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for February 23, 2005

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FiatLuxHi :)
FiatLuxSo how have you been?
MattHHiya Fiat, CM is having trouble getting into the chat room...I am seeing if there is anything I can do.
FiatLuxI didn't have any problem at all. I'm glad I remembered tonight.
MattHI think she is having server trouble.
FiatLuxAnyone else been by tonight?
MattHAs for how I have been...pretty good
MattHNo one else tonight.
MattHBTW, I checked out the is the job (and other stuff going)
MattHI finally got around to posting the last 3 transcripts about 45 minutes ago.
FiatLuxHey, thanks for checking in. It's been good. I have tomorrow off and I drank a beer. That's my celebration. Tomorrow I'll be doing laundry all day.
MattHSound like my days off (minus the beer).
MattHHave you been watching any TV shows?
MattHI liked the last two eps of Smallville, but am dreading tonights episode.
FiatLuxThat's about it. Try a light beer, come on... be cool ;)
FiatLuxI've already watched
MattHI've tried sucks...not to mention is really fattening.
FiatLuxThe Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon sword fight
FiatLuxThat's why I said "Light Beer". Duh. I would rather have a margarita instead.
MattHI dislike the entire witch thing (too Charmed), but have enjoyed the rest of the season. Glad Chloe finally knows (somewhat) what is going on.
MattHI don't drink any alcohol.
FiatLuxYouse got the sugar dia-betis, right? (That's how my grandmother says it)
MattHNo...I just don't like my dad had a problem with it.
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Elaisthank god
MattHCM! You made it!
Elaisi had a helluva time tonight
FiatLuxI decided to risk it. My dad had a bad time with it too. But I'm ok so far
FiatLuxHey there
FiatLuxIt worked
MattHI don't think Dad was an alcoholic, per se...he just indulged a little too much/too frequently
FiatLuxDang it... I gotta go. Phone call. May be back.
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MattHSo, CM....other than having a royally bad time, getting here, how ya doing?
Elaisnot sure if my dad was an alcoholic
Elaishe was a heavy beer drinker
Elaisbeer was like water
ElaisI'm glad Smallville didn't entirely suck tonight
MattHIt didn't? I was prepared for total Angelus and Spike (S2) on a rampage.
Elaiswell, jason and lex in chains was good
ElaisLionel is looking particularly good
MattHHair growing back ok.
Elaisit is nice hair
MattHI still prefer him with the long hair...
Elaisthe dog last week has nice hair
Elaisthe long hair was okay, but a tad greasy
MattHDid we see Krypto/Shelby at all this week?
Elaisdon't think so
* MattH sighs
Elaistotally ridiculous that they flew to china
MattHAnd the dog was the best actor on the show
MattHYeah...Clark should have swam ;-)
Elaiseven stupider was that fight between Lana and Clark
MattHClark without his powers again?
Elaisno...didn't want to hurt Lana
Elaisthey should have changed the setting to Mexico
Elaisa lot easier to travel there
MattHGood...that would have been a copout.
Elaisplenty of temples
MattHMexico would have made sense...after all, one of the artifacts was found in an Egyptian tomb....since Mexico has pyramids too....would have been a nice tie in
Elaisbut nooooo
MattHMexican civilization probably wouldn't have been old enough though.
Elaissomeone had a hard on for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
MattHI'd love to see what Joss would do with Smallville...
Elaishe would kill Lana
Elaishe has a penchant for offing women on the show
MattHNo...he'd kill Chloe...
MattHShe is a popular character, after all.
ElaisChloe is Buffy
ElaisLana is Anya
MattHI doubt the people at DC would let him kill Lana, though. Chloe isn't Buffy, BTW...she is either Willow or Jenny Calendar.
Elaiswatching Alias now
Elaisprisoner transports on this show suck big time
MattHWhy? They always escaping?
ElaisI have yet to see the transporting of prisoners not result in an escape
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MattHWB Fiat
FiatLuxYou're still here
MattHNo, we're not....
MattHYou're hallucinating...
FiatLuxOh, well Iguess I'll go then'll just imagine'll still be here.
FiatLuxNo offense, but my hallucinations are usually better than this.
MattHAnyway, CM was just commenting on the number of prisoners escaping while be transported on Alias...
MattHYou must have gotten some magic-less mushrooms, then.
FiatLuxOh sure. Talk about a show I've never watched.
MattHI never watched it either.
MattHWe have discussed Smallville also.
FiatLuxWhat did you say about it? Condensed version of course.
ElaisIt Did Not Suck
MattHI though it it would suck, CM said it didn't, at least not entirely. We discussed what would happen if Joss ran Smallville.
MattHI said he'd kill Chloe, CM thinks he'd kill Lana
MattHI also claimed that the dog who played Krypto was the best actor on the show ;-)
FiatLuxYou have to assume even Joss had to follow the Supermanverse, Lana didn't die
MattHThat was one of my points...
FiatLuxBut then Joss could figure out a way to do it. It would be like a challenge to him
MattHAlthough he could kill her and bring her back.
FiatLuxWe're on the same wavelength Harris.
MattHOr write her so she is much more interesting.
FiatLuxHe'd still kill Chole because Joss is evil and cruel.
MattHWell, yeah....
FiatLuxI don't think I'd like Smallville as a Whedon show.
Elaishow do you think Joss would write Pa Kent or Lionel?
