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MattHHiya CM
Elaisheyas, Matt
ElaisI haven't thrown myself out the window
Elaisbut I am wearing sackcloth and ashes
MattHObviously not....
MattHIt isn't that bad...
MattHSackcloth and ashes is when you are doing penance....
Elaismaybe I should have worn black?
MattHI recall reading on a blog somewhere that the crew on Good Morning, America (or some such program) did all happen to be wearing black this morning. Just a coincidence, I guess
ElaisI might convert to Catholicism so I can pray that the country survives Bush for the next four years.
MattHBush did pretty well among Catholics...better than last time.
Elaisyeah, it's weird
Elaisit seems that this time it wasn't about the economy
ElaisI worry, though. I strongly support gay rights including marriage
MattHThe economy is actually better than when Clinton was reelected in '96 ... by the numbers.
Elaisdoesn't feel like it was better
MattHI am against any government sanctioning/endorsement of marriage.
MattHNews reporting on it was worse, but the actual jobless numbers, and other economic growth numbers are slighly better.
MattHI am just thrilled that Prop 66 here in CA was defeated.
Elaiswhich prop was that?
Elaisthere seem to be a helluva lot of props
MattHThe one to secretly gut our 3 strikes laws - All living current and former CA governors opposed it.
MattHUntil last week, it was leading by abot 60% to 40%
MattHCA has tons of propositions
Elaishow do you californians deal with so many props on the ballots?
Elaiswe only had three here
MattHJack Daniels...
MattHor his friends, Johnny Walker & Jimmy Bean
MattHI generally vote no, unless I have a compelling reason to vote yes.
Elaisdo you care what Arnie thinks?
MattHOccasionally....I care what I think, mostly. ;-)
ElaisI voted no on the three we had here
MattHI just checked - we had 16 propositions on the state ballot - not counting local propositions.
Elaisis that a record?
MattHI voted yes on two, and no on the rest.
MattHI don't think it is a record, but I don't know for sure. 2000 might have had more.
MattHJust checked - 2000 only had about 8.
ElaisI noticed that Arnie usually threatens to take the issue to the voters, if he doesn't get his way with the legislature
MattHHe compromises a lot, too. CA Voters can be somewhat unpredicable.
Elaisyeah, he seems to know what he's doing
Elaisand seems like one big upbeat dude
MattHHe is pretty popular (approval rating about 60%) last I checked.
ElaisI wouldn't mind him as president
Elaistoo bad he isn't allowed to run
MattHI don't know that I would want him for president....too liberal in some areas for me.
MattHIn case you were despairing enough to think about moving to Canada -
ElaisI was already thinking about that
ElaisI know this single Canadian guy....
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redeem147Hi guys
MattHHiya Colleen
redeem147What's shaking?
ElaisI might talk to him about moving to Canada
MattHNot much ... I've just been trying to talk Elais out of moving to Canada.
redeem147Why? It's a lovely country
redeem147We have lots of flu vaccine and everything
redeem147Got my shot tonight
MattHI got vaccinated in early October...
redeem147Good. Everyone should, if they can.
MattHI got sick about a week and a half later.
redeem147Even if they're at low risk, they can pass it to people who aren't.
redeem147Most people who get the flu would have anyway. You can't get it from the shot.
redeem147It would have been in your system already
redeem147Or you had a different strain (which is one drawback)
redeem147I got that and two allergy shots. Feel like a pincushion
MattHActually, I think it was a cold....
MattHI generally get very nauseous when I have the flu, but that wasn't a problem.
Elaisto move to canada, I would probably need a work permit
redeem147True. Not that easy it emmigrate.
redeem147to, I mean.
redeem147Silly fingers.
MattHAre they are different from spirit fingers?
redeem147Mine like to make typos.
ElaisI guess Canadian's are picky *g*
Elaismy Canadian friend lives in Calgary
redeem147I've never been there.
redeem147I think they have cowboys and such.
MattHOh joy - I have just started taking the local subway to work and there is an article about a subway collision in Washington.
Elaiswhich part of Canada are you from redeem?
redeem147I take the subway every day.
MattHI figure it is safer than driving...and I can read on it.
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redeem147I've been reading a lot.
MattHHiya FiatLux
redeem147When I don't doze off (and almost miss my stop)
MattHI did that last week..fortunately it was only by one stop...and they run every 10 minutes or so.
FiatLuxHi, long time, no see. Have I missed anything?
MattHNot really.
redeem147Just discussing the joys of mass transit
redeem147Is everyone watching Lost?
FiatLuxWell that's good. I was wondering what you all have been watching to take the place of Whedon shows?
