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ElaisI'm gonna bookmark this site
MattHTrillian still not working?
Elaisanyhow, got my root canal yesterday
Elaisno piccies available, though
Elaisit went pretty well
MattHBTW - I haven't tried this one, but Mirana is an opensource multi-app messaging client -
MattHSupposed to work with Win95 & Win98
MattHI head back to the dentist next Tuesday - should be getting a crown installed on one tooth, IIRC.
ElaisI go back to the dentis next Tuesday as well
Elaisfor a crown
ElaisI'm going for a gold crown
MattHI doing the standard white.
Elaissynchronized dentistry
Elaismy crown is a back molar
Elaisthat's kinda why I'm going with a gold one
MattHYep -mine is one of middle molars on the lower left side.
Elaisthe only way someone will see it is if they stick their head in my mouth
MattHWell - you never know...
Elaismight go see War of the Worlds this weekend with my mother
MattHI'm thinking about seeing Batman Begins - it is showing on the Imax at Universal City (although it may be bumped by War of the Worlds)
ElaisI'm sort of picking War because it might be something mom would be okay with
Elaisshe's not the biggest sci-fi fan
Elaisbut she did enjoy I, Robot
MattHWell, the original movie was excellent.
MattHI didn't watch I, Robot - I am an Asimov fan
Elaisso am I
Elaishave you been managing to eat alright?
MattHPretty much - a couple of times I bit down too hard on something and my temporary crown hurt, but other than that , no real problems.
ElaisI try not to eat stuff that requires a lot of chewing
MattHI mostly chew with the right side of my mouth...
Elaisso do I
Elaiswere we separated at birth?
MattHWell - maybe our teeth were...
Elaisdid you have to cancel the D&D sessions?
MattHNo - I just haven't posted the recap from the last one. The next session is on the ninth. I need to spend most of this weekend preping for it - I have used up most of the material I had created.
Elaisgot any other plans this weekend or will the prep take up most of it?
MattHWell, sleep plans to feature heavily in it. ;-)
MattHAnd I really should clean my apartment.
Elaisyeah, I should do mine as well
Elaiswhen you kick stuff out of the way just to walk across the floor
MattHWhat I really need to do is dust...
Elaiswhen my computer was in the shop, I had a chance to look inside it
ElaisI was stunned by the amount of dust in the tower
MattHNope - they accumulate dust - and the occasional cockroach (although they seem to prefer TVs)
ElaisI might invest in one of those canned air things
MattHA blowdryer should work as well.
MattHBe cheaper in the long run....
Elaisany upcoming out of town work trips?
MattHNah - my boss does all of those - she will probably be flying back to Dallas in a couple of weeks for some meetings.
Elaiswork going okay for you then?
MattHBeen a little slow, so I have been working on some of our databases. I am trying to automate some of our e-mail announcements, but it has been tricky getting Access to talk properly to Lotus Notes. I think I've got it licked (knock on silicon)
ElaisI have both lotus notes and Access
Elaisdidn't know you could do that
MattHIt takes some effort, at least initially. Lotus Notes is COM compliant though, and Access can work with most any COM-capable program.
MattHCOM - stands for Common Object Model. It was a standard Microsoft developed for allowing programs to talk to/automate one another.
Elaiswhen I have spare moment, I might try tinkering with that
MattHIt is how Microsoft Office communicates between Excel, Access, Word, etc.
Elaisdid you have to use visual basic?
MattHI used VBA, but a lot of programs can use COM.
Elaisso you just write the code?
Elaisor do you work within Access and/or Lotus notes
MattHYeah, although I swiped a lot of it off of the web - this page specifically
Elaiswork has been going okay for me
Elaisstill fairly slow
ElaisI think we'll be getting more stuff next month though
Elaisstill, your project sounds interesting
Elaisit's been a while since I just tinkered with stuff like that
MattHI've been doing other Access stuff - this was just this week.
MattHBeen getting a lot of calls from recruiters lately - 5 in the last week and a half.
Elaiswow, five?
Elaiswhat list are you on?
MattHMonster & Dice....thing is...I went months without hearing anything, now...lots.
Elaisconsidering any of them?
MattHNot really - the one today pays a lot more, but the commute would be a real pain - probably 90 minutes each way.
MattHPlus I like who I work for.
Elais90 minutes? yuck
ElaisI'm happy with my 10 minute commute
MattHMy commute is about 45 minutes, but since I use public transportation I can zone out for about half of it.
Elaishave you ever had a car?
MattHI have a car - it is just that the traffic since we moved to downtown LA is horrible.
ElaisI would never want to try to drive around LA myself
MattHWhen our office was in Glendale, it was pretty good. About the same distance, but I was going against the commute flow. Was about 20'.
ElaisI've done 20 to 40 minute commutes
Elaisbut that was for college
Elaisi'm not sure I could ever handle a long commute to work
MattH20' worked for me...I had a couple of temp jobs that were longer, but they were short term. I definitely wouldn't want to do longer.
Elais;how many temp jobs have you had?
MattHFive since I was laid off by Universal.
MattHTemping sucks, btw. ;-)
MattHThe work is the same, but less regular, less pay and no or lousy benefits.
ElaisI've had a few temp jobs
Elaisthey were alright
Elaisbut a permanent job is MUCH better ;)
MattHThe jobs themselves were was the surrounding things - plus the fact that the Agency gets a huge markup.
Elaisno doubt to get going matt
MattHYep - same here. CYA next week.
ElaisI wish us both luck for our teeth next week
MattHYeah..good luck with the Tooth Fairy.
Elaisshe better cough up big time with the cash
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