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Elaisheyas matt
MattHHiya CM
Elaisgot a question for you about southwest airlines
Elaisever have a problem with overbooking?
MattHHmmm...I never have, but that doesn't mean that they never have ;-)
ElaisI'm just panicking that I might get bumped off the flight due to overbooking
MattHI am sure they have had some problems, every airline has, but no one in my family (to my knowledge, anyway) has had a problem with them.
Elaiseven though I've been on numerous flights, I still get nervous
MattHI can tell...take a couple of Valium...won't help the flight, but should help the nerves ;-)
Elaisthis trip is a little trickier as I've booked tickets through three airlines
MattHWhy 3?
Elaismy original itinerary is through Delta
Elaisjust a straight round trip between here and Vegas
ElaisHowever, I'm planning on making a side trip to LA on Saturday
ElaisI'll be flying TO los angeles on Ted Airlines (a subsidiary of United)
ElaisI'll be flying FROM los angeles on Southwest airlines
Elaisthe southwest airline flight would get me to Salt Lake City in time to make my connection back home
MattHI stand by my earlier "ouch" and raise a "gah"
Elaisthe southwest flight is pretty mission critical
MattHSo I see...
ElaisI'm essentially skipping a leg of the Delta flight
MattHWill Delta allow you to do that?
ElaisI'm wondering if skipping that one leg of the delta flight would affect any other leg
ElaisI'm not sure...I'd better call
ElaisI'm not exactly the worlds best planner *g*
MattHYeah, well there is only one by definition.
Elaistwice the lex, twice the fun
MattHSmallville? Good ep, I take it?
Elaisit appears so
Elaisokay, just got off the phone
MattHWith Delta?
Elaisit appears to be okay
MattHOk - that is good
Elaisbut I got an Indian customer service rep
Elaisthe accent was a bit tough to figure out
ElaisI might call again tomorrow and see if I can get an American
MattHI doubt the answer will be different. Also, if they use a service center, they are probably all Indian.
Elaisthen I can talk to someone at the airline counter tomorrow
Elaisor I can call the whole thing off and stick with my original itinerary
Elaisand eat the $125 or so on the Southwest/Ted tickets
ElaisI always make things more complicated for myself
MattHI just ran across this and had to pass it along. "Know Thy Enemy: Taxes"
MattHWell you did want to come to LA as well as Vegas...
ElaisI signed up for the Vegas thing because of the number of BuffyAngel actors
Elaisthey dropped off like flies and were replaced by the Star Trek folks
MattHOne reason I don't do cons...
Elaisat least at the LA party, I can see a few old friends and hopefully a few Lost actors/writers
ElaisI'm gonna have a credit card bill out the wazoo, though
Elaishah...good link
ElaisI filed my taxes in January and got the refund pretty quick
MattHThat would be the second of the reasons I don't do cons ;-)
ElaisIt wouldn't be so bad, but doing two cons in the same month wasn't particularly smart
Elaismy impulses are expensive *g*
MattHYeah...sounds like you are being "conned"
* MattH ducks
MattHSo, I heard Boone bought the big one on Lost...and the actor wasn't too happy about it.
Elaishe was cute, but not all that great on Lost
ElaisI'm already over it *g*
MattHAny idea what they are planning for next season?
Elaisno clue
Elaismight be a while before spoilers surface on what's happening next season
Elaisthey might drop a hint at the Lost party in LA
MattHI suppose...but if they get off the island, won't they have to change the show's name...maybe to "Found"?
Elaishows work
MattHExhausting...unlike the previous job, there is little slack time in my new position. Much more interesting, though.
Elaisthat's good
MattHWhat about you - still slow at work?
Elaislooks like Lionel is evil again
Elaisvery slow at work
Elaisthank goodness for net access at work
MattHHe was always evil...
MattHI knew he hadn't reformed when he told the warden he wasn't guilty of the crime that landed him in prison.
Elaisnow onto Alias!
Elaiswhoops, almost forgot that Revelations show
MattHI'll wait until the reviews are in.
Elaiswonder if Revelations is supposed to be a 'family' show
Elaisbecause it's about God and stuff
MattHMaybe...I doubt it, though.
Elaisguess not, they just fried a young girl with lightening
MattHYep...that'll scare the kiddies
Elaisi'm usually not interested in these kinds of apocalyptic movies
MattHI checked out TV didn't seem that interesting. If the reviews are different I might dl and watch it.
Elaisswitching to Alias
Elaisif the end of the world is coming, I don't wanna know about it
MattHEh...there are upsides and downsides either way.
Elaisthere are downsides to the end of the world?
MattHI was referring to knowing about it.
Elaiskind of like knowing you'll be hit with an incurable disease sometime down the road
MattHYeah...if you know you are going to die in a week, what do you do. Me, I take out a large loan, and party like it is the end of the world.
Elaishow is the D&D reworking coming along?
MattHI have barely done anything. Just haven't had much time or energy. I have been going through one of the message lists I am on, looking for players.
Elaisso you need a vacation in order to work?
MattHPractically...I haven't had a vacation in almost 2 years, though.
ElaisI've never considered the cons I've been to as vacations
Elaisthe Vegas thing might be the closest thing I've had to a vacation in a while
MattHWell, I'll be eligible for vacation in six months or so. I do plan on getting my D&D game running before then, though ;-)
MattHNo, just very, very tired at times....
MattHOther things just conspire to eat up my free time and energy
Elaisslacker was meant to be a joke
Elaisbut a 6 month deadline is a good one to shoot for *g*
MattHI doubt my remaining players will wait that long...I am shooting for the 2nd saturday in May.
Elaislooks like Revelations is slow to be revealed
MattHIt is a mini-series.
Elais6 eps
MattHExpect all the revelations in the last 1-2 eps.
Elaisso, the first 3-4 eps are foreplay?
MattHMy guess
Elaishow many players do you need to recruit?
MattHI have 2 reliable players, 1 not-so reliable and I like 5, so basically I need 2 or 3 more.
Elaishow do you pick them?
MattHIf they say they can make the game and are interested, mostly ;-)
MattHI plan to post some notices on some messages boards. Also, one of the current players says he knows someone who might be interested.
ElaisUncle Matt Wants You!
MattHYep - I just tell all of my players to remember Adventuring Rule #1 - "Loot, Pillage, and *then* Burn"
ElaisI wish you luck in your recruitment efforts
MattHAnyway, I got to go and watch Tru HD Recorder is maxed out on the show and I need to clean 2 eps off before tomorrow night.
MattHThanks, I'll need it.
Elaistalk to you next week
MattHOk CYA.
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