MattHNot I
MattHI have been watching Veronica Mars, Smallville & Enterprise
redeem147I watch Lost, Smallville (yeah, I know WB, but I watch in syndication) and The Daily Show
redeem147and Davinci's Inquest, but that's Canadian and you probably don't know it.
FiatLuxI've watched one ep of Lost, is it worth watching more?
MattHI tried to watch the pilot and couldn't get into it.
redeem147I really like it.
FiatLuxI just watched Smallville, only because I got hooked waiting for Angel.
redeem147I watch Smallville cause I'm a Superman nut.
MattHI liked the first 2 seasons of Smallville better than last season or this one.
FiatLuxYeah, I've never heard of Davinci's Inquest.
FiatLuxI'm in the States.
redeem147It's an excellent cop show, about a coroner. Blows CSI out of the water
FiatLuxOk, so that's 50/50 for Lost.
FiatLuxReally? I like CSI.
ElaisI'm splitting my time between Smallville and Lost
redeem147I watch Smallville on the following Tuesday. Get a better signal anyway.
redeem147The WB signal here is pathetic
MattHBTW, Fiat, thanks for the link to Bowman on your game
redeem147Expecially Wed. nights, for some reason.
MattHThe only reason I have cable is because our UPN station was crappy and I was hooked on Buffy.
FiatLuxYeah Harris, pretty cool distraction huh?
redeem147What's Bowman (besides the guy in 2001?)
FiatLuxI never figured me for a TV snob, but after Buffy I'm willing to give shows like Smallville a chance.
redeem147Smallville's not too bad this season
MattHThe influence of Buffy on Smallville is pretty extensive.
FiatLuxYes! Matt.
FiatLuxI see it too.
redeem147Hm. The name Steve DeKnight couldn't have anything to do with that, could it?
MattHIt has been true for all 4 seasons of Smallville...
FiatLuxHee hee, don't forget Drew last season.
redeem147I was impressed with Welling last night (or last week to you) - didn't expect to be
redeem147He makes a good villain
MattHHe did a good job, but I dislike body swap episodes.
MattHPlus, I already saw that ep on Buffy ("Who Are You")
redeem147I don't mind them - gives the actors a chance to play
FiatLuxWell, I don't like to admit that I watch just because I'm atractive to actors, but....
MattHI don't think John Glover did that hot of a job as Clark.
FiatLuxIt doesn't hurt.
redeem147Yes, that surprised me too. I thought Welling did a better job (but evil is easier)
ElaisI have to agree that Tom did better
MattHYou're attractive to actors?
Elaisnot sure what else Glover could have done though
MattHWelling would make a great villain.
FiatLuxHey Harris, I'm only human.
redeem147I'm an actor, and no offense, but I don't find you that attractive ;)
Elaishe done the villain bit as Kal-el
FiatLuxOh, it's OK, I don't care if "they" find me attractive; I just like looking.
redeem147Just teasing
MattHI didn't really see Kal-El as much of a villain.
redeem147Red kryptonite Clark, you mean?
MattHNo...Kal-El as reprogrammed by Jor-El....first ep of this season.
redeem147I like seeing the things they take from the comics and the things they make up.
redeem147Oooh, when he was nekkid
MattHI liked what they did with the Flash.
redeem147Okay, I'm shallow.
FiatLuxI think he could be a villian. But I think they made the right choice and dumped him. It's not time for him yet, I want to see Superman struggling.
Elaisyeah, I liked the Flash episode too
FiatLuxI missed that ep.
FiatLuxWas it good?
MattHI am getting tired of the Kryptonite everywhere thing, though....I have trouble seeing how Superman can be successful when Kryptonite isn't as rare as it is in the comics.
MattHYeah....I'd like to see the a return of Bart (Flash) in another ep or 2.
FiatLuxBut like me, and maybe some other viewers, I'm not that versed in the comic book lore. Heck, Smallville and Lois and Clark are my Superman Bible.
MattHLois and Clark
* MattH shudders...
FiatLuxI liked that show.
MattHWhile I was a Marvel Zombie growing up I also read a lot of the Superman/Superboy comics - Legion of Superheroes also.
redeem147I like the way they blend a bit of Superboy, bit of Superman
MattHLana was more interesting in the comic books though.
redeem147Lana's new boyfriend looks like the Pete Ross of the comics (they guy she ended up marrying)
Elaistonights ep of Smallville wasn't quite as successful as the Flash ep
MattHYeah...I know the character they are using...I have trouble seeing how they can work that one in without a real comic book feel...
