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Elaishey Matt
MattHHiya CM
ElaisI have a shiny new gold tooth
MattHLike it?
MattHI won't be getting my crown until how was the dental visit then?
Elaisvery quick
Elaisjust 20 minutes or so
MattHHmmm...that is quick.
Elaisyeah, they just needed to fit the crown
Elaisquick, but expensive
ElaisI shelled out another $200
ElaisI just realized that my driver's license expired today
MattHYou didn't renew it?
MattHWhen mine came up for renewal this year, I renewed it via the interenet. Cheap and easy.
ElaisCan't renew it on the net here
ElaisI have to go in tomorrow at the dmv at 7 am to renew it and perhaps take the written test
MattH7 am? ugh....
ElaisI has been so long since I renewed the drivers license, I didn't even think about it until it was too late to get to the dmv
Elaisit sucks because I had the morning off today, so I could have had it renewed
Elaisbut I need to get it renewed asap, I don't want to risk getting nailed by a cop for having an expired license
MattHYeah...that would be embarassing.
ElaisI did have ice cream and cake for my birthday
MattHWho doesn't - Happy Birthday, BTW...
ElaisHappy UnBirthday Matt!
MattHMine isn't for another 8 months or so.... so how was the birthday? Other than the cake and ice cream or realization that you are 1 year closer to you inevitable meeting with the Grim Reaper...
Elaismy cubicle was decorated with streamers
ElaisI got free pizza and birthday card as well as the ice cream and cake
ElaisI did manage to renew my license plates
Elaisso my car is legal, although I'm not
MattHHow you going to get to the DMV tomorrow? You can't drive...that'd be breaking the law ;-)
Elaisvery carefully, Matt ;)
MattHAnway...I had an interesting week so far. The company flew me out to Dallas on Monday, so I could attend a meeting, and then back again yesterday. American Airlines lost my luggage, but found it and delivered it today.
Elaisso did your luggage have a better time than you did?
MattHDebatable - my luggage arrived intact, if late. I had a real time sleeping on the hotel bed, so got only 2 hours of sleep Monday night. The meeting went well, and I demo'ed some changes to some Access Databases I did, which went over *very* well.. I called in sick today, and slept about 16 hours.
ElaisI dont' think I've ever slept that long
MattHOn the plus side, on my trip back yesterday AA airlines allowed me to check an earlier flight back.
MattHI had a little insomnia Sunday too, so I was *really* tired.
MattHSo how was *your* week?
ElaisMonday and Tuesday were alright
Elaistoday was the most exciting day I've had in ages
ElaisI'm currently watching 'The inside'
Elais7 minutes into it and it is good so far *g*
ElaisI think Fox will be airing all thirteen episodes
ElaisI don't expect the ratings to get high enough to save the show
MattHYeah, plus it is Fox....
Elaisthe fux network
Elaisthey kill off all the good shows
MattHTo be fair...that could be any of the 4 networks.
MattHI understand the SG-1, SG Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica have their season premieres this Friday.
Elaisthat will be the best night of the week for me
MattHSaturday will be the best for Harry Potter is out.
Elaisgoing to hit the midnight hour?
MattHNope - it is being delivered by Amazon on Saturday.
Elaiswhen you do get it, spoil me baby!
MattHI suppose -- or I could just make things up ... ;-)
ElaisI probably wouldn't care
ElaisI'm not that into the Harry Potter
MattHPhilistine :)
ElaisI think my mother or sister is getting the book
Elaisafter she and the kids are done with it, I'll probably read it
Elaisit is funny to real all the speculation and hype over what might be in the book
MattHThere are remarkably few spoilers going around.
MattHAt least that I would give credence to..
Elaisthe security is so tight around that book
Elaisi half expect them to jail people for reading the book before Saturday
MattHYep ... though a dozen or so were sold early by mistake in Canada. A judge has ordered the purchasers to return the copies and keep their mouths shut until Saturday.
MattHA few sold in NY as well
Elaisgood ep of the inside so far
Elaisare you going to read the book all the way through?
Elaisno breaks?
MattHDon't know about breaks...I have some shopping I have to do Saturday. I actually plan on trying to take a break or two, but my past histroy is not reassuring. ;-)
ElaisI bet. I sure hope the book turns out to be worth it
MattHI think it will...although many fans were disappointed with OoTP, I wasn't one of them.
MattHI guess I am just easy to please.
Elaisbook slut
MattHYep...that's me.
MattHI considered getting a job as a reader...would that have made me a book whore?
Elaismaybe *g*
Elaishave you reread the other books as a refresher to this one?
MattHNot recently... a couple of months ago. I've been to busy lately.
Elaisvery true
MattHAnyway...tis time for me to go. I'll see you next week, unless, of course, reading the new HP book causes my head to explode.
ElaisI will bring a towell
MattHok - cya
Elaissee ya matt
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