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for January 5, 2005

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MattHHiya CM
Elaisheyas Matt
MattHNew eps, I take it?
MattHThere was a new Veronica Mars last night, but I haven't watched it yet.
Elaisyeah, I saw it
Elaisit was alright *g*
MattH3 more weeks until the next Smallville, 1 week until the next Enterprise....sigh
ElaisI can wait for Smallville
MattHI have mixed emotions...I see this season having the potential to be really good or really bad.
Elaisyeah, I know
Elaisthat's why I try to keep up with spoilers
MattHI haven't seen anything that leads me to have an idea on how which way it'll go, much depends on writing and execution.
Elaisvery true
ElaisI've been looking at getting airline tix for an event coming up in April
MattHI dread another Charmed takeoff...but there are so many other interesing possibilities...Clark and Lex coming to blows (figuratively) over the missing kryptonian artifacts, etc.
MattHWhat event?
Elaiswith delta airlines slashing prices, I might book tix next week
Elaisit is a celebrity poker tournment in Vegas
MattHCelebrity Poker?
* MattH restrains himself from smirking...
Elaissome Buffy actors will be there
ElaisI've emailed the gal organizing the con and seeing how many people have signed up to attend
Elaiswant to make sure it isn't cancelled because of low ticket sales
Elaisif the Vegas thing doesn't pan out, I might try going for either the Vulkon convention or the Destination LA event
MattHHmmm...Buffy Celebrity they play for kittens?
Elaisnah, they play for charity
ElaisI've bought into the tournament
MattHOh...well, good luck.
ElaisI'm a poker expert...I've watched most of the seasons of Celebrity Poker Showdown *g*
MattHI was never any good at card games....chess was more my thing growing up.
Elaisstill play?
MattHNot in years....I doubt I have played more than a dozen games sice HS
Elaisa guy I know is trying to master Go
MattHOne game I haven't tried....I am just sticking with RPGs nowadays
ElaisI've been thinking of buying the latest Myst game
MattHI tried the bored.. Haven't really been into computer games for a long time.
ElaisI liked the original
ElaisI had to resort to desperate tactics at some points though
Elaislike getting a walkthrough or cheat codes
ElaisI'm not much for the swords and sorcery stuff
MattHI played Might & Magic VI and Heroes of Might and Magic II...I also used the web for hints.
MattHBack before the internet, though, I actually figured out a few of the games myself....Wizardy, The Bard's Tale, Zork...
ElaisI played a Zork game
MattHBTW - I read that Angel Season 6 was pretty good, especially for the script format.
Elaisyeah, I really like the script format
MattHI'm the exact opposite...most script format fics I really dislike...I like ordinary, ole prose. There are exceptions, and the one you pointed me to was one.
ElaisI hope they manage to do the entire season
MattHIt'd be nice...rare, but nice....
Elaisreading the online sacramento bee
ElaisArnie in Action guess is the legislature is going to stymie most of his plans, and they'll end up on the ballot.
Elaisbut will the people understand what they are voting for?
MattHThey've done pretty well so far....not too many far out propositions opposed to the stuff that comes out of the legislature.
Elaisthe battle should be interesting
ElaisArnie against the Girlie Men
MattHTiring is more like it...CA politics is like Federal politics, but without the politeness and civility.
Elaislest than 10 minutes to alias
MattHDoes Lost follow?
ElaisLost is in front of Alias
ElaisLost at 7, Alias at 8
Elaiskind of figures, since JJ Abrams does both shows Buffy and Angel....
Elaishe's got a bunch of Buffy/Angel writers too
ElaisI think Fury, Bell are on Lost
MattHSo I've move on his part.
ElaisI know Drew is on Alias
Elaiscorrection, Bell is on Lost
ElaisI hear there is going to be an Angel comic this summer
Elaistaking place after the events of Not Fade Away
MattHBe nice...unfortunately, due to comic contracts issues, BTVS characters won't be in it...rumor has it Faith might.
MattHAlso, we now know Faiths last name....Lehane, IIRC.
Elaisheh, interesting opening scene
ElaisSydney is in a white negligee
MattHEh...Jennifer Garner doesn't do much for me, strangely enough.
