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TheRealMattHHiya CM
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Elaishi Matt
ElaisI remembered this time!
MattHSo I see ;-)
ElaisI had the day off, so that helped
MattHReally - that is always nice.
Elaisbought a christmas present for my mother
Elaismet her later for lunch
MattHWhat'd you get her?
Elaisand bought the latest Astonishing X-Men at the comic book store
Elaisone of those book holder stands
Elaisand some stained glass coasters
Elaisnot exactly sexy-sounding gifts
Elaisbut I hope my mom will like them
MattHHmm...I wouldn't want to get my mom "sexy-sounding" gifts ;-). They sound nice, though.
Elaismy mom eats a lot at the table and she usually reads while eating
Elaisthought having a book stand might be handy
Elaisbut she is a mom, she would probably like coal if that is what I gave her *g*
ElaisI'll be driving up to my mom's Christmas day
Elaisthen we'll open presents and have Christmas dinner
MattHI'll be heading over to my brothers...I don't think my mom made it down, but I haven't heard anything yet.
MattHSo..have your preodered your copy of the next Harry Potter book?
ElaisI can wait until someone else gets a book and borrow it off of them
Elaisthe only thing I have pre-ordered recently is the season seven dvds and a couple of Spike figures
MattHI know I couldn't wait that long...I am hoping they will have the same day arrival that they did for OOTP.
ElaisI wonder how big it will be?
MattH820 or so pages IIRC...
Elaisthat's a lot
MattHIt *is* pretty hefty, but I like long stories.. ;-)
Elaishow many books in total?
MattHThere will be seven...this is #6.
MattHI am just wondering who dies...
Elaisi'm sure there will be lots of speculation
Elaisany ideas on the half-blood thing?
MattHFang ;-)
Elaisthe pressure must be incredible
MattHWell...I figure that he could have had a former owner....and dogs are often named Prince...
ElaisI mean for Rowling
MattHShe is also pregnant with her third child....
Elaisthat'll keep her busy
Elaiscan't imagine handling one child, let alone three
Elaisbut she can afford plenty of nannies if she wants
Elaisthe marketing blitz for the new book will be horrendous
MattHIt is already #1 on Amazon....
Elaisit is on preorder already? of yesterday....
Elaiswow, i thought it wouldn't be published until next spring or summer
MattHJuly is on preorder 16 months in advance.
Elaisman, they dont' waste any time raking in the money don't get billed until the book ships...
MattHPre-order is a lot cheaper too...$17.99 versus about $29.99 MSRP./
Elaisbut that kind of lead time?
MattHIt was like that for OOTP, IIRC
Elaisread any of the harry potter fanfic?
MattHHmmm....a company cloned a cat for $50,000
MattHYup....most of the fanfic I read nowadays is HP....
Elaisany particularly good sites?
MattH gives some of my favorite fics although Year of Rebellion (one of my top 3) isn't on there.
MattH for Year of Rebellion
ElaisI will try that Acceptance of Fate fic
ElaisI take it you're not into the slash stuff?
MattHNo slash for me....jess not interested....
MattHI also like stories that don't rewrite characters personalities....i.e. make Draco a hero or Snape loveable.
MattHRealizations is also excellent.
Elaisthanks for the recs
Elaisgive me something to read over the weekend
MattHYeah....AOF is at about 56 or so chapters now.
Elaishmmm, I wonder how Aeon Flux will turn out
MattHNever watched it.
ElaisI saw a number of the cartoons when it aired on MTV
Elaisthought it started out strong, but I lost interest towards the end
Elaisnot sure I'm interested in the Electra movie
Elaishave yet to see Daredevil
MattHI'm not - I never really liked Daredevil and Electra interests me not at all.
MattHI think the next film I'll see is probably Goblet of Fire...or maybe Serenity.
ElaisSin City might be cool
ElaisSerenity has been pushed to September
MattHI know...probably about the next time I will go out and see a film
Elaisnot sure what film I go to see next
MattHI don't even know what is planned for release in the next few months.
ElaisI'm not sure either
Elais'Son of the Mask'
MattH"Son of the Mask" as in Jim Carrey?
Elaisyeah, but as far as I know, Jim Carrey isn't in it
ElaisMirrormask is premiering somewhere soon
MattHHmmm....I smell a bomb...
ElaisCursed from Wes Craven
Elaisyeah, I seem to remember a trailer that had a baby wearing the mask
ElaisI expect it to be a bomb as well
MattHI considered going to see "A Series of Unfotunate Events" but then I remembered that I didn't like the books....
ElaisI never read the books, but I've heard they are depressing
Elaisnot a huge fan of Jim Carrey
MattHKInd of ... not as depressing as the "His Dark Materials" trilogy or something by Michael Moorcock, but they are kind of down..
Elaisthought they were developing His Dark Materials for the screen
MattHI checked out Movifone....nothing interesting coming out in the next few months.
MattHWouldn't surprise me....
ElaisHitchhikers might be good
MattHMaybe...I saw the original tv show, though...which I liked....the books went downhill after #3
ElaisI liked the original tv adaptation
ElaisI think I'll bug out a little early
Elaisthanks for the harry potter recs!
MattHOk - here is one more
MattHCYA next week... Have a Merry Christmas
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