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MattHHiya CM
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Elaislets try this again
MattHHaving problems?
Elaisnot sure
ElaisI was kicked out earlier
Elaishow are your teeth?
MattHPretty good - the crown hasn't arrived yet, so he filled a cavity and did a thorogh cleaning.
MattHEntire visit lasted about 35 minutes.
MattHHow about you?
Elaishour and half
Elaisbuildup and crown prep
Elaispretty much pain free, but the guy didn't exactly have a gentle touch root canal, about 5 years ago, was about the most painless dentristy I have ever had. My regular dentist was lousy, by the specialist really knew his anaethesia.
Elaisthe root canal went alright
ElaisI went to a regular dentist and he did a good job
Elaisthe guy I had yesterday was a substitute
MattHMy dentist yesterday didn't use any anaesthetic, so there was some discomfort.
MattHSo, other than that, how have you been?
ElaisI've been fine
Elaiswatching 'The inside' right now
MattHHow is it?
Elaispretty good
Elaishowever, I think Fox is gonna drop it as a show
ElaisI believe they will air the 13 eps made so far
Elaisbut there won't be any more after that
MattHFox? Drop a good show? Nah...they'd *never* do that.... ;-)
ElaisI think part of the problem is that the Inside airs opposite a show called "Dancing with the Stars'
Elaiswhich has been gettting gonzo ratings
Elaisthat and Fox did little to no advertising for 'The Inside'
MattHI've never even heard of it (Dancing with the Stars)....
ElaisDancing is a reality teevee show
Elaisit pairs a celeb with a professional ballroom dancer
MattHA reality show? Man, these tv types are *so* creative....
Elaisthe pairs compete in various ballroom dances and each week on pair gets eliminated
Elaisthey are down to two couples tonight
Elais'The Inside' is a difficult show to get into
Elaiswhile Dancing is cheap and easy entertainment
Elaisfrankly, Dancing is the kind of show I would have expected on Fox
MattHI don't think I've turned on my TV in over a month....
Elaisyou're not missing much
MattHI didn't think I was...
Elaisstill, new Stargate and Battlestar Galatica will be coming
Elaisso there is hope!
MattHYep - 6 months until the next Dr. Who, though...
Elaisdoing some creative chewing
MattHI can understand that...
Elaiscream of wheat is my friend *g*
MattHCream of Wheat is no one's friend....;-)
MattHIt is deceiving you - it will betray you when you least expect it.
Elaisnext wednesday will be the final appointment
ElaisI will get a gold crown
Elaisnext Wednesday will also be my birthday!
MattHAs long as you don't start rapping in the chat room...more power to you.
MattHReally...Happy Birthday....
Elaisbetter wait until next week to wish me a happy birthday
MattHI'll do it then as well....
Elais37 years old
MattHThis was just notice to get the karmic forces aligned...;_)
MattHI remember was very similar to 38...
Elaisand almost idential to 36
Elaisdo you have to take a lot of time off from work for these dental visits?
MattHNot really - I just come in a little earlier and leave a little earlier. My total hours per week don't change at all.
Elaiswow, that is one heckuva twist
ElaisI take the mornings off
Elaisstill watching 'The inside'
MattHI gathered - it surprised you, then?
Elaisthey are doing a double ep tonight of 'The Inside'
MattHTrying to air as many episodes as possible before the plug is pulled?
Elaisdon't know, maybe
Elaishow's the D&D going?
MattHPretty good. I am just proofing last sessions recap. I finished up the next dungon level over the was a *lot* of work.
Elaisany up on the site?
MattHNot of the dungeon...I trust my player's but I don't want them tempted. The recap will be going up in a few minutes.
Elaisoh good
Elaissaw War of the Worlds Sunday
Elaisit was alright
Elaisbut just barely
ElaisI went with my mom and she seemed to like it more than I did
Elaiswhich is kind of a surprise
Elaisthis isn't usually her kind of movie
MattHI watched Batman Begins on the Imax out here on Friday. Good movie, but I don't think the Imax really added anything except $6 to the price.
