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Elaisheyas matt
MattHHiya CM
Elaiswonder how good/bad smallville will be tonight?
MattHHopefully, btetter than last week.
Elaisstarting off with watching Lost
Elaislooks like I'm going to miss out on the second Serenity screenig
MattHThere is a second screening? I haven't been paying attention.
Elaisand it's all sold out, of course
MattHI was planning on waiting for the main release.
Elaismost of the cities sold out before midday, I think
Elaisthe tix were up for sale in the morning and all were gone by the day's end
ElaisI think there were a few enterprising folks who bought blocks of tickets and started selling them on ebay
MattHI wonder if that will cut it in to opening day box office sales when it enters main released.
Elaishard to say
Elaismost of the people attending the screenings are heavy fans already, I expect
Elaisnot sure if the 'general public' will be interested
ElaisI managed to find a in-depth spoiler for what happens in the movie
Elaisso I can easily wait until it hits the big screen
Elaismy main worry is that it might not get to my city
MattHI think it is actually going to do quite well. Just a hunch
Elaisdon't think it will get 'Revenge of the Sith' like numbers
Elaisbut it should do alright might even end up back on the small screen...which would be weird ;-)
ElaisI think if the movie does well, there would be movie sequels
ElaisI will be very surprised if it becomes a tv show again
MattHI could see it happening, but not on the same network...maybe the Sci-Fi channel.
Elaishmm, Smallville seems to be more interesting than Lost
MattHSo, does that mean it is a really bad Lost or a really good Smallville?
Elaisgosh, I'm not sure
Elaistwo mediocre eps, but Smallville is less mediocre than Lost
Elaisdamning with faint praise ;-)
MattHMore like praising with faint damns... ;-)
Elaisdid you celebrate mother's day?
MattHI called my mother...that was about it.
Elaiswent to my mother's house
Elaismy sister cooked up a Sunday brunch
Elaisit was pretty darn good
MattHI would have done that, but she lives about 350 miles away... :(
Elaismine lives on 30 miles away
MattHThat makes it a lot easier to go over for Mother's Day
Elaiswhen is your D&D starting up again?
MattHThe 23rd...still got a lot to do.
ElaisI'm also a lot closer to the nagging ;-)
ElaisRun like the Wind Lex!
MattHWhat brought that on?
Elaisjust commenting on Smallville
ElaisJason and Genevieve captured Lex and Lionel
Elaisbut they managed to escape
MattHGenevieve? Can't Lionel poison anyone effectively?
Elaisguess not
MattHI mean, first Lex lives, and now Genevieve...
ElaisJason fought with Lex and fell off a cliff
MattHDid we actually see Jason hit the bottom? If not, he is hanging from a tree branch....
ElaisI saw water splashing
Elaisdon't know if we'll see a body later
MattHOh...he got away that way, then...
Elaisoh well
Elaisthe point is that Jason is gone
MattHHe'll be back.
Elaisokay, now for Alias!
Elaisoh good, Joel Gray is in this ep
MattHDoes he have a long, snaky tongue?
Elaisbut's just as creepy
Elaisattack of the bees!
MattHWell, as long as he isn't sacrificing cute girls....
Elaisno, but he just sacrificed a bunch of monks
Elaissome who were very attractive
Elaishow is work?
MattHBusy - the boss was away for Monday and Tuesday, but still a lot of work
ElaisI'm moderately busy
Elaisnot swamped, but not twiddling my thumbs
Elaisdamning with faint praise again
MattHOld vendor still holding the companies data
Elaiswe got our stuff back
Elaisbut we have limited access to do stuff
Elaiswhich is fine
ElaisI saw Hitchhikers' last Saturday
Elaisnot bad
ElaisI wasn't blown away by it, but It didnt' suck either
Elaisdamning with faint praise for the third time!
MattHSo would you recommend it?
MattHTo non-Hitchikers fans?
Elaisto them as well
ElaisI spotted some reference to the tv version of Hichhikers back in the day
MattHHmm...seems that the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem doesn't prove it after all.
Elaiswow...that should be front page news!
MattHWell....I think so.
MattHThe proof made Nightline and there was PBS (IIRC) special on it.
Elaisyeah, I seem to remember some special PBS show on that
Elaisbut I don't watch Nightline
MattHI stayed up for that one, but I generally don't watch.
ElaisTed Koppel is leaving Nightline right?
ElaisI gather that the show will go as well
ElaisNightline without Koppel is like cream without cheese
MattHCream without cheese is actual richer and sweeter...
Elaisokay, peanut without the butter
MattHHow about chocolate without sugar?
ElaisI''ll go with that
Elaisgood ep of Alias
MattHHmmm...that wasn't faint praise....the streak has ended... ;-)
ElaisI haven't been wowed by anything on tv in a long time
MattHYeah - a couple of the new Dr Who eps were wow-worthy, but nothing I've seen on US TV
ElaisI heard the Dalek one was a good one
MattHMostly...a little too PC towards the end.
MattHThe best ep so far was the third "The Unquiet Dead" with Charles Dickens
Elaisthat sounds like a good one
MattHIt was ...very written and earie
Elaisnot so much with the action?
MattHHmmm...yet another cover (for the Deluxe Edition) of the HBP has been released.
MattHThere was action and violence and things being blown up...but in a well-written and earie way. ;-)
Elaishard to read the title other than Harry Potter
Elaisbut the cover is nice
MattHYeah...the trees are what people are talking about...they guess it means Dumbledore & Harry go into the Forbidden Forest.
MattHI like it the best of all the covers I've seen for HBP
Elaisno one is commenting on what Harry is wearing?
MattHNot that I've seen..but I have only read a few so far.
MattHBut there are 258 comments on the Leaky Cauldron...I've barely started reading.
MattHHmmm...some people are commenting on the clothes..thinking they are pajamas (maybe)
ElaisI would assume it is a nightgown
Elaisnightgown equals nighttime
MattHAnother 65 days until the book comes out though.
Elaislittle over two months
MattHYep...I can hardly wait
MattHCould be a scene from a Pensieve too...
MattHAnyway, I have to to collect my laundry, read some fanfic, and watch Smallville.
Elaissounds like an exciting night
MattHFor me. See you next week
Elaisit would be exciting for me as well
Elaissee you next week as well, Matt
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