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Elaisheyas Matt
Elaisalmost late
MattHHiya CM
Elaislooks like the Lost fan party is all set
MattHLost fan party?
MattHThat the one you were worried would be cancelled?
ElaisI wasn't worried about the Lost party
Elaismust have been the Las Vegas thing I was worried about
Elaisbut I have a new set of worries, now
MattHThat sounds about right...
MattHWhat new worries?
Elaisthe Lost Party and the Vegas even are being held the same weekend
Elaiswant to go to both, but I can't
MattHWell, if you gain enlightenment between now and then, you can use bilocation and be in both places at once.... ;-)
MattHOf course, if you are enlightened, you may not wish to go...
ElaisI'm also considering the grand slam event in pasadena
MattHWhen is that?
ElaisMarch 11-13
Elaisthere are a few non-buffy actors I wanna meet there
MattHAre you considering going to that as well as the Lost party, or instead of.
Elaisthe lost party is in april
Elaisso is the vegas thing
Elaisthis would be in addition to
ElaisRene Auberjunois and John De Lancie are scheduled to appear there
MattHAh... Star Trek
ElaisI loved those two in their other roles, too
MattHI liked Q...I also liked John De Lancie when he was on Stargate (forget his character name, though)
ElaisI know John from his Soap Opera days
Elaishe also has been on Charmed
ElaisRene I first knew from the tv show Benson
MattHWho did he play on Benson?
ElaisI think he was also on a weird western show
MattHWild Wild West?
ElaisAdventures of Brisco County?
MattHNever saw it...
MattHHeard of it...thought it was just an action show.
ElaisI may be wrong about that lists it as sci-fi, so you are probably right
MattHRene Auberjunois is listed there, but apparently Mercedes McNab was in an episode.
MattHRene Auberjonois is 64....I didn't realize that. He is was in the Wild, Wild West TV movie in 1979.
Elaisyeah, Rene's been around for a while
Elaishmm...Elektra promo
ElaisI think I'll pass
MattHI didn't care for Daredevil (movie or comic book) and Elektra interests me not at all.
Elaisnever saw Daredevil and I think I can survive just fine without ever seeing it
MattHLousy film....
Elaisthe only daredevil movie I saw was the one with the Hulk in it
Elaisack, Barbara Walter is going to be interviewing Bush
MattHI have never cared for her interviews.....she grates on my nerves.
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suze2000Hi guys :)
MattHHiya Suze!
MattHLong time, no see.
suze2000yeah :)
MattHSo what have you been up to?
suze2000It's hard to make it when I'm in London
Elaishey, suze!
suze2000At the moment, I'm in Australia on the Gold Coast (life is hard!) :)
suze2000How about you guys? how were your Holidays?
MattHPretty good..Didn't do a whole lot. Where is the Gold Coast in Australia (North, South) etc? I am an American...I can barely pick out Australia on a globe ;-)
suze2000Now Matt, I know you are smarter than that! :)
Elaishow long are you staying on the Gold Coast?
suze2000It's about 1000km North of Sydney - the most famous beaches in Australia
suze2000(but not the best - the best ones are in the West)
Elaisnude beaches?
suze2000another couple of weeks - just visiting the family for Xmas
suze2000a few
MattHOk.. The best beaches are generally in the west on every continent.
suze2000that's true
suze2000where are you at?
MattHCalifornia - North Hollywood
Elaisdoing anything other than beachcombing?
suze2000mostly driving kids over the state!! My mother has a whole pile of grandkids and stepkids here
suze2000there are a lot of theme parks here that they can go to
MattHSounds just like Southern California
suze2000I think so. The weather at the moment is lovely here though.
MattHWe are still in the process of drying out ... had four straight days of rain.
Elaisyeah, it's summer there isn't it?
suze20004 days? it IS winter there. it should rain
suze2000Yeah, it's summer, but the weather is not too hot at the moment..
suze2000kinda in the mid-70s (I think) and nicely breezy.
Elaisany danger of mudslides where you are at, Mat?
MattHNot where I am...several of my coworkers have had some problems, but nothing too serious.
Elaisyeah, mudslides hit one town pretty hard
suze2000that's not just rain then, is it? That's like a torrent
MattHMudslides...5 years of drought, followed by lots of water.
suze2000that's awful
MattH17 inches over the past few weeks, IIRC
suze2000oh, that's bad.. I'm sorry I was flippant about it
suze2000I didn't know
Elaisdon't sweat it, suze
MattHFeel perfectly free to be flippant...we are here in SoCal.
MattHCompared to SouthEast Asia, we are *very* luckyt
Elaismother nature is being a real bitch lately
MattHYep...I am expecting a metor strike soon now, she has been so cranky. ;-)
suze2000yeah. well, the drought and rain could be Global Warming
suze2000but the tsunami can't be blamed on anything but the planet
MattHSo people are blaming it on Global Warming, I don't know...but they still do.
MattHI am more worried about another ice age than global warming.
suze2000I know.. I'd like to see the scientific explaination for that
MattHConsidering the fact that out of the past 100,000 years or so, 90% of the time was spent in a deep freeze....
suze2000ice age? Day After Tomorrow style?
suze2000I've been to Winnipeg. :D
MattHDidn't watch that film...I am not into junk science ;-)
suze2000oh, I was on a plane. I'm always on a plane. I never see a movie at the cinema anymore. :P
MattHBut ice caps as far so as the Great Lakes...yeah.
