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Elaisheyas matt
MattHHiya CM
Elaisthe Vegas trip went pretty well
Elaisaside from developing blisters
MattHI see you made it home ok
MattHBlisters? Poor fitting shoes?
Elaisvery long and very boring set of flights
Elaisdon't know
Elaiswalking a lot didn't help
MattHIt generally doesn't
Elaisthe attendence at the Jacks or Better tournament was pretty small
Elaismaybe 20 or so people
MattHReally? Was there room for more?
ElaisAnthony Montgomery, John Billingsley and Tim Russ were the Star Trek guys there
MattHEh - lesser characters
ElaisI think originally the number was around 100
Elaisbut a lot of people bailed to attend the Houston con
ElaisAnthony was very handsome
ElaisJohn was a pretty nice guy
Elaisthey may not be the top stars, but they were great nevertheless
ElaisTim Russ performed a number of his songs at the party
MattHTuvok sings? I didn't know that....
Elaishe's not bad, but I'm not stampeding to get his cds ;-)
Elaisyeah..I think he has two cds out
Elaisgoogle tim russ and you should get the site the cds are being sold on
ElaisI think there is a sample of his songs on the site as well
MattHAs long as he doesn't sing the "Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" - Nimoy has that covered.
ElaisI would say his music is jazz/blues
MattHI finally got around to watching Battlestar Galactica this weekend.
Elaishow did you like it?
MattHMixed feelings - it seemed more pessimisitic than the first one.
MattHIt is a good show, but I don't think it is great.
MattHI think the actors playing Starbuck and Apollo are very bad; much inferior to the originals.
Elaisa lot of people like Starbuck
MattHShe has *no* charisma...
Elaisdon't remember much of the original, but this BG is definitely a lot more pessimistic
MattHInteresting that the good guys are polytheistic (as far as I can tell) and that the bad guys seem to be monotheists
Elaisit's been renews and the new eps should be airing in July, I think
Elaishadn't thought about that
MattHThey seem anti-tech too -strange for SF, but considering the change to the origin of the Cylons, somewhat understandable.
MattHI have no idea what to think of Baltar.
ElaisBatlar is either a brilliant character or the worst character ever
MattHYeah - I keep wondering if he is nuts or the Cylons did something strange to him...maybe both.
ElaisI think general assumption is that he's got a chip in his brain
Elaisever see Farscape?
MattHA couple of eps...I couldn't get past the muppets.
Elaisthen mentioning Harvey wouldn't do any good *g*
MattHProbably not ...I didn't care much for the main character either.
MattHI definitely like the new Dr. Who, though.
ElaisI'll probably have to track down a download of Dr Who
ElaisI've heard raves about it
MattHOr usenet
MattHIt is as good as the original - Eccleston is almost as good as Tom Baker.
Elaisaren't there 13 eps?
MattHYep - The first 4 have aired
ElaisSmallville doesn't suck tonight
MattHI didn't think it sucked last week.
ElaisI had high hopes for it and they didn't all come crashing down *g*
MattHWhat I noticed was the red jacket on top of the blue shirt - it seemed very supermany. The kryptonite ring foreshadowed the future too.
Elaisdidn't notice that
Elaisgood think I taped the episode
Elaisseems like there are barely a handful of good Smallville eps this season
MattHThere aren't a whole lot of standout eps, no.
MattHThe main plot are should have been collapsed into 5-6 eps all at the same time, I think.
Elaisthe lana/witch plot should have never been created at all
MattHTotally agree with you there.
MattHI like Lana, but that is just silly.
MattHWhat Smallville needs is a "big bad" - Lionel Luther was gelded this season, and Lex aint there yet.
Elaiswimpy evil this year
MattHJor-El as evil doesn't really cut it, either.
Elaiswow...Clark uses his brains for once
ElaisI'm really liking that Chloe knows
Elaisbut isnt' telling Clark she knows
MattHYeah, but what she knows aint exactly the truth...I suspect she thinks Clark is a meteor-mutant.
Elaisthat's good enough for me
MattHI wish Clark had told Evil*Lex the truth...would have been interesting to see the look on his face.
Elaisanother ep down
ElaisI'll be glad when this season is over
MattHWhat'll they do next season? I know the University thing, but where will the meteor mutants come from then?
Elaishave no idea
Elaisheard that Clark and Lana are going to be staying in Smallville
MattHYeah, just reading that myself....what about Chloe?
ElaisDaily Planet I guess
MattHAs long as she is still a regular.
Elaishaven't heard official word that it will be renewed
MattHIt probably will...
Elaisget an guys for the D&D?
MattHPosted a notice on a message board and have received one e-mail...have not replied yet.
Elaisno one is willing to D&D for food?
MattHToo be honest, I haven't looked that hard...
Elaisah, taking your time
MattHNah, just lazy.
ElaisI think I've pretty much used up my vacation time
Elaisthere is a con or two in July or August
MattHI haven't accumulated any yet....
Elaisbut I might still be paying off the credit card debt
MattHAnother one?
Elaisthere seem to be a lot of different cons this year
Elaismotorcitybuffy con
Elaisthe Angel Booster Bash
Elaisthe Alternate Universe event
Elaisthe Moonlight Rising Con
MattHI've only heard of Moonlight Rising.
ElaisI think the Alternative Universe event is in Sacramento
Elaisyeah, the other ones seem to be first time conventions
Elaisthen there is Dragoncon
MattHHeard of Dragoncon too...
Elaisyeah, Dragoncon has been around for a long time
Elaismassive multi-fandom convention held in Atlanta
MattHYeah - John Ringo has mentioned it on his section of Baens Bar.
Elaisthere is a con being held the end of next week in Denver
ElaisI'm debating whether or not to drive down there
Elaiswatching Alias right now
MattHCan you afford it? Even without flying, it seems they are rather pricey, what with hotel room stays an all.
Elaiswell, I would stay only a day or so
Elaismy car is pretty comfy *g*
Elaisnot sure if I would get busted for sleeping in it, though
MattHI've done the sleeping in cars thing a couple of times...they tend to get cold.
MattHHmm....Bill Shatner and Claudia Christian.
ElaisI'm interested in Dean Haglund
Elaishe was one of the guests at the Vegas thing
ElaisI'm also interested in Julian McMahon
ElaisI presume he's there because of the Fantastic four movie
MattHI would thinks so.
ElaisI'm a fan of him as Cole on Charmed and as Christian on Nip/Tuck
MattHNever seen the second and I avoid the first.
Elaiswhere else can you see Man on Doll action?
MattHI'll pass ;-)
Elaisor a three way
Elaisor with transexuals?
MattHPlease ... I live just a few miles from Hollywood.
Elaishmm the prices for the con aren't bad
ElaisI live thousands of miles from hollywood
MattHBe grateful - lots of weirdos there.
Elaisplenty of weirdos here
Elaiswe call them Republicans
MattHNo - those would be the *normal* people.
MattHAnd on that note, I note my time is up...I'll see you next week.
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