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MattHHiya CM
Elaishey matt
Elaisugh. Clark and Lana kissing on Smallville
MattHAgain? They are doing more of that now that they have broken up than they ever did when together.
MattHAny witches involved this time?
Elaishah! Lana just stabbled Jason
Elaisthis must be that nightmare ep
Elaishow was your weekend?
MattHPretty good - had a nice Thanksgiving and didn't do much else. How about you?
Elaissame here
Elaisnice thanksgiving didn't do much else
Elaisstill trying to get that $17.77 box set of season 7 Buffy from the Target store
MattH17.77? That is cheap....
Elaisthey had a two day sale
Elaisbut when I got to the store it was sold out, so I got a raincheck
MattHI am part of the Target boycott, unfortunately in this case....
ElaisI pretty much have to call the store daily to find out when the get the dvds back in stock
ElaisI tried getting the dvds from Best Buy for the same price
Elaisno go
Elaisapparently they won't honor the Target price unless Target actually has the dvds in stock
Elaiswhich seems stupid
MattHThat sucks....just checked Amazon - that is about half their price.
ElaisI bought the dvds from Amazon weeks before Target had their sale
ElaisI'm getting the dvds for a friend
MattHMakes sense
Elaiswhich statement makes sense?
MattHThat you were getting them for someone else as you already had them
Elaisit was pretty easy, given that price
ElaisI was seeing a lot of people doing that
MattHYeah - that is cheaper than the S1 DVDs on Amazon.
Elaisgetting the dvds for money-challenged friends
Elaisswitching between Lost and Smallville
MattHI thought you taped one and watched it later....
ElaisLionel Luther looks pretty darn good in tonight's ep
MattHHow's the hair?
Elaisstill short, but very well styled
Elaisminor ripoff of the grudge in Smallville tonight
MattHHow so?
Elaisthat little boy with the black eyes?
MattHHaven't seen the film...
MattHI thought tonights Smallville would be more of a take off on "Fear, Itself" or "Nightmares"
Elaisit is, sorta
Elaispeople are getting hit with some kind of bacteria that makes them realize their worst nightmare
Elaisof course, there is a race for the cure
MattHClark immune?
Elaisso far
Elaisbut the bacteria seems to be kryptonite based
MattHBout what I immunity & kryptonite being the cause.
ElaisI think Lex is next
ElaisJason, Chloe and Lana have all been hit
MattHIt would be nice for a couple of weird things not attributable to kryptonite or other things far all I can think of are two in all 4 seasons.
Elaiscan't get away from the kryptonite
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MattHSo far the only "super" stuff we have seen that isn't Kryptonite based is Ryan's mind-reading abilities (he wasn't from Smallville) and Bart's speed.
Elaisoops, it looks like Clark has it now
Elaisnope, I was wrong
MattHWhich explains why they made it have a kryptonite base...
MattHHmmm...if he doesn't
Elaislooks like he's got super healing
MattHneed to get it, why base it on Kryptonite...lazy writers
MattHOne power he didn't have in the comics...
ElaisClark has all the other powers except the super breath
MattHIn the comics (pre-Crisis) he had super-breath and super hypnosis.
MattHDon't think he had the super-hypnosis post-Crisis.
Elaiskill me know Nick & Jessica's Family Christmas
MattHI have never watched their reality TV show...think I'll skip this too...;-)
Elaiscelebrity christmas shows are usually the worst
MattHHeh - I just ran across this in the last hour
MattHThe first Star Wars sequel - an animated Holiday special
ElaisI heard about a star wars special
Elaislooks horrific
MattHApparently Lucas hates it...considers it one of his biggest mistakes
Elaisthat was a weak ending
MattHWhat? Everyone forgets?
ElaisLex tries the cure on himself, it works, everyone is okay
Elaisthat was fifteen minutes before the show ended
Elaiskind of anticlimatic
Elaisthen they tack on a bunch of cliffhangers at the end
MattHIt is interesting that everyone (except for Pete) who learns Clark's secret either develops amesia or dies.
Elaisthey had that trio of baddies who knew about Clark
Elaiscan't remember if they all died or not
MattHOh, i forget - they also end up in insane asylums...
Elaisokay, Lost just ended
Elaisnow THATS how you do a cliffhanger
MattHLost ended on a cliffhanger? Also, I thought Smallville's cliffhanger wasn't until next episode...
ElaisI have to check to see if there is a new ep next week
Elaisdon't think so
MattHAccordint to Zap2It, next week is a repeat of the season opener.
Elaisah, holiday hiatus
Elaislost is a new ep next week, I think
MattHI may try and watch...probably won't though...
ElaisI saw the promo for Alias!
ElaisJennifer looks gooooood
MattHDoesn't she always?
Elaisthey'll probably air a billion times before January
MattHAlias is on ABC, so I doubt I'll see the promo...
Elaismaking any Christmas plans?
MattHTrying to get my mom to come down and visit.
MattHRates are low if she books now.
ElaisI imagine my Christmas will be exactly like thanksgiving only with presents
MattHUsed to be that way for my sister-in-law has decided she doesn't want turkey for Christmas, so we are getting lasagne
MattHMind you - I love just isn't that Christmasy...
Elaishaven't had lasagne in ages
Elaislasagne got red it in
Elaisget some green pasta and there you go
MattHThe tomato sauce....
MattHStill doesn't seem Christmasey to me...
Elaisturkey and/or ham doesn't seem especially Christmasy
MattHIt is what we ate at Christmas when I was growing up ...feast was practically like Thanksgiving, which was my favorite meal of the year.
Elaistoo bad you didn't grow up with a Christmas lasagne
MattHI had lasagne plenty of other times in the year....on my birthday several times.
Elaisdid it have candles in it?
MattHNo...they were on the cake ;-)
Elaisdo you have special holiday D&D sessions?
MattHNope...having a longer break because of the Holidays...when I was younger (aka in school and didn't have to work), we would have marathon 2-3 day games.
MattHWell, I gotta be going. I have last nights Veronica Mars to watch, as well as Smallville.
Elaishave fun, Matt
Elaissee you next week!
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