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MattHHiya CM
Elaishiyas matt
Elaishopefully smallville will be decent tonight
MattHYeah - I watched last weeks on Monday....everything I disliked about Charmed and Witches of Eastwick
Elaisat least it is starting out good
MattHThis is the "Lex murders some girl" ep, right?
Elaislana still manages to be in it though
MattHWell, yeah....KK is a regular.
ElaisI want lana to have as little screen time as possible
MattHHmm...I don't know how I realized that, but I did ;-)
MattHI would rather see more Lois and Chloe, myself
Elaisso would I
Elaisah, Jane Seymour as Jason's mom
Elaisnever did really like her
MattHReally - she was a great Bond girl
Elaiswhich one was she in?
MattHLive and Let Die - She played Solitaire
Elaisthat's the voodoo one?
Elaisdon't remember that one too much
Elaishoney rider is still my favorite Bond girl
MattHThey all blur together after a while.
MattHI can't say I have a favorite Bond girl...
Elaisdo you have a favorite Bond?
MattHBrosnan...I was a real big Remington Steel fan too...
ElaisI liked Remington Steele in the beginning
Elaiskind of lost interest though
MattHSame wasn't the same during the "just friends" phase
Elaishow did that show end?
MattHSeason 4 or 5 - there was a fake marriage so Steele wouldn't be deported. Was cancelled after that season
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MattHHiya Amy...long time. no see
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Elaishi and bye amy
Elaisswitched it a bit to Lost
ElaisI hope they reair it saturday
MattHHow is that show doing anyway? I haven't been following it.
ElaisI might have to download the ep later
Elaisit has been getting pretty high ratings
Elaisthey've renewed it already
MattHThat's good. When they skipped Veronica Mars last week, I was afraid it had been cancelled.
ElaisI think VM has been renewed as well
MattHThat is what I heard...doesn't mean much though...after all, Tru Calling was renewed.
Elaisbut fox treats good shows like crap
MattHFortunately, the reality TV craze seems to be dying out.
ElaisI don't expect it to complete die out
Elaisbut I hope it becomes greatly reduced
Elaisalthough, The Amazing Race started up again
MattHHow are its ratings?
Elaisdon't know
Elaisit premiered last night
ElaisI don't have the exact figures handy;-)
MattHFair enough...I know that most other reality shows have had their ratings drop considerably.
ElaisI think the problem with most of the reality shows is that very few of them can be syndicated
MattHYup - in the long run, Buffy or Angel will make more money than any of them.
MattHPlus, I doubt people will buy DVDs of Fear Factor, either
Elaisbut most execs see in the very short term
Elaisgonzo ratings NOW
MattHMost execs don't last long.
Elaislooks like stuff actually happened on Lost
MattHIs that unusual?
Elaislately, most of the episodes have had extenstive flashbacks
MattHHmmm...more like Veronica Mars than I imagined...that show has at least 1 flashback an episode.
Elaisokay...onto the Daily Show!
Elaisthe flashbacks focus on one particular castaway on the island
Elaisalmost all the main characters have had their backstory partially shown
MattHMakes sense..both shows need major backstory filled in.
ElaisI heard Arnie was in Japan
MattHYup - trying to pump up CA/Japan trade.
Elaisany sign he succeeded?
ElaisI should be getting my Buffy season 7 dvds soon
MattHToo soon to tell...personally, I doubt trips like this do anything.
MattHI will be ordering mine early next year...still haven't finished up watching my S5 & S6 DVDs
ElaisI'll probably be doing a marathon session this weekend
Elaisanything interesting happen to you?
MattHThose are fun, but my stamina isn't what it used to be.
MattHJust playing D&D this weekend....I have *tons* of prepwork still to do.
Elaiswhats the scenario this week?
MattHSame basic thing...I have a multi-level dungeon the players are exploring called "Ardivan's Keep"
MattHI think I put the ground floor map on my website...they have cleaned that area out. I've also be posting session summaries.
Elaischristmas commercials
Elaisbah, humbug
MattH'Tis the season....
MattHNice thing about not watching much TV...I don't see many of the commercials. As all of the shows I watch are recording, I just 'skip' past them.
Elaisis that a typical adventure?
MattHArdivan's Keep?
MattHBig, multi-level dungeons are what started it all, but they have kind of gone out of fashion. Most adventures are more like 1-2 levels if they have any underground areas at all.
Elaisthe quick and dirty adventures, huh?
MattHSome of them aren't that quick...just that they have moved beyond the "big hole in the ground" phase.
Elaisdo you still remember the first adventure you did?
MattHThat was over 20 years ago....
MattHBut I vaguelly recall it....wasn't a published module. I received the Blue D&D boxed set for my Birthday (I think I was in 4th grade)..Read the books and sort of made it up from there, running some friends through.
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Elaishow much D&D merchandise have you got?
MattHD&D and other roleplaying games....enough to fill a bookcase.
MattHThe rules I am using now though, are freely downloadable.
Elaisever been to a tournament?
MattHNah...been to a couple of cons a long time ago (10+ years)
ElaisI went to Dragoncon once
ElaisI wanted to check out some of the RPG stuff there, but never had enough time
MattHThe tournaments I went to were nothing but RPGs (and some Anime, for those who wanted a break)
Elaisone time at a fan party, I played a little bit of a Buffy RPG
ElaisI got antsy, though
MattHI never got that RPG.
MattHAntsy? Why?
ElaisI'm not very patient
MattHDepends on the style of game...some areheavy into roleplaying...others can just degenerate into mindless violence.
Elaisit seemed to be taking so long
Elaisbut I've never played a RPG game before
MattHDepends on whose GMing it, also. Most start out slow, but once characters are established, can move fairly quickly.
Elaisthat might have been the problem
Elaisit was a demo game
MattHI prefer playing in an established campaign...more room for the character to grow.
Elaisyeah, I think I played Xander
MattHBuffy was a little too low-magic for me to enjoy playing it. I also didn't like the D&D type stuff that crept in...didn't seem to fit.
Elaisyeah, it seemed a little odd
Elaisgeez, I better get going Matt
MattHOK .... see you next week.
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