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Elaishey matt
Elaisnew lost, new alias, and a new tv show called 'eyes'
MattHHiya CM.
ElaisI think in the sense of 'private eyes'
MattHJust checked out Tvtome. Doesn't seem that interesting -
MattHOn the other, it has excellent lead ins.
MattHBut up against Law & Order and one of the CSIs...
Elaisoh yeah
Elaisnew L&O
ElaisI watch L&O:SVU sometimes
Elaishaven't watched either the miami or ny versions of CSI
Elaisrarely watch the original CSI these days
MattHI watched about 2 episodes of CSI...had no interest in it whatsover.
Elaiswhen did you see those episodes?
MattHCouple of years ago
MattHJust not into crime shows anymore...
Elaisthere is a glut of them
ElaisCSI and L&O have three variations each
MattHYeah...after a while they all start to look alike.
ElaisI watched the new tv show Kojak
Elaisit was alright, but didn't grab me
MattHNew Kojak? Ugh...there can be only one Kojak (Telly Savalas)
ElaisVing Rhames is the new Kojak
ElaisI didn't have a problem with it because I never saw the original tv show
MattHI only saw the show a couple of times, but I did meet Savalas once, when I worked as a Universal Studios Toll Booth Attendant.
Elaisdid he love ya?
MattHAs he didn't have a pass, I didn't let him through the booth. This was about 2 months before he died...after he did people joked that I killed Telly.
MattHSo no, I doubt he loved me ;-)
Elaisany other famous people who didn't have a pass?
MattHVan Damm...he would run the toll booth
ElaisVan Damm was once a Universal Studioes Toll Booth Attendant?
MattHNo...but he would come to the movies (to see his trailers, so he said) and wouldn't pay for parking. He then ran the booth,i.e. drove through without paying. There were no gatearms in the lanes, so it was doable.
Elaishow long were you an attendant?
MattHSix months or so as a parking attendant,1 year as a tollbooth attendant, 2 years as a tollbooth lead, then I was promoted into managment.
Elaistollbooth lead?
MattHBasically, you were in charge of a specific tollbooth and a couple of attendants, handling breaks, money-drops,etc. No disciplinary powers, though.
Elaisdid you have power as management?
MattHHmm...looks like Christopher Eccleston is leaving the new Dr. Who...fears being typecast
Elaistoo bad...
MattHSome....I was the training supervisor and did a lot of HR work.
Elaisgood thing people are used to having different actors play Dr Who
Elaisthought they already had their next guy lined up
MattHYeah...most last a little longer, though.
Elaiscan't really blame Eccleston
MattHNot yet.
Elaisit is entirely possible he might have been typecast
MattHWell, actually I can. ;-)
MattHIf that is the case, he shouldn't have taken the job to start with.
MattHIt's not like he didn't know what Dr. Who entailed.
Elaismaybe he didnt' think it wouldn't do as well as it did
MattHYeah...still seems kind of tacky to me...but I don't think he signed any contract, so he is free to go.
MattHBBC did renew the show for another 13 episodes though.
MattHHmmm....maybe they could get James Marsters.....
MattHOr Anthony Stewart Head
ElaisASH would be interesting
Elaishope they are not going to kill off Boone on Lost
MattHBoone the doctor?
ElaisJack is the doctor
ElaisBoone is the guy who is with his stepsister Shannon
Elaisthere has been strong hints that a main character will be killed off
MattHHow Joss of them...
Elaisoh boy, doesn't look good for our man Boone
Elaisboy, the guy who plays Locke is goooood tonight
Elaisnow..onto Alias!!
MattHSo, did Boone bite the big one, or is it a cliffhanger?
Elaiscliffhanger guess is that he lives and someone else dies, then.
Elaisthink this was ep 19
Elaisonly a few more to go
Elaisooo, Sidney in a box
MattHWhat is that? A new fast food chain /rimshot
ElaisSidney is trapped in some kind of coffin
MattHHmmm...was she dead and just been brought back to life?
ElaisI doubt she will be punching her way out
MattHThen what is she doing in a coffin?
Elaisthink she was knocked out by some bad guys and put there
ElaisI'll be heading off to Houston on Saturday
MattHOh...did you get your ticket mess straightened out?
Elaisticket mess?
ElaisI'm having someone else pick up the ticket for me
MattHI'm glad you were able to get it straightened out.
Elaisyeah, scared myself for a bit
Elaisnow I just have to worry about the plane being on time
MattHWhat airline?
Elaisaccording to the itinerary, the flight from Minneapolis to houston is on time 60% of the time
MattHWell, your chances are good then.
ElaisI would have preferred 70 or 80 percent
Elaishow is work going?
MattHWell, yeah....
MattHCould you do me a slight favor? Go to this picture, and tell me the hair color of the two girls at the bottom...
MattHMy color discernment is a little bad....
Elaiscan't see the girls at the bottom
Elaislemme try a different browser
MattHYou have to scroll down...
Elaisit's not that
Elaisfor some reason the picture is big for one second and then gets small
MattHAh, IE's shrink to fit feature.
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MattHRight-clicking on the picture brings up a box to expand it in IE.
Elaisokay, two kids on one side
Elaisone kid on the other side
Elaisthe one kid looks like she has red hair
MattHOk...darn...I just can't see it. That is what everyone else says.
Elaiswith the two kids on the other side
Elaisone looks to have red hair (a boy?), the other brown
Elaisi guess the hair color on the one kid looks too bright for it to be brown?
Elaisred is the only alternative
MattHYeah....Ron, Hermione and Ginny is most peoples guess.
Elaisthat might have influenced things as well
MattHWell, thanks....A lot of shippers are trying to figure what this means...if anything ;-)
MattHA lot of the Harry/Hermione shippers are either depressed or somehow trying to convince themselves that the girl on the right is Lily, due to her somewhat more ethereal appearance.
Elaisall that speculation just because of the cover
MattHReminds me of the B/A and B/S shipper wars.
ElaisI am totally unfamiliar with that kind thing *g*
Elaisgot to go matt
MattHOk...have fun in Texas.
Elaissee you next week
Elaisand i'll let you know how it went
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