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for February 17, 2005

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MattHHiya CM. BRB
Elaishiyas Matt!
MattHI'm back
MattHSo - how have you been?
Elaispretty good
ElaisI got my Angel dvds tuesday
Elaishaven't had a chance to watch them yet
Elaispicked up the latest Astonishing X-men Wednesday
MattHI have only read through #6...
ElaisI liked it
Elaisbut I want to know what happens in the next issue
ElaisI'll probably be sticking with the title as long as Joss is writing it
MattHA hallmark of a successful comic book.
Elaiskind of wish Joss would have wrote Smallville last night
MattHI liked the last 2 Smallvilles, but they could have been better.
Elaismuch better
Elaisthe Krypto ep wasn't as bad as I had feared
Elaisthat dog was a pretty good actor
MattHI had the weirdest feeling when watching Lex and Genevieve last night that I was watching a soap opera.
ElaisDays of our Smallville?
MattHThe dog was ok...but who every heard of a smart Golden Retriever? ;-)
ElaisPassions in Smallville?
MattHI was thinking more along the lines of Dynasty...
MattHDoesn't help that they have Jane Seymour ... she is such a soap operaish actress...
Elaisunless they do a catfight between Lois and Lana, I don't think so
MattHHmmm...well, we have already had a couple of shower scenes...
Elaislooks like Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon is the theme next week
MattHYeah....I fully expect that episode to suck...
ElaisI think I won't bother taping that ep
ElaisI didn't tape last night's ep either
MattHI was kind of annoyed that they settled on Shelby for the name of the dog.
Elaisstupid name
Elaisbut I suppose better than Clarkie or Krypto
ElaisI'm watching CSI
MattHKrypto was the name of Clark's dog in the comics, though...
Elaisboy the kinks they put on this show
MattHI have pretty much given up on Crime shows...there are only so many ways to murder someone.
Elaiskrypto wore a cape in the comics, right?
MattHYep...hence the red blanket scene...
Elaisthink Clark will realize that Chloe knows?
ElaisChloe was being rather obvious about it
MattHBoth this week and the last, she was. Clark will never figure it out...he is too dense.
MattHOf course, she thinks he is a meteor mutant...
Elaisyeah, it will be interesting if Clark lets her continue to think that
MattHI am just wondering if she survives the series...I hope so.
ElaisI don't know how they'll do next season
MattHClark goes to college....
Elaisyeah, but will Ma and Pa still be in the show?
MattHWell, Clark might still live at home....even if he goes to the University of Alaska, it wouldn't be much of a commute for him.
Elaishe can't be superspeeding to Metropolis every week
MattHHe can come home on the weekends....just lie about how he got home.
MattHHe might do a year or two at a local community college. Or take a "wanderjahr"
Elaisand what will Lex be doing all this time, I wonder?
MattHEvil things, I guess.
Elaisdo anything fun last weekend?
MattHNah...a little a little older.
MattHWhat about you?
Elaisnothign much
Elaisgrocery shopping
Elaisgoing to the library
Elaisvisiting my mother
ElaisThe Daily Show is good tonight
MattHSo how has work been?
Elaispretty busy
Elaissuffering a little by the feet-dragging of higher ups
MattHI can understand that. Personally work was pretty good this week, but the company seems to be falling apart. Two executives (who I really liked) both quit today, another coworker is leaving on Tuesday and and the guy who sat just opposite of me died on Tuesday....
MattHYeah...he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer just 3 weeks before his death.
Elaisheavy smoker?
MattHHe was due to retire next year.
MattHNope...he might have in the past, but I don't think so.
Elaisthat is scary stuff
Elaisdon't think I've ever had a fellow employee die
MattHI thought so...he was a really nice guy, and did most of the work in the department.
Elaisrelatives of employees, sure
Elaisokay, now I'm watching point pleasant
MattHGood show?
Elaisit hasn't impressed me so far
Elaisand I've only watched a few minutes of tonight's ep
Elaisit's a little weird so far
MattHI've been meaning to watch, but just haven't gotten around to it. Also, I mistrust Marti Noxen (sp?) ability to helm a show after what happened on Buffy
Elaisand kinda stupid
ElaisConstatine looks freaky
MattHI heard it described as "Hellboy meets the Matrix"
Elaiswhich seems rather apt
ElaisI'll pass on watching it
MattHI might watch it...probably won't.
Elaisnot sure what movie I'm gonna see next
MattHStar Wars in May is the most likely for me...though there is an outside chance I will watch "Ice Princess"
Elaisfor Michelle Trachtenberg?
MattHDepends on the reviews...I don't expect much, though.
ElaisI think it will be a good, yet boring, movie
MattHMaybe War of the Worlds.
MattHThe only movies I am sure to watch are Serenity and GOF.
ElaisSerenity, hell yeah!
MattHGoblet of Fire
MattHas in Harry Potter and the ...
Elaisoh yeah....
ElaisI probably wait for that on dvd
Elaisoh, Sin City I will watch
MattHI am also think of partiicipating in the HP chapter a day livejournal....
ElaisI'll pass on Willie Wonka
MattHAnticipating the sixth HP book...
MattHI'll pass on Willy Wonka also.
Elaisare they scanning in pages?
MattHNo....that would probably get them in trouble.
Elaisthen it will be like a book club?
Elaiseveryone reads a chapter and then comments on it?
MattHThat is the chapter a day means the entire series is reread just in time for the release of Half- Blood Prince
MattHAnyway, I have to be going....I hear dinner calling me.
Elaisglad we could talk tonight Matt
MattHOk...cya next week
ElaisI'll put a sticky not on my screen next time *g*
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