Elaisnever got the appeal myself
MattHMy personal preference is for good-looking brunettes, so she should...but doesn't....
Elaiswhat brunettes do you like?
MattHHmmmm....Eliza Dushku and Michelle Trachttenberg (sp) come to mind.
MattHKristen Kreuk, also, though I don't like the character much.
Elaispretty exciting beginning
MattHWhat season is Alias in? 5?
Elaisboy, twists already and Angela Bassett too
Elaishah, this should be an interesting season
Elaisanyhoo....has worked picked up for you?
MattHNot really. Upper management is kind of in a turmoil at our local office.
MattHThe REO (who was also the interim local CEO) left abruptly and our office manager retired last month.
ElaisI was actually busy for a couple of days
Elaisthat doesn't sound good
Elaiswork is back to being slow again
MattHDepends on how it shakes out...
Elaisbut there is a prospect of getting new training the end of this month
MattHSo slow you are looking forward to training?
Elaisthe training is for the new duties we'll be taking over next month
Elaismy company bought out another company
MattHOh...what'll you be doing....
Elaismy job fuctions were essentially shipped to another office
Elaissome of the work done by the company we bought out will be done by us
Elaisso since December 15th, I've been doing odd jobs here and there
Elaismost of the time I take online courses through the company intranet
Elaisvery boring and time consuming stuff
MattHWell, so long as you aren't RIFed.
MattHReduction In Force(d)....a military term, I believe
ElaisSurvivor of RIF *g*
Elaistried watching a bit of the Orange Bowl last night
MattHAnd? I don't watch college football myself, although I have been known to watch the occasional Pro game on TV
ElaisI did say 'tried'
Elaischanged the channel
Elaiswhen I went back to the game it was like 38-17
Elaisfigured no point in watching the rest
MattHI *am* happy USC won...but had no interest in watching.
ElaisI had heard that the Orange Bow was supposed to be a good matchup
Elaisbut it was a blowout instead
MattHBTW, did you hear the 6-Apart (the people who make Moveable Type and run Typepad) may be trying to buy Livejournal?
ElaisI use livejournal
MattHI have an account, but just so I can post the occasional comment on other peoples sites.
Elaiswonder if they'll try to put ads on livejournal
ElaisI'm reading another board and there some debate going on about 'The Wizard of Oz'
MattHThe movie or the book? The book was fairly different...
Elaisthe movie
Elaisit started out as what happens if you took the red brick road?
MattHI don't recall there being one...the only t hing I remember was the yellow brick road
Elaisthere was
Elaisthere is that scene were Dorothy is in Muchkinland
Elaisand she steps on that spiral in the middle of town?
Elaisthe spiral was yellow brick as well as red brick
MattHYep...that was a yellow spiral...I kept thinking that she was silly starting at the beginning of the spiral.
Elaisthe discussion has kind of degenerated from there
MattHHeh...I was just checking my webstats, clicked on a link and realized that I have an RSS feed from my weblog....
Elaiswhat's an RSS feed?
Elaisyou like acronyms don't you *g*
MattHReal Simple Syndication, uses an RSS aggregator to gather information from various websites/feeds in one plave.
MattHplave = place
MattHI'm a geek....the TLA is part of my genetic makeup
MattHTLA = Three Letter Acronym
Elaisso RSS is good?
MattHIt means there is another way people can read it...I don't use RSS myself, but apparently Opera (my web browser) can handle feeds automatically.
MattHIt treats them like Operamail...kind of nifty
Elaisah, that's good then
Elaisthe more eyeballs the better?
MattHSomething like that....some RSS feeds sync to Palm Pilots etc.
MattHIt is a way of not having to check a website yourself...the aggregator checks every hour or so (or whenever you set)
Elaisso someone in Timbucktu can get to your site?
MattHWell...they already could...a new feed just lets them know if it has been updated and gives a synopisis (or copy) of the post.
Elaisbetter get going Matt
Elaisstill one more hour of Alias left!
MattHOk...see you next week
MattHWhat? A 2 hour opener?
MattHLucky you
Elaisand new eps straight through to may
Elaissee you later
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