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MattHHiya CM
ElaisLost or Smallville...
MattHHear the news about Smallville moving to Thursdays?
MattHIsn't it the Smallville season finale?
ElaisI think I'll watch Lost..I've heard rumors they are actually going to have answers tonight
Elais90 minute season finale
ElaisI heard about the schedule change
Elaisnot sure what to make of yet until I figure out what is airing opposite it
MattHI don't have any shows I watch on Thursdays, so it makes little difference to me.
ElaisJoan of Arcadia has been cancelled
ElaisI'm bummed, but not too much
MattHI watched part of an episode. Just wasn't for me.
ElaisI guess it wasn't for a lot of people
Elaishence the cancellation
MattHYeah...well good shows get cancelled too. Angel was doing better than it had in S4 when they axed it.
Elaisand they they put out crap like Britney Spears:Chaotic
MattHThat show jumped the shark in the design phase.
ElaisBritney Spears herself jumped the shark
MattHActually, she is beginning to look like one... ;-)
Elaisdoesn't bode well for her child
MattHNope...she is showing her Southern roots...
ElaisSmallville is off to a good start, Lana apparently killed Genevieve
Elaisnow if she would just kill herself out of guilt...
MattHHmmm...that makes Lana more competent than Lionel Luther.
ElaisLionel still has poufy hair
Elaiseither that, or I've forgotten how bad his hair originally was
MattHThat just shows that his evil isn't up to full strength.
MattHThere is a reason he was called the "Magnificent Bastard" on TWOP...cause of his great hair.
Elaisyes, I know
MattHI think he is similar to Samson...he keeps his evil in his hair.
ElaisI read TWoP almost every day
Elaishow to you explain Lex?
MattHLex isn't evil...just misunderstood.... ;-)
Elaisheh, looks like they've got a meteor shower heading towards earth
Elaisthey even have a countdown
MattHAnother one....aimed at Smallville. What are the odds? ;-)
ElaisFrank Gorshin died
MattHYep, he'll riddle no more.
Elaishe will always be the Riddler to me
MattHHe was good, but Jim Carrey did a nice job as well.
MattHI like the Riddler in the cartoons best.
Elaishe did the voice, right?
Elaishah, Sawyer's name is apparently James Ford
MattHIn the cartoon? Not sure/don't think so, I was referring to one of the movies.
Elaisshirtless Sawyer!
MattHFor what?
Elaisfor being distracted by naked men
Elaistoo bad girls can't go shirtless on tv
MattHYep...too bad.
Elaisguess Lana is going to miss her graduation
ElaisI thought she quit school?
MattHNope. She was doing the yearbook thing last week.
MattHBuffy did the end of HS much, much better.
Elaisyeah, MUCH better
MattHI just can't help comparing the is kind of painful.
Elaiswe only get like 5 minutes for the graduation scene
MattHAnybody get eaten by a giant snake?
Elaisunless that Thing In the Forest is an invisible snake
MattHHarry Groening plays the President of Earth in one of the last Enterprise eps. He was given a speech and I kept expecting him to turn into a giant snake.... Buffy has warped my little mind.
Elaisyeah, whenever I see Harry, it's hard to not compare his role to that of the mayor
MattHHe needs to star in his own TV show...
ElaisI wouldnt mind seeing him in a comedy again
Elaisor maybe a detective
MattHYeah...for some reason I see him as JR Ewing in a remake of Dallas...
MattHDon't know why....
Elaisyeah, I can see him in that
MattHJust checked TVTome. Riddler in the Batman series was played by Robet Englund.
MattHAka Freddy Krueger
Elaismore shirtless Sawyer!
Elaisyeah, I know Englund is Freddie
MattHSigh...I'm jealous...
ElaisI would have preferred a pantless Sawyer
Elaisbut I'll take what I can get
Elaiswhy don't you picture Lana in that shower scene from earlier in the season?
MattHEhh.... Kristin Kreuk is technically my type, but for some reason..just not a whole lot of attraction there. Allison Mack, on the other hand....
* MattH drifts off into a pleasant daydream...
MattHOk...I'm back.
Elaishope you had a nice time *g*
Elaisyou can also picture Chloe in that marvelous red bra from a season ago
MattHHelps to be actually watching the show....
ElaisJason is still alive
MattHOf course...falling into a river means that he comes back later. Plus Lionel tried to kill him. Without his Hair of Evil, Lionel is actually incapable of killing anyone.
Elaisso far, doesn't seem like much is happening
MattHThat is the entire season so far.
Elaisand it doesn't explain anything from this season
MattHThis season reminds of Buffy Season 6....streched....
Elaishmm, Lionel seems to be catatonic
MattHHis acting?
