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MattHHiya CM
Elaishiyas Matt
ElaisI think I just discovered a new spoiler for Lost
MattHReally? What?
Elaisthey have been hinting at another character's death
Elaisi think it is the Korean guy who's gonna die
MattHEh. I heard that they are going to add another character - I want to know how they are going to do that, if they are on a deserted island.
Elaiscould be that they aren't the only ones on the island
Elaisthere was that crazy Nadia chick
Elaisor they could put that baby on miracle gro
MattHOdds are the baby is walking & talking by the end of next season.
MattHEither that, or it will be virtually unseen.
Elaisbabies really drag shows down\
MattHSitcoms mostly. Dramas might be able to ignore them.
MattHEspecially if it is an ensemble show.
ElaisI wouldn't think a baby on a deserted island would be much fun
Elaisafter breast-feeding..what is it gonna eat?
MattHYeah...well, not much on a deserted island is much fun.
Elaishowever, they might figure out a way to get off the island
MattHThen they wouldn't be Lost anymore.
Elaisthey would be Found
MattHYeah...and the show would be over.
Elaiswatching Smallville
MattHAny good?
Elaisclip show on Lost
Elaisamnesia plot
Elaissome dude shoots out kryptonite rays to wipe people's memories
ElaisClark gets hit and Chloe has to teach him about his powers
MattHWell, if she doesn't get hit Clark will probably know that she knows.
Elaisof course, he sees Lana for the 'first time' and his heat powers go off
ElaisI had a friend who watches the show an hour before I do
ElaisChloe keeps her memories
ElaisClark gets his memories back, but still doesn't know that Chloe knows
MattHEh - that sucks. Does she know that he doesn't know?
Elaisamnesia stories suck
ElaisI don't know *g*
MattHPretty much.
Elaisand they've used them so often on Smallville
MattHYeah...maybe kryptonite emits general low-level amnesia radiation, ala the Hellmouth.
Elaisthat's probably right
Elaisso much weird stuff happens in Smallville
Elaisyet people remain very unaware
MattHYeah...they should call it Strangeville... ;-)
Elaislooks like there will be 10 more screenings of Serenity next week on May 5th
Elaisall in various cities
MattHI saw - I am slowly catching up on Firefly, so I think I'll wait for the general release.
Elaisand they've all sold out, apparently
Elaisthe nearest city to me is Denver and that is a 6+ hours drive from here
ElaisI'm not sure the screenings will be all that 'fair and balanced' since I figure most of the people who bought the tickets are Firefly nuts
MattHI watched the trailer...Joss really does like gorgeous girls doing marital arts
ElaisI saw the trailer too
MattHBut I already knew that
Elaissomeone once mentioned Joss must have a foot fetish because we see River's feet a lot
MattHMaybe ... I haven't noticed if Summer Glau's feet are cutre or not...I am more of a hair guy.
Elaiswhat do you like in hair?
MattHYep - long and brunette, mostly.
Elaiscurly or straight?
MattHIt was the first thing I noticed about Eliza Dushku and Michelle Trachtenberg.
ElaisFaith's hair was pretty noticeable *g*
ElaisI notice Clark's hair a lot
MattHHe does have an excellent head of hair - much thicker than Chris Reeves.
ElaisChloe's hair looks pretty good tonight
MattHKristin Kreuk has the best hair on the show...strangely, she really doesn't do anything for me, although she is technically beautiful.
Elaisthey seem to have endless supplies of krytponite on this show
Elaisand in so many forms
MattHIn the first episode, there were a *lot* of meteors.
MattHOf course, there was a lot of kryptonite in the comics, too, with little explanation of how it got there.
Elaisthis ep is better than last weeks
MattHI didn't care that much for Spirit, so it isn't much of a stretch
Elaisyeah, when you classify an ep as being just above lame
Elaisooo, Lex has a shiny car
MattHGoes with his shiny head /rimshot
Elaisat least they are ending the ep with Clark and Chloe and not Clark and Lana
MattHI can do Clark/Chloe, I like it better than Clark/Lana
Elaisso do I
Elaisnow I'm watching the Daily Show with a little bit of Alias thrown in
ElaisJon Stewart is my TV boyfriend!
Elaishave you been working on your D&D?
MattHSome ... I have two new players, so I will be starting up again in May.
MattHHow has work been? Still slow?
Elaisit's ratcheting up
Elaiswe finally go the go ahead to do work that should have been done several months ago
Elaisof course, now we have to catch up
MattHThat is the way it is always done - a day late and a dollar short.
Elaisglad to busy doing real work again
Elaisalthough I'm sure that in a month or so I will be sick of it
MattHI got that.
Elaissuch is the nature of work *g*
Elaisthe whole circle of life
MattHWell, ever since I took my new job, I have been swamped...tons of work.
Elaiswill it take long to catch up?
MattHDepends on what you mean by "catch up". The backlog has been cleared out, but the work itself is never ending.
Elaiswell yeah,
Elaiswe have a backlog too, but once that is caught up, the work will be less onerous
MattHWe may be getting a couple of new accounts, which will increase the workload dramatically.
MattHAnd any new people they hire would take months to bring on board.
Elaisi was just thinking of the cube one row over from me
Elaisfor a couple of months it was a guy
MattHIt took them about 3 months to hire me when the position came open.
ElaisI'd see him every day
Elaisthen one day he was gone
Elaisand a blonde girl replaced him
ElaisI was thinking how long the blonde would last
Elaiswhy did it take them 3 months to hire you?
MattHWe have had a fair amount of turnover in the past 5 months or so.
MattHBureaucracy, plain and simple.
ElaisI think it took only a couple days for me to get hired at my job
MattHYep - pennywise and pound foolish.
Elaisof course, one time it took less than an hour for me to be laid off
MattHYeah, layoffs are quick.
MattHQuick to fire, slow to hire seem to be company motto's nowadays
Elaisdid you rework your D&D stuff?
MattHNot yet, unfortunately.
Elaisquick to stop, slow to start?
MattHYep, exactly ;-) Laziness would be a better way of phrasing it - I like to sleep in on weekends.
MattHAlso, I was busy cleaning off files from my hard drive.
MattHThe previous weekend was spent watching Battlestar Galactica.
MattHI've given up on Harry Potter - A Chapter A was taking up too much time and energy, even though it was fun.
Elaisidd you watch the whole thing?
MattHGalactica? Yeah.
Elaischange your mind any>
MattHIt is a good, but not great SciFi show.
MattHI much prefer the new Dr. Who.
ElaisI would probably prefer the new Dr Who
Elaisbetter get going Matt
MattHIt is on usenet.
Elaisso you've mentioned before
MattHYeah... see you next week,
Elaisbut laziness runs in this chat room
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