLadyI've just been working on the Pretty/Scary site so much lately, time hasn't been available for much else...I'm trying to choose a Content Management System, plus find the right additional modules and stuff
JustJoanin London. Twas cool. (the winning. most of the people there were your typical sci-fi dorks. I include myself in that!)
DeathIsYourArtFAITH IS SO HOT (no bonus)
JustJoanmore pie?
LornsLadyI met Camden Toy recently
JustJoanLLL were you at Oakland on the weekend?
Elaiswere you at the con?
JustJoanwas anybody here?
FiatLuxI've been hearing a lot about him lately LL.
LornsLadyno, I'm in NJ...I met him at Horrorfind
LornsLadyhe is a very fan-friendly type
Elaisa lot of people have been raving about Camden Toy
impalergeneralI was. I have pix at
LornsLadyunlike Andy Hallett, who never apologized to me *rolls eyes*
Amy_Madisonthere cool too
Amy_Madisonany more ???
JustJoanoops my bad. I knew that! Where are the pics of you with the guests
Chennie> hand up
DeathIsYourArtAww LLL I'm sorry to hear that
Joelhand up
JustJoanwhy should Andy apologise to you
* JustJoan raises hand
LornsLadyBecause he cussed me out
impalergeneralI dont have pix with me and guests, just the guests
FiatLuxHand up!
JustJoanwhat, when?!
DeathIsYourArtThey keep cutting off Ethan
Chennieminutes to go
impalergeneralI have other pix with me and some peope, including Camden. They're in my site, too
FiatLux*sniffs* *puts hand down*
LornsLadyI sent him a very nice email a couple months ago, and the one negative thing I said (if you want to call it that) was that I liked his new site, although I wasn't "wild about the colors."
ChennieEthan will be able to talk?
ChennieI doubt it.
LornsLadyHe sent back two emails (one to his agent, Pat, but it was sent to me, too) telling me he didn't care what I thought about the "fucking" colors
impalergeneralmaybe K and C should sign off with "You'll Never Walk Alone"
JustJoanooh Kitty just gave me a flashback of Anya at the end of the wedding ep. "I'm tired of crying"
LornsLadyand that if i didn't have anything nice to say, not to say anything at all...and the whole freakin' email was nice!
ChennieI knew they wouldn't let him talk.
JustJoanWhat? That doesn't sound like Andy!
LornsLadyI hoped to see him at Moonlight Rising (there was a whole back and forth thing going on with his agent and me after that), but he cancelled b/c of his illness, and I've given up getting an apology
DeathIsYourArtThey should have let Ethan talk a lot mre he has a great radio voice
LornsLadyit matches the writing style of previous (nice) emails he sent me
JustJoanI'm not doubting you. perhaps he was sick at the time?
LornsLadyPat said he "went ballistic" when he heard it was me he'd said that to (supposedly, he thought I was another Jennifer who's stalking him, but my signature should have told him it wasn't)...
Elais{hugs} LLL
JustJoan(benefit of the doubt)
JustJoanawww Ethan
LornsLadybut if he actually was upset, he would have apologized...I accounted for the possibility of him being sick, but that still doesn't mean he shouldn't apologize
MattHMaybe he was feverish and doesn't remember the e-mail.
LornsLadyI sent a copy to Pat...I still have the email
DeathIsYourArtBelieve me when I say that LLL went through all the possibilities trying very hard NOt to get upset at him
FiatLuxMaybe the thought he did apologize?
LornsLadyI'm still willing to forgive him...I adore his talent, looks, and singing, but he hurt me
LornsLadyI sent him a long email asking him to tell me if I should go to Moonlight Rising, told him I was hurt, and all that...he never contacted me...I've asked Pat about it, and got nothing from him
DeathIsYourArtEthan is a CHAMPION! Where is his amulet?
FiatLuxOne of us should send Ethan a frame for his "I love Ethan" paper towel.
LornsLadyI sent him a gift at Moonlight Rising, and I didn't expect a personal response (he sent one to Moonight Rising), but I'm just saying, he never contacted me at all
JustJoan{hugs} LLL
FiatLuxSo Ethan can cherish it forever.
impalergeneralwell, thanks everyone for these weekly gatherings
DeathIsYourArtAt least we have Ethan and Kitty on the S7 DVD :)
JustJoanOh I'm gonna start crying again
impalergeneraland I just ordered the S7 VD, too
LornsLadyI know how you feel
impalergeneralDVD, that is
Amy_Madisonplus we still have the chatroom
FiatLuxOh yeah, the DVD! I forgot about that.
JustJoanIG you can get VD for free from the right person! ;-)
LornsLadyI'll try to be back here next week if y'all are
MattHYeah - the chatroom isn't going anywhere.
impalergeneralI could, but a more right person wouldn't give me that
FiatLuxSame Succubus Time, same Succubus Channel.
JustJoanme too... we can listen to the old mp3s and reminisce
FiatLuxOh, Kitty talking about Logan's baby book is gonna make me cry.
