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Elaishey matt
MattHHiya CM
Elaisnew Smallville tonight, I believe
MattHMixed feelings about it - from the spoilers, Red K is involved.
Elaisyeah, Red K is such a deux ex machina on this show
MattHSo far we have seen Red, Green and Black...
Elaiswere you affected by that train crash today?
MattHI think it screwed up some of the subway traffic into work - it was much heavier this morning, but other than that, no.
ElaisI'm waiting for pink krytonite to show up
MattHThe only other types I recall from my childhood are X-kryptonite and gold...
Elaisidiot was trying to commite suicide but changed his mind
MattHSo he lived?
MattHAnd 9 other people died?
ElaisI think so
MattHHe may just be eligible for the death penalty... I am not sure about CA law though.
Elaisdidn't they execute a guy recently?
MattHYep...don't recall is still pretty rare in CA, though.
Elaisyeah, CA doesn't hold a candle to Texas
MattHYup...Scott Peterson was sentenced to death, but I don't recall any really newmaking crimes in CA for a while.
MattHIn other news, the CA Secretary of State may be up on sexual harassment charges.
Elaiswho is the current SoS?
MattHKevin Shelley
Elaistrying to compete with Arnie in the groping contest?
MattHWell...this was stuff done while he was in the SoS position, apparently too subordinates. Also claims that promotional tests were doctored.
MattHJust skimming throught the State Personnel Board board report on the is 86 pages...which is rather small for a CA gov. doc.
ElaisI'm not exactly gonna skim even one page *g*
Elaisinterested in the Superbowl this year?
MattHSomewhat, but I have only watched one football game all year.
MattHRooting for the Patriots, though
ElaisI'm rooting for the Eagles, only because they seem to be the underdogs
Elaiswow..I didn't even recognize Lionel
MattHHard to believe that only a few years ago, the idea of the Patriots making it to the Superbowl would have been unthinkable. Now they are the favorites.
MattHWatching Smallville as opposed to Lost?
ElaisLost is a rerun
MattHGotcha...nice timing, that.
ElaisLionel looks pretty good in short hair
Elaisshort hair=good...long hair=evil?
MattHNah...he is still evil
Elaisand Clark gets the Red K
MattHIt would be nice to have Clark do something bad without it....
Elaisnever happen
Elaisalthough it has been argued that Clark has been an asshole many a time
MattHNot quite the same thing as robbing a bank...
ElaisChloe apparently slept with Jimmy Olsen
* MattH gags
MattHAck! Thppt!!
ElaisChloe and Lana were talking about 'first times'
MattHHmmm...that make Jimmy Olsen a contemporary of Clark' the comics, he is (my guess) at least 5-6 years younger.
MattHOr Chloe is in to cradle robbing...
Elaislooks like Clark might be getting some tonight
MattHHmmm... have you read Larry Niven's "Man of Steel, Women of Kleenex"
MattHI think it has warped my mind - it always pops into my head whenever Clark has any even mildy sexual interactions with other people.
MattHWhat's worse - I reread it and think of all its logic holes....I am such a geek.
Elaisit looks like Clark doesn't get any after all surprise....
MattHThis isn't Buffy, after all...
Elaiswas Superman a virgin in the original comics? the original didn't exist...gender...but no sex ;-)
MattHHe married Lois in a couple of AU comics, though.
MattHAnd met time-travelling descendants or some such.
Elaisso hat least he got lucky in the AU universe
Elaisdo you watch the Justice League cartoon?
ElaisI saw the latest one last week
ElaisBatman/Wonder Woman/ Green Lantern in the old west
Elaisit's a week it's back to the future!
MattHWas it any good? I find the JLA series to be a mixed bag at best.
Elaisit was relatively good
Elaisthe next ep is way into the future...Batman will meet the batman from 'Batman Beyond' series, I think
MattHI liked the individual Batman and Superman series much better than the JLA one...
MattHHmmm...that way lies Paradox.
ElaisI thought I spotted an middle-aged Static Shock
ElaisJLA is hit and miss
Elaisthe problem this year is too many superheroes and only 23 or so minutes per ep
MattHYeah...and I dislike most DC heroes...I much prefer the Marvel set...
ElaisI picked up two comics last week
ElaisShe-Hulk and the Spider-man/Human Torch mini-series
MattHAny good?
