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for March 16, 2005

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MattHHiya CM
Elaisheyas Matt
Elaisgood ep of Smallville tonight
MattHNew one or rereun?
MattHOk - I checked ...this was a good episode
MattHI don't much watch Smallville in reruns, though....
MattHI just hope the season doesn't end in another cliffhanger... (fat chance, I know)
Elaisyup, very fat chance
Elaishow's work?
MattHGood...I am officially being hired (no more temp/contract work)
Elaisthat's good news
MattHYep...much better pay also.
Elaismy boring job just got more boring
Elaisdown to taking online learning courses again
MattHThat slow?
Elaisa lot of it is management's fault
Elaiswe spent about a week learning a new system and worked with for about a month is *always* management's fault
Elaisnow we find out that we are going to be switching to another new system
Elaisso, work is on a holding pattern right now
MattHWhen does the new system get in?
Elaisno clue
MattHSo you aren't using the system you just put in until then?
Elaisguess we have to wait until management decides
Elaisthere is somewhat of a workaround
ElaisI'm pretty much scraping the bottom of the learning course barrel
MattHHmmm...if you use microsoft office, you could take up programming ;-)
ElaisI think most of the technical computer courses are out of date
Elaismost of the stuff I've been taking are like 'customer service', self-motivation, leadership
MattHWell, that is what I do during slow periods...guess I am fresh out of ideas.
MattHAh...the meaningless courses designed by HR types.
Elaisthank god I have internet access
MattHYeah...the internet is a godsaver for those dead days...
Elaisof course, I try to limit the sites I go too
ElaisI don't know how much 'big brother' is watching
ElaisI know to avoid the porn sites. *g*
MattHYeah...most porn sites are blocked by our work firewall, as are gambling sites, etc.
ElaisI tend to stick with news sites or yahoo
MattHI generally check out programming sites ;-)
MattHThough some of those are blocked too....
ElaisI tend to hit the yahoo news site a lot
ElaisI don't go to much anymore
MattHI haven't been to cnn in ages...
Elaisit doesn't seem to have much content for me anymore
ElaisI guess because yahoo collects so many articles from a variety of sources
MattHFor straight news, I use google news. Most of the time, I just check, though
Elaisgoogle news doesn't seem quite as friendly
MattHFriendly? How so?
Elaisi guess the format at yahoo is easier for me than google
ElaisI also hit, reuters...dailykos.....a canadian news site and a UK news site
Elaisoh, and
MattHDrudge is on my blogroll - I check him at least once a day.
Elaissame here
MattHHeh...just came across this...
MattHThe Zombie Scenario Survivor test ;-)
Elaisfind any new people for your D&D games?
MattHNot yet...haven't really started looking guy did contact me, but haven't heard back from him yet.
MattHI am taking a brief hiatus anyway...I got to do more work on my dungeon.
Elaissometimes you do need a break
MattHYeah...I wasn't happy with some of the material I had created so I am redoing it. Freaked out my players when some of the area they had explorered wasn't there anymore ;-)
Elaiswhat areas are you redoing?
MattHThe areas below the cellars, which are basically the 2nd and 3rd level as well as a large cavern in between. They are being totally replaced.
Elaiswhat are you replacing them with?
Elaissorry for the delayed response.. I'm doing some damage control here *g*
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victoriawintershi there!
MattHThere is a game called Advanced Heroquest...I am converting some of the monsters to D&D rules and then doing a randomly generated dungeon (Advanced Heroquest has some rules for that). I am thinking it will give the thing a slighly different feel
MattHHiya Victoria
victoriawinterssounds fun matt
MattHWe were just discussing my D&D campaign...It is on hiatus while I look for a couple of new victims, ahem, I mean players and renovate a dungeon.
MattHCM - What damage control?
victoriawintersyes i've played that game before
Elaisoh, I think I screwed up some airline tickets I bought for the Houston Vulkon
victoriawintersthe one time it makes sense to go to texas too
Elaisas it stands, I won't be able to make in time to get my badge before some of the events start
MattHWe had a brief discussion of Smallville earlier
Elaisand you need a badge to get into those events
victoriawintersyes i would imagine so
MattHCM - That sucks....
victoriawintersdon't the same people that run grand slam sci-fi run Vulkon too
victoriawintersif so yes that will be a pain
victoriawintersunless you get your tickets in the mail ahead of time
Elaisthink they are different people, victoria
ElaisVulkon doesn't send tickets ahead of time
victoriawinterscould be
victoriawintersds fest is sort of similar in that everyone has a cattle call and waits in an impossibly long line
Elaisso I'm emailing the vulkon organizers, asking if my ticket receipt will be sufficient to get into the events
MattHAll reasons I avoid conventions....
Elaisor, as an alternative..have a friend get the my badge beforehand
victoriawintersstill they are fun and it's worth seeing all your friends
victoriawintersthen there is james
victoriawintershe would be totally worth the pain
victoriawintersdrat the dinner bell
victoriawinterswell it was worth chatting for a brief period
Elaisif neither of those things work...I'm stuck with either missing some events or shelling out extra money to change my airline tickets
victoriawintersgood luck to you matt on your game
MattHWe are here every week
victoriawintersand you elais on your ticket situation
victoriawintersi just work on the late side and then have exercise
Elaisthanks, victoria
victoriawintersit's rare i get here
victoriawintersbut read everyone's posts and stuff
Elaiscan't believe how stupid I was when booking the airline tickets
victoriawintersit happens to the best of us so don't beat yourself up too much
Elaisi should have actually read the schedule for the houston convention
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Elaishopefully, it won't be an expensive lesson *g*
MattHCM - Everyone makes is not necessarily a sign of stupidity
Elaisokay, better get going
ElaisI'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to arrange things with the Vulkon organizers
MattHOk - see you next week. Good luck on the convention situation.
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