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Elaishey matt
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MattHHiya CM
Elaiswatching Smallville
MattHHow is it this week
Elaisit just started
Elaisbut they had 'lana' burned at the stake in the opening scene
Elaisthat gets big points from me *g*
MattHI bet a lot of Lana haters loved that
Elaishowever, it looks like they are going to rip off charmed tonight
MattHYeah - got that from the summary... sigh. wish they wouldn't bring magic into the show.
Elaisthey are really desperate
MattHI hate to say it, but they should do more "ordinary" monster of the week, etc.
Elaissigh, Lana is mixing up potions already
MattHWe should have seen this coming...first, she starts wearing black clothes....
ElaisI heard there was gonna be torture on Lost
MattHI haven't even seen last weeks episode of Smallville yet...had problems with my Showstopper recording it
MattHTorture? Be interesting to see how it relates to what we saw on Buffy.
Elaisthis is ordinary torture
MattHSo was a lot of stuff we saw on Buffy/Angel - I am thinking of the Faith/Wesley scene...
Elaisoh, yeah
MattHOr Angel/Giles - that was kind of ordinary...
Elaishmm, Evil Lana isn't half bad
MattHShe mooning over Clark...
ElaisI think her and Clark are really kaput
MattHOne hopes...
MattHIn which case, what reason does she have to be on the show?
ElaisI have no idea
Elaisah, the power of three
Elaismy god they ripped off Buffy as well
MattHWell...smallville has been ripping off Buffy for 4 seasons - nothing new there
Elaisremeber that scene where Willow and Amy do spells in the Bronze?
MattHNo....I repressed's coming back.....aaaauughhh!!!!
Elaisat least I got a shirtless clark out of that scene
MattHSo - do they go to a magic pusher...?
Elaisno rack in this ep
Elaisunless you count the racks on the girls
MattHPrefer those racks to the guy we saw in Buffy
Elaishe was a bit too much
Elaisokay, one torture scene coming up!
MattHWho is getting tortured.
Elaissawyer is getting tortured by sayid
ElaisI'm watching Lost right now
Elaisit looks like there is a kind of torture scene coming up on Smallville
Elaisthe girls might be tying up Clark
MattHThat might not be considered torture to some people
Elaisheh, Lana is kissing Clark
ElaisI consider that torture
* MattH pats Elais on the back
MattHThere, there....
MattHI am watching last weeks Smallville...not sure that I liked how they dealed with Mr. Myxpltx (or whoever)
Elaisthanks, Matt
ElaisI remember Mr. M from the cartoon
Elaisso this Mr. M was a little hard to take
Elaisdoes Lex really have more kryptofreaks?
MattHSeemed a great deal like "Teacher's Pet"
MattHLiked the Chloe/Clark scenes
Elaisi was a little confused by Mr. M's powers
Elaisdid he have mind control or did he just control luck?
MattHProbability I think...Mind control didn't seem to work on Clark in the past
MattHHmmm.... Lex and Lana...that could be interesting.
ElaisLex should wear some kind of Lana repellant
MattHStill - breaking up Lana and her boyfriend...that scene made me think of the comic book version of Lex .... really well done
ElaisI don't really care much for Jason
Elaisjust another guy under the influence of Lana
MattHHe is all right...betcha he turns out to be a villain, though.
ElaisI wouldn't mind if he turned out to be a villain
MattHLana isn't that bad....she just needs lots of Prozac
ElaisI think Jason's mom will be appearing soon
Elaisshe might be a villainess
MattHWouldn't surprise me
ElaisSmallville is over
MattHThe ep or the series?
Elaisthe ep
Elaisit wasn't entirely torture to sit through this time
MattHI liked last weeks ... villanous Lex, nice interaction between Chloe/Clark, Clark developing a spine/growing up
ElaisI'm waiting for the upcoming lex-centered ep
MattHWhich ep is that?
Elaislemme check
Elaisthe one next week
MattHReally - that seemed more Jason-specific
MattHHave you been keeping up with Enterprise?
Elaisnever watched it
Elaisbut I've read many a comment that it is better this year
Elaisguess Manny Coto? is the guy they are worshipping now
MattHPity - the latest storyline (about Eugenic Wars remnants) is very good. Brent Spiner is awesome.
MattHWell...there is no topping Ricardo Montalban (sp?) , but Spiner is excellent as Dr. Arik Soong
Elaisyeah, people are raving about Spiner
Elaisthere was some spec that the Augments would be responsible for the rift between Klingons and humans
Elaisthere might be hope yet that Enterprise will survive this season
MattHMaybe....I think the Star Trek Universe is pretty much played out, though.
Elaisyeah, hard to see where they could go next
Elaisbut that might not stop anyone from trying has made Paramount tons of money
Elaisnot sure they can make much money out of it now
Elaisno new star treck movies coming up
ElaisEnterprise is looking shaky
Elaisdon't know if they are still doing star treck books
MattHI can't see another series...I agree an Enterprise movie is unlikely.
Elaisthe dvds are still coming out, I think
MattHThe TOS DVDs are ... books are the easy part.
Elaistheres deep space nine, the next generation
Elaisnot sure if the the enterprise dvds have started yet
MattHThe Enterprise ones have
Elaisdo they have any star trek video games?
MattHFor ages....I remember playing them in video arcades 15'-20' years ago.
Elaisthe only game I remember playing in an arcade was one where you were a female boxing kangaroo
MattHI was pretty good at the Star Trek game I remember...also Dig Dug and Galaga
ElaisDig Dug is familiar
MattHThere was a PC take off called Digger which my mom got addicted to.
Elaislets see, the only pc games i've played are Myst and Zork
MattHNever played Myst...I have played a few RPG type games and strategy games...not into FPS games
Elaisso, no Halo 2 for you?
MattHNope...I went to work today.
Elaiswork was extremely dull today
ElaisI have no net access at work
Elaisand they removed all the solitaire games from the pcs
ElaisI've resorted to writing fanfic to ease the boredom sometimes
MattHNo net access at work? Ughhh...
Elaisyou, like, gotta have a legit reason to have net access
ElaisI guess chatting on aim or posting on message boards isn't work related
MattHDepends on the board or who you are chatting with
MattHWe have a chat program at work (Lotus Sametime Connect) used to speak with coworkers
MattHSo you could say I get paid to chat ;-)
Elaisgotta run Matt
MattHOk - see you next week.
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