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Elaishey matt
MattHHiya CM
MattHSo why the change?
ElaisI signed up for something called
Elaisit's a webisite where people can organize meetings on various topics
MattHI'm a member
MattHSo, what kind of meetup?
ElaisI signed up with two groups some time back and both groups are meeting this week
Elaisone group 'Democracy in America' and the other is a Buffy/Angel group
MattHI went to one of the Buffy meetups here is the San Fernando was ok
MattHHaven't gone back since though...Thursday evenings really don't work for me.
Elaisthis will be the first time I've tried this kind of thing
Elaisguess I'll find out if I like it or not
MattHThe D&D meetups I went to were duds (low attendance), but I managed to get enough players for my game that way.
ElaisI don't expect much from the Democracy group, but I hope the Buffy one is better
MattHThe local one is good...Marsia Powers is the organizer
Elaissince the meetup is at 7 pm, I'll miss Smallville
Elaisbut I will be taping it
Elaisevery other station seems to be having that State of the Union Address
MattHThat is what the internet is recorder failed to pick it up last week, so I had to grab it off of usenet.
Elaisif the taping screws up, I'll probably get the torrent
Elaishow was your weekend?
MattHMiserable...I caught a really nasty cold late Thursday and was sick all weekend.
MattHHow about you?
Elaisaww. {get well vibes}}
Elaisquiet weekend
ElaisMonday was good though, I got my work bonus today
MattHI am feeling much better, although my voice is almost gone.
ElaisI also filed my taxes electronically and will be getting a refund of 500 or so
MattHA bonus is always good...
Elaisnaturally, I went on a mini spending spree
MattHNaturally. So watcha get? ;-)
Elaisdonated online to a couple of organizations
Elaisgot the Angel casefiles vol.2 off amazone
MattHWas it any good? Or hasn't it arrived yet.
Elaisordered a personalized autograph of James Marsters that will be sent to a friend
ElaisI haven't gotten the book yet
ElaisI ordered it yesterday
ElaisI bought some spike figures several months ago and I hope they will be shipping them within a week or so
MattHSeveral months ago? Preorders?
ElaisI'm trying to get onto AIM, but I keep getting booted out
MattHCould be a network problem...I lost connection to ICQ about 15 minutes ago.
ElaisI'll keep trying
MattHHave your read "Star Trek" Meets the Roadrunner?
ElaisI don't think so
MattHIt's very funny ....
MattHThe other humor items on the site are excellent as well.
Elaishee hee
MattHMy favorite is the light bulb series...
Elaisthe roadrunner story is a good one
Elaisgoing to the light bulb series now....
Elaisgood humor stories are priceless
Elaishave you ever heard of cleolinda?
MattHNo... ?
Elaisshes a lj poster who does hilarious summaries of movies
MattHI just jumped to her site ... she has an update on Hopkin Green Frog.
Elaisit's a little tricky finding her movie summaries
MattHYeah lj archives can be a pain to browse.
ElaisI like reading her regular lj entries
Elaisyou heard about the Green Frog thing?
MattHYeah, a while back. Kind of sad.
Elaisnow I'm trying that banned super bowl ad
MattHThe one with Mickey Rooney?
Elaisnot's on
Elaisand my net browser seems frozen
MattHIt loads a Windows Media Player file...that cause problems for me when I try an open them with Opera.
ElaisI think I have to reboot
Elaisbe back in a minute or so
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MattHI saw the was so-so
Elaisany reason you could see that it would be banned?
MattHNot for the government to do so...I could see why the TV network hosting the the Superbowl wouldn't want it shown.
MattHI think they want to put the entire 'nipple slip' thing behind them.
MattHAll it does is reference that...
Elaisnot that it should have been brought up in the first place
ElaisI had to go to the net and blow up the pics just to see what everyone was talking about
MattHFWIW, it wasn't a very good looking boob....kinda flabby ;-)
MattHThe commercial didn't show anything in it, just the costume.
Elaisit was in better shape than mine *g*
Elaiscan you give me that link to the star trek parodies again?
Elaisjust thought of another thing I could buy
Elaisthe wonderfalls dvd
MattHThat would be good. You can tell me how it ends ;-)
ElaisI know the Angel 5 dvd is coming out in a few weeks
ElaisI might wait until then
MattHOk...but I already know how Angel ends ;-)
ElaisBarbie as Elektra?
MattHSaw that ...she looks better as Elektra than Jennifer Garner.
Elaisyeah, I liked the hair
MattHSo what did you think of last week's Smalliville? I found myself really disliking the Kents, strangely enough.
Elaisbut it is a little jarring to see Barbie's outfit cut so high up the thigh
Elaisit was okay
MattHI liked Alicia, though
ElaisI liked that part
ElaisI guess if I'm willing to tape Smallville instead of staying home to watch it
Elaisthat is isn't that compelling this season
MattHIt isn't.
MattHWe don't see much of Lex, Lionel just isn't as evil as he used to be, and I think I actually miss Pink!Lana
ElaisLois is going to be back
Elaisand I've heard they are going to have Lois sister on the show too
MattHThat is good
MattHThis season just seems to be going nowhere, though.
ElaisI know, sigh
ElaisI just hope they pick up the pace soon
Elaisalmost time to bug out, Matt
MattHOk...good luck with the meet ups.
Elaissee you next week
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