MattHClark would suffer more, and Pa Kent would almost certainlly die
FiatLuxSmallville has a totally different vibe than Buffy
Elaisfathers never came across well on Buffy and Angel
ElaisJoyce and Ma Kent seem similar
FiatLuxOh yeah, Bo Duke would cheat on Ma Kent then just plain die.
MattHJoyce reminds me more of Pa Kent...she is more authoritarian (at least initially)....of course being a single mom doesn't help.
FiatLuxI don't really see any similarities at all. With either of them.
FiatLuxWow, 3 people, 3 different opinions.
MattHTo be honest, we didn't see that many fathers on BTVS. I think the reason they decided to do Hank as neglient father is that they just didn't bother to write him into the show for season 2-4.
MattHActually, I have more than one just depends on which personality has the upper hand at the moment.
Elaisack! they shot Sidney's sister!
FiatLuxI think so too, but that's kinda shitty about Hank. He didn't seem like such a bad guy or an adulterer
MattHYeah...we don't really know what happened to him.
FiatLuxSidney has a sister? Ok, maybe I don't know as much about Alias as I thought.
MattHGiven that his daughter is the Slayer, something bad, probably.
FiatLuxThe last I remember about Hank, he was in Spain with his secretary and maybe calling a few times after Joyce died.
MattHYeah...but that could be a ruse...he may have been replaced by a doppleganger, been turned, or some other such nutty supernatural explanation.
FiatLuxYeah sure
FiatLuxAnd he was a split personality of Giles all along. WTF
FiatLuxI've got a dozen ideas :)
MattHHow many fathers did we see on Buffy - Hank, Xanders father, who else? I don't think we ever saw Ira Rosenberg.
ElaisAngel's father
FiatLuxWe thought we might have seen Ira forget his keys again.
MattHWell, to give Angel's father some credit - his son was a drunken layabout who came to a bad end. ;-)
FiatLuxKinda like Disney movies they never show the parents
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MattHAnd the conversation was just getting going :(
Elaisah well
MattHSo how did you manage to finally join us?
Elaisadded the thing is just supposed to redirect you to a server...
ElaisI have no idea what the problem was
Elaisshouldn't have any problems next week, thougy
MattHHopefully not.. I have had the occasional problem with myself.
MattHSo how is Lost going? Still on hiatus?
ElaisLost is doing fine
ElaisI just watched it
ElaisI think shows are going into reruns now
MattHS8 of Stargate has just wrapped up on Sky in was pretty good.
Elaisstill waiting for the eps to air here
ElaisI heard Moebius is very good
MattHThe first half was...I haven't watched the second. Atlantis ended on a cliffhanger...I hate that.
ElaisI don't watch Atlantis, so I the cliffhanger doesn't bother me
MattHIt is pretty good...not as good as the original...but still ok.
ElaisI watch Stargate, skip Atlantis and watch Battlestar
MattHFWIW, the Superman site I mentioned previously is finally up and running again.
Elaisoh good
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MattHThey changed it -
MattHWB Fiat
FiatLuxThanks What'd I miss?
Elaisnot much
MattHBrief discussion of Stargate
ElaisI was just about to bail chat
FiatLuxIt's late
MattHThat it is....
FiatLuxBut I don't have to work tomorrow... ha ha ha
MattHDo you work on weekends?
FiatLuxI've been watching Stargate lately, by the way.
MattHBummer ;-)
FiatLuxI've worked for the past 20 days straight
MattHSo what did you think of the last few eps of Stargate
MattH20 days? Well, that is a lot of OT.
FiatLuxTomorrow is my first day off in a while and I'll just be cleaning and doing laundry. (and sleeping)
FiatLuxI don't remember if I saw the last Stargate. I've mostly been watching the syndicated reruns. Catching up kinda.
MattHAh...syndication runs a season or two behind.
FiatLuxYes, I think that I've been watching ones from 1998 1999
MattHI have the first 2 seasons on DVD...when I get the money, I am going to update my collection.
FiatLuxMy brother has tried to clue me in on some of it. He's been watching it longer.
MattHThey have wrapped up lots of storylines this season. Not really sure where they are going from here.
FiatLuxAh, DVDs truely God's gift to man.
Elaisreally have to go guys
MattHOk...see you next week
FiatLuxOk, g'night CM
MattHGlad you made it
FiatLuxI'll try to be here too.
Elaissee you next week
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FiatLuxI'm still trying to figure out what happened to Daniel Jackson.
FiatLuxDid he die? He's back now though. And where did Jonas come from and where is he now? I'm so confused.
MattHI read a Stargate fanfic where Daniel Jackson's guardian angel starts crying, cause he died and came back so many times.
FiatLuxAnd I haven't even gotten into the discussions I've had with him about the Goa'lds or whatever
MattHDaniel Ascended, which is when Jonas came in.
MattHThere was an entire Save Daniel Jackson campaign...which for once, worked.
FiatLuxSo Teal'c and Carter both have parasites, but they aren't Goa'uld?
FiatLuxSorry, didn't mean to start a big discussion this late. We can start this up next week.
MattHTeal'c has an immature parasite. Carter briefly was host to one of the Tok'ra, who are ethically very different than the Goa'uld
MattHLet me leave you with this -
MattHStargate cartoons. Very funny....may even confuse you more ;-)
FiatLuxE-mail me sometime this week and you can tell me more.
MattHAnyway, see you next week.
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