MattHI see 1, maybe two movies a year.
suze2000See Serenity! :)
suze2000not now of course, since it's not out until September :)
ElaisI will definitely see Serenity
MattHI was planning on it....will also see GOF. Dunno about Star Wars....I have mixed feelings about that series.
MattHGoblet of Fire.
MattHAs in Harry Potter and the ...
suze2000of, of course, wouldn't miss that for a second! :D
ElaisI'll pass on Harry Potter
Elaissame with Star Wars
ElaisSin City I want to see
MattHAck! Heresy!
* MattH glares at Elais!
suze2000no Harry Potter? what are you saying? *makes sign of the cross*
Elaiswould it help if I saw I thought Harry Potter was hot in the last movie?
MattHWell...not with me ;-)
suze2000is that why you don't want to see GOF? :)
MattHHermione was looking good, though ;-)
suze2000And I'm too old to lust after teenagers.
suze2000heck my sister's oldest son is 14
MattHThat is my nieces age, also....
suze2000hence the "i refuse to lust after them" statement. it makes me feel icky just thinking about it
* suze2000 remembers the scene where Dawn is dancing in the bronze with RJ and Xander freaks out when he realises it's Dawn
MattHYeah...they're a crime...
suze2000also, in the books, Hermione's hair doesn't become neater until GOF, so that shat me a bit
MattHI love that scene.
suze2000lol Matt
* suze2000 can't think of Dawn as anything but annoying
ElaisI agree, suze
MattHI admit, I don't think Emma Watson really looks like Hermione.
Elaishave you seen recent photos of Michelle Trachtenberg? picking on Dawn. It's not her fault, she was just written that way.
suze2000I try not to. bad Dawn "GET OUT! GET OUT!" flashbacks LOL
MattHAlways....a little skinny, but still good looking.
Elaisactually, I heard that the part was written for a younger girl
MattHPractically everybody was lousy in S6. There were no really sympathetic characters.
ElaisI think Dawn was supposed to be 12 or something
MattHI blame Marti Noxon personally...when she went on maternity, Dawn and Xander were much better written.
MattHShe comes back...downhill they go (along with the second half of S7)
suze2000Spike, always sympathetic. though that might be drool factor as well. :D
MattHI feel about Spike they way you feel about Dawn.
suze2000mmm Xander lol
suze2000my last BF was a xander clone (complete with breaking up when it came time to commit LOL)
MattHDid he wear an eyepatch?
suze2000no, but it sounds kinky when you put it like that lol
Elaisdid he do a snoopy-like dance?
suze2000he was a crap dancer
MattHDefinitely like Xander
suze2000yeah. unfortunately without the dry wit
suze2000I still miss him though (sad) pats Suze on the back..
suze2000anyway, I gotta go.. I have to get to the physio for my poor sprained ankle
MattHThere, there...
* suze2000 thanks Matt
suze2000I'll be back in an hour or so if you all are still around. :)
MattHOk...have fun and don't be a stranger.
suze2000I try not to be, but as I said, it's really hard. chat time is 3am London time on a weeknight
suze2000exactly. anyways, seeyas soon I hope.
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Elaissigh, time differences suck don't they>
Elaiswatching Alias
ElaisI hope things get interesting soon
MattHSlow ep?
ElaisI'm waiting for the plot arc to kick into gear
Elaisstill waiting *g*
MattHIt has been 30 minutes already....
ElaisI wonder if I should look into TiVo or DVR
MattHHmmm....I think we've had this discussion ;-)
MattHI think they're worth it.
Elaisif we've already chewed the fat over TiVo/DVR
Elaiswe need new topics
ElaisI just read 'V is for Vendetta' a day or so ago
MattHWho is that by? All google brings up is an SF film..
Elaisalan more
Elaisit's a TPB
MattHAny good?
Elaisyeah, I googled too, and most of what I came up with is the movie
Elaisvery good
ElaisI was reading raves about it from comic book geeks
Elaismy library just happened to have it on the shelves
MattHHaven't read a whole lot (other than fanfic lately). I read some short stories in the 1632 series.
Elaisi used to be a heavy book reader
MattHSame here...then along came the internet and fanfiction....
Elaisever since joining a couple of online communities, reading books is a bit harder these days
MattHYeah...even when they are free -
Elaissomehow, reading a book on the net isn't quite as satisfying
MattHIt has its drawbacks...
ElaisI guess I kind like having the feel of a book in my hand
Elaisand being able to just sit back and read it
MattHSo do I...I have several thousand as a matter of fact...a real pain when it comes time to move.
ElaisI hear you
Elaisi try to limit the books I have on the shelf to ones I know I will re-read every once in a while
MattHI just wish my Handspring Visor wasn't broken...I could read e-books to and from work.
MattHPractically every book I have, I have read more than once.
MattHThe others I plan on rereading...someday..
Elaisgot a link to a handspring visor?
MattHThey have been discontinued...they were Palm Pilot compatible...
MattHHmmm...well I thought they were discontinued... Froogle says otherwise.
Elaisoh hey, I think this ep of Alias was written by Drew Goddard
MattHSteven DeKnight has co-written the next Smallville.
Elaisoh good
MattHHow was the ep? Did it ever pick up?
Elaisit did, actually
ElaisI see the germ of a plot arc now
MattHAlways nice.
Elaisyeah, I see good possibilities now
Elaisat least enough to keep watching *g*
Elaisbetter get going matt
MattHIt make up for the first 1/2 hour?
MattHOk ... see you next week.
Elaisalways a pleasure chatting with you matt
Elaishave a good weekend
MattHYou too
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