Elaisno. for real
Elaishad some kind of seizure
ElaisI think he had one of the stones
Elaisif they aren't killing him off, coma would be the next best thing I suppose is the False Hair of Pseudo-Evil. His body is rejecting it.
Elaissort of like with Faith
MattHIs he not a regular next season?
Elaishave no idea
ElaisI assume that if they haven't killed him off, he will be back next season
Elaiscan't you just picture Lex keeping Lionel in some state of the art hospital-type room?
MattHYep...making sure he gets the best care but doesn't wake up.
ElaisLana flying away in a helicopter
ElaisI really hope a metor nails that sucker
MattHAin't gonna happen.
MattHShe has script immunity.
MattHI always worry about Chloe, though.
Elaisand the meteors hit
Elaisooo, fireballs!
MattHLana might become a meteor mutant, though.
ElaisI hope so
Elaismeteor mutants don't last long on this show
MattHWe've had several that survived.
Elaisdang! A meteor did hit Lana's chopper
Elaisshe'll survive, of course
MattHOf course... script immunity.
Elaisswitching to Alias
Elaistwo part finale tonight
MattHIt'd be nice if she left Smallville though.
ElaisI shall start praying right now
MattHYep - bring on Lori Lemaris.... ;-)
Elaisand thrown in a few chicken entrails while I'm at it
MattHDo that voodoo, that you do, so well ;-)
Elaisyou think Death threats to Millar & Gough would be too much?
Elaisokay, Clark is in the Artic or Antarctic
Elaisor at least someplace very cold and icy
MattHMost likely, Arctic.
MattHThough the South Pole is actually a better choice for the Fortess of Solitude.
Elaisyup, Lana is alive
Elaisncie to see her all bruised and bloody
MattHYou are vicious....
Elaislooks like another alien ship has landed
Elaishow was your weekend?
MattHAnother one? Hmmm... maybe it is Jon Jon'z
MattHPretty good.
Elaisit's over already
MattHBatman Begins previews....
ElaisI was expecting another 10 minutes of stuff
MattHSmallville always ends on a cliffhanger.
ElaisBatman Begins might actually be a good movie
MattHUnlike Buffy.
MattHIt might. Hopefully.
Elaisthe only real cliffhanger was Buffy's death
Elaiswhich wasn't a real cliffhanger, anyway
MattHUmmm... Angel sent to Hell...I thought that kind of least somewhat vertical in places.
MattHPlus Buffy running away....
Elaisthat's true
MattHI'm trying to think if Angel had any cliffhangers....yep.... Angel dumped into the ocean.
Elaisnot quite a cliffhanger
ElaisDarla at the end of season one
MattHYeah...S1 does definitely count.
Elaisthis batman preview is pretty good
Elaismight not have to watch the movie *g*
MattHI'll wait for reviews before making up my mind to watch or not.
Elaissame here
ElaisI might wait a bit before seeing Revenge of the Sith
ElaisI know the reviews are good
Elaisbut I want the frenzy to die down a bit
MattHI am not seeing it this weekend. Memorial Day week I might catch a matinee.
Elaismemorial day will be packed, I'm sure
MattHYeah...but there are a lot of theatres around where I live...
Elaiswe only have four
Elaistwo of them are 2-theater second run places
Elaisthe other two are 7 theater
MattHI wonder if CityWalk will show it on the Imax...hmmm....
MattHI don't think we have any second run theatres around here.
Elaisit's kind of nice
ElaisI can procrastinate a bit longer
MattHI would like them...they are cheaper and don't get the lesser pictures crowded out as quickly by new releases.
Elaissome movies hit the second run theaters pretty quickly
Elaisit will be a looonnggg time before any of the blockbusters get there
MattHYeah...but blockbusters just don't stay in theatres as long as they used to.
MattHHow has work been?
Elaispretty good
Elaisit's been pretty steady
MattHNot overwhelmed anymore?
MattHBusy, but I have had a chance to get around to some lower priority stuff. I expect things will pick up quite a bit in a month or so.
Elaisseasonal thing?
MattHNot really...just one of our accounts is adding two new projects.
MattHIt could be really busy for the next couple of years from this.
Elaisthat long?
MattHThese are long term construction projects. Many take several years to complete.
ElaisWow...Lena Olin is on Alias
Elaishow the hell did they talk her into coming back?
MattHI've heard the name....I don't think I've seen her in anything. Imdb says she was in Mystery Men, but I don't recall her.
Elaisshe hasn't been in a whole lot
Elaisshe was pretty much the main reason Season two of Alias was so good
MattHOh...why did she leave?
Elaisno idea
Elaisi'm guessing shes not that into acting
Elaissince she hasn't been in many movies
Elaisbut they were apparently offering untold sums to bring her back into the show
MattHMoney talk$
MattHAnyway...I gotta go get something to eat.
MattHSpeak to you next week.
Elaissee ya!
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