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MattHHiya CM
Elaisheyas Matt
Elaisglad the new season is starting up
Elaisgive me more stuff to look forward to
Elaiswhatcha been up to Matt?
MattHSorry - was AFK
MattHThe new season is starting up? Already?
MattHAs for what I have been up to - addicted to the Memogate is almost as if I have a web IV into my brain, I've been surfing so much.
Elaisfrom the 60 minutes thing?
ElaisI try to avoid news like that
MattHKind of hard to avoid for has been all over the talk shows and the web sites I of my favorite blogs was the one to really break the story..
MattHSo when does the new Smallville air?
Elaisnext week
MattHExcellent...I am somewhat spoiled but haven't really been paying that much attention.
ElaisI'm somehwhat spoiled too
ElaisI hit a site called
MattHAnything there that is not on Kryptonsite?
Elaisprobably not
Elaiskryptonsite is the best source
MattHI used to get my spoiler fixes via the Spoilerslayer (though not for Smallville) but after they got a cease-and-desist letter from Fox for Tru Calling, Tensai has given up the spoiler business.
Elaisyeah, I was pissed about what they did to tensai
ElaisI hear Tru Calling is in trouble
MattHHow so? It was renewed....
Elaisyes it was
Elaisbut I've been seeing reports that only 6 eps are ordered
Elaisand I think they've pushed back the premiere date
MattHHmm...that doesn't bode well....
MattHRead the story - it's toast. (My interpretation, anyway)
* MattH sighs
ElaisFox sucks
Elaishave I mentioned that before?
MattHYes and yes
Elaispretty soon, Fox will have shows that last only one ep
MattHThose are called movies.... ;-)
Elaisthey're keeping arrested development
Elaiswhich seems to be the only quality show Fox has now
MattHNever watched it...have no idea what it is about.
Elaisa disfunctional family
Elaisan adult disfunctional family
ElaisI've only seen one or two eps, but a lot of people are raving about it
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MattHHiya Amy!
Elaishi Amy!
Elaisyes, it is a comedy Matt
Amy_Madisonsorry, a little out of it today .
MattHSounds like my entire week... ;-)
Elaisshould we kick you back in Amy?
Amy_Madisonjust litening to the 'Monkey Pen' conversation between Kitty and candy
MattHWhich one? That pen has come up in practically every show since they got it.
Amy_Madisonthe Dec 2002 show
Amy_Madisonwhere Kitty 'Stole' the monkey pen
Amy_Madisonand I want one
MattHYou could probably find one on the web
Amy_Madisonthe one that had the Kitty torture from Any's episode in season 6
ElaisI'm sure there are plenty of monkey pens out there
Amy_Madisonwhere Anya sent the spider demon, and Olaf was human
Amy_Madisonand it was season 7 i think
MattHThat was season 7 - Selfless, IIRC
Elaisa very good ep
MattHIt was...unfortunately it wasn't followed up...leaving Anya plotless for the season.
Elaisare you listening to the SC in order Amy?
Amy_MadisonI still dont have a few of them
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MattHWhich ones don't you have?
Amy_Madisona lot of the early ones. I;m still DL'ing a few of them from the site every other day
MattHI should probably inventory the ones I have and see if I can get missing ones.
Amy_Madisonplus the 'TAPE' versions that Candy said she might be working on
ElaisI would pay to have cds of the Succubus Club shows
MattHI am definitely wait for those...
ElaisI don't have a dvd burner
Elaisa cd burner, I mean
Amy_Madisonwhen does Ethans show supposed to start
MattHDon't know that I would pay for 'em, but I do want to hear them.
MattHHeh - I have two CD burners...;-)
MattHEthan's show is just straight music, right?
Amy_Madisonall the one I have are on a cd. They're in Data format. that's how I got ALL the ones I have to fit on one CDR
Amy_Madisondon't know
Elaisdata format?
ElaisI'm guessing that's different from mp3?
MattHI have about 60 or so - too many for 1 CD (some may be dupes though)
Amy_Madisonthere in MP3 format, but since it saved in data format, I have about 20 0f them on a cdr
Amy_Madisoni listen to them throught the computer
MattHData format - simply means the CD can be read via a computer CD drive/not a CD player.
Amy_Madisonwould have to break them up since cd's only hold 70 min and they are 2 hurs
Amy_Madisonand my DVD player
MattHYeah...mp3's are compress...plain CDs store their data in an uncompressed WAV file.
Elaismy mom as a cd burner
Amy_Madisonone of the advantages of having 2 MR DVD players
Elaisdo I do a direct download from the site or do I have to convert it?
MattHNah...just download it.
Elaisso you can get 20 shows on on cdr in the data format?
Amy_MadisonI think, i kinda put it away somewhere, and then lost track of it cuz we remodeled the house ,
MattHData CDs hold about 700 MB nowadays. The shows I have are between 15-20 MB for the most part, so I expect about 35 shows will fit on a CD.
Amy_Madisonso inm still looking for the cd. but i have a few shows on the HD
Amy_Madisononly 20 , since i also have a few other pics from my cast on the same one
Amy_MadisonI THINK
Elaisso I should look for data cds?
MattHAny blank CD-R and of course a CD-burner.
Amy_MadisonI found one of mine, i have 47 files on it. and there all SC shows
MattHNote - the CD-R should be readable in any modern (ie approx. 3 years or younger) CD drive
Amy_Madisonmost in MP3, about 5-6 in .RM
MattHI onlye have one in Real Media format...don't care for their player.
Elaiswow. that is a lot of files
Amy_Madisonmy WMP is 9 or something and it plays the other to
MattHYup - I have one music CD with about 150 songs on it... MP3 is highly compressed.
Amy_Madisoni have to go thru them though, a few are doubles, named differntly
MattHSame with mine...
MattHI downloaded some of Joels, even though I recorded the show myself a couple of times
ElaisI should look for Joel's site
Amy_Madisonis that one still up??/
MattHYeah - it only has the final ep up right now.
Amy_MadisonI know that he has the most recent oner up, but does he archive them somewhere
MattHI believe he keeps copies...
MattHI could be wrong, though ;-)
MattHI think they are all on the SC website though.
Amy_Madisonshould be
ElaisI'm glad I don't live on the southern coast right now
MattHYeah...I thought about moving to Florida a few years ago...then came to my senses...
Elaisin Floriday you get hurricanes
ElaisCalifornia the earthquakes
Elaisand fires
MattHWe used to get floods....then a drought.
Elaismakes me glad I live in South Dakota sometimes
MattHAnd in South Dakota you are next to North all evens out ;-)
MattHI do feel sorry for the people in New already averages 8 feet below sea level....
Elaisyeah, New Orleans is in a bad spot
ElaisI think I'll head on out early...I got some netflix dvds in the mail
MattHOk - what films?
Elaisthanks for the tips on the cd burning stuff
ElaisThreesome, The Apple, and Sledge Hammer
MattHHmmm...don't think I have seen any of those....give us a review next week.
ElaisSledge Hammer is an 80' tv series
Elaisthe other two are indie movies, I believe
MattHAh....that I've seen...verah funny
Elaishaven't seen Sledge since it aired
Elaisit will be interesting to see how much I remember
Elaissee you next week
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MattHI am going to head out, too, Amy. CYA next week.
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