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for May 4, 2005

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MattHHiya CM
Elaishiyas matt
Elaiswatching Lost
MattHHow many episodes left this season?
ElaisI think tonight is ep 21?
Elais3 more eps after tonight's ep
MattH24 eps in a season.
Elaisone more ep and then a two-part ep
MattHHmmm.... Lost really *is* innovative ;-)
Elaisit's more exciting than Gilligan's island
Elaisboone is still dead
MattHWell, how would they bring him back, other than the "it was just a dream" shtick?
Elaissorry, I blame Joss *g*
MattHJoss had only one real resurrection in the show
Elaisbut everyone else who died came back in some form
MattHHmmm...Wesley and Anya didn't ;-)
MattHOf course, they were killed in the finales.
ElaisI just saw Lionel's hair
MattHHis evil is in his hari.
MattHhari = hair
Elaishe's got to be wearing a wig
Elaismy god it's awful
Elaisback to Lost
Elaiswe finally get some background on Sayid
Elaisone of the characters on Lost
Elaisevery ep has focused on one or more of the Lost characters with a great deal of flashbacks
Elaishow is work going?
MattHThere were what 45 or so survivors? That would mean that there could be only 2 seasons worth of episodes without repeating anyone.
MattHBusy, busy, busy
ElaisI was busy too, until a program suddenly crashed
Elaisdon't know how long before we get it back
MattHOuch? What was the program used for?
Elaisit was a internet-based program
Elaiswe lost complete access to it
Elaisbut we would have to contact the vendor who supports the program
MattHOh - is the program on the vendor's server?
MattHHmmm...maybe their server is down...
ElaisI think it might be something different
Elaiswe are in the process of using a different vendor who proves the same service
MattHThat would explain it - the vendor pulled the plug.
MattHSo how long until the new vendor comes on line?
Elaiswe just started using it
Elaishowever, there are still a ton of records on the other vendor
MattHNo local backups or any such thing?
Elaisso were stalled for the time being
MattHSo, nothing to do until then?
Elaiswe have other stuff to do, of course
Elaisbut that isn't gonna keep us busy for much longer
MattHSo is the first vendor holding your records hostage or are there plans to get them back?
Elaisnot sure what's going to happen now
Elaisnot my problem *g*
MattHWell - you are the one who will be bored ;-)
ElaisI have net access now
Elaisso I won't be quite so bored
Elaismaybe you can ship some of your work over to me ;-)
MattHI wish....
ElaisD&D up and running yet?
MattHOn the 23rd....
MattHGot 3 new players, so I am full up.
Elaiswoo hoo!
MattHYep - I am working on some stuff now.
Elaisstarting from scratch?
MattHNo...just continuing where we left off.
Elaisso..what kind of stuff are you working on?
MattHNew area of the dungeon, new monster race to populate said area.
Elaishow do you usually start creating a new monster?
MattHWell, first I sacrifice a chicken to the gods of chaos and mayhem....
MattHBasically, the idea is to come up with a simple concept and then derive the stats from that.
Elaissooo...I come up with an idea for a race of pink troll Amazons
Elaisthen you figure out the stats?
MattHThe current monster is a ratling...a ratlike humanoid. Thought of what rats are like - agile, not that strong, good swimmers, diseased and work that into the numbers.
MattHSomething like that
ElaisI get it
MattHTroll implies strong, tough and I would give them a Strength bonus, maybe some natural armor, a charisma penalty. Amazon kind of implies barbarian, so maybe some berserker madness or maybe archery.
Elaisthen you work on the stats for the ratling's particular abilities
MattHYep - I figure they are kind of sneaky, so I made the favored class Rogue. There is a white/albino subtype...for the lab rat type...they tend to be wizards/alchemists
Elaissound like fun!
MattHI thought so...I am just putting the finishing touches on the race and then am going to whip up 4-5 samples/archetypes to use.
Elaiswhat about the new area of the dungeon>
MattHBasically the ratlings lair plus a few specials thrown in. I haven't figured out what the specials are yet, other than having a few very sneaky traps and 1 giant spider.
Elaiskissing cousin to Shelob?
MattHKind of, but smaller. Giant spiders have a lot of history in D&D
MattHGoing all the way to the goddess of the dark elves (the spider goddess Lolth)
Elaisgood you are keeping with tradition
ElaisSmallville wasn''t too bad
MattHAs good as last week?
ElaisLost is better, though
ElaisI might see hitchhikers this weekend
MattHMy sympathies - it has gotten horrible reviews
ElaisI've seen critics hate it
Elaisyet when I seen people post about it, they liked it
Elaiseven my mom seemed to like the movie
Elaisand she is definitely not a hitchhiker fan
MattHI saw the mini-series, many years will be hard to top that.
ElaisI saw that too
Elaisbut it's been a while since i've read the books
Elaisso I expect I won't be annoyed by any differences in the movie
MattHI suppose - I doubt they can do it just in two or so hours.
Elaisnot sure If I will go see the Revenge of the Sith movie
MattHThat has actually gotten good reviews...
MattHKevin Smith(may have the name wrong) gave it a great review
MattH (spoilers inside)
Elaisthat actually might be worth going to
MattHWith any luck, we'll see Jar-Jar die a horrible death.
Elaismaybe your D&D group can do that as a side adventure
MattHNah ... that is D20 Star Wars, a different (but similar) game.
ElaisJar Jar should die multiple deaths D&D he could be resurrected so we could kill him again.
MattHRan across this - very funny
Elaispretty good
MattHSome of them are a little dated, but I can relate.
ElaisAlias is good tonight
ElaisI can definitely relate to some of those as well
MattHMy fav is number 20 - Breakfast *is*the most important meal of the day
Elaismountain dew and doughnuts
Elaiswow, that will certainly keep you bouncing for a while
ElaisI usually just have cereal, milk and oj
MattHIt has the two most important elements of good nutrition - sugar and caffeine.
MattHAnyway - time to go. I'll see you next week.
Elaishave a good weekend, Matt
Elaissee you next week
MattHYou too
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