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for March 9, 2005

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MattHHiya CM
Elaisheyas matt
Elaisi remembered this time!
MattHI saw that!
MattHSo how have you been.
Elaisnot bad
Elaisthere is gaming thing being held at a Tech school in a couple weeks
ElaisD&D is one of the games there
ElaisI might check it out
MattHYou should - it could be interesting.
MattHI've put my game on hiatus until I can recruit 1-2 more players, as a couple of people have dropped out.
Elaisrerun of smallville tonight
MattHSmallville is in reruns tonight ... and not a good one.
Elaisbut Alias is new!
Elaisevery week is a new ep!
MattHLucky you - I will be taking tests after this.
MattHWhat about Lost?
Elaiswork is a rerun
Elaissame thing every day
MattHI don't know - today was a marathon of reruns. ;-)
MattHDon't know if you are interested, but photos of the next harry potter cover are now out.
Elaisalready seen 'em
ElaisI like the US cover best
Elaissomeone also directed my attention to
MattHSame here - but from what i have seen, we are in the minority.
MattHIt certainly has sent speculation on the various HP websites I frequent soaring.
Elaisover what the cover indicates?
Elaisseems pretty useless
Elaisthe scenes seem fairly tame
MattHI don't know - the American cover seems to indicate that Dumbledore and Harry have patched up there differences.
Elaisbut I guess we both know how mountains are made of molehills
MattHThe British cover seems to indicate that Harry made it into Advanced Potions.
Elaishe's getting up there isn't he?
MattHHe turn 16 in book six.
Elaisa couple days ago, I saw a bit of the Sorcerer's Stone
MattHIt was ok....
ElaisHarry looks so young and small in that movie
MattHI like POA best of the movies so far, although it takes the greatest liberties with the story.
ElaisI thought Harry actually looked attractive in the last movie
MattHMolestable is how Arya (IIRC) called it
Elaisiinteresting piece on D&D
MattHI read that earlier today...sounds to me more like they are into LARP than straight D&D
MattHD&D is big in our military.
Elaisany particular reason why?
MattHMaybe the military aspects. Several people in the last gaming group I was in were military or ex-military.
ElaisI was thinking that the rigid nature of the military didnt' allow much freedom
MattHNah...the military isn't actually that is very much like a modern business (uses a lot of the same management methods, actually)
Elaisdo you like Lost?
MattHI watched about 15' of the first ep - couldn't get into it.
Elaisthere is a Lost party being held in LA
MattHHmmm....I wonder if anyone will be able to find it /rimshot
Elaisit's at the Renaissance hotel
ElaisI'm pretty sure there will be a number of writers there
MattHOh - Where the Wolfram and Hart Annual Revue was held.
Elaisthe exact same spot, I think
Elaiswouldn't be surprised if some of the actors showed up
ElaisI wanted to go to the Lost event, but decided to do make a Vegas trip instead
MattHStrangely enough - I've never been to Vegas...
ElaisI went to Vegas a looong time ago
Elaismaybe 10-15 years ago
ElaisI imagine things have changed since then
MattHI s uppose the slot machines are all digital now.
Elaisi wasn't planning on doing any gambling
Elaisother than attending a poker tournament
MattHCelebrity poker, right?
Elaisthere will be a number of Buffy/Angel folk there as well as some people from Enterprise
ElaisDominic Keating
Elaiswho does he play?
MattHMalcolm Reed
MattHThe Weapons guy....
MattHA very good character, who I will miss....sigh
Elaiswant me to get an autograph for you?
MattHNah...I am never sure what to do with them
Elaisme neither
Elaiswell, we could sell them on ebay
MattHThat is just tacky.....
MattHPlus we wouldn't get any real money unless it is a *big* star ;-)
Elaisreading up on the magic castle right now
MattHThat where the event is being held.
Elaissomeone who has a boyfriend who is a member of the Magic Castle is offering to get people into the Magic Castle
MattHHmmm...just reading through Stargate Ep Spoilers...the first 3 eps of S9 are titled Avalon.
Elaisit's kind of related to the Lost event
Elaisapparently that place is very hard to get into
MattHHmmm...apparently we have a Magic Castle here in Hollywood... is it a chain?
Elaisthat's the one I was referring to
Elaishave no idea if it is a chain
Elaisit sounds very interesting...but as I'm not going to LA, it is just a dream
Elaisit's supposed to be a great place, but extremely exclusive
Elaisnow I'm wondering if I should drop the Vegas plans and run off to LA!
MattHMaybe you can learn bilocation in the next couple of weeks.
Elaisboy everybody wears black all the time on Alias
MattHThe mystic skill of being in two places at once - certain saints and Indian swammis (sp) are supposed to have been able to do it.
Elaisdon't think I'll have enough time to learn it *g*
MattHI don't know...enlightenment is supposable achievable in a matter of moments, if your mindset is right.
Elaisit think I can blank out my mind pretty easily
MattHIn theory....
Elaisnot sure how I would be able to boot it back up again
Elaisokay, that can't be right
ElaisI'm watching the end of Alias
Elaisjust saw a car plow through a warehouse wall
Elaisand not a scratch on it
MattHWas the car made by Knight Industries?
Elaisit was a little two-door tramp
Elaisperfect date for KITT
MattHOh...a Giles-Mobile. to head on out and check out those Stargate spoilers!
MattHOk - see you next week
Elaissee you there
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