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Elaishey Matt...
MattHHiya CM
ElaisPoint Pleasant on tonight, but I'm not gonna be able to watch it
MattHWhat network?
MattHI might check it out...Smallville is in reruns this week
MattHThe couple of review I read said it wasn't that thrilling, though
Elaisif it is on Fox, I don't expect it will make it to next season
Elaisthink new Smallville is next week I think Marti Noxon is the kiss of death... ;-) week should be new last...
Elaisthere has been talk of getting James M on Point Pleasant
MattHYeah....he doesn't do anything for me though...
MattHAllyson Hannigan will be appearing on Veronica Mars...
Elaisyeah, a one time guest spot
Elaiswith a possible chance of recurring
ElaisI sound like a weather report
MattHYep...of course, with my luck, she be hired to a recurring role and Veronica Mars will be cancelled....
Elaishaven't checked the ratings for Veronica Mars
MattHNeither have I...its UPN though...not quite as bad as Fox
MattHHmmm...Zap 2 It shows it as their 5th most searched for show...Charmed is #1, Amazing Race #2, Alias #3 and Lost #4
ElaisWatched the Amazing Race last night
Elaissuper glad that the worst couple I ever saw on TAR got eliminated
ElaisI can go back to actually enjoying the show again
MattHI've never watched, myself
Elaisof course, Lost and Alias are on tonight
MattHOuch...Latest Veronica Mars was 98th...with a 1.0 Share
MattHSo how is Lost tonight?
Elaispretty good
Elaisfinally get around to Walt
Elaisand his father Michael
Elaisand a bit of a power struggle between Locke and Michael over Walt
ElaisLocke seems to have already snared Boone
Elaisthere is just something spooky about Walt
Elaisdidja see Battlestar Galatica?
MattHNope. I have heard good things about it, though
ElaisI watched the first two eps last Friday
Elaisnot bad
Elaisit is a bit different
Elaisand I like Edward James Olmos and Mary Mcconnel
MattHI was reading TV Tomes Lost episode summary...does everyone on the island have secret?
ElaisI think so
Elaishave things dried up over in California?
MattHYep...people were complaining about the heat today.
Elaisit was pretty darn warm here today
ElaisI think it might have hit 60 or so
Elaiswacky weather we're having
Elaishow is work going for you?
MattHIt was in the high 70's here today.
MattHSo-so. Got a call from a recruiter on my answering machine today, so I may have a job interview tomorrow or the next day.
Elais{{interview vibes}}
Elaisstarted some new training today
MattHHow'd that go?
Elaispretty good
Elaisnot nearly enough training, though
Elaiswere were supposed to get three-day's training and wound up with only one
MattHDo you know the stuff you need to know, though?
Elaisenough to muddle through *g*
Elaiswe've got contact numbers just in case
MattHA friend of my at Universal had a favorite saying..."If the employee can accomplish the task when you put a gun to their head, it isn't a training issue"
MattHHe was an HR manager ;-)
Elaispolar bear!!
Elaispolar bear on Lost!
MattHThis is a tropical island, right?
Elaisno explanation for a polar bear on a tropical island
Elaisalthough it seems to be hinted that Walt created it
Elaisthe boy on Lost
MattHCreated an island?
Elaisno, created the polar bear
Elaisthe first sighting of the polar bear was not long after Walt saw in a comic book
ElaisWalt was re-reading the comic book early in the ep
MattHSo when does Rod Serling make an appearance?
Elaisdon't know
Elaiswouldn't surprise me if he did appear
Elaisokay, that's a heckuva ending
MattHPolar Bear eat anyone? Give out Coke?
Elaisnope, Polar Bear ran away
ElaisClaire came back
Elaisshe disappeared/was kidnapped a ep or two back
Elaiswhat's interesting is that Claire was heavily pregnant
MattHI recall that...
Elaisand doesn't seem to be pregnant no more
ElaisAlias is off to a weird start
Elaissome guy just got disintegrated in the opening scene
MattHWas he wearing a red shirt?
ElaisI think so
Elaisaccording to a blurb, there is some bioweapon that freezes people
MattHWas he a new character on the show?
MattHNot Star Trek enough, then... ;-)
Elaisread anything good lately?
MattHHeroes was pretty S5 Angel continuation
Elaiswhich reminds me, I should really get to the Harry Potter fic
MattHWhich one?
Elaisthe ones you recced on your site
ElaisI have Friday off, so that should give me something to do that day
Elaisman, I hate explaining a joke
MattHI had Monday off...wasted the day
MattHWas there a joke in that....?
Elaisno, I made a joke on another board
Elaisthe other person, didn't quite get it
Elaissomeone asked me if I was a browncoat (browncoats are Firefly fans)
ElaisI said I might be a browntie or brownsock
MattHWere you a Brownie?
ElaisI think I was as a little girl
ElaisI have the pictures to prove it!
Elaisdon't think I was a brownie for long
MattHShould have said that...
Elaisthe person I was talking to is from New Zealand, I think
Elaisdoubt the 'Brownie' joke would be any better
Elaiswere you a boy scout?
MattHVery briefly...was a cub scout for several years
Elaisget dishonorably discharged? *g*
MattHI dropped out....
MattHNot really for me...
Elaisnot sure what happened with the Brownies
Elaisthere might not have been enough of us to make a troup
ElaisI do think I looked cute as a Brownie
MattHAny photos
Elaisno digital photos
Elaisoho, it looks like David Fury wrote tonight's ep of Lost
MattHHmm...that could explain why you liked it so much.
Elaiscould be...
ElaisAlias doesn't seem to be as good
Elaisso, it must have not been written by a former ME writer!
MattHI don't know about that....there were a few sucky Buffy and Angel eps...
Elaisheh...very true
Elaisokay...gotta go Matt
Elaismaybe next time we should make a list of unusual topics to talk about *g*
MattHWhy? The current list is great ;-)
MattHOk - see you next week...
ElaisLOL, have a good weekend
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