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for July 20, 2005

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MattHHiya CM
ElaisI'm late!
Elaisthat's what heat will do to you
Elaisscramble your brains
MattHIt is a balmy 85 and humid here.
MattHFortunately, I have air conditioning.
Elaisso do I
Elaisbut I use it sparingly
Elaisdo anything special this weekend?
Elaiswhat was that?
MattHHave to make sure to edit those out of the transcript.
Elaisbummer that James Doohan died today
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MattHI loved Scotty
Elaisyou blocking him?
MattHTried to...seeing if it works...
MattHThe command seemed to go through.
Elaisso did I
Elaisget your crown yet?
MattHBoth of them, yep.
MattHGoing for the natural look.
ElaisI went with a gold look
ElaisI can chew just fine now!
MattHSo you said...going for the "pimp" look.... ;-)
Elaisit would be a pimp look if anyone was able to see it
Elaisthey would have to shove their face into my mouth to spot the gold crown
MattHPicky, picky.... ;-)
MattHSo did you watch the new Stargates?
ElaisI enjoyed Stargate SG1 and BattlestarGalatica
Elaispassed on Stargate Atlantis
ElaisI like Ben Browder as Cameron Mitchell
MattHHaven't watched BSG yet. Atlantis was ok, but SG-1 was better.
ElaisBSG was the best premiere of the night
MattHI liked him
ElaisI did like the approach they took
Elaismade him a fan of SG1 and wanting them back together again
MattHThat worked...although I think Michael Shanks stole the usual...
ElaisMichael actually seemed alive in the episode
Elaisusually he is very low key
ElaisI LOVED Beau Bridges
MattHHe played who?
Elaisthe new commander
Elaishe replaced Hammond
MattHOh...he seemed ok.
Elaisdid you see Battlestar?
MattHNot yet, but I have it.
MattHSpent too much time this weekend on Harry Potter....
Elaishow did you like the book?
ElaisI know a few things about it from talking to someone who read it already
MattHMixed feelings....Liked the plot, but she dropped a lot of dangling threads and I dislike the way she handeled the various chracterizations and relationships.
Elaiswhat do you think about Snape killing Dumbledore?
MattHPlus she just had an interview on Mugglenet calling the H/Hr shippers delusional...I am in a chat now bitching about it.
MattHI think Dumbledore put him up to it....
Elaisway to rile up your fans JK
MattHYep...authors probably should get involved in shipping wars...
MattHShould = shouldn't....gah...can't type
ElaisI think a lot of people were speculating that Dumbledore would die
Elaisbut the manner of death certainly seem to have surprised them
MattHThat was foreshadowed in book 1...Snape killing him surprised me.
MattHI think Ron bites it in book 7...
Elaiswhat kind of hints are you getting?
MattHNot much...I just figure the entire trio can't survive, and think Ron's sacrifice in the chess game in Book 1 is foreshadowing...although my faith in JKRs subtlety has gone down a great deal lately.
ElaisI guess no time left for being subtle the detriment of the book.
Elaisseems like it will be a long time before the next book is done
MattH3 years I am guessing.
MattHThen it will all be over
Elaissomething to not look forward to
MattHYep - I shouldn't allow my self to get emotionally attached to fictional characters....BTVS should have taught me that, if nothing else.
Elaiswith great pleasure comes great pain
MattHDoesn't have to be that way....
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Elaissorry about that
Elaishow is the D&D?
MattHPretty good - last weekend was the off weekedn, so we reconvene this Saturday.
Elaisupdate the site yet with the D&D stuff?
MattHDid that Sunday...
Elaisoh good, something to read
Elaissince it will bea while before I get my hands on the HP book
MattHSpeaking of getting it...Amazon didn't deliver mine until 6 PM. I was so po'ed. I had actually given up around 1 PM and downloaded it from Usenet.
Elaiswhats a horcrux?
MattHNot specifically described, but it is a vessel in which a wizard/witch has emplaced a piece of his/her sould.
MattHsould = soul.
MattHVoldemort has made six+...which is why he survived the killling curse.
Elaispeople are speculating Harry is one
MattHYep....possiby Ginny too....
Elaishow do you figure?
MattHThe book in COS was a Horcrux...containing a piece of Voldemort's soul....Riddle mentions that he began siphoning off her soul and pour his soul into her. There was emphasis in the books on this, also.
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Elaisdon't think so
MattHGuess not...
Elaislets see, the goblet of fire should be out later this year?
MattHYeah....don't know if I am going to watch it now...
Elaisbecause of the book?
MattHYep - I have been disillusioned....
Elaisthere is always the Narnia movie
MattHThat could be good. Serenity is what I am waiting for.
Elaisyeah, i just saw the international trailer for Serenity
Elaisit looks very good
MattHAnyway...time to go...I'll see you next week.
Elaisse you next week matt
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