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for April 7, 2005

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MattHHiya CM
Elaisheyas matt!
MattHSorry I was and traffic combined to hold me up/
Elaisno problem...I was chatting with another group of people
Elaisso I wasn't bored in here *g*
MattHSo how was the trip?
Elaisshort but sweet
Elaisthe hightlight of the con was meeting Amber Benson
MattHHow was that?
Elaisi spoke to her in person twice
Elaisgot to see her do a Q&A with Andy Hallett and James Marsters
MattHExcellent - any interesting news?
Elaisshe also did a Q&A after a showing of her 'Chance' movie
MattHHow was Chance?
ElaisI got the dvd of Chance like a year or so ago
ElaisI like it
Elaisit was Amber's first movie and it kinda reflected that *g*
MattHI dl'ed it...haven't watched it yet. I did pony up the $ when she was making it, so I got the signed photo.
ElaisI think she just finished another movie, but it hasn't got a title yet
ElaisI got the signed poster
ElaisI went to the James Marsters concert Saturday night
Elaishe was good
MattHAny good?
ElaisI'm still waiting for the cd I bought off the website...I think it was supposed to be shipped this week
Elaishe plays guitar much better these days
MattHMust've been practicing.
Elaisand he is back to being able to sing his own songs
Elaison of the reasons he broke up with his band 'Ghost of the Robot' was that songs one of the other bandmembers wrote were too hard for James to sing
MattHYeah...that would be a good reason...
ElaisI guess James prefers to sing ballads rather than the rock songs
MattHReally? He seems more the hard rock type.
Elaisit's hard to describe
Elaisrock ballads I guess would be the best description of his singing now
MattHSo everything went off without a hitch, then?
MattHThat's good - I know you had been worried. How did the meetup yesterday go?
ElaisI get to the meetup place (the local Borders bookstore) and no one is there
ElaisI traveled to find the nearest internet kiosk to check for messages
Elaisit turns out the team leader of the meetup cancelled the meeting just before the meeting started because of car problems
MattHI've done meetups like sucks.
ElaisI go back to Borders and hung around with a sign to see if anyone else showed up
Elaisafter about a half hour, a went back home
MattHMy sympathies. Hope you didn't have to travel far.
ElaisBorders is about 5-10 minutes from where I live
Elaisthe whole adventure didn't take more than hour and half
ElaisI mentioned that I was going on a trip to Vegas next week?
MattHI thought that was cancelled in favor of this last trip...
Elaisah no
Elaisa few of the guests that I wanted to see have bowed out of the event
MattHWhich ones?
Elaisso I'm thinking of just staying Vegas a couple days and then attend the Lost party in LA
ElaisAndy Hallett, George Hertzberg and James Leary
MattHOk - I know the first two. James Leary is?
MattHNever mind - I looked it up.
Elaisguess it looks more like an Star Trek event now
MattHEh...not that interesting, then.
ElaisTim Russ has been added
Elaisthey've also added Dean Haglund
MattHTuvok I like, but he is no Spock. I never cared for the X-files, so am not interestedin Dean Haglund.
Elaisheard from a friend he is an extremely funny guy
Elaisbut I'm not all that interested in the Enterprise folk
MattHYeah...the only characters I like are Archer, T'Pol and Phlox.
Elaisanyhow, I'm juggling the airlines in order to make it to the Lost party
MattHWell, good luck with that. I'd say don't get Lost, but that is kind of what you want ... ;-)
Elaislooks like I have to book through southwest and Ted airlines to Las Vegas on Thursday on Delta
MattHI always try and fly Southwest
Elaisfly to Los Angeles from Las Vegas via Ted Airlines
MattHTed Airlines?
ElaisFly from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City Sunday morning so I can make my flight from Salt Lake to my hometown
Elaisso southwest is a good airline?
MattHI've always liked it, though I haven't flown since 3 or so years. Was much better than United.
MattHSome people hate Southwest, although I don't know why. On time, cheap, pleasant attendants
Elaishow often did you use Southwest?
MattHI flown them 4-5 times, IIRC.
MattHMost of my family uses them as well.
MattHIt helps that they have a major terminal here in Burbank (I depise LAX)
ElaisI've always flown through LAX
MattHWell, I also live 2 1/2 miles from the Burbank airport, so that affects my decision as well.
MattHStill a lot nicer airport.
MattHOk...I need to get going. I'll speak to you next week.
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