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Elaishey matt
MattHHiya CM
Elaisflipping between smallville and lost
MattHI tried watching Lost....I just couldn't get into the pilot.. I might try again over the weekend.
ElaisI'm finding smallville a bit more interesting
MattHI liked last weeks episode
Elaisit was okay
Elaiswasn't too sure about Lois Lane, but I'm liking her much better this week
MattHI liked Erica Durance/Lois a lot more than I expected to .
MattHDefinitely more than I like Lana
ElaisI don't mind lana...but I prefer to see her as little as possible
MattHI just got tired of the endless repetition in her and Clark's semi-relationship
Elaisyeah, every episode ended with Clark and Lana
MattHYeah...doing the exact same thing...nothing...:(
ElaisI hated it
ElaisI loved when Lana got stomped by her own horse
MattHI just didn't like the melodrama.
ElaisI hate to see more melodrama this season
Elaisespecially now that Lana might be 'Lana - Warrior Princess'
MattHYeah..what are the odds that she would go to France and find the one kryptonian artifact in the country (assuming, of course, that France isn't loaded with Kryptonian artifacts)
Elaiskryptonians left stuff all over, I guess
Elaisthink they would be nice and clean up after themselves
MattHYeah, but in France? That is Conehead country, and everyone knows that Coneheads and Kryptonians never associate with one another.
Elaisthey just discovered a polar bear on Lost
MattHPolar bear? I thought they were on a tropical island?
Elaisyes, they are
MattHSo what is a Polar bear doing on a tropical island?
Elaisthat is one of the mysteries
MattHMust have been looking for a coke... ;-)
Elaishah, chloe's back
MattHBig surprise there.
Elaistotally surprised.....not
MattHFWIW, I put a lot of comments re: last weeks Smallville ep on my website.
Elaisoh good
MattHFor the direct link...
Elaisinteresting...Ma and Pa Kent are actually defending Lex
Elaisi hope clark and Lex kiss and make up soon
MattHEmbracing the HoYay! are you?
Elaisthe HoYay was there from the very first episode
Elaisi wouldn't mind if Clark and Chloe got together, though
MattHEh...I would have said that Season 1...lately I just don't think Clark could trust her with his secret.
ElaisI don't think Clark could either
Elaisnow Lana's got a secret of her own
ElaisI will enjoy seeing her squirm for a change
MattHWhat - the tatoo?
MattHNot much of a secret - just say alcohol was involved if it comes up...
Elaisdid you guys get an earthquake?
MattHNorthern CA - I didn't feel a thing.
Elaishow's Arnie being doing as govenor?
MattHVetoing a lot of things - which I like in a governor.
MattHCalifornia Insider (a weblog) has been doing a "Veto of the Day" feature for him. I think the CA legislature is one of the stupidest in existance, based upon the bills they pass.
Elaisguess the legislature is full of girlie men
MattHHeh - that it is. God knows they whine a lot.
MattHHere is one bill Arnold vetoed AB 2339 - would have required UC Regents, CSU Trustees, and state Board of Education arrange their schedules so that they never meet on the same days.
Elaishmm, interest piece on the driver's license for immigrants veto
MattHAfter last year, I was so surprised that the legislature keeps passing that bill. It is fairly unpopular with the public.
ElaisI would think that would be a popular issue with the hispanic community
MattHNot necessarily - a lot of Hispanics are against illegal immigration, especially the ones who immigrated here legally.
MattHOne of the big issues is that illegal immigrants could then use the drivers licenses to register to vote.
MattHKind of strange to me, as there is no sort of id check when one votes.
Elaiscan't remember if I had to show my id when I registered to vote
ElaisI may have needed my driver's license number
Elaisit's been so long ago
MattHIn CA, one can register to vote by mail.
MattHI wouldn't be surprised if there is a *major* voter fraud scandal in this election...fraud is just too easy.
ElaisI'm more worried about Florida
MattHYeah - there are about 60,000 people registered to vote in both FL and NY...
ElaisI want a clear cut victory for KERRY!
MattHThen you best hope he demolishes Bush in all 3 debates...'cause right now he lags by about 50 or so electoral votes.
MattHBTW, if you are interested, Bill Hobbs has added a voter fraud section to his website, to try and track this stuff
MattHNo matter ones political persuasion, it is scary reading.
ElaisI'm frightened enough as it is, no thanks *g*
* MattH passes Elais a bottle of Valium
MattHTake two of these and call me after election day...
*** Amy_Madison ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
MattHHiya Amy...I didn't think anyone else was gonna show.
Amy_Madisonwas as the doc todat
Amy_Madisonanother toothache
MattHWoudn't you go to the dentist for that? /rimshot
MattHHope it isn't anything too serious...
Amy_Madisonjust wanking out all the teeht put in implants
MattHSo other than dental agony, what have you been up to?
Amy_Madisonhave a sceeizure condition oan the pill that I've been taking for 10 years. they finally found that 'They may cause the gums to shrink'
Amy_Madisonno mych, missed another K&C radion show
MattHI haven't listened to any of the mp3's yet....too many other demands on my time.
Amy_Madisonand my typing is out due to being on 3 valium at the moment
MattHHeh - I just told Elais to take a couple of valium (we were discussing politics) ;-)
Amy_Madisonthene Id hav eto leave . I simply dont care about the political crap
MattHWe can easily talk about something else....
Amy_Madisonnah iz ok I have to leave soon anyway. valum making meez sleepies
Amy_Madisonjust checking in
MattHYeah ... you ar e the only person I have ever seen slurring their typing ;-)
MattH'Bout time for me to take off anyway...
MattHHope to see you both next week.
Amy_Madisonokie Ill see you next week then
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