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for May 25, 2005

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Elaisno smallville tonight
Elaisbut there is a two-hour lost
MattHOk - I still haven't haven't watched last weeks Smallville.
MattHSeason Finale of Lost?
Elaisseen the Sith movie yet?
MattHSeen about half of it...I will probably catch it in the theatre this weekend.
Elaishalf of it?
MattHDue to the miracles of the internet, I watched about half last Thursday...I decided to wait until I can get to the theatre to see the rest.
Elaisah, you're one of them criminals aren't you?
Elaisstealing food out of Lucas' mouth
MattHArrrggghhh...I be a vicious, criminal pirate...sailing the seas of bittorrent.
ElaisI'm not in a particular hurry to see the movie
MattHI'm in no real rush...just that this weekend seems to be the best time for me.
Elaisevening or matinee?
MattHMatinee, definitely...I'm cheap. ;-)
Elaismatinees are 5 bucks now
MattHAbout 6 around here.
Elaisdoing anything else this weekend?
MattHMay or may not be going to an ex-coworkers place to do some work on her computer.
MattHWorking on my D&D game. That is about it.
Elaiswill the sessions be starting up soon?
MattHWhat about you?
ElaisI think it might be lunch and a movie with my mom
Elaismy sister is taking the kids camping
MattHStarted on Saturday...had 6 people...went quite well.
Elaiskind of pathetic when the best date you've had in ages is with you mother
Elaisthat's good
Elaisyou've got a mix of old/new people then?
MattHYep 3 old and 3 new...the new people were the only ones who showed up on time ;-)
Elaishow do you usually handle newcomers to a regular session?
MattHAs quickly as possible ;-)
Elaisis work still hot and heavy?
MattHIt varies, though, depending on what is going on in the campaign and the various player backgrounds. It has been generally pretty easy to work new players due to nature of the campaign.
MattHAbout the same...on Tuesday I am going down to San Diego with my boss to meet some of our clients.
Elaishow long will you be in San Diego?
MattHJust a couple of hours... 4 1/2 hours each way to get there.
Elais4 and half hours to do a 2 hour meeting?
Elaisand typical
MattHFlying would be worse, though...
Elaisget along with your boss fairly well?
MattHYeah - she is real fun to work for.
MattHPlus, the person I replaced was a real lousy employee.
Elaisplanning to bring along a book on tape/cd?
MattHNah...she is driving.
MattHI might nap on the way....;-)
Elaisalways a good idea
Elaishave you been to San Diego before?
MattHNah...bout far south as I have gotten is Anaheim
Elaishow about up north?
MattHOregon....about 30 years ago.
Elaisthe blowed some guy up
ElaisI've flown to various cities for cons
Elaisnever driven out of the state though
Elaishow about east?
MattHNew York and Texas
MattHBack when I was interviewing for graduate schools.
ElaisI once rode with my mother and sister to see Mall of America
Elaisdo you get any time off at work because of the holiday?
MattHYeah...probably get part of Friday off and all of Monday.
ElaisI believe I get monday off
Elaiswanna go to a con, but there are so many and they are all expensive
MattHHmmm...sounds like you are a con addict ;-)
Elaisthe one I most want to go to is in England in October about expensive.
ElaisJames Marsters is doing a reading of a play and performing a concert afterwards
Elaisdamn UKers get all the good stuff
MattHDo you like cats?
MattHCause I came across a site with some interesting cat stories....
Elaiscats are alright
Elaisoh boy, smart carts
MattHReminds me of a couple of the cats we had when I was growing up...nothing quite like what she describes, but pretty smart.
Elaisthe cats we had growing up weren't exactly MENSA quality animals
MattHWe had a dog like that...half golden retriever and half irish setter - gorgeous dog without a brain cell in her head.
Elaisour dogs weren't much smarter
Elaisbut they were alright
MattHWe had a lab mix that was really clever and a good watchdog. Also a Jack Russell terrier that was very clever...
ElaisI heard Jack Russells were unusually smart dogs
Elaisand quite a difficult dog to handle
MattHCharlie (ours) handled us quite well. He injured one of his front paws once and got a lot of sympathy from us. When he got better, whenever we went t scold him for something, he would pretend his paw was hurt...but he did have trouble remembering which one it was... ;-)
Elaisgreat..we finally get a glimpse of the Thing in the Forest and I still dont' know what the heck it is
MattHThe Thing in the Forrest? Bigfoot?
Elaiswatching Lost
Elaison several eps they had shown foilage being rattled and the sound of roaring
Elaisno visuals
Elaisone of the names used to describe it was Thing in the Forest is a Japanese soldier who doesn't know the war is over ;-)
Elaisin this ep we get what appears to be living smoke?
MattHA vampire in gaseous form!
Elaisthatl'll work
Elaisgiven that some Buffy/Angel writers are on the show
MattHOr an alien that sucks out the blood of victims....
MattHwhich now that I think of it, means that Star Trek episode was based upon vampire took me 25+ years to figure that out....
Elaisreading comments on people who saw the ep earlier
Elaismotorcyle gang?
Elaiswhich ep of Star Trek?
MattHDon't remember the na,e...but a vampiric gas that killed Kirk's captain when he was an ensign comes back. We also learn that Spock's blood is based on copper, not iron. Kirk uses an ounce of anti-matter to blow up the gas cloud and a large portion of the planet it is on.
Elaisoh yeah
ElaisI think I remember that one
Elaishave a memory of some weird dog with a horn
MattHEpisode 42 - Obsession
Elaisah thanks! took you 25 years to figure that out?
Elaismaybe you should have asked your pets
MattHYeah...but I doubt they knew any more about vampire mythology then than I did...that came after my Star Trek fascination.
Elaiswould a vampire show worked back then?
MattHDark Shadows...
Elais*slaps head*
Elaisof course
MattHAlthough I didn't hear of the show until the mini-series in the 90s.
ElaisI may have spotted when the reruns were airing on the sci-fi channel
ElaisLost raises more questions than it answered
MattHWhat did it answer?
Elaiscome to think of it...nothing
MattHIs it still all happening according to the kid's comic book ....
Elaisnot sure
Elaisall I remember is the polar bear
Elaiswalt got kidnapped by 'The Others'
Elaisthe comic was mexican, I think
Elaisand it apparently belonged to hurley
MattHSo are you happy with the finale?
Elaishappy enough
Elaisand interested enought to tune in next year
MattHWell...that is what a good finale is supposed to do...bring them back next year.
Elaisnow onto the Alias finale
MattHWas Alias renewed?
Elaisthe whole spy family is together again
ElaisSidney...Spy mommy, Spy Daddy, Spy Sister and Spy Boyfriend
MattHHer entire family is made of spies
Elaisand they are all after Spy Auntie...who is the bad guy is time to go...have a good Memorial Day's Weekend.
Elaisyou too Matt
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