Elaishave yet to see Batman Begins
MattHIt was worth seeing...I wasn't surprised by a couple of the plot twists, 'cause I was familiar with the comics, but it is good.
MattHDidn't care much for Katie Holmes in it though....she kind of sleepwalked through her role.
Elaisnearly everybody talked about Katie not being all that good
MattHShe had no chemistry with Christian Bale
Elaisguess she wont' be in the sequel, will she?
Elaishow was the scarecrow?
MattHProbably not.
MattHNot too scary....but Liam Neeson's character rocked...
Elaisah Ra Gul, right?
MattHNot credited as such...
Elaisbut implied
MattHThere is a minor plot twist regarding that, which is one of the things I saw through right you want to be spoiler-free?
ElaisI can go either way *g*
MattHI'm reading the IMDB boards...there is a comment that Scarecrow was scarier without the mask....I can buy that.
MattHNeesom is Ra's Al Ghul...but somebody else pretends to be him through most of the film.
MattHNo mention of the Lazarus pits anywhere, either.
Elaiswill he be back?
MattHWe don't see him die...not like the Joker in the 90s Batman film.
MattHFWIW - I've posted the D&D recap.
Elaissomething to read now!
MattHEh - I don't think it is *that* was certainly much more fun to play than it was to write.
ElaisI'm sure the written word doesn't quite capture the experience *g*
MattHIf I were a better writer....maybe...
MattHIf you want to see what our games our like, I'd check out the Order of the is a webcomic around a group of D&D characters. And it is hilarious.
Elaishah...I first thought that link said 'giant tit'
MattHI'd jump to the first and read them in is basically one long story.
Elaisso I see, 199 so far
MattHYep 200 is supposed to be twice as long, too. I can hardly wait until this Friday.
ElaisI'm in for a lot of clicking *g*
Elaison the first one
Elais'Weapons shrinkage' hee
MattHThe person who plays a halfling in my game has complained that they added size to weapons in version 3.5. Halfling, being small creatures, have smaller weapons.
MattHDwarves got some extra resistance to being knocked down, due to their low center of gravity, bards can wear light armor, etc.
Elaisis there a particular reason for upgrades>
MattHJust things that came out...bards were considered a little underpowered, etc. Some spells were changes 'cause they were too powerful.
MattHMy campaign has always been 3.5 so we didn't go through this.
Elaiswill there be another upgrade soon?
MattHI hope not - you should have heard the wailing and screaming from all the gamers out there. The books aren't cheap, and most everyone had gotten a complete set when 3.0 came out. Then 3.5 came out only a couple of years later.
MattHThat is one reason I use the free version of the game (the SRD - system resource document)...
Elaisboy that was a depressing twist
MattHThe Inside? What happened?
Elaisthe pregnant wife of one of the agents lost her baby after she was attacked
Elaisthe kicker is that the agent husband left her alone to go on a revenge killing
MattHDon't you just hate it when that happens?
Elaissets up major angst for future episodes
Elaisthis was the 'feel good dead baby' ep Tim Minear was talking about earlier
MattH"Feel Good Dead Baby" ep - Tim is definitely a disciple of Josses
Elaissadistic bastard
Elaiscome to think of it, maybe we'd be better off with small doses of Tim at a time
ElaisI'm not sure we could handle seasons of Tim particular brand of sadism
MattHYeah ... if one of his shows actually lasts, we might start needing therapy ... ;-)
Elais'heat blisters of eternal pain'
Elaisthis series is great
MattHThe Inside?
Elaisno the comic strip
MattHOh, yeah...there are a lot of inside jokes too., which makes D&D players crack up - everyone in my gaming group likes it.
MattHAnyway, I've got to go....I need to get something to eat.
Elaiseasy chewing Matt
MattHYou too...See you next week.
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