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Elaisheyas matt
MattHHiya CM...wish this thing beeped when someone joins up... ;-)
MattHWatching Smallville or Lost?
Elaismisssed half of smallville because the channel wouldn't come in
Elaiswatching lost
MattHWell, that sucks...
Elaisdoesn't look like I missed much on Smallville, though
ElaisI probably download the ep sometime
MattHI admit I am pretty much unspoiled this time...not out of any desire to remain so, just lack of time....
MattHI have been watching Veronica Mars...think I am going to like that show...until it gets cancelled.
Elaissame here
Elaislost might survive
MattHGood ratings?
Elaisso far, it seems
MattHOf course, being on network TV and not being a reality show is a strike against it....
Elaisyeah...but ABC seems to have advertised the hell out of it
MattHYeah...and it kind of looks like the original Survivor...doubt the network execs are smart enough to tell the difference... ;-)
Elaiswish they put a little more action into it
Elaisget a volleyball game going
MattHI tried to get into the pilot.....just couldn't.
Elaisoh well
ElaisMars is the only show you like so far?
MattHThus far....dislike all of the flashblacks, but understand that they are necessary too.
ElaisI'm guess they'll won't be as necessary in upcoming eps the mystery is revealed.
MattHI miss the Buffy supernatural element, though.....
MattHDo you like any of the new shows besides Lost?
Elaisdesperate housewives might prove good
ElaisI've only seen the one ep of desperate housewives
MattHThe title makes me think of Danielle Steele for some reason.
Elaisnot surprising
Elaisthis could be thought of as a danielle steele novel of sorts
Elaiscan't think of any other new show
Elaislost and veronica mars are pretty much it
MattHNothing else is memorable...I am surprised that I liked any.
ElaisI watch Gilmore Girls
Elaisand will be watching Alias next year
Elaisoh, and Joan of Arcadia and Charmed
MattHJust Stargate and Enterprise for me...
Elaisoh yeah, Stargate!
Elaisnot the Atlantis one, though
ElaisI would have given Tru Calling a try this year, but fox has shelved it
MattHI like Atlantis, though it is too much like the original.
Elaisoh, thanks for that link you gave me to the blog of of that sacramento bee columnist
MattHDaniel Weintraub is pretty good....
MattHAnd you're welcome.
Elaishey! Arnie in Red Heat!
Elaisgod what a stupid haircut
MattHWho? Arnold?
Elaisi don't know how to describe it
MattHDo you have a link?
Elaisa pompadour?
Elaisdon't have a link....Red Heat is on tv
MattHNever mind...I saw it on imdb....It is a silly haircut
Elaishow can you take a guy lwith hair like that seriously?
MattHCompared to Davis, Arnie could have hair like the Bride of Frankenstein and I wouldn't care.
Elaisdid you watch the vice-prez debate?
MattHHe has been a good governor, all things considered.
MattHDidn't watch vodkapundit while he liveblogged it. Caught clips on talk radio today.
MattHI think debates are totally overrated, anyway.
Elaisfor partisans anyway
Elaisi think it might mean more to undecideds
MattHMaybe....but the data one gets in a debate is very incomplete.
ElaisI didn't watch the debate, but it wouldn't have changed my vote anyway
Elaisdebates aren't exactly built to spout complicated data
MattHI would prefer to listen to debates as opposed to watching anyway. I think visual cues as such are distracting.
Elaismaybe if they had pie charts....
MattHScrew the pie charts...I just settle for pie...
MattHI just think the emphasis on *appearance* detracts from focusing on issues...
MattHAlso, most issues can't be really covered in 2' with a 30 sec rebuttal.
MattHTV ads are even worse.
MattHSomething like the Lincoln-Douglass debates would be interesting....each person speaks for 1 1/2 hrs or so and then alternates ... for 6 to 7 hours.
Elaisdon't they do re-enactments of the Lincoln/Douglas debates?
ElaisI'm not sure I want to listen to Bush for that long
MattHI wouldn't be surprised....
MattHBush is actually a fairly decent speaker from a set speech...He gave a solid one today.
Elaiswe have no patience these days
MattHI think he has a speech impediment though
MattHYeah...I want patience....and I want it right now!
Elaisgive Bush a script and time to prepare and he's very good
Elaisit will be interesting to see how he handles a 'town hall' type debate
MattHHe is supposed to be fairly decent in that type of setting.
MattHI think he was just tired in the first debate.
Elaisreally? I thought Bush wouldn't be able to handle questions not given to him in advance
MattHMost of the problems he had with the 1st debate were style issues....people who heard the debate or read the transcript thought he did much better.
Elaisthat seems to be typical
Elaisbut as good as Bush does in the debates, I'm still not voting for him
MattHWasn't expecting you to.....
MattHMore on-topic, I hear Andy Hallet is doing much better...
Elaisyeah, I read his website today
Elaisgood news
ElaisI hope that voice gig he got is still open
MattHVoice gig?
Elaischeck imdb
Elaisa animated movie about geppetto
MattHOh....I vaguelly recall something about that.
MattHI am going to have to take dinner is calling me..
Elaiswhat does it call you?
Elaishoney bun?
MattHmmmm....honey buns.....
MattHAnyway, see you next week....
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