DeathIsYourArtAnd we can harrass Candy and Kitty ot come visit on the chat
JustJoanIG: okay. the wrong person
JustJoanI wanna thank them for being there
DeathIsYourArtKitty better remember the sign off.
FiatLuxUh-huh, I'm crying.
JustJoanno. they should never sign off!
LornsLadyBe sure to check out my newest website,, which will be made much easier to download and more organized soon
impalergeneralall I know is...maybe they shold come back once Serenity is about to premiere
* MattH pats Fiat on the back...
JustJoanthey better announce if they come back!
DeathIsYourArtawww IG :(
FiatLux*blows nose on MattH's shirt* Thanks
DeathIsYourArtha ha ah Harris LOOK at your shirt *points and laughs*
impalergeneraltonight...the Buffyverse is truly over
Joel*tears up*
* MattH looks at shirt...makes a face
MattHYou're welcome
JustJoanFL: made me snort!
LornsLadyMy toes itch
FiatLuxChange shirts then...
DeathIsYourArtIG hold out hope that movies or SOMETHING will happen
FiatLuxGroup Hug
impalergeneralbut nothing dies forever...also in the Buffyverse
redeem147Until the Spike movie. I may be delusional, but i like my delusions.
LornsLadyMovies are supposed to happen
* DeathIsYourArt HUG
LornsLady*GROUP HUG*
* DeathIsYourArt HUGS Candy
* MattH HUG
LornsLady/me HUGS everyone
Amy_MadisonHEY, Don't forget the chatroom guys
* LornsLady HUGS everyone
impalergeneraland the WB can always crawl...or us fans can direct them WHERE to crawl..and with how much money (to SMG's house or Boreanaz or Hannigan or Nick...)
* JustJoan is really teary now [HUGS}
impalergeneralGROUP CYBERHUGS!!!
impalergeneral"It's a long way to Tipperary....."
* DeathIsYourArt sends big hugs to Candy
FiatLux"Oxygen, becoming an issue...!"
impalergeneralask that later, we're too sad
Amy_Madisonwhos butt is on you hand
redeem147Is anyone else getting phrases repeated?
* MattH points to the sign saying "Tipperay - Two Blocks"
JustJoanoh no, Candy! *sniff*
DeathIsYourArtWHo needs Oxygen? we are the undead
Chenniesorry for language
impalergeneralthanks for the Peanuts flashback, Matt
JustJoanheh. Snoopy
DeathIsYourArtCandy was saying about the not crying
JustJoanquick make a joke Kitty!
JustJoanoh good!
FiatLuxIs it just me, or are your screens blurry too?
FiatLuxBut you're grinning too.
ChennieBlurry here
DeathIsYourArtThat would be waterin your eye
Amy_MadisonIF only that damn jackass at the WB who canceled Angel could have heard this.......
impalergeneralhe wouldn't get it either
Chenniethis has been a very good fandom to me
LornsLadyWe shoulda stood outside his house protesting
MattHWell he is out of a job....
impalergeneralunless we explained it to him....slowly
DeathIsYourArtTHere are laws against that
Chennieuseless Lady
JustJoanbeing involved in Buffy fandom has changed my life.
LornsLadyFuck the laws!!!
Chenniesuits are posts
impalergeneralafter all, did Xena ever get an internet radio show? The X Files? Farscape? CSI?
LornsLadyAt least Garth Ancier admitted it was a mistake
DeathIsYourArtPoor Ethan, stuck in a room with two crying women
JustJoanhe might be crying too?
Amy_Madisonand in some ways that's cool
impalergeneralespecialy now
MattHMan, is his shirt going to need changing...
FiatLuxI'm so glad I started watching Buffy. Looking back it was a great decisive moment in my life because it led to meeting all of you.
redeem147Darn, my signal's so screwed up.
Amy_Madisonim feeling that there are goin to be a lot of Dl's for this MP3
ChennieYep Amy
Joelyeah my webspace is gonna get hammered
DeathIsYourArtPoor Joel
FiatLuxWe'll try to take it easy on you Joel.
impalergeneralwell, Joel, you better get some steriods for your site.
JustJoanwill the mp3 go up on Usenet as well?
Joelill post it there as well if the other guy doesnt
impalergeneralwell, what do we do know, Buffy?
Amy_Madisonthere were/are a few people that have aid that K/C sounded muffled at times.
impalergeneralmaybe get to work, like Angel?
Amy_Madisonis there a way to fix that Joel????
Amy_Madisonand thatnks in advance
JustJoanwell, the thing is, the Usenet versions are often clearer, I have to say. I don't know why
DeathIsYourArtCandy needs to hug her monkey
Joelits been crystal clear for me, so it should be ok
JustJoanCandy has a monkey? woo hoo hoo!
ChennieGuys, so bummed out.
FiatLuxI'd listen to Kitty and Candy read the phone book. Until Kitty and Candy smack me on the head for listening to someone read the phone book :)
Joelits cause i compress them to make the download smaller
ChennieGoing to nurse my wounds
redeem147Is it over? I'm still getting sound, but it sounds like earlier parts.