FiatLuxI don't know much about Lana since I'me not up on the comics.
MattHWell... in the comics she was a redhead...not at all angsty and introspective.
redeem147The comics have changed. Lana was his girlfriend in the old Superboy comics. In the newer continuity, she was his friend (who was in love with him) but not his girlfriend
MattHI haven't followed DC comics post-Crisis.
redeem147She used to be an archaeologist's daughter, now she's a farmer's daughter (though she recently left Pete, who's Lex's VP)
redeem147I read them in the early 60s, then switched to marvel, then went back to DC and Superman in the late 80s
MattHDid Clark still date Lori Lemaris in college?
redeem147Yeah. I'm waiting for that on the show :)
FiatLuxI've never heard that name. Did he ever go out with someone without the initials LL?
MattHI really don't read comics anymore...I gave them up after Marvel resurrected its vampires...(I was a big Dr. Strange Fan)
redeem147I lost interest in Marvel when they split up Spiderman into so many continuities - now DCs done it with Superman.
redeem147Well, except Fantastic Four. I still get that.
redeem147And, of course, Astonishing X-Men
MattHYeah...I couldn't keep track of all the Spider and X-Titles.
MattHJoss has done an Awesome job on X-Men...practically Uncanny how well...;-)
FiatLuxMaybe it's because I sometimes read Television Without Pity recaps, but lately I'm thinking that Clark and Lex have to get together.
MattHI can see how they come to that conclusion, but I don't buy it... I really like the Clark/Lex relationship, though. Harkens back to the original relationship in the comics.
FiatLuxI liked um... what ever his name was (myxlxplex?) but wasn't he from another demension and not just another country?
MattHYep. Looked like Mr. Magoo, too.
MattHMr. Mxyzptlk, was from the Fifth Dimension
Elaispeople have been putting Clark and Lex together I think even before the first ep of Smallville
FiatLuxI know enough about Superman lore to know that I don't remember a mention of Lois's cousin Chloe, but I really like her in the series.
MattHI don't think Lois had much of a family in the comics (other than her father).. I do like Chloe...I just figure she will be killed off sooner or later for continuity's sake.
FiatLuxWatching Smallville, I kinda want them to get together.
MattHI normally dislike Lois Lane, but I like Erica Durance's version - she is the only version of Lois I can see Clark/Superman actually getting together with.
FiatLuxYeah, I thought that she'd be dead given last seasons ending, but...
*** Signoff: FiatLux ((null))
redeem147Lois' father is military (like on the show) - her mother was very ill (which is when she and Clark got together)
MattHOh - she is still alive in the comics?
redeem147Far as I remember - she doesn't show up much.
redeem147Her dad hates Clark - thinks he's a wimp.
MattHThat is one thing I disliked about the comics - Clark Kent pretending to be a wimp...I know it is part of the disguise ...but he could just wear a mask....
redeem147Clark is so not a wimp now - just her dad's perception.
redeem147He's not crazy that Lucy (Lois' sister's) husband is black, either.
MattHOh... Archie Bunker Lane....
redeem147Much like.
MattHSo...does he call Clark "Meathead"
redeem147He may think it.
redeem147It was funny with the Flash. They worked in every name the different ones have had, I think
redeem147Can Green Arrow be far behind? all his ID cards...Barry Allen, Wally West
redeem147Or Aquaman?
MattHI'd rather see Green Lantern or Batman.
redeem147Do you watch Justice League. My friend told me to watch the other night. It was Booster Gold as The Zeppo.
MattHWonder Woman or the Martian Manhunter would be nice also.
redeem147Pretty much the same as the Buffy ep.
redeem147I think the Lana thing will tie into Wonder woman.
MattHI haven't watched that ep yet....but I do watch.
ElaisI want my Batman ep
MattHIn the Silver Age comic, she had a ring that gave her some sort of powers....occasionally did the superhero thing as "Insect Queen"
MattHRumor has it that a T. Welling is listed on the cast list for the movie "Batman Begins"
redeem147There are many rumours.
MattHYes...but this is a nice, interesting, juicy rumor.
redeem147I'm heading out. Nice talking n' all.
redeem147Specially about comics, which is one of my favourite things :)
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Elaisi better get going myself
MattHYeah...same here.
Elaismaybe I'll see you one day in Canada, redeem? :-)
MattHI do have some good news for you, CM
MattHAshcroft is resigning, according to Drudge.
Elaisyes, Matt?
ElaisI had expected Bush would clean house, so to speak
MattHI don't - much, anyway. Look how long he kept Tenet.
MattHAnyway, I'll see you next week.
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