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Elaishey matt!
MattHHiya CM
Elaisnew Smallville tonight, but I don't think it will be a particularly good ep
MattHClark possibly getting a football scholarship....I have to agree....seems dull
MattHI liked last week's t hough.
ElaisLois gets drunk apparently
ElaisI swear, this season is going downhill
MattHI am surprised we haven't seen her drunk already...she seems the type...
Elaisshe does, doesn't she?
ElaisI'm glad Chloe found out about Clark last week
Elaisbut she is an investigative reporter
MattHYeah...though she thinks he is a metor mutant...
Elaisshe shouldn't have been that clueles
MattHShe was too close to the problem....
ElaisI got a set of trading cards yesterday
ElaisSpike: The Complete Story
MattHSpike trading cards?!?
ElaisI got the basic 72 card set
ElaisI ordered a special card set Monday that I hope to get by the end of the week
MattHTo be honest...I don't know what I would do with a set of trading cards...
Elaisme neither
Elaisthis is the first time I've gotten trading cards
ElaisI got it because this set was all about Spike
MattHI figured that ;-)
Elaisdo you watch Enterprise?
MattHPity it was cancelled
MattHThis was its best season.
Elaiswho does Anthony Montgomery play?
MattHEnsign Travis Mayweather
Elaisthe reason I ask is that he's one of the guests at the Jacks or Better event I'm going to in April
MattHHe is a minor character (IMHO) .... he plays the helmsman and doesn't seem to do much.
Elaiskinds of like Sulu or Chekov?
MattHMore like Uhura
MattHHe has had an episode or two focus on him, but still seems rather colorless
Elaisis he good looking?
MattHNot to me ;-)
Elaisokay, he's not bad
Elaishow was your weekend?
MattHPretty good...much better than the last one.
MattHHow about you?
Elaismy weekend was okay
MattHJust ok?
ElaisI think I told you about signing up for did that go?
Elaisevery weekend is an okay weekend
Elaismy first meetup was a 'Democracy For America' group
Elaisthere were four other people besides me
Elaisit was a start
Elaisthe guy who was leading it was pretty nervous
Elaishe seems to have been all that was left of the group after the elections
ElaisI had the Buffy meetup Friday
Elaisonly two people there
ElaisI wound up talking mostly with Brian
MattHMy D&D meetups were like the Buffy meetup.
Elaisthe other gal at the Buffy meet up was into anime
ElaisI think her boyfriend is into D&D
MattHThe two often go together...the first time I saw any Anime was in the 80s at an RPG convention.
Elaisas I expected, Smallville isn't that exciting
MattHNot surprising...we need more Lex and less Jason & Lana
MattHI am not that interested in Jason's mom either
MattHI am looking forward to the next episode though - I always liked Krypto.
ElaisI've been switch to Lost
MattHSo, do you think the secret of what is happening will be found by the end of the season?
ElaisI think so
Elaisthe show has been renewed
Elaisso I expect they would have to go in a different direction
MattHLets hope it isn't like Twin Peaks, which wandered aimlessly after they revealed who killed Lara Palmer.
Elaisit was the father right?
Elaispossessed by Bob?
MattHNever watched...but I heard it was the father.
Elaisthe krypto ep should be fun
Elaisdoes the dog die, though?
MattHI hope so - Smallville needs a little more humor.
MattHI hope not....
MattHProbably, though.
ElaisI really don't know how this season will end
MattHMy guess is Clark gets the three doohickickies, leading him to find the fortess of solitude. (as opposed to building it like in the comics)
ElaisI was thinking that
Elaisbut isn't the fortress supposed to be in the arctic or something?
Elaismaybe the cave is just a doorway to the fortress itself
MattHI am thinking that there will be some sort of map.....the season ends on a cliffhanger as Clark heads north.
Elaisthat takes care of Clark, but what about Lex and Lionel?
MattHI think Lionel bites the big one and Lex goes bad.
MattHAll just in time for college.
ElaisSmallville: The Metropolis Years
Elaisand Lana?
MattHSend her back to France....
Elaisare we sure we want to inflict her on the net?
ElaisI mean, France
MattHHeh...I don't like the French, remember ;-)
Elaisthey are already so anti-american
Elaismaybe we can send her to Iran
Elaisa pre-emptive strike, so to speak
MattHI know some Iranians and like them...
Elaiswould they like Lana?
MattHWell, they speak English, so no...
Elaiswho would they like?
MattHDo they have any deaf-people only villages...send her there.
Elaishave no idea
Elaishow do you know the Iranians?
Elaisonline or local folk?
MattHOne was a coworker the other I met in Berkeley...haven't seen either in years.
MattHThe coworker was the only one I knew really well...
ElaisI don't think we have any iranians in South Dakota
MattHThe coworker 's family left shortly after the Shah fell (IIRC). He was just a kid/early teenager at the time.
MattHI am sure you have some.
ElaisAlias is fairly good tonight
MattHI had a link I ran across yesterday - Some guy has posted pictures of old comic book covers (Superman series primarily) that are just hilarious. Unfortunately, the site is slashdotted ... for when it comes back
Elaisthat's quite a lot of hits
MattHYup..a lot of the covers show Superman being really gleeful when something bad happens...really funny.
MattHHave you read any Buffybot fanfiction?
Elaisdon't think so
Elaisdeceptive advertising
MattHThe latest episode of the Buffbot adventures came out today....City of Steel... really funny.
Elaisoh good
ElaisI was referring to the link you provided
MattHOh..ok... ;-)
Elaisgotta check out, Matt
Elaisthanks for the link!
MattHOk...cya next week.
Elaisand for telling me that superman is a dick
Elaissee you next week, too
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