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MattHHiya CM
Elaiswatch Lost right now
MattHNew one?
Elaisyep, new episode
ElaisSmallville is in reruns
Elaisit's a double ep tonight...last season's finale and this seasons premiere
MattHYep, as is Veronica Mars :_(. Fortuntely, new eps of SG-Atlantis are coming out, or I'd have nothing to watch.
MattHLost has already had an entire first season?
ElaisI think a full season has been ordered
MattHExcellent .
Elaisi'm waiting for new Stargate SG-1 eps, but I guess that is not until January
MattHNope ..... sigh.
Elaisi think Battlestar Galatica is next month too
Elaisalthough I understand it is currently airing in the UK
MattHI'm not planning on getting involved in that one
ElaisI liked the miniseries
Elaisnot sure about the tv show
Elaisdo you know Erika Amato, Matt?
MattHI didn't see the mini-series, just the original. Ok for its time, but it would have been much better if J. Michael Straczynski or Joss Whedon handled it.
MattHNo. What about her?
Elaisshe's the lead singer of Velvet Chain
MattHWell...I knew that from a quick Google ;-)
Elaisshe's currently playing in a production of 'Paint Your Wagon' in LA
Elaisa friend of mine is going, and he has extra tickets
MattHI vaguely recall hearing about that....
MattHWasn't really interested...other than Shakespeare, the theatre isn't my thing.
ElaisI enjoy theater every once in a while
ElaisI like Shakespeare
Elaisbut We don't get a lot of Shakespeare or theather around here in South Dakota
MattHI haven't seen a play in years...I see maybe 1-2 movies a year.
ElaisI've always wanted to travel to NYC and see a broadway show
MattHYeah - I understand in SD that you are lucky if you have indoor plumbing ;-)
MattHMy brother lives in Idaho...I've had a lot of fun playing on stereotypes with him.
MattHOk - I'm back.
MattHSo what did you think about Lex's dream in last week's Smallville? I find it interesting that he has the exact same dream as Cassandra's dying vision.
ElaisI'm glad that was the dream they showed
ElaisI had heard spoilers that the dream was going to be Lex married to Lana
MattHYeah...but does it mean that Cassandra's vision actually just predicted that Lex would have this dream? Or were the visions produced by the disease prophetic?
ElaisI don't think you can prophesize what someone will dream
ElaisI'm leaning towards the vision as prophetic
MattHThen it is definittely strange that his nightmare was about something that will come true. What about the other nightmares?
MattHI would have preferred something about him turning into his father etc.... as opposed to just reusing old footage.
Elaiswell, they did have Lex and Lionel wearing the same white suit
MattHI just wonder if Lana is going to find out about Clark and stab him with a piece of Kryptonite... ;-)
ElaisI wouldn't mind that!
MattHI definitely liked the Chloe/Clark stuff at the end. Rumor has it that DC comics may actually add her to the DC universe in some fashion or other.
Elaisyeah, I heard that too
Elaisit would be nice if we got some more Chloe/Clark
Elaiscan't decide if Chloe knows about Clark or not
ElaisI was a bit annoyed that they brought up that finding her mother thing in this ep
MattHShe knows something about it.
Elaiswe had no clue she was looking for her at all in previous eps
ElaisIt was interesting that she feared going insane like her mother
Elaisthat would have been a nice parallel to Clark and Jor-el
MattHWell, she had to have some sort of big, juicy secret to reveal. I found her comment about telling the secret to "Clark's best friend" revealing though. After all, *Pete* does know it ...
MattHOr Lex and Lionel
Elaisdamn, for a while there, the show convinced me they killed Charlie
MattHWould that be bad?
ElaisI like Charlie
MattHAnd he is?
ElaisDominic Monaghan
Elaishe was either Merry or Pippin in Lord of the Rings
Elaisnow I'm watching Daily Show
ElaisI just luv Jon Stewart
MattHEh...not to my taste...
Elaiswhat is your taste?
MattHFor comedy? Don't really have it...I like Dennis Miller...loved him on SNL, but I just don't watch much TV anymore. (other than the shows I've discussed).
Elaisever see Bill Maher?
MattHYes....don't like him at all...but we are getting into political terrority there. :-(
Elaisdid you make your Christmas list?
MattHI really don't have a list - I just get something for my brother's family and that is about it.
ElaisI've got five people
MattHI am not really into the Christmas season this year - I don't know why...
ElaisI'm not so much into the christmas thing as I once was
Elaisgot no tree, or decorations or anything like that
MattHSame here...I have never decorated my apartment for the holidays.
ElaisI'll probably be spending christmas day at my mother's house
MattHI am going to my brother's ....I just hope we can get my mother to come down.
Elaishow far away does she live?
MattHAbout 350 miles - airline rates are cheap (about $90 round trip) if she gets the tickets now.
Elaisthat is cheap
MattHYeah...but the rates start going up within the 14 day limit.
Elaisdo you guys have christmas dinner?
MattHJust checked Fare is $39 one-way with 14 day advance notice anywhere within CA...round-trip with fees would be about $100. Not the $90 I quoted.
MattHYep - lasagna this year....
Elaisit will probably be turkey for us this year
Elaisunless it is a ham
Elaishow has work been so far?
MattHSo far this week...somewhat slow. I was feeling a little under the weather today, so I left about noon. I think I might be coming down with a cold (one is making the rounds again), but I feel better now than I did today when I left.
Elaisglad you're feeling better
Elaiswork has been slow for me too
Elaisbut it should get more interesting next week
MattHHow so?
Elaisthere are doing something of a department shuffle and it's supposed to be next week
Elaisit all ties back to a company we bought a couple months ago
MattHThose are always fun ;-) I learned on Monday that my boss is retiring on the 17th of this month (she is moving to New Mexico)
ElaisI guess they are still working out how to incorporate the new company's business with our own
Elaisany chance of a promotion?
MattHI'd settle for actually be hired...I am still a temp (18 months and counting). I did get a $1/hr raise though.
MattHWhat I'd really like is for the job rec at Countrywide (where I had interviewed) to be reinstated. The interview really was keen on me.
MattHAnyway, I need to go. I need to check on my laundry. See you next week.
Elaissee you later Matt
Elaishave a good weekend
MattHYou too.
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