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Elaisthank god for the debates
MattHHiya CM
Elaishi matt
Elaisbecause of the debates, Lost has been pushed to 9 pm
MattHHmmm....what about Smallville?
Elaisi can watch and tape Smallville
Elaisusually Smallville and Lost air opposite each other
Elaistonight's Lost is supposed to have been written by David Fury
MattHSee...politics is good for something ;-)
Elais'Guys and Girls Gone Wild' appears to be the theme of Smallville
MattHDidn't they already do an episode or two like that?
MattHI mean with the little insects in Chloe and Pete. and the the funky flower...
MattHI like the new characters...but the writing hasn't gotten any better.
Elaisreading early comments on Lost
Elaissounds like a stellar ep tonight
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suze2000hi guys :)
MattHHiya Suze
suze2000how's it going?
Elaishi Suze
suze2000long time, huh?
MattHSomething like that...we were just discussing Smallville and Lost
suze2000oh I've only seen the first ep of Lost.
suze2000so don't spoil me, please!! :)
MattHI tried to watch it...couldn't get into myself.
Elaisyou think people would know not to eat or drink anything green in Smallville
MattHHmmm...actually...people who do either end up dead or in an insane asylum....sort of covering the problem up
suze2000I haven't watched Smallville since the first season. never grabbed me
MattHIts one of the few shows I still watch - Smallville, Stargate, Enterprise, and now Veronica Mars.
suze2000so I'm back in the UK. It's 2am here, so I don't think I'll be hanging around long
suze2000Survivor :D
MattHI can understand that....sleep is a wonderfuly thing.
Elaiskryptonite is green
MattHOr red or black
suze2000yeah, but it only affects Superman, doesn't it?
Elaisit weakens Superman
Elaisbut apparently juices up everyone else
MattHNope...humans it has unpredicable results on
MattHAlthough it tends to be deleterious in the long run
suze2000so, this is going off the canon of the original Superman series then? it didn't affect anyone then
MattHThere was a version that affected normal humans - Kryptonite X or something like that
MattHYeah - it isn't following the comics too close.
MattHIn the comics, Superman isn't immune to telepathy, for example. In Smallville, his mind can't be read.
suze2000obviously. :)
MattHDespite having the same level of intellect as shown in the comic books
Elaisthey've been more or less hinting that Kryptonite has given Lex super healing abilities
Elaisdon't know if that is canon in comics
MattHNot to mention the loss of his hair
suze2000see, maybe this is why it didn't grab me tha much. Plenty of beautiful teenagers in the show, but generally confusing with the ret-cons
MattHSuperboy was responsible for the loss of Lex's hair in the comics
ElaisI don't think anyone is thinking that the tv show supercedes comic as far as continuity
MattHNot so much retcons as an entirely different reimagining of the story
suze2000I dunno, I can forgive Joss a few dodgy ret-cons, but that's because it's HIS show.
suze2000when they muck around iwth somethign they didn't create, it seems just wrong
MattHWell the comics are varied also. Crisis on Infinite Earths totally reworked Superman
MattHNo more pushing planets around, etc.
suze2000really? hmmm... not really big on my comics I must say.
ElaisI've dabbled a bit in comics
suze2000Almost bought a $110 one for my ex for his birthday, then remember HE'S MY EX
MattHNo Superboy either...he is now a creation of the Time Trappers
Elaisnot a heavy reader by any stretch, though
MattHI haven't followed comics since the late 80s, although Joss is doing a bang-up job on the new X-Men.
Elaisyeah, I've been buying the Astonishing X-Men on a regular basis
suze2000Is that what it's called now?
Elaisone of many X-men titles, apparently
MattHOne of them...there are multiple X-Comics...Joss is doing Astonishing
Elaishe's supposed to be writing 12 issues?
suze2000I knew he was involved.
suze2000well, I won't be buying those for my ex either lol
MattHHave you watched Veronica Mars
suze2000It's not on here... didn't know if it's any good.
suze2000suppose I could download it if I got a strident enough recommendation
suze2000is it any good??
MattHIt is excellent...sorry it is not available in Europe
ElaisI've watched Veronica Mars
ElaisIt's a good show
Elaisdon't know if I could recommend that people download it though
suze2000why not?
MattHI would
ElaisI enjoy it, but I don't tape it
suze2000well, downloading is not that much trouble. More hassle is clearing space off the HDD to fit it on :D
ElaisI'm probably not going to get into a big panic if I miss an ep
MattHHD Space is always a problem.... :(
suze2000so not a recommendation then? *confused*
MattHI recommend it.
Elaislets put it this way suze
MattHIf'n you don't like can always delete it.