Amy_MadisonJoel got a mention
JustJoanthey are still talking here
Amy_Madisonand her
Chenniebye guys
LornsLadybye Chennie!
Chenniegoing to cry on my own
redeem147I get broken record phrases
FiatLuxOk bye Chennie.
*** Signoff: Chennie ((null))
JustJoanI'm officially gutted now
MattHWow - really lagged... just heard them mention Joel
JustJoanI'm so upset about this
MattHCYA Colleen
impalergeneralSomeone should sent a CD of this to Joss. It's because of him that we have this
FiatLuxMe too Matt
DeathIsYourArtKitty needs to do the sign off
LornsLadyMaybe Joss will create a whole new world that brings us all back together in that fandom
JustJoanare they gonna play the music
* DeathIsYourArt fingers crossed
JustJoanyou know, the closing song
DeathIsYourArtI actually miss Treble charger, and I wasn't that fond of them when they were a band
FiatLuxThe True Adventures of Kitty and Candy--with ProducerBoy Ethan
Amy_Madisonnot yet
Amy_MadisonBE here next week
FiatLuxLet's pitch that script :)
JustJoanoh, no she idd it
impalergeneralGood night, sweet prince and princess
DeathIsYourArtbye IG
LornsLadygood bye doll
JustJoan*did and they are playing the song
*** Signoff: impalergeneral ((null))
FiatLuxHugs all
redeem147Night everyone
* DeathIsYourArt hug
MattHYep...the SC is now over
DeathIsYourArtbye bye everybody see you on the mailing list
*** Signoff: redeem147 (Read error: (User has no peer))
LornsLadyBye DIYA
Amy_Madisonand the Chatroom
FiatLuxMatt gets to do his doorman duties
*** Signoff: DeathIsYourArt ((null))
Joelgoodnight to you guys, have a good one
JustJoanwow I'm a wreck. I really shouldn't stay up all late when I know I'm going to be messed up the next day
MattHYou too Joel....
JustJoanseeya Matt
Joelim at work in 3 hours as well... but i couldnt miss this
FiatLuxIt was worth it JJ, right?
MattHCYA Later.
JustJoanit's always worth it :)
*** Signoff: Joel ((null))
FiatLuxThanks Joel, I love the MP3s
LornsLadyI'll miss everyone, even if everyone is here every week
Amy_Madisonthey will. on the site
JustJoanLLL: I'm sorry about Andy. I can't believe he hasn't apologise
Amy_Madisonthey will on the site
*** Elais has left #thesuccubusclub
Amy_Madisongd ghrj
*** Signoff: Amy_Madison ((null))
LornsLadyit's ok JJ
JustJoanwow. I didn't know htat song was so long
LornsLadyI'm focusing on Oded Fehr lately :)
MattHCYA Fiat
*** Signoff: FiatLux ((null))
JustJoanon what?
* JustJoan hangs around just in case K+C come back on
LornsLadyOded Fehr, who played "Ardeth Bey" in The Mummy and The Mummy Returns and "Antoine LaConte" (the gigolo) in Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo
JustJoanmaybe, they'll hang around for Ethan's show
MattHSomeone is in denial.
LornsLadyHe's currently in Resident Evil: Apocalypse :)
MattHI have already stopped recording the show...
JustJoanis there a pie for denial?
LornsLadyBanana cream topped with chocolate syrup
MattHEgyptian Asp Pie....
LornsLadyand whipped cream, but that's essential for banana cream
LornsLadyno no, has to be a slow death
JustJoanLLL: where's your site again is my personal site, is my Lorne fic site, and is my women in horror site
LornsLady(that last one is co-owned)
JustJoancool. must be hard to maintain Love Lorne now?
LornsLadywell, I'm still into the character, but there's some stings here and there
MattHJust remember - Lorne isn't the actor...
JustJoanhey, it must be a message this song! :)
JustJoanno, but I thought LLL was wrapped up in both
LornsLadyi was...hell, I still love Andy, and want him to like pathetic is that???
JustJoanwhat would be in Asp Pie, exactly?
LornsLadyasps, a kind of snake
JustJoanit's always the ppl we love that hurt us the worst
MattHUsed by Cleopatra to kill herself - very poisonous
MattHWell - we really don't care about the people we hate.
LornsLadywrong...we care about ppl we hate
JustJoanI know that (about the asps)
LornsLadyWe care that they suffer or things go wrong for them
JustJoanbut I wondered whether it would be chicken flavoured
MattHAnyway - I need to be taking off....will be posting the transcript in a few minutes.
LornsLadymmm...chicken. I want some chicken
JustJoanyeah, but htat's a happy caring! :)
JustJoanokay matt, have a good one.
LornsLadyok, Matt, you take care
MattHCYA Later.....
Session Close (#thesuccubusclub): Wed Sep 01 20:24:17 2004