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ElaisI'm glad smallville is in reruns now
Elaisnow I dont' have to worry whether the next ep will suck or not
MattH'Cause you already know... I hadn't planned on watching the reruns. I just got around to watching the finale today,
ElaisEagles concert on now
Elaisas well as Beauty and the Geek!
MattHAnother reality show....ughh
Elaisi'm watching it right now
Elaisit actually looks sort of interesting
Elaisa geeky guy is paired with attractive women
MattHIt's demeening - I'm a geek and we don't act like that.
ElaisI think each couple competes against each other
Elaisthey do have a V.P. of the Dukes of Hazzard fan club
Elaismost of the girls seem to be dancers, models etc
MattHI watched one of the previews for the show - most seemed rather stuck up ;--)
Elaiswell, duh *g*
Elaiswouldn't be as fun if we had easy going pretty girls
MattHI don't care how pretty a girl is...ugly on the inside is very unnattractive...
Elaiswell, they all can't be bitches
MattHOn a reality TV show...they preselect for bitchiness ...
Elaisdoesn't seem to be much else on tv besides reality shows
Elaisat least until 'The inside' starts airing
MattHOne of the reasons I have mostly given up on TV.
Elaisokay, we have Screeche's twin brother on the tv
MattHSee - more geek stereotyping ....
Elaishah! the gal just said he was a white Urkel
ElaisI think this guy is the only one I would considered 'geeky'
Elaisin the dorky sense
Elaisthe other guys seem fairly alright
Elaisif not the most socially sophisticated of men
Elaisokay, what kind of job is a 'Life Sized Barbie Model'?
Elaishow was your memorial day weekend?
MattHOne with an unnaturally small waistline.
MattHI did absolutely nothing...well, I watched Star Wars on Friday...other than that, nothing.
Elaishad lunch with my mom and we both went to see Madagascar
MattHHow was it?
Elaisit wasn't terrible, but it didn't impress me either
Elaisa friend of mine said he laughed like a loon during the movie
MattHIs he a loon?
Elaisa pretty level-headed guy
ElaisI think he just needed a good laugh
Elaisit takes a pretty funny movie to get a peep out of me
MattHEh...I am pretty easy to get a chuckle out of, although I often find things funny that no one else does.
Elaisthe gals are doing a geography bee
Elaisvery simple questions
Elaisname three states with the word 'new' in them
MattHThese things are totally scripted...
ElaisI don't think these guys are that good
Elaison the other hand, you may be right
Elaisthese girls can't be THAT dumb
MattHI don't know...bleach tends to lower people's IQs.....
Elaislooks like this will be a short series
Elaisonly seven couples
MattHIf the ratings are good, there will be more.
Elaiswhat things to you find funny?
MattHWell, I was on a jury once, and several of the witnesses were lying through their teeth...I found that hilarious.
MattHEven though they were not technically being very funny.
Elaisthis looks fun
MattHEh...does nothing for me....I have zero interest in screenwriting.
ElaisJoss Whedon will be there
MattHDoing what?
Elaishe's one of the guests
ElaisI suppose they will be doing talks
Elaisdon't know if any of the guests will be doing workshops
MattHA writing workshop with Joss could be interesting.
Elaisto delve into the mind of Joss.....
MattHI am already unstable enough...delving into the mind of Joss might send me over the edge ... ; -)
ElaisI hear the director of the third X-men movie is off the project
Elaisnow there are rumors the job might go to Joss
MattHThere are always rumors that it might go to Joss...hopefully they are right this time.
Elaisthe biggest problem I see is that joss prefers to write and direct
Elaisnot sure he would want to direct a movie scripted by somebody else
MattHHe might end up rewriting the script...lots of directors do that.
MattHAs he has found out already.
Elaiseven if he was offered the job, would he have time?
Elaishe's got Serenity, Wonder Woman and that Astonishing X-men comic
MattHSerenity is probably almost done with. I don't know how much time he spends with the comic. Wonder Woman could be a problem.
Elaisit might be a long time before Wonder Woman starts production
ElaisI'm not even sure a script has been written yet
MattHHmmm...then Joss might have time to do X-Men.
Elaisyou in any danger of landslides?
MattHNah....I'm on fairly flat land.
Elaiswatching the world poker tournament now
Elaisand that's it
ElaisI just started watching this stuff
MattHI meant - how is it?
Elaispretty interesting
Elaisin the final tournaments, the pots got up to a million bucks
ElaisI think this is one of the early rounds of the players looks familiar
MattHI've never played poker...not really into card games or gambling.
ElaisI played poker once
ElaisI'm more interested in watching it than playing it
ElaisI'm not into gambling either
Elaisguess I don't have the gambling gene
MattHYeah...I've never been to Vegas or a casino (to gamble anyway)
Elaisbeen to Vegas twice now
ElaisI went there earlier this year for that Jacks or Better tournament
Elaishow's the D&D going?
MattHPretty session is this weekend. I posted the recap of the May 21 session tonight.
Elaisoh good
ElaisWe are finally almost caught up with work
Elaisnot sure what we are going to do to fill the time now
MattHWho knows? Maybe you'll get a new system to replace the current one ;-)
Elaiswouldn't surprise me
ElaisI'm sure they can dig up something for us to do now
Elaissomething time consuming and useless at the same time
MattHI see you have a really high opinion of managment.
Elaisit never pays to overestimate the intelligence of upper management
Elaisi've seen that before, but it is still great
MattH'Cause it is true
Elaisvery true
Elaishow is work for you?
MattHPicking up. We went down to San Diego yesterday. 7 hours round trip for a 1.5 hour meeting
MattHI gotten get in about 7 AM tomorrow. A presentation was moved up from 2 PM to 10 AM, and we have to write it.
Elaisan allnighter>
MattHWe have someone flying out from Texas to help work on it, but she won't be in until about 8 or 8:30 AM.
MattHAnyway...I got to is getting awfully close to bedtime for me, due to the fact that I have to get up at about 5:30 :_(
ElaisI wish you much luck, Matt
MattHThanks, CYA next week
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