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Elaisgeez. let Terri Schiavo go already
MattHCan't agree with you on this one, sorry
ElaisI can sort of understand Terri's parents on a gut level
Elaisbut man, what's next? Bringing the UN?
MattHShe wouldn't be dying except that they aren't giving her food and water. The feeding tube isn't necessary - it was just done for convenience
MattHHeh - UN peacekeepers shouldn't be let anywhere near a helpless female
Elaisif they had euthanasia, she wouldn't have had to be starved to death
MattHTruth - although there is a great deal of doubt that she is in a "persitent vegatitve state"
MattHThe problem with euthanasia is that pretty soon, it becomes easier and easier.
Elaisye olde slippery slope
MattHYep - and the old saying "hard cases make bad law" apply here
Elaisheard about Zombie Rampage?
Elaisemotions never work well in law
MattHZombie Rampage? Nope
Elaisseemed to be a RPG
MattHWouldn't surprise me - there is an RPG called "All Flesh Must Be Eaten"
MattHOne called Creeks & Crawdads (I'd love to get a copy of this one - it is hilarious)
MattHThere is a 1989 film called "Zombie Rampage"
Elaiscreeks and crawdads?
Elaiscampagins to fish for crawdads?
MattHYep - Mankind has destroyed itself in a nuclear war. The only ones left to rebuild civilization are a race of mutated, sentient crawdads. The problem is even mutated, sentient crawdads aren't that bright ....
MattHMuch better premise than Bunnies & Burrows, IMHO, which is just a Watership Down type game
Elaislooks like they will be airing the remaing Tru Calling eps
MattHYep. I am debating watching...I don't want to get reeled back in and not have a real resolution.
MattHChecked on google - Zombie Rampage looks like it was a boardgame.
Elaisyeah, why watch when you know there is only 6 eps left?
Elaisboardgame? maybe so
MattHI'd watch if the ending provided a real ending/finale...I just don't want to be left hanging.
ElaisI'm afraid they wont' have a decent ending
ElaisI thought the cancelled it rather quickly
MattHYeah...I may watch anyway...I have a masochistic streak l-)
Elaishang on a sec, I got laundry that's probably dry now
Elaisback jeans has a hole in a bad spot
MattHA spot that reveals too much?
MattHAdd another rag to the rag basket...
Elaisnow I'll have to look for new ones
Elaisthey're airing 'Scare' on Smallville
Elaisone of the better eps
MattHI liked it
Elaisnot quite sure where they are going, even after reading the spoilers is not like Buffy at all, spoiler-wise.
ElaisI really hope that Lana is gone next season
MattHAdmittedly, the big picture is easier to grasp on Smallville than Buffy. I mean, we know that somewhere down the road he becomes Superman and falls in love with Lois Lane... ;-)
Elaisthey are also both supposed to be crack reporters
MattHOr reporters on or the other
MattHMy guess is that Clark will learn that he doesn't age or will live much longer than humans
Elaisyeah...they haven't touched on that much
MattHCassandra's vision of Clark in the graveyard is about the only thing I can think of.
ElaisI wonder if they will kill of Pa Kent?
MattHYeah...tough current continuity he is alive, but pre-Crisis he dies about the time Clark leaves high school
Elaisthey might be reduced to recurring roles next season (if there is one)
MattHMy guess is Smallville will continue next season...but given the nature of the WB, one can never tell.
Elaisunless they have Clark superspeed between smallville and Metropolis
Elaisthey would have to set the show in Metropolis
ElaisI wouldn't mind a more adult show
MattHMaybe...or they could have Clark taking a "Wanderjahr"
MattHI think he did that in the comics...took a couple of years off after high school.
Elaisdouble ep of smallville tonight
ElaisI will be watching Alias next, though
MattHSince Smallville is a rerun, I don't blame you....
MattHDid they show a trailer for Onyx or Spirit?
