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MattHHiya CM
Elaisglad I remembered
Elaisbummed about Jerry Orbach
MattHSame here.
Elaiswatching an L&O ep with him in it
MattHYeah - he was going to be in a new L&O series, too.
MattHI haven't watched much L&O recently, but I always enjoyed Briscoe...
Elaisnever saw Jerry in any of his Broadway musicals
MattHI didn't know he had appeared in any...
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ElaisI'm currently reading scripts of fictional season 6 of Angel
MattHAny good
MattHHiya Amy
MattHLong time, no see
Amy_Madisonhi guys
Amy_Madisonsorry, Xmas and all
MattHWell, I hope both of you had a Merry one...
ElaisI got what I wanted most at extended edition of Return of the King
MattHHow was the confrontation between Gandalf and Saruman? I understand that was one of the cut scenes restored on the CD.
Elaisit was pretty good
Elaiskinda short though
Elaisand it was Grimtoungue? who killed Saruman
MattHGrima Wormtongue - yes....though in the books it happened at the end of the scouring of the Shire.
MattHSo what do you think of the fictional S6 Angel scripts you linked to...I have been unable to get into any S6 fanfiction so far.
ElaisI like them
Elaisit is a bit more 'science fiction' than I would have expected
Amy_Madisonbeen looking for them myself. Where are the ones for Buffy. I had the link before, but kinda misplaced it
MattHLooking for what? Angel S6 fanfiction?
Amy_MadisonI saw a LONG time ago, that someone also continued with Buffy
Elaishaven't run across any Buffy fic like that, Amy
MattHThere were a couple of Buffy fics like that...none of which I really liked.
MattHI have read some post S7 Buffy fics which are very good, though.
Amy_Madisonah. okie. I thought I kinda heard of virtural (?) Buffy season 8 awhile back. Sort pf when I first left the air
Amy_Madisonagain that was a LONG time ago
MattHThere were a couple...they seemed to have died out....
MattHLizbeth Marc's Living History is quite good...set about a year after S7 -
MattHShe is also working on a sequel on her livejournal
ElaisI would be surprised if anyone actually managed to to do a full 22 'episodes' of Buffy
ElaisWorks In Progress usually winds up going nowhere
Amy_Madisongoing to check them now. Thanks
MattHI would rather read a novel length fic than 22 short ones
MattHM. Scott Eiland's Central is post S7 Buffy (AU for S5 Angel)
Elaiswhat did you get for xmas, Matt?
MattHJust some clothes...and a fruitcake...
MattHFortunately, my mom makes *good* fruitcake
Elaiswill miracles never cease?
ElaisI got a nightgown for christmas
Elaisbut it would look better on a 70 year old woman
MattHWell...there is no actually cake involved in is more of a candied jell.
MattHHmmmm...then it will be a while before you need to wear it.
Elaiswhats in the candied jell?
MattHFruit....I should have Mom send me the recipe.
MattHI don't know the actual details of the jell is fairly rigid and translucent.
Elaishaven't eaten it yet?
Elaisjust admiring it?
MattHAte it the first day.
MattHWish she had sent more....
Elaisgood food never lasts long
Elaismy mom can spend several days making lefse and it would all be gone within an hour or two
MattHI've never had lefse
MattHA type of bread isn't it?
Elaisit's kinda like a tortilla
Elaisbut thinner
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Elaisguess Amy was bored!
MattHI think she followed up on some of the fanfiction links I posted.
Elaisyeah, I've got those links saved to look at later
* MattH sighs
MattHI hate the midwinter TV hiatus
MattHI've been able to follow Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis via the web, but I am missing the rest of my shows....Veronica Mars and Smallville especially.
ElaisI am really looking forward to all new stuff in January
Elaiswhat do you think of Ben Browder being added to Stargate?
MattHIt is turning into Farscape....they just had the lead actress (forgot her name) doing a guest spot
MattHI didn't care for Farscape, though. I will miss RDA a lot...