ElaisShe-Hulk was okay
ElaisSpiderman/Human Torch was a hoot
Elaisthe story is when they are teenagers
Elaisso it's got a bit of the 'old school' look to it
MattHHmmm....I have always liked Torch/Spidey interactions.
Elaisit runs five issues, I think
ElaisIf they do a third Spider-man movie, I hope they put in some of Spideys trademark snark
MattHI'm sure there will be a third...don't know about the Snark though.
Elaisthat was one of the reasons I liked Spider-man
Elaisthe humor
MattHNot sure who the villain would be... Kingpin would be nice.
MattHJust like Buffy....I miss the puns most of all.
ElaisKingpin would be good
ElaisHobglobin is another one
Elaismaybe Venom
MattHHobgoblin - kind of rendundant... I am unsure how they would change Venom's origin
Elaiswasn't Jonas son an astronaut?
Elaisthat's one way to bring Venom in
MattHYeah...but IIRC the costume was created by an alien device in Secret Wars and is essentially the real villain.
ElaisI thought the costume was an alien in itself
MattHBut it popped out of a machine in the planet in secret wars
Elaisthey can ignore the Secret Wars stuff
Elaishave the symbiote hitch a ride back to earth
Elaisof course, I'm not writing the script *g*
Elaisso what the hell do I know
MattHI suppose...venom never did much for...the key thing though is that it was Spider-Man's costume first...
Elaisyeah...that's the tricky part
ElaisDrew Goddard wrote tonight's ep of Alias
MattHStrangely enough, I can't recall that many other memorable Spider-Man villains...Mysterio, the Mole-Men, Hydro-Man
ElaisGoblin and Doc Ock are certainly the classic ones
ElaisII wonder how good Fantastic Four will be?
MattHMy guess....bad....I just have a bad feeling... ;-)
Elaisthe only casting choice i liked was for the Thing
ElaisI might go because Julian McMahon is playing Dr. Doom
MattHAs we saw with can be hard playing a Villain in an iron mask.
ElaisDarth Vader was pretty good
MattHYeah...much of that is due to James Earl Jones' voice...he made a great Thulsa Doom, too.
MattHJessica Alba as the Invisible Woman?!?
Elaiswasn't impressed with the choice for Mr. Fantastic
Elaisdon't know who've the got for Storm
MattHJulian McMahon? Never seen him in anything, so I have no opinion. Jessica Alba, while cute, just can't act.
ElaisJulian was in Charmed for a couple years
Elaishe's one of the stars of Nip/Tuck
ElaisI think he was on the Profiler for a year or two
ElaisFF might be the first movie he's done
MattHAccording to IMDB, he was in one called "Meet Market"
Elaisis that a new one?
MattHSaid it was out in 2004. Elizabeth Berkeley had the top credit.
Elaisthat is not good
Elaiswow, final five eps of NYPD Blue
MattHHow many seasons does that make? It seems like it has been around forever.
Elaisgosh, I don't know
Elaismore than five
Elaistv tome lists 12 seasons
Elaisit has been around forever
MattHThat is a lot...I saw one episode and just wasn't interested.
ElaisI'm a little shocked myself that it has been around that long
ElaisI've never been a regular watcher
MattHI've never been into cop shows...I always preferred the second half of Law&Order to the first.
ElaisTrial by Jury starts in March, I think
MattHIMDB still has Jerry Orbach listed at the hard to watch the eps with him in it.
MattHEspecially as I just found out a co-worker has esophageal cancer....
Elaisyeah, I lost interest in watching L&O a long time ago
Elaisbut Jerry was the best
MattHI still like the show, if/when I catch it...but it has never been "must see" for me.
ElaisI tend to watch SVU these days
MattHEh....never cared for any of the spin-offs
MattHL&O is a little over-exposed these days.
Elaisthen keep sending in the clones
MattHHeh...why couldn't they do that with Buffy? ;-)
ElaisSlayers: The Next Generation?
MattHYeah or "Spike - The Other Vampire With A Soul" ;-)
MattHMaybe Xander in "This Haunted House" as opposed to Bob Villa in "This Old House"
ElaisWillow: Charmed Again
MattHHmmm...Oz could move to Australia..."An American Werewolf Down-Under"
ElaisI really wished they could have moved forward with the possible Ripper series
MattHSame here...or the animated series.
MattHTV just isn't the same.
Elaisspeaking of tv
Elaisgotta go
ElaisProject Runway is on!
MattHOk...have a good one. See you next week.
Elaishave a good weekend Matt
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