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for June 21, 2005

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Elaisknock knock
MattHWho's there?
MattHThe problem is definitely with Trillian, then.
MattHDo you have a firewall?
Elaisnot sure
Elaisthought I had one before, but not sure now
MattHWhat version of windows are you using?
Elaisthe guy who fixed my computer did a viruscan
Elaiswindows 98
Elaisthere are one or two programs that don't quite work
MattHOk - that doesn't have one by unless you have installed one (or he did), you don't - but they can interfere with chat programs.
MattHBy blocking the program's access to the internet.
ElaisI use trillian for AIM chats and I haven't had problems with that
MattHThose ports are probably open by default, though, because AIM/ICQ are so common.
MattHYou might want to check with the guy who fixed your PC.
MattHNorton now comes with a firewall.
Elaiswhich reminds me, I need to reinstall Kazaa Lite
Elaisget hit with quakes?
MattHI felt a couple of them...just part of life in SoCal.
Elaisno earthquakes here
Elaisjust thunderstorm warnings
MattHI haven't used Kazaa for much in ages...
ElaisI use it every once in a while to download a tv ep
Elaisand perhaps the occasional porn ;)
MattHI find bittorrent a little more reliable ...
ElaisI've been looking to download some torrents of Dr Who
MattHWhoops - I mean - forgot the s...
ElaisI was particularly interested in the last ep
MattHIt was ok - a little too Hollywood for my taste.
Elaisyou download the eps?
MattHFrom usenet
ElaisI tried usenet, but couldn't quite figure it out
MattHIt can be tricky at first.
MattHI use Xnews as my usenet reader for Binary files.
Elaisthat may be my problem...
Elaisi try searching through google
MattHAnd Quickpar for decoding Parity files.
Elaisthere used to be a pretty good UK usenet site for Buffy and Angel
MattHGoogle doesn't carry binary newsgroups. does have the entire season.
Elaisthat's good to know
MattHWeird - I am listening to a local radio station over the internet and my webhosting company had a commercial on....
Elaiswhy is that weird?
MattHI wasn't aware that they advertised at all, other than on the web.
Elaisit's probably tough to get attention on the net
MattHI just wonder if the commercial was only in the stream or if it was being broadcast/
Elaisyou said you have to have a couple of visits with the dentis?
MattHYep - not sure exactly how many. Probably 3-4 more.
MattHI have a post on it here -
MattHThat is what *I* thought...
Elaisgood thing they can do the payment plan
MattHYeah - interest free no less.
MattHI will be changing my withholding options in October (our next open enrollment) so the money I spend to pay it won't be taxed.
ElaisI was considering setting up a payment plan myself
MattHThat should save me about $300-$400 over the course of the next year.
Elaisthat will help a little
MattHYeah - better to handle the problem now than later, though.
Elaismy first session is next tuesday
Elaisand two visits after that
Elaisstill have a lot of work?
MattHMy dentist didn't waste any time...I was in for an exam, and the next thing I know he is drilling in my t eeth....
MattHIt is picking up - my boss was on vacation last week, so we are clearing out the stuff that she had to deal with.
Elaisthat's good
MattHHow is work on your end...still slow
Elaiswe get the odd project once in a while that takes a couple days
Elaisbut it is still slow
Elaisah well
Elaislife goes on
ElaisI perk is that I get to spend a bit more time online during work hours
MattHYeah...that can be nice.
Elaison the other hand, I try to be careful on which sites I go to
MattHNo Fark, huh?
ElaisI visit fark
ElaisI guess that doesn't trigger anything
ElaisI like hitting the topics that generate the infinity symbol
MattHThe infinity symbol?
Elaisyeah, it looks like the number 8 only sideways
MattHFunny .... but how do the topics you pick bring it up?
Elaiswhat I mean is that I know a topic is generating a lot of discussion if it has that symbol beside it Fark...
MattHMy brain seems to be going....
* MattH 's brain flies past
MattHYep - there it goes.... ;-)
Elaislemme shoot it down for you
MattHNo great loss - I never used it for anything.
Elaismy mind wanders a lot
Elaisnever lost it though
Elaisokay, gotta run Matt
MattHOk - cya next week. I'll e-mail if my dental appointments conflict with the chat.
Session Close (#thesuccubusclub): Tue Jun 21 20:30:11 2005