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MattHHiya CM
Elaisthe Flash on Smallville!
MattHYep...already rumors of a spinoff show...
ElaisI think they'll stay rumors
MattHMy guess as well...just thought it was interesting that they come out prior to the airing of the episode.
Elaisheh, Lex is one of the few tv characters who can pull off wearing lavender shirts
MattHLavender? They must really be going for the Ho-Yay! in this episode.
Elaisit's only ho-yay if Lex and Clark are in the same room
Elaiswow, flash can run on water
MattHAs he has done in the comics....can he run up beams of light?
Elaisdon't know
Elaismy Flash knowledge is pretty limited
MattHNot exactly one of my favorite DC characters either.
ElaisI liked the Flash tv show years ago
MattHI liked the opener, but they got rid of Iris Allen after the first episode....seemed too like a seventies TV show (Bionic Man, etc.)
Elaisooo, there is a plush replica of 'Smile Time' Angel being produced
Elaisyeah, but I bet there will be quite a few people who can afford the $50
MattHNo doubt.
Elaisdo you like baseball?
MattHI bet Muppet Spike would sell better, though.
Elaisi would buy a puppet Spike
ElaisI've already pre-ordered a couple of Spike figures
MattHThat doesn't surprise me.
ElaisI already have two Spike figures
Elaissneaky Flash
MattHDo they give an explanation for Flash's abilities?
Elaisaccident, I think
MattHNo kryptonite, I hope.
Elaisnot sure, will have to rewatch the tape
ElaisI think the red sox are winning
Elaisif they win tonight's game, they are in the world series
MattHHow long has it been since they last went to the world series?
MattHNever mind - I checked....they went in '86. Looks like a long time since they won.
Elais1918 or something like that
MattHYeah..that is what it said. Almost as bad as the Cubs.
Elaishow was your day?
MattHPretty good - much better than the last week or so...I am just getting over a cold.
Elaisthat's good
Elaisdon't suppose a flu shot would have prevented that?
MattHHad to cancel my D&D game on Saturday - that sucked.
MattHI got a flu shot
MattHBout 3 weeks ago
ElaisI don't think I'll get a flu shot this year
Elaisnever had one before
MattHI got it the day before they said there was a major shortage.
Elaisyou lucked out! it was free.
MattHIt was provided at my work place.
MattHSo how was your day?
Elaismy company bought another company
MattHWhich company?
Elaisbecause of that, it looks like I might be in a new position next year
Elaismy company is green tree
Elaisthey bought part of a company called green point
MattHSounds gfood...I have a job interview tomorrow, myself.
Elaispretty darn good ep of Smallville
ElaisDeKnight did himself proud
MattHBetter than last week, I take it.
Elaisyeah, not a cheerleader in sight
MattHHeh - I loved Chloe as a cheerleader last week.
MattHDave Barry is giving up his weekly column ...
Elaiswhat's he gonna do instead?
MattHYep ... for at least a year...
MattHHe didn't say....he will be posting sporadically to his blog, though.
Elaisdoesn't seem like writing the column took up that much of his time
MattHEvery week for 20+ years can be tiring, I guess.
Elaistough to come up with funny stuff every week for that long
MattHThat is what I was thinking.
Elaislooks like lost was another good ep
ElaisI need to tweak my vcr
Elaistry watching Lost while taping Smallville at the same time
Elaishow long have you been doing the D&
ElaisD&D thing?
MattHD&D - Since 1978/79
MattHDon't recall the exact year.
Elaisbeen at it a long time
Elaissame bunch of people?
MattHNot the same people...different people on and off over the years.
Elaisto you rotate being the GM?
MattHThe last campaign I was in, we had a rotating GM. In this one, I am the sole GM.
Elais8-1....I think the Red Sox are gonna wing
MattHI saw that score...maybe the Curse will be lifted soon.
Elaisalmost forgot, SMG is going to be on David Letterman tonight
MattHTalking about the Grudge, no doubt.
Elaisnot that I'm interested in the Grudge
ElaisI just wanna see how SMG does on the show
MattHToo late for my blood...I have to get up about 5:45 tomorrow.
Elaismost of D&D knowledge comes from reading Dork Tower comics
MattHThe interview is at 7:30 AM.
Elaisman, who sets up interviews at 7:30 am?
MattHApparently, the person I am meeting is a morning person. 7:30 won't cause me to miss too much time from work, either.
Elaisthat's true
Elaisdo you have a lot of interviews?
MattHThis is the first in a long time, but I have started getting calls from recruiters lately, so I think things are beginning to pick up.
Elaispeople calling you is always a good sign
MattHIf you like Dork Tower, you might like Nodwick -
MattHYeah...calls are a good sign. They dried up for about a year.
Elaisnice layout
Elaislooks pretty good
MattHFull Frontal Nerdity is pretty good too.
Elaisits kind of like getting a dvd of a tv show
Elaisyou can watch em all in one sitting
Elaislooks like it's time to head on out
ElaisI hope that job interview goes well for you!
MattHYeah...I still have some prepwork to do for tomorrow
MattHCYA next week, then.
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