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MattHHiya CM
Elaishi Matt
Elaisjust us two tonight?
MattHSo what's up on this now permanently Succubus Club free night?
MattHFor the moment...
MattHIt is always possible that the will have a late arrival or two.
ElaisI have no idea
Elaismusic probably
Elaisi haven't tuned in yet
MattHHeh - I wasn't even planning on tuning in to klbc.
MattHI think I am going through withdrawl now that SC is actually over, though....
ElaisI got over it a while back
Elaisbeen so long since we had a show
Elaisit was a very good last show though
MattHHeh...the Golden Fangs made
MattHYep - it was.
ElaisI think it also made whedonesque
ElaisI was hoping pics of their gifts would be on the site
MattHYeah - that would have been nice.
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MattHHiya Amy
MattHWe were just discussing the last SC.
MattHSo what have you been up to?
Amy_Madisoncrying of the loss
Elaisme? not much
ElaisI've been reading the reports on the Oakland convention
Elaisand waiting to see what cons might come up next year
Amy_Madisoni saw some of those too
Elaisso far, the only thing that is scheduled is a con in Michigan with Tony, Nick and a couple of others
MattHMichigan - too far for me...
Amy_Madisonwher from again?
Elaiseverywhere is too far for me
Amy_Madisonneed to find one with Clare..........
MattHLos Angeles
MattHNot really into cons...they just remind me that two of my favorite shows are no longer on the air.
Amy_Madisonat least there not 'NATIONAL' cons (hint last week)
Elaishold on a sec amy
Elaisthere is this con I was thinking of going to, but no Clare Kramer
ElaisClare doesn't do too many US cons
ElaisI like them because I get to see James Marsters in person!
MattHShe not live in the US?
Elaisdon't think so.
ElaisI'll have to check her website
Amy_Madisonsaw him in concert/con in Sac last year in Sac.
Amy_Madisonnear here so i was going to go , but my sis in law got a few good piscs
Elaisno info on her website
Elaisnot sure where she lives now
Amy_Madisonwe need to star a 'Kitty and Candy' Con
Elaisthat would have to be an LA con
MattHI'd go to that, but doubt there would be enough people to make it viable.
MattHThe SC audience is too spread out.
Amy_Madisonmore likely get K&C (and Fam.) to a con and have a seperate panel for them
MattHThat might work..
MattHJust hope Candy can get some of the old eps converted to mp3.
Amy_Madisonthere were a few connection that I had during TimeCon (way early Doctor Who) conventions
Elaismy worry is Kitty and the new baby
Elaisbut a kitty and candy panel is a great idea
MattHWorry? Why?
Amy_Madisonis something wrong
ElaisI mean, traveling with a baby is no picnic
Amy_Madisondepends how far though
MattHAnd for how long.
Elaisthat's why I thought an LA con
Amy_Madisonalso depends on where they live .
ElaisI understood Candy is in Long Beach
MattHNear Long Beach
Amy_Madisondoesnt it take one of them a way away from the studio
Elaisand kitty somewhere an hour away from Long Beach
MattHThey had no difficulty getting to the Wolfram and Hart Annual Revue.
MattHWhich was in LA
Elaisyeah, maybe something like that
Amy_Madisongotta go for a few minutes
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ElaisI think there might be some kind of fan get together in April for the Firefly movie
MattHThat would be an excellent time.
MattHI am just wondering if the on-again/off-again BTVS cartoon is off again. Haven't heard anything in a couple of months
Elaisnot sure anything definite has been hammered out yet
Elaisit might be off again
Elaisonly because we haven't heard anything
MattHYeah - which is what worries me. In the Buffyverse, no news is bad news, especially if Joss is indeed the director for X-Men 3
ElaisI thought joss once said he wouldn't direct anything he hasn't written
MattHWell - there is no script yet, so he might end up writing that too.
Elaishe might be the best man for the job then
MattHOh, I don't doubt it would be the best of the 3 films...I'd just rather have somthing in the Buffyverse.
Elaisso would I
Elaisnot much we can do if Joss isn't interested
MattHI know.... :(
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Elaisthat was annoying
MattHYeah...well at least he/she hasn't spammed the group yet.
Elaiswonder how many other chat room he/she goes into
MattHMy guess is it is a bot. Probably hits all the open chatrooms on and other irc networks.