ElaisClaudia Black
ElaisI know the UK has been able to see the new eps
ElaisI liked Farscape, but only watched the first two seasons or so
MattH9 seasons is quite an accomplishment though
Elaisdid watcht he mini-series
Elaisyeah, 9 is a LOT
MattHEspecially as it is still pretty good.
ElaisIt would be nice to get some new faces on Stargate
ElaisI'm not too bothered of RDA's time next season is limited
MattHStrange thing...we haven't seen much of the Goul'd this season
Elaisyeah, the replicators seem to be the big thing
MattHThey are making the same mistake with the replicators as Star Trek did with the Borg...they are giving them a human face/identity...
Elaisnot sure what other direction they could have gone if they were going to bring back the replicators
MattHI would have preferred them to get rid of the replicators....if they want a villain for the Asgard...use the Wraiths...
Elaisthe wraiths are the bad guys on Atlantis?
MattHYeah...the ones who beat up on the Ancients...
MattHI'd also like to see/learn more of the Furlings and the Nox.
Elaisthat would be interesting
MattHI'd also like to learn what the relationships of the other 3 races were to the Ancients...the early seasons made it seem like they were somewhat equal, but the comments made by Thor in this seasons opener sound like they were much more advanced than the Asgard at least.
Elaisthe races were Ancients, Asgard, Furlings and the Nox
MattHYep...I'd like to know what the relationship between the Asgard and the Nox is now...what happened to the Tollen after Anubus took over their new home planet., etc.
Elaishow are things at work?
MattHSlow...very slow.
MattHI expect January will be as was this year.
MattHWhat about at your job?
Elaisslow...very slow
ElaisI was able to read a couple of short stories and do a crossword puzzle during regular work hours
ElaisI don't have net access at work
MattHHeh...I spent the week working on some programs to use when we are busy....
Elaisso it has been extremely boring so far this week
Elaisthere are learning courses available on the company's intranet website
Elaisbut there are only so many I can take before I go batshit
MattHI feel guilty about doing anything not work related, even if there is no work....
MattHI totally understand...most such training stuff doesn't do much good anyway.
MattHAnd is boring to boot.
Elaisbarely remember what I've 'learned' two minutes after taking the course
Elaisbut there is literally nothing else to do
ElaisI'm hoping this is just a slow patch and things will get busier in a week or two
MattHThe other person in my department is one vacation this week, and it is still slow....just no work whatsover.
MattHOf course, when it picks up, it will all hit at once....
ElaisI'm not sure which is worse, being overwhelmed with work or not having any work at all
MattHNot having any work....that way lies unemployment... which is *much* worse.
ElaisI've been down the unemployment block one or two times
MattHSame here...way too unpleasant for my taste...
MattHNot much happening in CA at the moment...except rain
Elaisyeah, slow news day
Elaisthis tsunami thing will be going on for weeks has been a lot of rain...started Monday afternoon and ran through this afternoon down here in LA
Elaisnot much rain or snow or anything around here
MattHWe have more rain on the way, too...just in time for the weekend.
Elaismy sister gave me coupons good for free movie tickets
Elaismight see a movie this weekend
MattHIs there anything good to see at the movies right now?
ElaisI'm interested in 'The Woodsman'
Elaisthat's the movie with Kevin Bacon playing a child molester.
ElaisPG-13, I think, so no bad stuff involving children
MattHHmmm....can't be very realistic then
Elaiswell, he plays a child molester who has spend 12 years in prison
MattHCan't deal much with prison life then...not and be PG-13
ElaisI have no idea if it is 'realistic' or not
Elaisand I don't really care
MattHKevin Bacon is an excellent actor though.
ElaisI like Kevin Bacon, and this role sounds like an interesting one
Elaisnothing else really interests me
MattHHe even made me like Footloose...
MattHHave you seen the Incredibles? I hear that is an excellent film...not sure it is still playing though
Elaissaw the incredibles ages ago
ElaisI loved it!
Elaisoops, better get going Matt
MattHYep...see you next week.
Elaishave a good new years eve
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