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for June 8, 2005

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Elaishey matt
Elaisso sorry I'm late!
MattHHiya CM
Elaisoh good
Elaisfound out today that I'll need a root canal
MattHI had one - they aren't that bad.
Elaisso I've heard
Elaisthe biggest annoyance will be the cost
Elaislooks like the insurance will cover most of it
Elaisbut I'm still stuck paying around 500 bucks
MattHStruth - they aren't cheap.
MattHBetter than the pain of dealing with an infected tooth, though
MattHSince I finally have dental insurance again, I went an saw a dentist today about getting an appointment. I may be late or groggy next Wednesday, as my appointment is 1 1/2 hrs prior to the chat.
ElaisI'm scheduled for the 28 of this month
Elaishopefully, I might get it done earlier if there is a cancellation
MattHOuch - right before the 4th of July weekend.
Elaiswell, the dentist will be doing a crown after the root canal
Elaisthe total cost of root canal/crown will be around 1800
MattHRight after? Normally they wait 2-3 days.
Elaisthree step process
Elaisfirst the root canal, then the crown preparation, then the crown fitting
MattHHeh - my yearly dental cap is $1000. One root canal would wipe that out.
Elaisguess I'm lucky then
MattHI know I am going to need a couple of fillings, though.
ElaisI didn't have the dentist check out any of my other teeth
MattH... as a couple of old ones have fallen out ;-)
Elaisdo they hurt?
MattHNah....which is why I am not too worried.
MattHIf I keep putting it off, though...:(
Elaishey, poster girl for putting stuff off here
Elaisif I had done the regular checkups, I probably wouldn't be having the root canal now
MattHNot necessarily...but it might have helped.
MattHI didn't have dental insurance as a temp and was broke, which is why I haven't seen one in a while.
ElaisI didn't have that problem
ElaisI've always had dental insurance
Elaisjust never bothered to do the checkups for a couple years
MattHShame on you....
MattHOne dental office is about 1/2 a block away from where I live.
ElaisI'm paying for it now *g*
Elaisfiguratively and literally
MattHI take it the tooth is hurting, then?
Elaisnot a twinge
Elaisdon't know if that is good or bad
Elaisit kind of surprised the dentis
ElaisI hope I remain pain free until my next visit
Elaiswatching Tim Minear's 'The Inside'
MattHAny good?
Elaisfive minutes in, and there is already a twist
Elaisooh. more screenings for Serenity
MattHBy the time it officially opens, everyone it America will have seen it.
ElaisI think there is a bit of repeat business
Elaiswith people dragging their friends, relatives, etc with them
Elaisthe LA one is sold out already, even though tickets aren't supposed to be available until midnight
ElaisI'm guess they contacted the theater directly
MattHI planned on waiting until the theatrical release anyway.
Elaisstill face the same problem as the earlier screenings
Elaiseither a 400 plane ticket or a 6-8 hour drive
MattHSave your money for the root canal...
MattHThe film isn't in the final version yet.
ElaisI need my teeth more than I need to see Serenity *g*
MattHAnd you claim to be a fan...;-)
MattHSo how has work been? Still slow?
Elaisvery slow
Elaisit fact it is very nearly dead
Elaisnot quite sure what's gonna happen
Elaishow about you?
MattHPretty busy - I have had some time to make some real improvements to a couple of the Access databases we use.
Elaisah, Access
ElaisI taught myself Access
ElaisI wasn't the best teacher, but then I was't much of a student *g*
MattHI am totally self-taught...but I am an excellent student and (in this case) a highly talented teacher.
MattHPlus, I love to program.
Elaiswhat else do you program?
MattHI have programmed just about anything in MS Office, plus my personal programming language of choice is Delphi.
MattHI tend not to finish my own programs...I lose interest easily... ;-)
ElaisI have the same problem
ElaisC++? Cobol?
Elaisjust finished watching 'The Inside'
MattHI've done a little C. No Cobol. I use PHP on my website
MattHHow was it.?
Elaisit was alright
Elaisdidn't sink it's hooks into me, but if there is nothing else on tv to watch
Elaismight as well watch this show
MattHIf there is nothing else on TV to watch...
MattHI turn it off ;-)
Elaisturn it off?
Elaisthere's an off switch?
MattHYep...but you have to press it...
Elaisperish the thought
Elaishow are the D&D sessions>
MattHIt went fairly well last weekend. I have finished the recap, but haven't uploaded it yet.
Elaiswill you be putting up this week>
MattHYeah...probably tomorrow. Definitely by Saturday night. I need to convert and upload the chat transcripts to.
ElaisI'm sure other people are eager to read our chat transcripts *g*
MattHThen I have to work on the adventure for the June 18 game.
Elaisbusy little boy aren't you?
MattHKeeps me out of trouble.
Elaiswhat trouble would you have gotten into?
MattHI don't know - I was kept out of it... ;-)
Elaisdid the presentation go alright?
Elaisfrom last week?
MattHI understand so...we went from a 33% chance to get the account to a 50% chance - or so the risk manager we were presenting to said.
Elaiswow, they rate presentations by percentages?
Elaisdid you get a 2% bump for smiling?
MattHJust this particular risk manager ...
MattHI didn't actually see the presentation myself.
MattHAnyway...I need to go. I'll see you next week, although I may be late if the dental appointment runs long.
Elaisso you just worked on it?
MattHYep - Just worked on it.
MattHI've had my fill of presenting...
MattHAnway, CYA next week.
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