Elaisthat makes sense
ElaisIf joss does do X3, maybe some former Buffy/Angel actors could be in it
Elaispeople have often talked about James M. as Gambit
MattHWouldn't surprise me
MattHAs Gambit? I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the one.
MattHOf course, I really hate Gambit as a character.
MattHWould be interesting to see JM do a Cajun accent though.
Elaishe can't be any worse than Halle Berry as Storm
MattHTrue...but he could be just as bad.
Elaisalthough I liked Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
ElaisI thought the comic book Wolverine was a lot shorter and hairier
MattHHe was, but I don't think that is fantasically relevant, except Sabretooth is always calling him "runt"
Elaiswhat I mean is, they might not have Gambit have a Cajun accent
Elaishow relevent is the cajun thing with Gambit?
MattHThat wouldn't be the same character at all....
Elaisit is absolutely essential to his character?
MattHI'd say the character mannerisms are much more relevant than the looks.
MattHI admit that I stopped reading the comic books about the time Gambit joined.
Elaisi don't think I've ever read an x-men comic with Gambit
MattHI think X3 is supposed to be about Phoenix, so they really don't need Gambit, anyway.
Elaiswell, no
MattHI am thinking anyone JM brings in would be either a supporting character or a villian.
MattHI mean Joss Whedon, not JM...
ElaisJM can be a villain
MattHWell, yeah.... ;-)
MattHJust trying to figure out who....
Elaisperhaps some of his firefly cast
MattHMaybe a member of the Hellfire Club...
Elaissomeone other than Magneto as the villain
Elaiswasn't Jean part of the Hellfire Club?
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MattHUnder the influence of Mastermind, yes.
MattHHiya Fiat
Elaisso, Jean gets resurrected/captured by the Hellfire club
MattHFiat - So what is the video about?
MattHCM - That ties in well with the Dark Phoenix storyline.
FiatLuxOh. Took me a sec to figure out what you were talking about.
FiatLuxHey, you're young, bored, drunk things happen ;)
FiatLuxNaw, just an unfortunate timing on the tape.
MattHWe were just talking about X-Men 3, and if JW (assuming he does direct) would bring over actors he has worked with in the past (like JM), what roles they would have and so on
Elaishow about Nathan Fillion as Gambit?
FiatLuxI haven't seen X2. Watch the cartoon with the kids at the school every once in awhile. Whedon is up as a director?
MattHHe could do Gambit.
MattHIf is to believed, yes.
Elaisnot too familiar with the X-men villains
Elaisemma frost
FiatLuxI see Gambit as a little scrawnier than that. But like I said, I don't know much about that 'verse
FiatLuxIn the toons Gambit has a cajun accent, right?
ElaisAlyson became a 'white witch' for a brief time the comic books, also.
Elaisnot sure she would be the right physical type for emma frost, though
FiatLuxWhen I was growing up comics were for little kids and nerd boys. I'm trying to overcome that.
ElaisI buy comics on occasion
ElaisI might start collecting Astonishing X-men
ElaisI liked the last issue
MattHI don't see Allyson as Emma...her build is too slight... but she could surprise me...
FiatLuxI read ElfQuest some in college and I have 4 issues of Fray. Never got around to getting the whole series.
MattHNever cared for Elfquest...Fray was ok.
Elaisi liked Fray
Elaisdidn't like that it took so damn long to finish
MattHThere was that....
FiatLuxElf quest made me rethink comics a little when I noticed naked elves dancing around.
FiatLuxKinda gave me the impression this wasn't for kids :)
MattHYeah - I just never had any empathy for any of the characters.
FiatLuxUh, I made my cousin name her dog Cutter.
MattHAh, a real fan. ;-)
FiatLuxHe's an elf, yet has a very nice drawn physique...
FiatLuxI was lonely in college
Elaisall i remember of Elfquest is that the elves are really built
MattHWhich is why you took to making videos?
FiatLuxSee, comic books do cause devience.
MattHOr deviants are drawn to comic books.
FiatLuxYeah let's not talk about all the super women in tights who have breasts bigger than their heads.
MattHHeh...My favorite comics were Groo and Dr. Strange...not too many women in those (a few though)
FiatLuxBesides Elfquest and Fray which aren't really widely known I suppose, the only comics I know are the ones they make into cartoons.
MattHEh...the cartoon versions tend to suck ....