ElaisI would not dowload it myself
ElaisI cannot speak for others though *g*
Elaisvery true Matt
Elaisyou can always delete it if you find you don't like it
suze2000yeah, gotta love the delete key. :0
suze2000so guys, I'm flagging now. It's almost 3am.
suze2000I'll try to be more awake next week if I'm on. :)
Elaisbetter go to bed
suze2000yeah, g'night
MattHPleasant dreams
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Elaismake way for the soft porn on Smallville!! does go in for eye candy.
Elaischick fight!
Elaisdrat, that didnt' last long
MattHBetween who? Chloe and Lois?
* MattH wanders off to a happy place
MattHLike we couldn't see that one coming. I take it Kryptonite was involved.
Elaiskryptonite is always involved
Elaisits the smoking gun, the DNA, the eyewitness account
MattHNot is very overused though.
ElaisJames Marsters is supposed to be guest starring on an upcoming ep of 'The Mountain'
MattHSo I've heard...doubt I will watch, though.
Elaisit's a crappy show, but I'll tape James' ep
Elaisthat is, if the show survives long enough for the ep to air
MattHAny new show cancellations yet?
ElaisI missed watching James Marsters on an Northern Exposure rerun
Elaisnot as far as I know
Elaisthe closest thing would be Tru Calling
MattHI didn't watch a single ep of MT on Six Feet Under (or whatever the show was)
Elaisneither did I
Elaisof course, I don't get HBO/Showtime
MattHNeither do I...hardly a good reason....what with the 'net and all
Elaisreading comments on the debate...guess Kerry is doing okay we are reading different websites ;-)...from what I have been reading, Kerry looks really tired.
Elaiswell, the sites I go to are a bit on the left side ;-)
MattHPersonally, I hope the one undecided voter in the country understands the hell he/she is putting the rest of us through.
MattHHmmm...I never would have guessed ;-)
MattHMy A-list sites are all on my blogroll....moderate to rightwing...but hardly any surprises there.
MattHOne guy I like ( calls each debate in the first 5' or so. Pretty accurate except for the die hard partisans.
Elaisit's amazing how differently people view the debates
MattHHe said Bush sucked in the first debate and won the second.
MattHNot really...everything is seen through ideological filters...
MattHFor example...a candidate taking a pro-life position will generally be seen as winning that "question" with a pro-life voter and losing it with a pro-choice voter
Elaisbummer, that polipundit guy says Bush is winning this debate
Elaisgood point, Matt
ElaisI gotta stop watching the news
MattH"It bleeds, it leads"
MattHI quit watching the news years ago, except on very rare occasions....There is no way real issues can be covered in a half-hour broadcast where 10 topics are covered
MattHEspecially as most reporters tend to "misunderstand" complicated issues.
ElaisI'll be wailing and tearing my hair out if Bush gets re-elected
Elaismy hope now is that whoever is president in 2008 will be able to undue the damage Bush will do
MattHGuess no matter what happens, one of us will be bald come Nov. 3 ;-)
ElaisI could stand to have a new look. ;-)
MattHHeh - you have nice hair.
Elais45 minutes until Lost airs
Elaiswonder if I should tape it
MattHDo you plan to rewatch it?
Elaisdon't know
ElaisI've got plenty of tape
MattHThen you should record it.
Elaisrecycling the tapes of Buffy/Angel I made before the dvds came out
MattHI just threw mine away.
Elaistapes are pretty cheap
MattHYeah - I don't tape stuff much anymore though. Occasionally burn a show to CD...but I don't rewatch that many shows.
Elaistonight's ep of Smallville is the second thing I've taped this season
Elaisthe first was a rerun of a JLU ep
MattHI use my Showstopper (Replay TV) to record em, and then delete em. I almost never watch live TV.
ElaisI've been tempeted to get TiVo
MattHThere was no monthly charge for Replay TV when I got my Showstopper, which is why I picked it over TiVo.
Elaisnever heard of showstopper
MattHPanasonic version of Replay TV...don't think they make it anymore (could be wrong)
Elaishmm, 150 bucks for the 40 hour replaytv
MattHThat is cheap...mine is 40 hours and cost $450 in 1999 (or 2000...I don't recall)
MattHIs there a monthly charge?
Elais12.95 a month, 300 lifetime, I think
MattHThose lifetime things are always iffy, but I have never had to pay with my showstopper.
Elaisits a service thing
MattHThe big problem is the services tend to not make any money, and then go under.
Elaisservice things just seem like a waste of money
MattHYou might want to look into MythTV ( or something similar. Slashdot has had some articles on this an other PVR systems.
Elaisokay, mythtv is a do it yourself kind of thing
Elaisme no techno girl
MattHAh well...
Elaisplug and play is my motto *g*
ElaisLost will be on in a few
MattHOk...go get Lost .... he he ;-)
Elaishee hee
MattHCYA next week, then
Elaissee ya next week, Matt!
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