Elaishaven't got to the end of the ep yet
ElaisI'm kind of half-watching Smallville
Elaisthe only thing I noticed was a notice that there will be a two-hour Charmed ep this weekend
MattHAck...that is twice as bad as a one-hour Charmed ep...
ElaisI know
ElaisI'm really hoping this is the last season of Charmed
MattHYeah....annoying that it hangs around while the good shows out there get cancelled.
MattHI saw the first episode of the new Dr. Who - it was pretty good.
ElaisI've heard many a positive review about it
Elaishwo did you see it?
Elaisah, downloaded it
ElaisI don't download eps very often
Elaisthey take up a lot of space
MattHIt may be the only way to see the show - they still don't have a US network slated to show it.
MattHEh... I watch em and then delete em, generally
ElaisI think Canada is getting them
MattHYeah... Canada will be.
Elaisguess I either have to get my Canadian buddy to tape Dr Who or download the eps myself
MattHI used to be a big Dr. Who fan. I saw the stupid movie they made, but this was pretty good. I rank it about as good as a Pertwee or Davidson episode, but not as good as Tom Baker.
ElaisTom Baker fan
Elaishe was pretty much the only doctor who I saw
Elaismaybe a little bit of Davidson
MattHI saw a lot of the Pertwee eps and all the Davidson ones. I never got a chance to see one with Colin Baker.
ElaisI don't think I've ever seen Pertwee or Baker
MattHPertwee was good, but his doctor was stuck in England for a lot of his time on the show, with a broken Tardis.
Elaisbudget constraints?
MattHPartly, partly they had the idea that they wanted to relate better to the average Brit or something like that. There were certainly a lot of alien invasions in that time period
MattHThe Doctor hung out with a UN task force called U.N.I.T. (don't recall the acronyms meaning).
ElaisI loved K-9
MattHK9 was wonderful...caused major writing headaches as the writers had to figure out why he *couldn't* solve a problem. He was also in the only Dr. Who spin-off show.
Elaisdidja see any Daleks in the new dr who?
MattHNot the first episode - it dealt with Autons which a friend from work tells me we in a Pertwee two-parter (I vaguelly recall something like that)
MattHI am sure they'll be back.
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Elaisthe show runs 6 eps right?
MattHDr. Who? Not sure...BBC shows are weird. This was a standard 45 episode (unlike the old one which did 4 20 minute episodes)
MattHChecked the homepage - it says 13 parts
Elais45 episodes???
Elais13 is a good number of eps
ElaisI've noticed a lot of the Showtime/HBO shows are around 13 eps or so
MattH45 minutes
MattHnot 45 episodes ;-)
MattHI can't help but thinking that Christopher Eccleston (the new Doctor) looks a lot Sherlock Holmes...pointy nose, receding hairline, big ears...
ElaisI think Jeremy Brett is the only Sherlock Holmes for me
MattHWell, yeah...
MattHHe is an archetype, but Chris Eccleston reminds me a lot of Basil Rathbone.
Elaisdo you watch BSG?
MattHNope...although everyone tells me I should.
Elaisonly two eps left
Elaisbut I gather the last ep is a cliffhanger
MattHAre they searching for Earth?
Elaiswhich may or may not be earth
ElaisI didn't delve into the spoilers very deeply
ElaisI would think it is a bit to early for them to find Earth
MattHStruth - they were searching for it (by name) in the first series.
Elaisor at least an inhabited earth
MattHHmmm... just the original series Kobol was the world that founded the 13 colonies of mankind.
Elaisso Kobol wasn't Earth?
MattHI don't know if Kobol means anything outside of BSG.
MattHThere was some speculation that Kobol was derived from Cobol, the computer language.
MattHThere is also the term kobold, which is a Germanic goblin.
Elaisor, they could have just made it up
Elaisthinking 'cool name'
MattHThat too.
MattH has a sidebar on the Kobol/Cobol possibility
Elaisah, thanks!
MattHAnyway, it is about time for me to go.
MattHI'll speak to you again next week...
Elaisgood night and good weekend, Matt
MattHYou too
Elaissee you next week too
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