FiatLuxHmm, reading comic books are childish, but I still get a kick out of cartoon. Should I join Hypocrites Anonymous?
MattHActually, some of the comics were very well written...I don't consider them childish at all.
Elaisthe only cartoons I'm watching these days is Teen Titans and Justice League Unlimited
MattHI am watching is pretty good.
ElaisI'm actually preferring Teen Titan's these days
ElaisI thought the Question was very good
MattHThe Question was good.. voiced by the actor who played Weyloun on DS9 I think.
ElaisJeffrey Coombs, I read
ElaisI kind wished they had Flash instead of Green Arrow, though
MattHFlash would have been of more use.
FiatLuxWhere did Flash go?
ElaisI think the only point of GA was to ogle that female superhero at the end
MattHBlack Canary...and Flash could have done that just as well.
FiatLuxThere's a character called Black Canary?
MattHDidn't like the ending of the latest ep, though. It didn't seem like it would be in character for the Question to drop the investigation like he did.
Elaiswell, Green Arrow isn't that great a name either
FiatLuxAre you sure you're not watching one of those spoof cartoons? (just kidding)
MattHDC had some weird characters. I was a Marvel Zombie,.myself
Elaisit might come up in another ep
FiatLuxAnd did you know that Green Arrow is no relation to Green Latern?
Elaisyes, I know
MattHHer superpower is a sonic scream.
Elaisdidn't know much about Black Canary
FiatLuxOh, I get it. Like a bird...
MattHWhich green Lantern? There are 3600 members of the GL Corp, and have been several GLs on earth.
Elaisother than she was a character in the tv show 'Birds of Prey'
FiatLuxI guess all the cool bird names were taken
Elaisnot sure I like the new look of GL this season
Elaisthere is no Scarlet Sparrow?
ElaisEcru Eagle?
FiatLuxI'm not really making fun of the characters, well a little ;)
MattHThis season isn't up to the first two.
FiatLuxI like Purple Parrot
MattHRed Raven =
Elaisapparently TPTB wanted more stand-alones
Elaiswhich sucks
Elaisit is nice to see more characters
Elaisbut so little time can be spent with them
MattHI had a D&D character called Darkraven many years ago...another player created one called Red Raven as a knockoff.
FiatLuxTurquoise Tucan: he can shoot brightly colored cereal rings from his eyes.
ElaisI enjoyed that Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman ep a couple weeks ago
MattHThat was nice...the Batman sings episode was bad, though.
ElaisI got to see Zantanna again, which was nice
MattHI no they were going for funny, but it just didn't work for me.
Elaisbut it was too weird
MattHI just don't like the way magic is handled in the DC Universe...makes more sense in the Marvelverse
FiatLuxI'd like to see Batman sing.
Elaiswhat do you think of the Batman/Wonder Woman angle they are going with?
MattHEh...I have seen Batman can it go anywhere.
Elaisnot exactly a match made in heaven
FiatLuxThe Batman Beyond s that I've seen insinuate that Batgirl and Batman had a thing going.
MattHYeah...I don't see how anyone could have a good relationship with a man who dresses like a Flying Rodent anyway.
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MattHYep...I understaned there was a Batman/Batgirl relationship
MattHKind of incestous, I think
ElaisI didn't think it was incestuous
FiatLuxNow Batman and Robin would be a little incestuous.
FiatLuxAnd also gay.
Elaisdidn't think Batgirl would be interested in Batman
MattHBatman Beyond implied it was after Robin died, IIRC.
Elaisyeah, I remember
FiatLuxRobin died? I saw one where one Robin was turned crazy by the Joker.
MattHThere have been multiple of them was killed, I believe.
MattHThe original Robin split up with Batman and became Nightwing, a member of the Teen Titans.
FiatLuxDon't child services look into a rich guy who goes through kids like that?
MattHNot with his kind of money and connections...
MattHIn the comics, one of the Robins was female, I believe
Elaisthe cartoon Teen Titan's has Robin, not Nightwing
Elaisalthough the last ep they set in the future with Robin as Nightwing
Elaisor at least I remember an ep like that
MattHHow'd that work out?
Elaisnot sure
Elaisdidn't watch all of it
Elaisit was one of those time travel stories
FiatLuxTime for me to go.
Elaisyeah, I have to go myself
FiatLuxI'm gonna look up some of the Marvel comics
MattHOk.. hope to see you next week.
Elaisgreat talking to you both
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